Monday, October 27, 2008

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL EP 20 - Meeting up with a Tall Swede

Ok last I left off it was like, Tuesday and I was horribly bored at work. Now it’s Monday and since midterms just finished, one of my classes got cancelled, meaning tons of free time (Heck, I’m really not even doing anything at all today). Anyways, I figure it’s a good time to write some updates.

Ok so Wednesday, I got to leave work early because of the ALT meeting. It was pouring rain and so I wasn’t too happy about that. I got to leave at 3 so I could get there by 3:30. I ended up having time to change into dry clothes and walk over to the board of education building with an umbrella, which is good. After the meeting I walked to the station and departed for Osaka. I got there no problem and stuff. It was about 7ish by the time I got there. First thing I did was go to subway for dinner. That place is always really good. After that, I headed over to some arcades. I went to Namba Hills and played some Aquarian Age. That was fun for a bit. After that I headed over to Athena, nobody was playing arcana so I just left. I went to the Namco Prabo after that for Tekken. Played there for a bit and realized I forgot my umbrella at Namba Hills, so I went back and got it. Went BACK to the Tekken arcade and played some more. After that, I headed over to Namba hills again and played more aquarian. Tried out new stuff at 11:15 PM and I ended up actually playing against someone (I didn’t think anyone would be online at 11:15pm on a wed), and not only that I ended up winning that match! It was super fun. After that I went to the Matsuya that’s right there and had a beef bowl. I went toward the manga café where I was gonna stay, but I decided to stop by this one small arcade that was open until 1AM. I played this majhong game for a bit, but still kinda wasn’t sure why my hands weren’t winning. After that, I saw this game where you play card games with little cartoon characters. I ended up playing Uno with Loli’s. I lasted for like, a half hour. It was around 12:30 by that point. As I was walking out, I saw ScatroVageena, the tekken player that asked me to join his team. He was all “wanna play?” so I played until the arcade closed around 1.

After that, that guy, his friend who I played a lot, and this one guy I never met before were talking to me and stuff. They invited me to go hang out at their place and sleep there, but I didn’t want to be a bother, so I just told them that I was planning on staying in a manga café and it’s fine. They were all “don’t worry, he’s not gay” when talking about their friend when I was politely declining. It was pretty funny. After that, I headed over to the manga café and stayed there for the night. They have free orange juice and stuff, so I drank some of that. They also have free ice cream cones, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. I got a strawberry one since they were doing maintenance on the vanilla one, but it was pretty gross, so im just gonna stick with the good stuff. I went to bed and set my alarm, and as usual I ended up not needing it, as I just woke up on my own. I got an ice cream cone for breakfast (actually got vanilla this time) and some juice and headed on out. It was about 9ish at this point, so not much was open. I headed over to Namba Hills. I played some Aquarian and tested out some deck stuff. I didn’t stay for that long there, so I headed out and went to Athena, the only other arcade open at 9AM. Nobody was playing anything so I just tried some Fate Unlimited Codes. At about 10, I headed out and walked down in denden town for a bit. I stopped by this one figure store that has AAA cards. It turns out that they lowered the price on a buncha cards so I got some really good cards for pretty cheap. At that time, I was running out of time, so I headed over to Namba station to go to the airport. I ended up really having to go to the bathroom, so I ended up being late because I JUST missed the train I was gonna take because of that.

I ended up going for this one super limited express train. It was about 11:30 at this point, Dan’s plane lands at 11:45. The rapid would be like, 45 minutes, while the super express is like, 34 minutes. I got on that train. It’s the type where you have to reserve a seat. I was just standing in the standing area because I didn’t want to pay an extra 500 yen to reserve a seat. The train lady came up to me and said I had to reserve one, so I was like “oh well, whatever” and reserved a seat. I got there around 12:05. I ran from the train to the airport area. It said “international terminal north” and “international terminal south”. So I wasn’t sure which one to go to, as they were both headed in different directions. I finally found that Finnair was in the North terminal, so I run over to there. I find the international arrivals section and head down there. I go to grab the flight info from my pocket where I put it. I realize that it fell out somewhere while I was running. I was like “great…” so I went over to the board that shows all the times that the planes arrive and stuff. As I was looking at that for about 30 seconds, I look over to where people are coming out, and RIGHT then, Dan comes walking out. So my being late and losing the flight information and not knowing when/where he is just happened to work out because we both JUST got there. His entering process went smoothly, which is good.

Now that we were both able to relax a bit, we took a train about an hour to Yodoyabashi station. There, we took the Keihan line about 35 minutes or so to Hirakata-shi. We walked about 15 minutes from the station to the Sandoru place. There we ate a huge meal that was very nostalgic. Then, we took about 35 minutes to go BACK to Umeda. From there, it took 2 hours to get to Ono City. We pretty much passed out most of the way back. We got back around 6ish or so. We headed over to the department store and got Dan a futon/blanket set for like, 6000 yen (which is really cheap for what is essentially a place to sleep). We set up the stuff and played a bit of N+ for the 360 and then went to bed. We ended up seeing a roach (on dan’s first night no less) so we took care of that thing.

Friday was a normal day at work, I left around 4:15 and got home around 4:30. I headed to the post office to mail a package back home, and then we just hung out and played some games. After that, we met up with Rei and went to this restaurant called like Gochisosamura or something. We ate a buncha stuff, I mostly ate meat on a stick and the other two ate seafood as well. After that, we headed back to the other apts and met up with pretty much almost all the other ALTs and went Karaoke. It was 9 of us total. We did 2 hours and it was pretty fun. IMO too many people went so it was a bit too chaotic but I still had a lot of fun. Did Achy Breaky Heart, Jessie’s Girl, some Nickelback, dueted “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me”, did Toto’s “Africa” etc. It was good times. After that, we headed back home and played some video games until we went to sleep.

Saturday morning rolls around and I wake up at about 8:30, and Dan is up too. I wake up and use the computer for a bit before we get ready and head out. We play Bleach DS2 the entire trip there and it was super fast. We got there around 12:30. We then went to Subway for lunch. I got the usual, Tuna. We then headed over to Namba Hills and I showed Dan how to play some AAA. I gave him some cards and we played for a bit. We headed out after that. We went to the Big Tiger game store. On the 2nd floor, they had House of the Dead 2 for 480 yen, and Bill wanted me to pick up a copy for him. I go to the register to buy it, the guy doesn’t even say anything to me, he just takes its, punches 480 in the calculator and turns it around so I can see. I give him the 500 yen coin, and he punches in 500 – 480 = 20 on his calculator and turns that around and gives me 20 yen. It was prolly the worst service I’ve ever got. Even if I don’t completely understand everything, he should have at least said SOMETHING. But whatever, maybe he’s a Mute and I mistook it for him being a douchebag. Tho what store would hire a mute? Eh whatever.

Next we stopped by the book-off. It was kinda smelly and stuff, so we got outta there kinda quick. After that, we stopped by the Taito Station, which is a new arcade that JUST opened. As we went inside we got a space invaders keychain. The arcade was 6 floors. First floor is UFO machines and a couple music games. 2nd floor is music and driving games. 3rd floor is online games, so the card games (Sangokushi Taisen, Lord of Vermillion, and Eternal Wheel) as well as like, 8 of those giganto gundam pods. The 4th floor was some video games with some online quiz games and a horse game or something. 5th floor was fighters and vertical shooters and stuff like that. 6th floor was a ton of the two popular majhong games that are out right now.

4th and 5th floor arcade games that weren’t like, the “popular ones” like SFIV and Tekken and such were freeplay. I played some SFIV, since they had 10 nice cabinets there. The cabinet I was at ended up being messed up and giving 2 credits for 100 yen as opposed to just 1. So I play, and a guy is waiting behind me. I try to tell him not to put $ in cause theres already credits there, but he does anyways. He loses. Another guy plays. Then that guy loses. After that, the 2nd guy tries to go back on, and I was all “I was waiting…” so he goes to the other side. I end up playing him and losing lol, but it was a free credit. Then his friend plays again or something. I went down to the 4th floor, and they had Arcana 2 there, and more importantly, it was on Freeplay, so I played that for a bit against a couple of guys. After about 45 minutes of that, I decided it was time to head out. We go over to Athena, which is really close. I show Dan the first floor where I won the im@s figures for really cheap, and tell him to note that Athena is that arcade and that it’s really good.

Our next stop was the Softmap GIGA STORE! It’s the 7 floor softmap. We looked around for PSP prices since Dan wanted to get one. After walking through there at all the fun stuff, we went over to some doujinshi places. We checked out the Toranoano and Melonbooks and stuff. Somewhere along there, we met up with Toshi who just got done with a meeting at school or something. We walked around the Den some more, and stopped by that one store that has discount AAA cards again. I picked up a few more and then we headed off some more. We walked around and stopped at the other Softmap. There, we looked around at more stuff. We stopped at SCOT and played some Fate Unlimited Codes for a bit before heading out. Then we made our final stop at the RASHOUMEN/LASHABANG store. I found a Miki im@s character CD for 1500 yen, first press, so I picked it up (it has Solo versions of Relations, Watashi wa Aidoru, and Kami-sama no Birthday, as well as a few new ones). In addition, I got a couple of cute cheap figures of Kyon’s imotou and Stabby McStabstab.

After that, we were getting hungry, so we walked back to the other arcades and stopped by Matsuya. We ate some beef bowls there. Then we went back to the Taito station and I played a bit of freeplay arcana. I went back there and nobody was playing SF, so I played for a little. Then we headed over to some other arcades. I remember playing at Athena, the Namco prabo, and some AAA at Namba Hills. After that we headed over to Spa World to sleep there. It turns out that the 1000 yen deal that I THOUGHT they had was wrong and it ended up going back to 3000 yen. I didn’t want to pay 4000 yen to spend the night at Spa World, so we ended up leaving. We went to a nearby manga/internet café and stayed there. It was 10 hours for 1750 yen. The thing is, unlike the other cafes we stayed at, it wasn’t a cubicle, we had our own private rooms with a couch, a computer, and a nice HD tv. We grabbed some free drinks and rented Jackass 2 and 3. We watched Jackass 2 and after that, it was about 2AM, and I was super tired so we both passed out. I slept till about 8:30 and went on the computer for a bit. I got ready and at about 9:30 I woke up Dan. We headed out at around 10 and walked toward the Den.

We stopped by Mr Donuts for breakfast. After that, we went to Scot to kill time until the softmap opens at 11 (to avoid having to walk from one end of the den back to the other). I play some more majhong and fail at that as well, and then we headed to softmap after that. We look for the psp Dan was gonna buy and it turns out it had scratches and stuff, so we end up not getting it. We walk back to the other softmap and dan picks up his PSP there. I pick up a USB arcade stick as well, and then we walk around and head to some arcades some more. We stop by the Taito station, where I play some free Arcana and beat some scrubs. After that, we make our way over to Namba Hills. We play some more AAA and stuff and finally Toshi shows up. He plays a few games against Dan and it ends up being really close. I was playing another game and this Japanese guy was watching me really close. After I finished, I stood up and I wasn’t even finished taking my card and he already sat down. I guess he’s one of those social rejects or something cause that was pretty douchey. I could have done a douchier thing and not got up tho, lolol. We went to the 2nd floor and played some fighters. Some guy left his credit of Arcana in the machine, so I went and played it, got like, 7 wins with Fiona, then lost. I played again and picked Catherine and won a few times before people stopped playing. Played a bit of Tekken against this one Nina player and won. After that, we were hungry so we headed out and got some subway. Toshi had to go after that, so we decided to just head back home and play games when we get home.

Like the trip there, we played bleach ds 2 the entire way back. It was super quick, and the hour long train ride ended up coming too quickly because we missed our stop. We got off at the next stop, played for like, 10 minutes and our train came by. We played for a few minutes before we got off at our stop. We headed back home and played some N+ until it was time to go to sleep.

Monday came by, there was a roach in one of the roach traps I set, which sadly, means that it made it in the house. Luckily, it was caught so I didn’t have to deal with it, but I need a prevention solution rather than a “dealing with them when they’re in” solution. We went to Saty, saw Sarah and her Husband and daughter there by coincidence. Ate some McDonalds and I got a mega mac. We got a copy of my house key made so Dan has a key and so I have a spare key. I did my laundry and stuff too. I ended up seeing a few of my students there, which is normal I guess lol. In a small town that sorta thing happens.
I’m gonna buy more of those traps, but I dunno if they’re even working because I keep seeing roaches. Yeah, the writing of this entry rolled over from Monday to Tuesday. This week is gonna be pretty lax I bet, lotta playing games and stuff like that. Hopefully no roaches but you never know.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Ep 19 - Joining a Tekken team + new blog

Hey all. As you all know, nothing happens during the week until about friday night. I remember wed-thurs taking lots of naps. I taught my first class on my own Friday, and it went really well. My students are awesome. Not gonna talk about anything beyond that, tho. Anyways, onto friday night.

So as people may know, Bill (Maria, another ALT's boyfriend/fiance or whatever) also plays fighting games. He's the kinda guy who will play most anything, and his friends always complained when he would win so he never really got to play any game all that much. Anyways, friday night rolls around and I head over to Maria's place. We would have gone Karaoke, but Maria was getting over a sore throat so singing and drinking isn't really the best option, we figured. So we decided to just hang around and play some vidja games.

Before we went and played games, we headed over to the local Max Value, the 24 hour grocery store. It's about 7 or so at this point. They do some shopping, I pick up some ice cream and we head back. We start off by playing some KOF98 on the dreamcast (It's called KOF99 on the DC). I play my usual team of Athena/Chizuru/Mai. I don't really know combos, but I just know how to be cheap. We ended up playing, and it was kinda fun, but I wasn't having a BLAST, you know? Had nothing to do with winning/losing, I'm just not a fan of 98 all that much. I think I won like, just about every match tho. After 98, we switched over to KOFXI. I enjoy XI way more, I used Kula/B.Jenet/Malin the entire time. Malin was usually my leader, but there were times i DREAM CANCELled with Kula or B.Jenet, just cause i can, lol. I had a lot of fun playing that for a while.

After that, Maria wanted to play some Puyo Puyo, so we played and i got schooled pretty bad. Like, 5 matches to none, only winning like, one round where she accidentally put the blocks in the wrong place or something. Too easy. After that, Bill wanted to play Garou. We started playing and I was having a blast playing Garou. Hotaru is fuuuuun, and the game itself just felt solid. We played that until about 1AM when I decided I should be heading back home.

After I got back home, I decided to just walk around and check for roaches really quickly, cause i'm paranoid like that. Lo and behold, a roach pops out in my living room. I get angry, grab my bug spray and it runs under my kotatsu (table with a blanket over it). I walk over there and move the blanket, it runs out into some open space, so I just spray a ton of silly string over it. I pick it up, throw it in a bag and toss it outside in some garbage can (I soon found out from Toshi that I'm supposed to flush it, oops). Anyways, I head to bed and sleep for a while.

I end up waking up on my own saturday morning around 9:15 or so. I jump on the computer and stay on there till about 10:30, then I shower and get ready and head out. I catch the 11:05 train, and head to osaka. I play some Powerstone and vampire savior on the PSP on my way there. After I finish that, I just listen to my ipod for the rest of the trip. I make my way over to subway for lunch first. I get the usual Tuna. After I finish there, I just decide to go to Namba Hills. Toshi is busy, so we weren't able to meet up, so I was on my own for the day. At Namba Hills I play a game of arcana against this one Fiona player. I pick Time Lilica in AH2, and beat him. I get to Angelia and lose to her. After that, I head out to the next stop. I go to Athena and see what's going on over there. Nobody was playing Arcana. I play a few games of Melty Blood AA and head out. I play this one Len player who ends up being some high school kid. He beat me the first match and I beat him like, 3 in a row. Some other player plays me and wins. I head out after that.

Since softmap is the closest stop, I head there. I look around, but don't see anything worth buying. I head over to the Yellow Submarine figure store. Again, I look around but I don't buy anything. After that, I headed over to KBooks store 1, which is the manga/magazine/doujinshi store. I don't buy anything, but I look around. After that I head to the other Kbooks store, which is a buncha misc goods. I see a small toy that just came out recently there. It's a little plastic keychain that has 8 buttons on it. Each button feels like bubble wrap tho (so pushing it feels like popping bubble wrap, and it's oddly satisfying) It makes a little popping noise when the button is pushed to make it sound like bubble wrap is popping. However, the one I bought is the "tsundere" version, where randomly, a voice will come out of it saying something random that a Tsundere would say, such as "don't touch me!" or "Shut up, idiot!" etc. It's pretty great, and it was like, half price at Kbooks, so i had no problem picking it up. I spent a buncha time looking through other stuff, but didn't see anything worth buying.

I headed over to the showcase store, don't see anything. I head over to A-too, the gaming store, and as I'm browsing the manga store randomly, I see that there's a trusty bell manga (some of you may know Trusty Bell as Eternal Sonata). It's cheap, so I pick it up. I head outta there. I head over to animate, pick up a bday present for my sister, and then I head outta there. I stopped by the McDonalds cause I had to use the bathroom, and I figured that while I was there, I might as well try the Bacon Potato Pie that they were advertising. It wasn't all that it was cracked up to was too hot, and when I looked at it, I seriously wanted it to taste like an apple pie, and somewhat regretted not ordering one after looking at it. Anyways, I couldn't taste bacon, it was some potato and a buncha this sauce or something. It just wasn't all that great, and I wish I got an apple pie. Worth trying tho.

After that, I head to the Touhou store to see if they have the figures my friend was looking for, but they didn't so I just pick up a copy of the idolm@ster Relations vol 2 manga to support the store, and since I was gonna buy it anyways. I head down the den and I stop at the figure store that has AAA cards. I see that the card I want lowered in price to a 1/3 of what it was. And then an extra 2 bucks off if i get one with a few dents on the side. I decide to wait until I get toshi's opinion. I head on down the line, and I stop at the super potato. I look around, and as I'm looking around, I see a box that has some free posters rolled up in it. It says in English "Take Free" so I took one (even tho I didn't buy anything). Speaking of that, now would be a good time to link to my new blog. This one isn't a blog as much as something i'm experimenting with. Well, it's all explained in the link, but here's my blog about all my deals in Japan!
Check it out!

Anyways, after that, I went over to Scot, but nobody was playing anything. However, there was this one prize machine that had a buncha people around it. One guy was apparantly really close to winning this big prize. It's the type where there's a string, and you have to grab it in the right place with this claw and pull it down, and once it's pulled down all the way, you win. However, this one was different, as the string was in the capsule, so you didn't actually know how long it was until you won. He ended up getting the string down all the way. That's when the problem occured. At this point, I guess it's knotted inside or something. He was pulling it, and getting it in the right spot a buncha times, but it still wasn't coming down. I personally call BS, but not my money. I felt kinda bad for the guy, but whateva. I left before he was done so I don't even know if he won or not. He prolly spent a good 40-50 bucks, so if he didn't win, that would suck. The figure or whatever he's going for was prolly only 50 bucks anyways. Oh well. I head over to the other softmap. I don't buy anything, but I see that they're doing a pre-order promotion for the im@s PSP games. I was debating pre-ordering there, but decided to wait.

Afterwards, I headed over to the RASHOMEN store, I see a hisui keychain, so i pick it up for master chibi. After that, i head up to the doujin floor. I see a buncha 200 yen doujins, so i get 6 of them. They were ok, some were cute, some were interesting, some were bad, but thats the fun of the 200 yen doujin box. After that, I head back toward Athena cause I'm in the mood to play some Arcana. Before I head there, I hit up a couple stores I missed on the way there. I hit up the 4th floor card store to check the AAA mook some more. After that, I go to the doujin store right next to it, nothing there, so i head down to the floor below. Turns out that they have arcadia's there used! I see the dec 2007 edition, and i open it up, and as i suspected, the promo mindbreaker card (the card you use to move your character around) that I was fiending for was still there in tact. I look at the other magazines just to see if there's anything else there that I want/need. The month after had ANOTHER mindbreaker card, but it was of a dude. It looks like the character that Toshi uses, so I got it to give to him. Each magazine was only 300 yen, and considering the figure store with AAA cards was selling it for 1200 yen, i got a heckuva deal.

I head over to Athena, I play some, and I end up doing really well. I was doing really good against players who were good, and I was just playing solid overall. It almost makes me sad that Ah2 is gonna be replaced by the Petra-nerfing suggoi (unless a miracle happens), but whatever. Plenty of other games to play...after I play that for about an hour, I head on out.

I realize I haven't eaten since like, 1PM and it's about 8PM at this point, so I head to matsuya and grab a pork bowl. It's 30 yen cheaper than a beef bowl, but I couldn't really tell a difference. It was super good tho. After that, I stopped by Book Off, and i saw the new Ayaka CD for half price used, so I picked it up. It's pretty good, more of the same (which is a good thing). After that, I headed over to the JuBeat arcade and play for a bit. I really want to get good at Minmi's "Shanana." After that, I head over to another arcade that has prizes. I see this awesome deck box that says in Japanese "I'll protect your deck for you, onii-chan!" and has a picture of this cute anime loli on it. It takes me a bit, but i end up getting it. It's perfect for my AAA cards! After that, I head to the Hills and play some AAA. I forgot how I did, I was def happy with how I did tho. That game is just too much fun. At this point, it was about 10:00.

I walk over to the Namco arcade, and I just sit down and play this one guy. I beat him, then I beat the game. I still had 1 credit left (this is a 100 yen/2 credits arcade), so I put in my card and start to play. I was almost about to beat the game again, and this one guy challenges me. His card name is "ScatroVageena". He played Zafina. An epic session then begins where we play for pretty much 2 and a half hours straight. I win the first few, then he wins a few, then I win a few, then he wins a few etc. It rarely went win lose win lose win lose, it usually went like, win x5, lose x4, win x4 lose x3 win x3 lose x4 etc. From the last time I played, I had a "roulette rush" so every match was a roulette. In the middle of it, he won a match and got a "lucky" so HE got a roulette rush, so the roulettes continued. After that, after I won a match, I got ANOTHER Lucky, so I got even MORE roulette rushes. The entire 2 and a half hours was ALL roulettes for the winner. SOOOO many G's. After that, the dude comes over and starts talking to me. He asks me if I'm a study abroad student. I tell him that I'm an English teacher. He asks if I'm on a team, and I say that I'm not. He asks if I wanna join his team, and I'm like sure, how do I do it? I get to the tekken page on my keitai and he does it for me. Pretty awesome. So I'm officially on a Team in Tekken.

After that, he asks me when I came, and I said that I came 2 months ago. He was like "no, when did you come to the arcade today?" and i was like "oh..." See, I'm American, so my stupid American brain needs a subject in every sentence cause I don't get things from context alone, lol. After that, I asked him what his name meant, and apparantly it's a play on some name in gundam. Didn't have the heart to tell him Vageena looks like a different word. He asks me how to say my name, and i say "HeartNana" but in Japanese, so its like 'Ha-to Nana" He didn't really get it, so he was like "is it ok if I just call you Nana?" and im like "yeah that's fine, lol"

After that, we played a bit more until I left. After that, I walked on over to the manga cafe I normally stay at. It's 1200 yen a night for 8 hours. No mat rooms, but they had reclining chairs, so i was fine with that. I got like, 2 glasses of OJ before I went to bed, and a vanilla soft serve cone (all free!). After going on the internet for a bit, i passed out. I got there around 12:50, so I had until 8:50. I slept from about 2AM to about 7:20 AM. Not too bad for a reclining chair sleep, lol. After I woke up, I got some more OJ, and another vanilla cone. I went on the internet, brushed my teeth, shaved etc. At about 8:45 I headed outta there. I walked over to this one arcade nearby and played the majhong game Usagi. I still don't understand why I can't win because I feel like I have a winning hand, and then nothing happens. I dunno...ANYWAYS...I play there for a bit, and then head out. Athena is like, the only place open at 9 (and not 10) so I head there. I play some MB:AA and some Fate Unlimited Codes for a while. At about 10:30, Toshi meets me there at Athena. We go get some breakfast at Mr Donuts and stay there for a while, while he makes fun of me and my fear of roaches.

After that, I tell him I kinda wanna pick up that card. We walk over to that store, and I get the card for 800 yen. I'm now in the mood to use it, so we walk over to Namba hills. I play some, and I do pretty well, that card was a huge help and saved me against this one guy I played online. Def worth it. After we played for a bit, we went and played some Tekken. While I was there, I played Melty, beat this one guy, and then beat the game. There was a free credit in the machine (again, 100 yen 2 credits at namba hills) so i told Toshi to take it and mess around with mb. I look over and notice that Fate has free credits on the machine. Guess some people put in 100 yen and didn't realize they get 2 credits, so they just left them. I jumped over there and started playing some Saber. There was a free credit on the other side, so toshi went and played. He picked Rin, and I beat him. Then he played again and switched to Dark Sakura and beat me. Some other guy ended up playing him a couple times and losing. I played again, and then that other guy played me after I won. We played that for a while and had fun with that.

After that, Toshi needed to get something from the apple store, so we headed over there. The thing he needed was like, 300 bucks, so he's waiting on it. We were around America-mura again, so we walked through there. While walking, we saw a Mandarake, which is a store that has a ton of doujinshi and stuff. This was a mega 4 story Mandarake tho, that I never knew existed. We go inside and in there, I found the AAA mook that I've been looking for used. They had it for only 1050 yen (as opposed to 2200 yen), which is awesome. I picked that up and we headed upstairs to the top floor, which is a cosplay store/small toy convention. The "convention" was a buncha cardboard boxes with some figures in it and stuff. However, they had imports from the US, stuff from KBToys, and the most amazing thing was this batman figure or something from Osco. I was like "what the hell, I used to WORK at Osco! What is something from OSCO doing HERE?" It's not like Osco was known for it's toys, it was just the midwest drugstore of choice, but an unopened figure from there made it's way to Japan. Crazy. Everything was too expensive tho so I didn't buy anything.

We headed outta there and over to Subway for lunch. I get Tuna again, but a footlong this time. After we eat, we head to Sega Avion. Nothing there, but apparantly, across the street from there, they're building a "Taito Station" arcade. I saw one in Akihabara. It's a 6 story arcade, and not like Athena where each floor is smaller than my apt, rather, 6 big floors on a busy corner arcade. Should be interesting, hope it opens soon. I could see a bit through the windows and it looks decent, but I'm scared it's gonna be another 100 yen per play arcade meaning nobody is gonna play there. Still, a new arcade opening is always a fun thing for me. After that, we head to Athena. We play a bit more Fate and some Arcana. I did good in Fate, i just need to learn my Saber combos, lol. In Arcana, I was beating all the guys there pretty easily until people stopped playing, so I just left and we headed over to Namba Hills. We played AAA until I had to go, and then I headed back home.

On the train ride back, I read the idolm@ster relations vol 2 manga. It was good, and def a nice way to kill a 2 hour commute, lol.

Today, I bought this powder that repels all bugs, so I just spread it around my apt. I bought some roach motels too, so I'll be able to confirm if roaches are even able to come into my place or not. Hopefully I don't have to deal with them again. I did laundry and cleaned and stuff, so i'm really tired, and I ended up taking way longer to write this than I thought. This week, my friend Dan from Sweden comes, so I'm pretty excited about that.


(Dont forget about: )

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL ep 18 - 3 Day weekend of madness

Last i left off was last tuesday when I had a ton of classes off. Now its the next tuesday, and here i am after teaching my only class of the day with 5 and a half more hours before i can go home.

Last tuesday night, nothing happened. Last wed night was the ALT meeting, so instead of getting out at 4:30, i got to leave at 3, and head to the board of education building, and the meeting starts at 3:30 and ends around 3:50. A bunch of us went to baskin robbins and mr donuts after that, so I got an ice cream sandwich, and it was soooooo good, tastes just like it tastes back home. After that, me and Rei decided to hang out, so we watched some Japanese TV and then got some convenience store food. I tried this "Premium Calpis" or whatever, some fancy Calpis, just to see how good it was. It tasted like liquid yogurt. Wasn't feeling it. At about 8, i got tired, so i headed back home. I went on the computer for a bit before I fell asleep around 10.

Thursday was a normal day, as expected. Friday, me and a few of the other alts planned on going out for dinner and karaoke. However, being cheap, we decided to go to mcdonalds and get dinner there. I got a mega mac, and it was awesome. At about 8ish, we headed over to the karaoke place and did 3 hours. Many songs were sung, and it was fun times. After that, I headed back home and went to bed after browsing the interwebs for a while.

Saturday I woke up around 7 and couldnt fall back asleep. I got up, went on the computer, showered etc. At about 9:50, Bill and Maria (two other ALT's) came over, as we planned on going to Denden town for the day. We headed over there, and got there around 12:30. I was planning on meeting Toshi around 1ish at the Namba Hills arcade. At about 1:05, i check my phone, and theres an email from Toshi saying he has a hangover, so no hanging out saturday. It was ok, because we had fun playing some arcana and a few other games. After that, we went to subway and got some lunch. From there, we decided on our course of action. We would pretty much walk around the den and hit up whatever store and arcade is on the way.

Our first stop was the big tiger store. There was really nothing there, as its kind of an expensive game store. Sometimes they have stuff, but not this time. Next was the book-off. Nothing good, they had some photobooks, but theyre more than I want to pay. Maybe next week, theyll be lower in price, if not, whatever. Not in a huge hurry for that sorta thing, i pretty much got the ones i want. After that, we stopped by Sega Avion. They were doing a location test of the new gundam game, so there were a TON of people there. Plus a ton of people were playing SFIV also. They installed ANOTHER cab, so there's 4 setups now. Pretty sweet if you ask me, cept I don't like sfIV that much. Once console version is released, I'll probably be playing it more.

After that, we headed over to the first softmap. There, we started at the top and then worked our way down. 7th floor is a hobby floor (figures and showcases etc), so we looked around there. Then we went to the 6th floor, which is a used game floor. 5th is an adult game floor, 4th is a computer floor, 3rd is a comics/book floor, 2nd is a cd/dvd floor, and 1st is new games. We went through each of them, and looked around and found some interesting stuff, but decided not to buy anything yet and to wait until we looked at more stores. We headed over to the Yellow Submarine next. It's a small figure store that’s generally pretty cheap. However, we didn't see anything we wanted. Next, we went to the super position. We looked around for a while there, and they found a small 300 yen Lupin figure that they wanted, so they picked that up. I stopped at both Kbooks stores (the kbooks manga and goods store) but didnt see anything. At that point, Bill and Maria were getting tired and the places were too crowded for them, so we kept on walking, passing up other figure/anime stores and stuff. We stopped at A-2, which is a game store. They had a buncha stuff, Bill found house of the dead 2 for the DC for only like, 200 yen. I also found a very used KOFXI guide for 10 yen. They also had this pop-n-music controller for like, 250 bucks for the arcade style one. They had cheap ones too for like, 2500 yen, but yea, it was cool seeing the big one.

We finally stopped at the super potato store. Super potato is a retro game store on the 2nd floor, and the 1st floor is a generic game store thats way overpriced for the most part. 2nd floor had not too many people on it, so we got to sit down and find a ton of old dreamcast games and whatnot. They had all sorts of retro everything there. Bill was looking through the dreamcast stuff and managed to find a used DDR dance pad for only 100 yen. They bought that, and then we headed out. Next to super potato is the SCOT arcade. There, we ended up playing for a while. I played some Melty Blood, Tekken, and even a bit of Majhong. I dont QUITE understand it all yet, but i think im getting a little better at seeing what i need to do, it still goes REALLY friggin fast tho. After that, we went to the next store, which is another retro store. They had dreamcast Agetec green goblin arcade sticks for only 2000 yen. Me and Bill totally decided to buy one each, but wait till the next day so we wouldn't have to carry them. We looked at all the games and stuff they had, and it was awesome. Wish they had aquarian age cards, but its all good.

After that, we checked out softmap 2. I ended up finding a saturn bomberman controller multi-tap for only 150 yen, which is super cheap. We stopped back at super potato to pick up the copy of DDR to use with their dance pad. After that, we ate at Yoshinoya, which had 300 yen beef bowls (as opposed to 380 normal price) for this week only. It was awesome. We decided to head back to softmap 1 because they wanted to pick up the stuff we skipped out on the first time. Maria bought this edamame thing that you squeeze and the peas come out of the top and then back in. One of those boredom killer things. They also bought another wii-mote as well as wii-play. Then Bill bought a light gun for like, 900 yen for the DC. Lots of stuff.

After that, we went to Athena, since it's right near the Softmap. I played a buncha Arcana 2. I played this one heart player who is like, always there, and he's really good, so he was using his secondary characters, like Saki and Elsa, and I was doing better against him than usual, even tho he still got wins more often than not. While I was doing that, Bill was playing Otomedius, and really had fun with it. He wanted to get an e-amusement pass. Maria said she had to use the bathroom, so we headed out of Athena to try to find one. We went to the arcade where JuBeat is at, but the restroom was out of order, so we headed out of there. Then we headed over to this one small arcade on the way which was mostly prize machines. It also had a bathroom, so she used the bathroom there. After that, we went to Namba hills again. I played some Aquarian Age Alternative, but I wasn't doing that well. Felt my deck needed a bit more work or SOMETHING. Bill wanted to see some Sangokushi Taisen 3 in action, so he got to watch that for a bit on the card game floor. He also found the e-amusment pass for 300 yen at the Konami Baseball Heroes machine. Maria wanted to do print club, so we went looking for arcades that

A) Had print club

B) Didn't have people using them

We started walking towards Shinsaibashi (the opposite direction of where we were ultimately gonna end up that night), so we finally got to the Sega Gigo arcade. They had a floor of half print club, and half video games. We did print club. Im not really a fan of it personally, but i TRY not to spoil the party. After that, I played some SFIV. Don't ask me why. I came close to beating this one Akuma player this one match and I got the combo that would have won, but I missed the link from the EX lightning legs into her Ultra. I was about a quarter of a second too late, so he just fell to the ground unharmed and then won. After that, we walked on over to the station and took the train to dobutsuenmae station, where Spa World is. It was about midnite. The plan for spa world was to stay the night there. We get there. They're doing the 1000 yen deal, meaning its only 1000 yen for an all day pass (as opposed to 3000 yen or something). Its still 1000 yen to stay overnight, however.

We get there, do everything as normal, take our shoes to the locker, and then I explain things to Maria, since she's on a different floor. We agree to meet back on that floor at 1AM, 45 minutes after we departed. Me and Bill go to the 4th floor, the Europe floor. We get to the spa area, we get washed down by this spray things, thats kinda like walking through a car wash, except not nearly as extreme of course. We head to the first bath, which is the greek area. It's just a normal hot bath, but with bubbles coming from the center. It's a very good "first bath". We then go to the shower area and clean ourselves up, shampoo, etc, and then brush our teeth and take care of all that stuff. We head over to some other baths. The next one we went to was this one that had like, fake rocks there, and a fake blue light to make it seem like you were looking from a seashore from the evening. It was kinda cool. Next we went into the salt sauna. The salt sauna is where you take salt, rub it over your body, and then sit in the sauna. Afterwards, your skin is EXTREMELY smooth. We then went in this one other bath that was a detox bath. It had a pond of coy underneath this glass that was on the bottom of the bath, and it was right next to this aquarium of fish. Pretty cool. Then we went to this one bath that had a teabag just floating in it. After sitting in it for a bit, you smell like tea. But its not like, a bitter tea smell, it was this sweet smelling tea.

After that, it was about 1, so we went and got the spa world shorts and shirt on, and headed up to meet Maria. After meeting up with her, we were kinda hungry. We went to the food floor that was there. On the elevator, there was another guy who got on, asked us what floor we wanted to get on, and i told him third floor. He then was like "wow, you're good at Japanese!" and I was like lol no. Then he asked us where we were from, and we told him. He was really nice and said that was cool and stuff. It's nice when people are actually NICE to foreigners, but don't completely treat us like idiots. Then we went to the small resturant. We got some yakitori (meat on a stick, like mini shiskabob (sp?)), and then Maria got this pudding dessert. After that, i was pretty tired, so we headed off after we finished eating. We went to the big room where everyone was, but couldnt find chairs. Any open chair looked like it was occupied. We went back in the bath area to look for places to sleep there. The spain floor (was being cleaned earlier), had half of it open, so we went to that half, which had lawn chairs in the water. We hung out there for a bit, but i didnt want to fall asleep there, so i jumped in the jacuzzi that was there instead after a bit. I was really tired after that, so i went to the detox spa room, and there was a couple lawn chairs set up. I fell asleep in one of those for like, 15 minutes, and then i decided i should go back to the big room.

I went to the other room, and i saw that it said "do not reserve chairs" or whatever, so any open chair, even if stuff was on it, was open. I grabbed a pillow and blanket from another chair, and jumped on this chair near the front. I was watching the TVs there, and they were airing the Tales of the Abyss anime at 2AM, so i was watching that for a bit until I fell asleep. I woke up a bit, but slept from like, 2-7:50. I woke up and watched the end of Pokemon. At the end of the episode, Ash throws a pokeball, and it catches the pokemon, and he celebrates as lightning strikes behind him, and then pikachu jumps in and says PIKA PIKA CHU or something. I remember first watching it in 5th grade, and man, the show hasn't changed at all. I got up, and walked around a bit and found Bill in the locker room. Apparantly, he couldnt find a seat, so he didnt sleep very well. He went through all the bath things a bunch tho, he said. I told him i needed about 35 minutes to get ready, so I got ready and met him on the floor where he was waiting for Maria around 8:40. We wait for about 15 minutes before I tell him that Ill pay for his wristband while he waits (cause if we stay past 9, we get charged for another day). Bill's bill was around 1500, and he gave me a 5000 yen bill. I get the 3000 yen in bills that pop out, and when i went to get change, there were 2 500 yen coins instead of just one. It means someone left that there! Sweet, free 5 dollars! Right when I finished paying for Bill's wristband, he came down with Maria. Just in time, we paid. We got our shoes, and headed on out.

It was about 9AM at this point. We walked the 15 minutes or so to the Mr Donuts. We sat there eating for a while, and then around 9:45, we headed over to this convenience store to pick up medicine for Bill, as he was just recovering from a fever this past week. After that, it was about 10, so we get to the retro store where we were gonna pick up the dreamcast sticks, and unlike all the other stores, that one doesn't open until 11. We go to SCOT arcade to kill some time. I play some Melty and Majhong until about 11ish, while Bill plays some Otomedius. We went to the other retro store and pick up the arcade stick. Then, Toshi email's me on my cell phone saying that he's ready to meet up.

We start walking over toward Namba. On the way, we bump into him. We then head toward the JuBeat arcade. I play some JuBeat and watch Maria destroy Bill at PuyoPuyo. After that, we head over to get some Takoyaki for Maria. She wanted the best in Osaka, so we go to this place where theres like, 40 people in line before us, so we wait there. We walk over to this bridge closeby and as they're eating it, they come up to Toshi and me and ask if it's ok to interview Maria and Bill. Obviously because Toshi looks like a Japanese guy, they just went straight up to him instead of trying to talk to Maria and Bill. They then get the camera on and start interviewing the two of them, asking what they think of the Takoyaki, and then they tell Maria to eat it and see her reaction. It was pretty funny from my end. After that, we headed over to the BIC Camera, as they haven't been there before. We went up to the 100 yen floor. I got some sun chips (a bit diff from back home, but not TOO bad). After that, we head out. Bill and Maria, due to lack of sleep, are extremely tired and decide to head out. Me and Toshi walk them to the station and then we head back to Namba.

We head to Namba Hills. I don't quite remember exactly how the day goes. I remember playing some AAA and deciding that I need to rework my deck. We stop and play JuBeat again. On the way back, there's a small festival going on, so some stores are selling stuff. This one booth has 200 yen beer on tap, so Toshi got some of that as we were passing by. After that, we head over to Athena. I play some Arcana. This one Zenia player just destroys me tho. He got like, 4 in a row, then 10 in a row. about 3 of those 10 i had the winning combo, but i drop it and he comes back. Everytime. After that, I was like "ok, time to head out". I learned a lot, but damn, I got owned hardcore. At the prize machines, they have these idolm@ster figures that are normally like, 1680 yen at the CHEAPEST in the 100 yen a play machine. I ended up getting one of them with 500 yen (Haruka). I go for the other one in the machine (Mami) and i get it in 700 yen.

I wanna pick up more AAA cards, so we walk over to the store that sells them. I get a couple cards that I need for my deck. I debate getting this other one, but decide against it. After that, I head over to the other store to check prices. We then go BACK to Namba hills, and I play a little more. On the way back, Toshi passes by that 200 yen beer booth again, so he gets another cup. Then i decide that I want the other card, so we go back to the store again, and i pick it up. On the way back AGAIN, Toshi gets a third cup of beer. It was on sale, so i said why not. We stop at Yoshinoya again for dinner, and then go back to Namba hills. On the way back, we stop at this arcade that has prize machines. Some guy went for a Nanoha memo pad, but failed at getting it. However, he left it in an easy spot, so I ended up getting it in 300 yen. There was also a mousepad that I wanted that had Miku (the vocaloid), and I ended up getting that with 500 yen. Overall, a good day for prize machines, normally, it's not that good, lol.

Toshi is buzzed at this point and says that Denden is way more fun being a bit buzzed than it is normally. We play for a while, and then we head out back to his place. At his place, we planned on playing Majhong when his wife and PSG (Purple Shirt Guy) get back. However, they got back, woke me up, changed my bedding to something comfortable, and then i guess they left or something. Toshi napped, and we both ended up passing out until like, 9-10AM. We got up and got ready and headed out BACK to the den. It's a 3 day weekend, for all those wondering, which is why I stayed with Toshi instead of heading back.

We go to subway to eat. After that, we go to Namba Hills and play some Aquarian Age Alternative. Toshi went to go shave, so after a few games, I headed down to the 2nd floor where all the fighting games are. I play some Third Strike against this one Ken player. I lose the first match. 2nd match, i play again, and in the middle of that, Toshi shows back up. I ended up beating this guy, until another Ken player plays me and barely wins. Oh well. We head out and play Tekken after that. I play against this one guy. I get 8 wins in a row, and I also got a roulette rush, so I was able to get a buncha money. The dude picks Julia and after 2 games of that, I was done. We head to Athena, and I want to play some Arcana. Before that tho, I check the prize machine, and they have the last figure I'm missing (Ami). I was careless, but I still got it in 1200 yen, which is cheaper than if I bought it. After that, I go play Arcana. The guy who plays Time Saki is there. He plays against my Petra, and tries Love and Lightning, but fails miserably because he cant do much without time tricks. Then he picks time again. After a few more wins as Petra he beats me because I was too busy messing around and stuff. I decide to try Lilica. I play Love for a few matches, then i pick Time Lilica for a game and almost win. After that, I try Lilica again, and use only love and I get 8 wins in a row before he wins again. Then I used Time again and won 4 in a row before the dude just left. He was pretty mad, but I don't blame him.

After that, I wanted to go look at more cards and stuff. I check the mook, and look for new mindbreaker cards that have pics of characters on them. I check where they would be, softmap might have them since they carry back issues of arcadia, I thought. They didn't. We walk over to the other softmap, nothing. On the way there, we stop by SCOT. I play some Majhong again, and then we head back. We go to Yoshinoya again to eat. After that, we head back to the Hills and play some AAA. I do really well, im getting more used to my deck and unless some other players just pull out some BS that shuts my one specific deck down, then i tend to at least put up a decent fight. At the end, some dude put his card in the machine and customized his character. I completely didn't know you could do that, so after that, I customized my character and made her super cute. After that, I had to leave, so I headed back home. I read my manga that I bought at one of the stores (idolm@ster relations) on the way back, and then got home. I went on the computer for a bit and then passed out. Here I am at work for another week of fun. This week should go by pretty quickly. My friend Dan comes next thursday, so that'll be really fun when he comes.

Aside from that, this weekend was an awesome weekend of gaming. Im gonna try to beat Tales of Vesperia before Dan comes, but I dunno if its possible since i would need to play for like, 3 days straight to beat it, lol. If not, no big deal.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL EP 17 - AAA and Majhong

Ok so last I left off was about a week ago. Last wed night nothing
happened. Played a ton of tales of vesperia and went to bed.

Thursday, instead of classes, it was a citywide sports tournament for
middle schools. So each of our teams played in a tournament against
the other 2 middle schools here. I generally watch the basketball team
practice after school (I have to stay till 4:30, so after classes end,
i have to find SOMETHING to do, and thats the best option).

So i rode my bike 20 minutes to school. got there around 8. At about
8:15, after printing out directions and stuff, i biked over to the
school where the basketball teams were playing. So the other school is
the opp direction from my house where my school is, so i biked about
35 minutes to the other school. Finally made it, and when i got there,
i looked around for our team. The girls team were all at the top on
this balcony seating area, and they yelled out ROBAATO! and they
started waving. It was really cute. I stayed there the entire time and
watched the teams. The first game was asahi gaoka (our school) vs
ono-minami jr high, boys team. They crushed the boys team. Next was
girls teams first years ONLY. Our team actually won 19-18. It was
really close, but they were happy to win. Our boys team played against
Ono jr high. They got stomped again, but not as bad. Then it was our
girls team vs Ono jr high. Our team lost 27-31. They were pretty sad
about it and there was def some QQing. Our S tier girls were playing
like crap, buckled under the pressure and stuff i guess.

After that, it was the other two jr high boys teams playing eachother,
one of the teams won, didnt really care. After that, i was able to go
home. I took a nap and hung out on the internet and whatnot.
Apparantly, there was a party that night for the new ALT's by some
organization or something. I completely forgot, and i didnt check my
cell phone until i went to bed and found out that I missed it. I was
like "whatever, no big deal" until another ALT told me that a couple
of my students showed up for it. Now i feel like a jerk. Oh well.

Friday was a normal day of work. I got back from work and went back
home. That night, a few of us decided to go karaoke. It was, me,
another ALT Maria, her boyfriend Bill, and another ALT Sarah. We did 2
hours, got free cake, and had, overall, a lot of fun. The end song was
"We are the Champions". And instead of singing it normally, we sang it
following the Japanese katakana above the english words. It sounds
completely different, and I was laughing so hard. Pretty much it goes
We are the champions, my friend, and we'll keep on fighting till the end
"Ui aa za chanpionzu, mai furendo, ando weeru keepu on faichingu tiiru ji endo"

Now do this for the WHOLE song, and you have a barrelfull of laughs.
After that, we went back to Maria's apt and played this card/board
game called "Zombie's". The point is to kill 25 zombies or get to the
"Helipad". You start off in town square, and each turn, you draw a map
card, which you attach to make the board bigger. Eventually you draw
the helipad and the person with the lowest zombie kill decides where
it goes. Usually it lasts for about 60-90 minutes. Our game lasted
like, 3 and a half hours. It was extremely epic, especially at the

After that, i went back home, went on the computer and passed out
around 2:30. At about 8:30, i woke up and got ready to go. I caught
the 10:05 train out to osaka and went to meet toshi. I got there
around 12:15. I got some subway and I decided to head over to namba
hills. They had arcana loc-testing there. I played it a bit, check out
the arcana thread on SRK for my opinion. Overall, it screwed over my
character, but its not the final version, so we'll see...after that, I
played some melty blood and met up with Toshi. We decided to try out
Aquarian Age Alternative, which is one of those games that you play by
moving cards on a flat tabletop. Search "Aquarian Age Alternative" on
youtube to see what im talking about. It's mostly cute girl characters
that cast spells and stuff. Its a lot of fun and pretty fast paced. Me
and Toshi played a bit.

After that, we walked around the den. I had to pick up some stuff for
other people, but aside from that, I didnt really spend much money.
After we finished walking around, we headed over back to some arcades.
We played for a bit before heading over to Matsuya for some beef
bowls. They were on sale, only 300 yen each for a big bowl of rice,
with beef on top and a bowl of miso soup. That was super good, and
then we headed over to the Hills again to play some aquarian age
alternative. By the time we left, it was about 10:30 PM. We headed
over to Toshi's place. Stopped by this one arcade near his house
before we left, and had some mcdonalds as a late night snack. We got
back to his place and played some shikigami no shiro 2 (a vertical
shooter). After that, his wife and their friend got back. We then
played some Majhong. It was pretty fun. I kinda get how to play, but i
dont understand all the combinations yet. At about 3:30 i was too
tired, so i just passed out. At about 10:00, I woke up, and started
reading this one idolm@ster manga i bought. At about 11ish, everyone
woke up. By 12ish, we all headed out and me and toshi went back to the
den. We stopped by Mr Donuts first to get some breakfast. After that,
we went on the look for more AAA cards. The stores had them for like,
15 yen apiece for cheap ones, and more for the better ones. We built
some decks and played some more. We played for a bit, but there were
these two guys there who just stayed there the entire time. After a
bit, a third guy came, so being courteous and all, we got up to let
him play (there were 4 machines). After that, NONE of those guys got
up after playing, so we just left after like, a half hour. We played
some other games at other arcades, and then we got hungry and went to
subway for dinner. I got a footlong tuna, and as usual, it was
delicious. Wish i could go on the Jared diet and eat it everyday. :(

After that, we went back to the arcade and those three guys were STILL
there (must have been like, 3-4 hours that they were there by now) One
guy left, so we got our two seats and started playing some more.
Played a bit more melty blood after we were done with AAA, and then I
had to head home. So I got back home around 10:30, and ended up going
to sleep around midnite. Now its monday, and i normally have class,
free period, class, free period, class, free period. Todays schedule
changes to free period x4, class x2. In that order. So ive been using
these free periods to write and do whatever keeps me from falling

BTW, my entries keep getting shorter cause in all honesty, most of it is the same stuff, just with slight variations, and writing got kinda boring after a while, so i made them a lot shorter. Its ok tho, if anything really interesting happens, ill write more, but for the most part, its the same.