Monday, January 26, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFull Season 2 Ep 4- Hurt Leg + 2v2 Ababa tourney

Hey guys, left off last week Tuesday.

Anyways, I went home, ate some chicken and relaxed. Wed, I went to work, and as I was running, my leg started to hurt, so I stopped. When I was walking, it was fine, but when I was going up and down stairs (Mainly down), my leg would start to hurt really bad, and then it would affect my walking. Methinks I pulled a muscle. So after work, I biked home (thankfully, it didn’t affect my biking ability), and did the RICE method (rest, ice, compress, elevate) for the rest of the night. I fell asleep on the futon in the warm room there.

Thursday, I didn’t run obviously, and I limped my way to class. After school, I went home and just relaxed again, not going out for the rest of the night. Friday was the same. Saturday was a marathon tournament at our school (hence why everyone was running). The students all run like, 2.3Km for the boys and 1.8Km for the girls. There were two types of marathon, the 5 man team, and the free for all. The free for all boys was first. It started off, and it was all exciting as everyone started running, and then they were out of sight and everyone was just like “!!!... …. … ok now what?” so we waited like, 8 minutes or so for the first student to come, and then everyone got excited again. I pretty much wandered around and talked to students for most of the time, and cheered them on as they came (I kinda stood there and clapped as they were running by). Then the girls free for all happened, then the 5 man team for boys, then girls happened. This entire time, everyone who’s running is in shorts and a t-shirt. But its friggin winter. The worst was they had the girls wait like, 15 minutes in shorts/t-shirt at the starting line before they even ran, so I’m sitting there wearing my windbreaker pants/jacket, a hoodie, and then my parka hoodie, gloves, 2 pairs of socks, and long underwear, and im STILL cold, and theyre wearing shorts and a t-shirt and im just like “wow, that’s cruel.” They were just standing there shivering, and im like “isn’t this kinda sadistic?” Oh well. They had an award ceremony where they gave certificates to the fastest runners. Afterwards, they had free Udon provided by the PTA. So I had a bowl of that. Afterwards, I watched the volleyball club in the gym for a while and then I went home.

After I got home, since I was outside most of the day, I warmed up for a bit. Around 3:30 I headed out to the station. I got there, got on a train, and saw another ALT, Cameron there. He was going to Kobe for a date, so we ended up talking the whole train ride, making the slow, hour long train go by pretty quickly. After he got off, I continued to Umeda. I got there, and got a subway Cheese Roasted Chicken sandwich. Afterwards, I headed over to Monte and just played there from like, 6PM till about 11:30. I took the train over to Namba afterwards, and went to find a manga café. I tried the 10 hour one, but they were full. I went to the 8 hour one, and they had mat rooms, so I stayed there. Before I did that, I picked up some fried chicken. So I got some free drinks at the manga café, and had those along with the sub-par fried chicken (normally it’s a lot better than it was, but I went to a diff convenience store than usual)。After getting not enough sleep, I woke up around 8:15.

I went outside, and it was snowing. So I wanted to just go somewhere indoors and hang out for a while until it stopped. I went to the nearby arcade which opens at 8. I knew nobody would be playing so I went and played some single player games. I first saw this Majhong game that said something something girl, so I went and played it. It was a 1v1 majhong game. I play the first hand and I get some nice tiles, and I play for a while and end up getting a really nice hand with a lot of points. I win that round and take out all of my opponent’s points. My “opponent” was an anime schoolgirl named Rina, who talks in the “is-cute-in-Japan” 3rd person style. After I took all of her points, I got a few cutscenes. The dialogue went like this (from Rina) – “Jeez, you got lucky!” then another cutscene “Rina definitely won’t lose” then another, where she says “I guess I have no choice” and strips down to underwear and a bra. And then finally the last cutscene is like “Rina lost so…” and then she slowly pulls up the bra to reveal some fake anime flat-chested nipples. I was cracking up, its 8:20 in the morning, and there I am in an arcade playing the anime girl strip-majhong game. Too funny. After I lost to the next girl, I went and played Daifugo for a while (it’s a card game kinda like rummy in a way? In high school, we called it Chinese Poker…), and it was about 8:45 after that.

I went over to the Mr Donuts and got a few donuts, there was a 100 yen sale, so I got 3 donuts for 300 yen! I ate those and went to Athena afterwards. I played some arcana in arcade mode for a bit, and then this Mei Fang player came and played on the other machine. I’ve seen him at tournies and stuff before, so I know he’s good. I play him, and he started beating me like, a 3:1 ratio for a couple hours. I got a 3 winstreak, and then he got a 5 winstreak. After that, I was gonna go cruise the Den, since things opened at 11. I went around to a buncha stores. I didn’t really buy anything until I got to the morning musume store. I bought a couple photos, not much else. I went to the sofmap that was on the other side of the Den and picked up a majhong game for 1300 yen for the DS. Afterwards, I didn’t feel like walking all the way back to the other station (my leg is still a bit sore, but getting a lot better). I took the train from there over to Umeda, and played my new game along the way. I got to Umeda and got another cheese roasted chicken + tuna sub at subway. They forgot to charge me for the tuna. I used to remind them, but after one time where they looked at me like I was stupid, that annoyed me, and after Dan said “Dude, why do you keep reminding them?” I decided to say screw it. Its their fault, not mine. I ate my sub and went to Monte after that.

At Monte, I played a bit of Blazblue, but the two machines I played on both had broken (well, not working very well) C buttons. I played some Arcana for a while against this Catherine player I see at tournaments. He beat me at first, but then I started to beat him, and I ended up winning against him 3-4 times before he stopped playing me. Afterwards, I played some MvC2 against this guy. I was winning at first, but he had a Mag/Cable/Sentinel team that I couldn’t beat. He would just run away the entire time. I could generally kill his magneto, but I couldn’t touch his cable because of Sentinel, so he won like, 6 games in a row before I stopped playing. Abeshi showed up and we headed out.

We walked over to this arcade that neither of us had been to before. It was called “Challenger Ababa”. I wrote about it on SRK, so if you want details as to how the tourney went, check out this post:

After the tournament and freeplay, we took the train back to Denden, and I went to Athena. He said that he’ll show up at next week’s ranbat, so I said bye and went and played some BB. Douchebag was there playing, and so I played him. I won the first match 3-0 against him. He then beat me two more games, but I won the next one, and he went downstairs to play arcana or something. I got a winstreak and then people stopped playing so I beat the game. I went downstairs and played some Arcana after that. Did ok, about as well as expected. I was getting hungry, so I went across the street and got a delicious beef bowl and miso soup. After I was done eating, I went back to Athena.

Played some Tekken, I played one of those dudes who has like, a card for every character, and they’re all different ranks, so depending on your rank, he’ll use a diff card that’s that rank. I got promoted against him, so the next card he used was one that was the same rank as the one I just got promoted to. Crazy. I wonder how much time was spent playing Tekken for him to be able to do that.

After I lost, I went and played Arcana again. Kouya was there playing Akane. I played him and pretty much couldn’t do anything. He beat me 5 matches in a row, and I got maybe a round or two. It wasn’t anything to get mad about because that’s just how the character is. I was getting bored tho, and since I didn’t shower, I went over to the Capsule hotel. As I was walking that way, there was a homeless dude pushing a cart, but he also had a dog and like, a buncha cats, all on leashes. As he was walking people would be like AWW to the cats and stuff, but man, for a homeless dude, he has a lot of animals. I got to the capsule hotel, and went to the sauna/bath area. I showered and got myself clean, brushed my teeth etc, and got in the bath. Hung out there for a while, it was nice and hot, so I was pretty happy. Afterwards, I grabbed my DS and my Ipod and went to my capsule. Watched a bit of Japanese TV, and then turned on my ipod and played my majhong game until I went to sleep. For some reason, I was kinda cold when sleeping so I had a bit of trouble staying asleep. After 9:30 rolled around, I got up, went to the bath area again, washed up again and jumped in the bath for a bit. I got dressed, shaved, gelled hair, etc.

After the Capsule Hotel, I stopped by the Tsutaya there. They had a sale on DVDs, so I was able to get a few used anime dvds for like, 100 yen apiece (or 200 for some). It’ll give me something to watch in the background as I’m just chilling at my computer. I spent 500 yen and got 4 DVDs. I went to Mr Donuts after that, and got 4 donuts, which totaled 482 yen. The 4 donuts I got cost only 18 yen less than the 4 dvds I bought. Crazy. Afterwards, I went to Taito Station and played some Monday Morning JuBeat. I knew nobody would be playing games, so I went and played some arcana 2. Against the Mei Fang player and the day before, I was missing most of my 5B heelkicks, so I wanted to practice. I played 3 credits worth of AH2 and by the end of it, I went from about 1/10 times getting it to 19/20 times getting it. It’s just a timing thing that I didn’t have down yet, since they changed it from AH1 and even regular AH2. Afterwards, I played some random games for a while. I went to play Blazblue, and the weirdest thing happened. There was NOBODY there, but arcade mode was going on one of the machines, and it was stage 2 (meaning someone beat stage 1). I saw it was Noel. It was also my color Noel (color 8, purple with pink hair), and it was my button configuration (type B), too. Weeeeeeeird. I played that and beat the game. Afterwards, I headed around the Den for a bit. I stopped by the Back Alley Morning Musume store and the guy got a few new photo’s in, so I picked up one. After walking around a while, I headed out to Umeda to kill time at Monte. I got there around 2ish or so I’m guessing, and stayed there till like, 8:30 playing games. Tall Litchi Man was there, and we played a bunch. We went about even, maybe a bit more in my favor today. There was a couple of times when I would play one match against a scrubby player, they would do scrubby stuff and win, and then I would play them again and destroy them. Hopefully that doesn’t happen to me in tourney…
After the very quick 6 and a half hours there, I went to subway AGAIN and got a footlong sub, bringing half of it home. I played my majhong game for the entire train ride home, and got home and relaxed.

This week, since it’s only a 4 day week, will be shorter than usual. I’m just gonna take it super easy and make sure my leg gets 100% better. Aside from that, Saturday I have a tourney at Ko-hatsu, and Sunday a tourney at Athena. We’ll see how those go!


Monday, January 19, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 EP 3 - The Swede's last weekend

Ok guys, last I left off was last Wednesday or so. Dan came back before I got home from work, so me, him, Maria and Bill went out to get some Ramen at the Ramen place. He had a point card filled where he gets 3000 yen for free, so we figured that was gonna pay for the meal, but they ended up being all “yeah, you can only use 1000 yen at a time of that” which is super lame. Afterwards, we headed to the Sentou, had a nice hot bath, and then just relaxed at home for the rest of the night.

Thursday, one of my JTEs (Japanese Teachers of English) picked me up for the Kobe orientation. I got to sleep until 8, an hour later than usual. We drove to this station and then took a train to the orientation place. The meeting itself was boring. We had 90 minutes for lunch, so what I did was stop by Lawson, a convenience store, and got some fried chicken for lunch. Afterwards, I walked 10 minutes to this one small arcade that has 50 yen Tekken 6: BR. There was one guy there playing, so I played him until I had to go. I used Alisa the entire time (he wasn’t really good enough to beat my Alisa, so it wouldn’t have been worth it to use Asuka). Anyways, after winning most of them, he keeps coming back. Finally, I knew that I had to go after like, one more. So I did one more, and right after I beat him that time, he got up and left. I just lost to stage 1 in arcade mode and walked back to the meeting place. I still got there early, too.

Had more meetings and stuff, it was boring and kinda useless. Afterwards, I met up with Maria and we walked about 25 minutes to Sannomiya (the “fun” area of Kobe). We met up with Bill there, and went to the “Magical Place” arcade for a while. I played some BB and got like, 15 wins before people stopped playing me. Nobody good, though, sadly. Bill played a buncha TvC, and was doing pretty well until this Ryu/Chun player came up and started dominating. Oh well. Afterwards, we went out to eat at this one Pasta/Pizza place. I had a salad and a bowl of Pasta, and it was a decent amount of food for not too much money. Afterwards, they headed out. I went back to the arcade, and played a buncha AH2. I got like, a 13 win streak or so, and then this Liese player I beat like, 3 times started winning. He was using poison, would set up a dot, and then use the teleport switch into unblockable lvl3 super. Interesting strategy. Last Blade 2 was on freeplay at the moment, so I went to play that, and since it was next to AH2, the guy was all “Are you HeartNana?” I was like “yes?” He then asked me if I went to that big 3v3 tourney a while back at Athena, and I was like “Yeah, I was there.” He was then saying that he was there too, so that was kinda cool. Random Japanese people know me, lol. I played a bit more BB, but people stopped playing after like, 4 wins or so again. After that, I just hung around for a bit and went to the Manga café to sleep.

I got a 10 hour mat room, and I WAS sleeping great until about 4:30 AM when some guy’s cell phone alarm went off, but not only did it go off in the booth next to mine, the guy didn’t wake up, so for like, 5 minutes, this alarm went off, pretty much keeping me awake enough not to fall back asleep. Finally, it stopped, and I guess he got up or something, but some other dude near me had a coughing fit, every 10 seconds or so, it would be a really loud cough. This went on for a while. After probably an hour or so, I finally fell back asleep, but when I woke up, I wasn’t nearly as well rested as I wanted to be. Either way, I got up, had some donuts for breakfast and headed to the meeting place.

Same as usual, boring meetings. This time for lunch, instead of heading out to the arcade, I just met up with Maria, who was with some Japanese teachers, so we just went out for Curry. We headed back, sat through a decent presentation and then some boring end stuff, and finally we were done. Maria just headed back home, and I decided to head to the Magical Place again. However, since I was in Kobe, I figured I would stop by their doujinshi stores and stuff just to see if there’s any deals. I found a set of the touhou plushies a friend asked me for, so I was able to get that to him. I went back over to the Magical Place, and this time, there were good players playing Blazblue.

There was this one dude who I saw last time who used Carl. I’m gonna call him Goatee man for the obvious reasons. This time, Goatee Man used Bang. He was doing pretty well, got a couple wins against me before I figured out how to handle it. I also played a Tager and a Rachel player. I later asked Goatee man if he stopped using Carl. He was like “No, I use both”. I asked which is his main, and he said Carl still is. Then he was like “How do you know I use Carl?” I was like “We played a bunch the last time I was here a couple weeks ago? You don’t remember?” He was like “No, who won more?” I was like “I usually did” and he was all “I see…”

Then, I played an Arakune player who, according to Goatee man, is the best in Sannomiya. I won one round, he won two, for the fourth round, I was about to lose, but then I got a clutch combo and barely won. Then I ended up winning the last round. It was pretty crazy. Then, a REALLY good Litchi player who seemed to recognize me played me and beat me pretty bad. He lost to Arakune man tho, who I played again. I ended up beating him two MORE times, and then he played me again and won. I was tired, so I figured I would head back. I said bye to Goatee man, and headed back home. I just hung out at home and did one last day of relaxing with Dan there.

Saturday, Maria and Bill met up with us, and we headed to Osaka. At the ATM, I went to get money, with only a couple minutes to spare before the train showed up, but some old lady was in there, and there was one ATM, and she must have been trying to pay ALL of her bills. I would have been 30 seconds max, but she was taking her time, and even after it was all “thank you come again”, she kept on doing something. I didn’t want to miss the train, so I had to go without much cash. That kind of annoyed me (as it should).

Also, since this was Dan’s last weekend, he decided to take his suitcase with him, and then we would store it at the JR Osaka station for a couple days, so he wouldn’t have to drag it around Denden, and so we wouldn’t have to rent a hotel. We wandered around for a while trying to find this baggage room where we can leave the suitcase overnight since coin lockers only work until midnite (and having to go back to the JR station from Denden, take the suitcase, and put it back in the morning is a pain). Finally, we found it, and Dan left his suitcase there for 500 yen a day, and we headed off to the Den.

First thing we did was eat some subway. After that, we headed to the den to trade in some stuff. Dan traded in a few games, and I traded in my bleach PSP game, as well as a buncha old doujinshi. After my bag got lightened up, we went to SCOT. We played a buncha games, I wasn’t gonna play Blazblue, but some guy was using Noel, and I love beating other Noel players, so I played him. That led to like, 15 wins or so. Dan was also doing pretty well, had like, a 7 win streak with his Jin. After a while, people stopped playing, and I got hot and bored, so I just lost to the computer and we headed out. After that, we went to a “kaitenzushi” place, which is one of those sushi places where there’s a revolving belt with sushi on it, and each small plate you grab was 130 yen. I got like, 5 plates of sushi and an orange juice. It was really good. After that, we all went to the convenience store, Bill and Maria got some liquor, and then we went to a karaoke place nearby. Toshi met up with us there, and after that, we all headed back to Athena for some games.

I played some Arcana, and got owned by Kouya using Akane. That character is too broke. Oh well. I played some Tekken also, got a small winstreak and then stopped playing after 10 matches or so. Afterwards, I went up to the Blazblue floor. Abeshi, my partner from the 2v2 was there, so I played him a bunch. At about midnite, we played one last time and then headed out. I told him about the 2v2 tourney the next day, so we agreed to meet at Monte at 3. We were talking for a bit, turns out he lives only like, 10 minutes away from Athena, so he goes there almost every day. He offered to let me stay at his place if it was just me and one other person, but yeah, it’s prolly a really small place, and 4 of us are impossible. We went to Wendys and got some food, and then went to a couple manga café’s until we ended up at the 8 hour one. Me and Dan ended up just splitting a small “doubles” mat room. It was too small for 2 people of course, so we didn’t sleep that well (I must have woken up 10-15 times over the 7 hour course). We got outta there and headed to McDonalds for breakfast.

After breakfast, we went to Athena for a bit, played some single player games and such. I tried out Rachel, but she felt weird to me (of course), and some really bad Noel was beating me, so after 2 matches, I just picked Noel again and started owning scrubs. Nobody played me after 10 games or so (I was kinda getting bored of beating scrubs), so we headed out to Umeda. We played at Monte for a while, I played a little bit of TvC and some Blazblue, and then we got food at this one burger/pasta fast food place. I got some spaghetti, which was pretty good considering how poorly they do sauce here. Maria and Bill headed back to Ono. Me and Dan headed back to Monte. I played for a bit there, and then Abeshi showed up. We walked to Ko-hatsu and played in the tournament. I posted the results on SRK, sadly, this one didn’t go as well as the others.

Here it is:
“Long story short, we played the team that won first round. The guy who beat us was a taokaka player, i won the first round, and he won the next two. The thing that went wrong was in the 2nd round, if Taokaka does 5C 6C, I can 5D in between the hits for free, but for some reason, the 6C hit me and she got a free combo. Instead of like, me getting a buncha damage or getting rid of his burst, i ended up getting comboed and losing the tourney match, and he just straight up out-poked me 3rd round. My partner (again, Abeshi) is bad against Taokaka, so he got smoked. 2/3 rounds 1 match ftl, lol. If we beat that team, we pretty much would have made it to finals as all the other people in between first round and finals for the team we fought weren't all that great (The taokaka player didnt lose a round against any of the people in between. Only to our team and the final team did he even come close to losing). Oh well.”

Anyways, there’s another 2v2 tourney next Sunday (glad it’s on a Sunday because I work next Saturday (I have Monday off, so it works out, but if the tourney was on a Sat I wouldn’t be able to go). We’ll try our best again.

Afterwards, we walked back to Monte and played there for a while until Dan had to go get his suitcase. We went and got that, and then since we both had time to kill, we went to this one small crepe store. I got a strawberry, whipped cream one with vanilla ice cream in it. It was soooooooo good. Dan got a custard one with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. We ate that, and then just chatted about whatever. Afterwards, I walked Dan to his subway station, we parted ways, and then I headed back to Ono.

So now I’m back to being roommate-less. Parts of it are cool, I have a lot more privacy now (didn’t really have too much privacy before), and I can kinda do whatever I want without ever having to take anyone else into consideration (not that I ever took Dan into consideration…[/tsundere]), but on the flipside, I don’t really have anyone to talk to, and there isn’t that one other person around to just help me out with random things that need to be done. It’s all good though. If all goes well, he’ll get the job he applied for, and he’ll be back in Japan, so we can at least hang out again.

Last night, I stopped by Sati before going home from work, and I picked up a couple of cheap Engrish hoodies, and I splurged (7800 yen, tho marked down from 9800) and bought one of those wicked track suits for work. We can pretty much wear those whenever, and they’re considered to be pretty stylish. The students are all doing running for like, 10 minutes in the morning for marathon practice, so some of the teachers are running with them. Nobody told me this so yesterday, I only had my work clothes, and ended up not running. So today, I was able to wear my new track suit (the school nurse said I looked cool), and then I ran with the students. Keep in mind tho, while it’s winter, and it’s cold, there’s no snow. I don’t exercise much, so this is pretty good for me. I was tired as heck afterwards, but maybe after this week, I’ll get a bit better at being able to run.

Not much else going on, just livin the good life.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL – Season2 EP2 – BB tourney x2

Hey all, time to update again!

Last week Thursday, me and Dan just stayed inside for most of the night. Last week Friday, me and Dan went straight to Osaka after I got back from work. We made it to Monte Carlo at around 7:30 or so, after eating Subway. I played a buncha Blazblue, getting winstreaks and stuff. Then that one girl Ragna player was there, and she got a couple wins against me by doing some extreme turtling. It really is frustrating how much Noel seems to get shut down by an opponent just sitting on the other side of the screen. The final score between us was like, 8-4 or something, in my favor, but it really felt like I had to work hard to do anything. There was also a decent Arakune player, and while he beat me a few times, it was almost always down to the last round. There were a couple of different Arakune’s, but I did decent against them overall considering how bad that matchup is for Noel.

Truthfully, I was actually prepping myself to play some Arcana 2. Each time I lost, I headed up the third floor of Monte in order to check and see if anyone was playing Arcana. It wasn’t until about 10:00 that one guy was there playing. I ended up playing him a few times, using both Petra and Lilica against a variety of his characters, Maori for example. Then this one other good Elsa player who I see at tourneys showed up, so I played against him, losing with Lilica and winning with Petra. I played there until the arcade closed the third floor at like, 11:45.

We left and decided to head to Spa World. Dan asked a while back when their next “1000 yen” deal is gonna be (its normally close to 3000 yen to get in), and they said after Jan 5th. So we took the last train to Dobutsuenmae station, which is about 2 stations past Namba, where we usually get off for Denden. We headed over to Spa World, and it turns out that there was no 1000 yen deal. There was a deal for women only, and a weekday 1000 yen deal, but there was no weekend 24/7 1000 yen deal like we thought. We walked over to the manga café right near there where we stayed once, 10 hours for 1800 yen, and you get your own room with a couch, TV, and computer. However, they were full. So we walked over to the McDonalds, got some food and walked about 20 minutes back toward Namba, where the other manga café’s are. We decide not to do our normal 8 hour one, rather, we went for a 10 hour one closeby.

I figured since it was late (close to 1AM at this point) that we wouldn’t be able to get mat rooms, but when we went, they had mat rooms available! Score! I went to go to my room and some dude was already in there. I ended up going back to the front desk and they gave me a new room, and an extra “10 minutes free” coupon. I grabbed a blanket, some free drinks (7up, and this orange drink), and I went on the computer for a while. After about 45 minutes tho, I got really tired and so I just passed out. I woke up at about 9:30 or so. At roughly 10:50, we got out of there and headed over to Athena to play some games for a bit. I wanted to check what time the tourney was that day. I played Tekken until about noon, and then we headed over to the Den.

We went to Sofmap, but didn’t see anything of interest there. It’s always fun looking though. Pretty much, my goal was to get some doujin or something. We checked the Toranoano store, but all the new stuff is really expensive so it wasn’t worth buying anything. I ended up going to the used stuff store and I picked up like, 1000 yen worth of stuff there. Afterwards, we just walked around a few more stores, nothing special. I headed over to the morning musume store and picked up some new photo’s for my wall of cuteness, and this DVD of Konno Asami’s graduation memorial or something. I thought it would be a concert, but it was just a long interview with her. Not too bad, but not exactly what I was expecting. It was cheap though, so I don’t really mind. Afterwards, I met up with Dan at SCOT, and we played some Blazblue. For some odd reason, SCOT doesn’t want to put their games at 3/5 rounds, so we played some 2/3 round Blazblue. It was good tourney practice though. Got a small winstreak and just left my game after nobody played me.

After that, we went to Sofmap and Dan wanted to trade in some of his games. JP Paper Mario Wii, Wii Zelda, PS2 Godhand, and Bleach Heat the soul 4 for PSP. He got like, 5100 yen for all of them, I had to do some paperwork for it, and they needed my ID and everything just to process it. Whack. Oh well, that’s a decent amount of $ for games he’s not gonna play anymore.

We headed over to Athena after that for the tournament. It was about 3:30 when we got there. I signed up under the single player slot. I went downstairs and played Arcana until Dan got me and told me they were calling my name.

I posted about the tourney on SRK, you can read it here:

So yeah, that went really well, I was pretty happy.

After that was over (went on till like, 7:45), Toshi and Dan showed back up at Athena. Toshi was carrying this big branch that you buy at shrines and stuff. Apparantly, after you buy it, you’re supposed to get good business in the upcoming weeks/months/years. He said that last year, after he bought it, he had 3 great business weeks. He also claims that the branch is the only thing he enjoys about Japan. Afterwards, we all went to a restaurant and had some drinks and some expensive food. I got some meat on a stick, but for the price, it was only so-so. I had a glass of this lemon alcoholic drink which was ok. Toshi and Dan had a buncha beer. Toshi ended up paying for us all. Afterwards, we were talking about games and stuff, and Toshi was sad he couldn’t beat me at Blazblue, so I told him I’d challenge him to any game, so he picked SFIV. We decided to head to the arcade and do a FT5.

We went to Taito station, but too many people were there. We then went to the Amusement Museum because we figured people wouldn’t be there. However, people were there. It took a while and a lot of playing a ton of different people, but we finally did our FT5 and Toshi won 5-2. Once console comes, I told him that we’ll play online a bunch. After that, we headed out, Toshi went back home and myself and the Danster made our way over to a capsule hotel. We stopped by McDonalds first and ate on the way there. We were taking a different route and ended up passing by another capsule hotel that was 300 yen cheaper (making it 2500). This one, however, looked smaller and was men only. We decided to give it a shot.

We go there, and of course, the first thing we do after getting in is head up to the bath/sauna area. Instead of being in the basement like most places, it’s actually on like, the 7th floor of the building. And it’s not in an enclosed room with no windows, it’s in a room with big glass windows all around. So there we were, naked, and looking out to Osaka. There was totally a building that we could see the windows of, meaning that if they had binoculars, they could def look in and see a buncha naked guys. It was just awesome tho being like, “Yup, that’s Japan, and here we are, staring at it naked!” The cool thing about going this time tho, was that we were the only ones using the bath. While I don’t mind other people, it’s really nice when it feels like you have the place to yourself. However, the other place was nicer, but the bath still felt awesome. We went into the Sauna too and stayed there for a bit. It was hot, we washed ourselves off and got in the bath again and then headed to our capsules. I forgot my ipod at home, so I was kinda sadfaced about not being able to just chill in my capsule and listen to music. Oh well. It was warm in our capsules, which is the complete opposite of what I’m used to right now. I turned on the TV and there was this one anime on. It looked like one of those shojo anime, cause it looks like this one anime my sister used to watch called “Fushigi Yuugi” (The Mysterious Play). Art looked exactly the same, and it was one girl and a buncha “hot dudes” or whatever in like, ancient China or Japan or some made up country that looks like China or Japan. Either way, I fell asleep to that after a bit. The capsules were a bit shorter than the other ones, probably because not as many foreigners go to this one.

After we woke up at about 9:30 and headed to our lockers to put our stuff in them so we could go take a bath. On the way there, I was taking the elevator down and I asked the guy coming in if he wanted the first floor. He was then like “Oh, you speak SUCH good Japanese!” and then asked me if I was just visiting for New Years. I told him that I was a teacher and I lived in Hyogo-ken. He was like “I’m from Hyogo-ken!” and told me he was born in Nishinomiya, which is a city I pass by every time I take the train from Ono to Osaka. He then gave me his business card. After that, we headed to the bath, took a quick dip and then headed out.

I wanted to go back to Athena to write down the names of the teams, placers, etc, but they took the brackets down since the day before. Oh well, I ended up just playing a bunch of Blazblue until I got like, 14 wins and people stopped playing me. Sometime during that, around 11:15, Dan headed off to a manga café for an hour because he was gonna meet up with his cousin in Umeda at 1. I beat then game and then headed to Umeda because I was gonna play at Monte Carlo for a while before walking to Ko-hatsu for another tourney. I played some Tekken for a while and got a 9 win streak, and did pretty well overall. I’m kinda just sticking to Asuka for now because Alisa, while she’s kinda fun, is only good against scrubs when I’m using her.

After Tekken, I played some MvC2 because some guy was playing it. We were about even, so we went about even, and after losing like, 4 times I went over to play Blazblue. I saw Dan sitting there, and he told me his cousin didn’t show, so he was just playing the BB. I played this Litchi player, and he ended up being really good. I hate Litchi because of her stupid hitbox, things that SHOULD work don’t for no real good reason. I went about even with him for quite a while, but I feel like I had to work really hard to get those W’s. Then a Ragna player came. I beat him once, and then he beat me 3 times in a row with EXTREME Ragna turtling (as expected). I beat him after that, and then beat a buncha scrubs. By that time, it was 3:20 already, so we headed over to Ko-hatsu for the BB tourney.

If you checked the same post, I posted about the tourney there. I got 3rd place, losing to the same Rachel that was on the winning team the day before. He’s really good tho and he outplayed me. I’m still doing really well in BB consistently, so I have no complaints.

After that, me and Dan rushed back to Ono because it was a surprise party for Bill (yourmother on SRK for those reading), who just came back! We got there, and only Rai was there. We kinda came in and were just like “umm…SURPRISE!” It was cool, Sarah, her husband Jesse, and their daughter also came. We just chilled for a while, and then we played a bunch of TvC. I used a lot of Saki/Jun. Saki is too fun. I had 2 cans of these girly fruit alcoholic drinks, and since I’m a lightweight I got a little buzzed. It was cool because it didn’t hinder my ability to play games at all, and it was really fun. After a while, we watched this one really bad movie about a Filipino midget secret agent. 1AM rolled around pretty quickly, and me and Dan headed back to my apt. I stayed up for a few hours just being warm under the kotatsu and went to bed around 3:30am. Monday is a holiday, so I didn’t have work, obviously, or I wouldn’t be up until 3:30AM.

I woke up at about 10:30 AM, and went on the computer for about an hour before I was too hungry and went to the convenience store to get food. I picked up some fried chicken of various sorts for me and Dan. I headed back and we ate that. We relaxed for a while, till about 4PM when Maria and Bill came over. We all went over to the Ramen place, had a buncha food, and then we headed back to Maria and Bills place. We watched a buncha funny vids and played more TvC. Bill was doing a lot better and was getting matches off of me. I ended up switching back to Saki/Chun, which works way better for me. After a while of just hanging out and talking and stuff, we played a few more matches of TvC and then me and Dan headed back home. It was about 10PM when we got back home. I stayed under the kotatsu until about 11. I took a shower, and decided I would try to heat my house a bit. I turned on my heater, and while I was doing that, the power went out. Thankfully, the shower wasn’t affected, so after I finished, I flipped the breaker switches and stuff, but it was still kind of annoying. It pretty much means that I can’t use my heater. I’m destined to freeze.

Anyways, Dan has an interview today, so hopefully he’ll got a job and can continue to stay in Japan, but either way, he leaves on Monday back to Sweden, and even if he comes back for his Job, he’s not staying with me, so I’m gonna end up living alone, again, which will def be different. I’ll definitely be more lazy, as Dan is the one who makes me actually get up and leave my apt every once in a while.

Thursday/Friday I have a meeting in Kobe, meaning that I’m gonna play games all Thursday night and stay overnight in Kobe at a manga café or something. I’ll probably head back home Friday night or stay out all night and bring an extra change of clothes for the weekend. I haven’t decided yet. It should be fun, though. I just wanna play some games and stuff, so even if the meetings suck, I can go play games afterwards. :D

Thanks for reading! A lot of people left comments about the maid café! Thanks for reading and leave comments for this one, too! <3<3<3

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL - Season 2 Episode 1 - New Years and the Maid Cafe

First blog post of what happened in 2009!

Ok, last I left off, it was Wed Night, right before New Years. At Midnite, me and Dan toasted some sparkling apple juice in these wine glasses that I had from my predecessor. After that, we went out to the bridge near my house and lit 3 bottle rockets. Since it was so quiet, they were really loud. After that, we went to the temple near my house, and we rang the big bell that was there (you could hear it from pretty far away), and then threw like, 10 yen into the donation area, and rang the bells that were there. They had a pretty cool sound, too. It was a pretty traditional Japanese New Years at the temple. After that, we went on the roof of this one tall building and we were able to see a decent amount of the city. It was cool, but we got cold so we headed back after that. Stayed up till like, 3am and then went to bed, getting ready for the Den.

Thursday was New Years Day. We decided to head to the den so we could not only spend 3 days there, but so we could get back and have a day off before the week starts again. Most stores were closed on New Years, but we figured that arcades would be open. We went to Monte Carlo and got there around 3ish. Pretty much, we just played there until like, 8:30. I played some Blazblue and got a streak and nobody was really playing after that. I played Arcana for a while against Scrub Fiona guy who’s always there and Plaid Jacket Man. I was doing ok. Can’t say I was doing great, but it wasn’t the worst playing of my life.

After that, we walked about 50 minutes to Shinsaibashi and went to this place called “Round 1”. What you do is pay for 3 hours of freeplay. In those 3 hours, you can play arcade games set on freeplay, darts, karaoke, ping pong, etc. So me and Dan played a buncha free arcade games, and then played a buncha ping pong. He pretty much owned me. I won maybe like, 3 games out of about 15. It was mad fun, though.

After that we went to our usual manga café. We got there too late to get flat rooms, so we ended up with reclining chairs. The thing is, I had a problem trying to sleep on them (keep in mind, I sleep on my side/front, not on my back), so I ended up just sleeping on the floor of that. There were no blankets either, so that made it even harder to deal with. After maybe 4-5 hours of sleep, it was time to get up and go. We got up and headed over to Athena and played some games. I played a bit of Fate Unlimited Codes and failed at combos for a while. Then me and Dan played some Blazblue.

11AM rolls around, so me and Dan go shopping the Den. It’s the first day for new Comiket 75 stuff, so we expected the Den to be packed. We went to Sofmap, did our stuff. Eventually we went to the Toranoano store around 11:30. It’s a doujinshi store. They had the super rare Touhou plushies that are normally like, 300% of their retail price (Sakuya and Remilia). So Dan bought the one he was looking for for 3000 yen, and I bought one of each for 3000 yen. After that, we went up to the doujinshi comics floor and it was PACKED. There was a line around the store to pay, and everything was super busy. We didn’t buy anything, so we just left. We walked around the Den some more, I picked up my missing gamecube cords (so now I can play it!), and I picked up a Tanaka Reina towel at the morning musume store. Dunno what I’ll use it for yet, but I’ll figure that out later.

After heading BACK to Athena after fully shopping around the Den, I ended up getting about a 15 win streak in BB when Brett, a guy that I knew from when I studied abroad at Kansai Gaidai (met up with him and Alex in the den often) called me. He’s doing another study abroad in Japan at the same place, so he was in Osaka before he headed over there. I had to purposely lose in order to go. We met up with Bret and then went to get some Wendy’s. After that, we headed to Athena and played for a while. I got another like, 18 win streak before I finally lost. At that time, it was getting late, so we headed over to a Chinese restaurant and got some more food. We hung out there for a while, and then it was getting late, so we decided to head out while Brett headed back to his hotel.

Dan and I decided to change things up for once and we went to sleep at a Capsule Hotel. It was 2800 yen for the night, and we could stay there till 10AM. So we got there, went to the bath and sauna area, relaxed, sat in our capsules watching TV, reading manga, listening to music, playing psp etc. It was super comfortable and I got great sleep. Went to sleep around 1 and woke up around 9:30 to the alarm. We got up, quickly showered again and headed out at 10. We went back to Athena and played there. Brett was gonna meet us at noon, but he ended up having hotel issues. I got about a 13 winstreak in BB before losing to Tager after like, 4 matches against him. Finally, Brett was able to meet up and so we went around the Den again, as he had not yet been to the doujinshi stores. He spent a buncha money on doujins and stuff, while me and Dan didn’t really buy much. Tho it’s his first weekend back, and I know I spent a bunch on my first weekend back.

After we finished with the Den, since I had never been to a maid café before, we went to a maid café called COcha (the cha was in Japanese, while CO was in English). We get there and a girl dressed up like a shrine maiden says to us (jp) “Welcome back, Master! Happy New Year!” etc. And then she was like (eng) “Do you speak Japanese?” and we were like “yea”. So we waited a bit and then little shrine maiden girl finally set up a table for us. The drinks were generic things like coffee, cocoa, etc for really expensive. Then, we saw that they had SOS Dan drinks, and called the drinks Haruhi, Mikuru, Nagato etc. So being curious, Brett ordered a Mikuru (thanks to the maid recommendation) and I ordered a Haruhi. Dan was boring and ordered a cocoa. We get our very expensive drinks and after the girl gives me my Haruhi, she looks at me and yells to me (jp) “I have no interest in normal people!” It was pretty funny. Then she gives Brett the Mikuru and does a “Mi-mi-MIKURU BEEEMU!” to him. Dan got nothing for his cocoa. We just talked and chilled, watching the maids. Some other people got fancy drinks, too and they got Haruhi’d and stuff.
The entire time, there was this one SUPER nerdy dude, who obviously had no interaction with any female before in his life was there and was all super nervous and stuff whenever the maids talked to him. It was pretty funny. He even paid the 800 yen and got a picture with them. It’s just funny that he actually went there alone just to like, interact with the maids working there and stuff.
After we finished, we rang the bell and paid for our food and left. Shrine maiden girl took care of us, and as we were leaving, she stepped outside and was like “Sayonara! Goodbye! Have a nice day! See you!” We were like “lolz”.

After that, we went Karaoke and sung a crap ton of Japanese songs. It was pretty fun. We got hungry again after that and went to the Chinese restaurant again. We stayed there for a while and took our time eating. We went to Namba Hills after that and just played a buncha random games. I even played a buncha 3S, lol. After that, we had to head back home, so we parted ways there.

After getting back home, we just relaxed for the rest of the night. Then on Sunday we didn’t do anything.

Monday, I got off work early again, we went to the Ramen place, met up with Maria and hung out for a while. Tuesday at night, we headed over to the sentou. This time, there was an old drunk dude there who kept talking to me. It was kind of annoying because I was trying to enjoy my bath peacefully, but he kept being pretty aggressive about talking to me. The thing is, it’s not like it was good Japanese practice, it was old man speak, which I already don’t understand at all, combined with him being drunk, so he was talking mad fast and mad slurred. I pretty much didn’t understand a word he said. Plus he was all over the place with what he was talking about. One day, he’s talking about the girl from Ono who went to the Olympics, next he’s talking about being number one or something. It was mad random. We kinda left early and headed out of there ASAP. Wed, we went to the ramen place again and relaxed the rest of the day. Pretty much, a lot of sitting at home in the one warm room of my apt and playing video games/watching youtube videos and whatever.

3 day weekend this week, playing many video games are on the agenda. Talk to you guys later. LEAVE COMMENTS!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL EP 26 SEASON FINALE - The Blazblue Tournament

Hey everyone. It’s been a while since I updated. Last I left off, I was on my last week of school or something before break. Most of the students were on break from “school” but still had to come due to club activities and the like. Not much of a vacation at all if you ask me, but whatever. So because students were not there in full force and since there was no REAL reason for me to be at work aside from just for the sake of being there, I went home early on Wed Thurs and Fri. Dan got sick sometime during this, he got the flu or some sort of cold/flu thing.

Friday rolls around and I’m pretty hype for Tekken BR. Since I got out of work so early, I decide to just head out to Kobe on my own. Dan is sick, so he stays at home pretty much suffering on his own. You may think I’m a jerk for ditching him, but he said he would have felt even worse if I had to give up my weekend just to sit there and take care of him. I also didn’t want to get sick during my only full week off (without having to take vacation days). So I went to Kobe, which is about an hour and a half from me, as opposed to the two and a half hours that Osaka is. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna stay the night in Kobe or Osaka, but I figured I would play it by ear.

I get there, and I start playing Tekken at the small arcade where it’s 3/5 rounds, 2 credits for 100 yen. I play there for a few hours, doing poorly with Alisa and well with Asuka. I kept losing to Hwoarang (Korean Bob) with Alisa, but was able to win pretty convincingly with Asuka. Guess I know who I’m sticking with…

After that, I decided to head over to the other arcade, Magical Space. I played some Blazblue there for a while, getting a decent winstreak against this one Carl player, and a few others. He was really good, about my level, but would choke right when he was about to win, so I was able to come back quite a few times. After like, 15 wins or so, I headed out of there. I was kind of in the mood to play more Tekken, so I walked like, 20 minutes over to this other arcade another train stop away. They had 50 yen Tekken 3/5 rounds. When I got there, it was 2 guys playing. I played a couple games of Usagi Majhong, and then I went to play Tekken. I got into the rotation, and it remained a 3 man rotation for a while. I generally used Alisa, but I used Asuka a couple times. Whenever I used Alisa, I got 2 wins then lost, and with Asuka, both times I used her, I got 4 wins and then lost. Pretty good. I stayed there for a couple hours. At that point, it was about 9:30. I headed back to the other arcade, Magical Space. I played Blazblue once or twice, played some Melty Blood for a bit, but mostly just chilled there watching other people play for a while. Finally, it was about 11:00, so I headed over to the manga café, where I did the 10 hour deal.

The manga café went about as well as it could go, got a mat room, and comfortably slept for a good 8 hours or so. Then I headed on out to Osaka. It was about 9AM, and I wasn’t sure if anything even was OPEN if I got there at 9:30. I took the local train to Umeda, where Monte Carlo is, and got there at about 9:50. Monte was open, so I went in. Apparently it opens at 8:30, which is good to know for future reference. I hung out there playing some Tekken and Blazblue. Sadly, their tekken is 2/3 rounds for 50 yen, which is way too short, so I was tearing pretty badly about that. I went up to Blazblue and played that for a while, getting a good 15 or 16 winstreak before losing to a scrubby Ranga. I went and played some Arcana for a while also, playing that same scrubby Fiona who’s always there. At about 3:15, I decided to head to Ko-hatsu for their Blazblue tournament.
I didn’t want to pay the 200 yen train fare, so I just decided to walk there. I figured out the route and within 15-20 minutes, I was there. Only 2 guys were there, but I realized once I looked at the schedule again that 17:00 is 5PM, not 4PM. Dunno why I thought it was 4PM, but yeah, so once of the guys was Nezu, who’s apparently a Guilty Gear Robo-Ky player who uses Bang. He was doing all this crazy stuff, so I played against him to see if I could handle it. He won the first match, I won the 2nd, and then he won the third. I then watched him play, in case I had to play him in the tourney so I could beat him, as he seemed to not be holding back in these casuals.

I played some online Majhong to kill some time, and watched some casuals until finally the tourney started. 12 people total. I wrote about this on SRK, so I’ll just copy paste it here:
“There were 12 people there, including myself.The character usage looked like this:2 Noel (me, and this one other dude who plays all the time, but mashes out his combos, he uses saki in AH2 and kinda just mashed flash kicks and super, its pretty funny when he wins tho, and Im not talking like, calling someone a masher cause they're a scrub, this guy like, kinda knows what he's doing, but also mashes out his stuff, the cabinet shakes when he does supers, it's interesting to watch)3 Rachel3 Bang1 Ragna2 Tager1 Litchi0 Taokaka, Carl, Arakune, Jin(!), or Hakumen.Before the tourney, there was a Bang player with a winstreak (Nezu, as mentioned earlier), I played him a little and was able to win, but I wanted to save strats for the tourney so I didn't play until the tourney started, I just watched him play.There were 4 byes, and 8 people without byes. I didn't get a bye, and I played one of the bang players first round. I beat him pretty bad first round, and then just perfected him the 2nd round. It was pretty much a bye. My next opponent is a rachel player.Next is the Litchi player vs one of the Tager players. The Litchi wins pretty easily. The other tager player got a bye and plays the Litchi next.The next match is the mashy Noel player vs the winstreak Bang. Ill let you guys guess who won. The other Bang player got a bye, so it's a Bang Bang battle next.The last first round match was the Ragna player vs one of the Rachels. The Rachel destroys him the first round, the Ragna player jokingly screams out something along the lines of "This bitch is too small" after his move whiffs and he loses the round. Then he goes and wins the next 2. The other Rachel player got the last bye, and plays the Ragna next.Now it's back to me again vs a Rachel player. I didn't really play all that well this match, but I got the first round. 2nd round, I sucked and let him make a small comeback on me, but third round I play a bit smarter and safer and take him out. I'm now in top 4.Next is Litchi vs Tager, similar to before, Litchi handles Tager appropriately.Winstreak Bang vs White Color Bang, White Color Bang wins the first round pretty badly, and then some crazy stuff happens and I didn't know what was going on, and then Winstreak Bang takes it. I just remember a gazillion kunai's near the end.Lastly, Ragna vs Rachel ends in Rachel's pretty convincing victory.Next, I play the Litchi player. I tell myself to play smart and safe, and i start off doing a drive string ending in 28D which gets punished right away. Then I do something else and she hits me, so I'm already down to half life. I play it cool and just decide to stay safe for the rest of the time and I was able to widdle his life down till I got some big damage in, and managed to take the first round. 2nd round, I think my safe style and pokey style screwed with the guy cause I think I beat him pretty bad the 2nd round. I'm now in finals.Last semifinal match is Rachel vs Winstreak Bang. They each win a round, and then the last round is super close and super intense, but Rachel cheeses out Bang and manages to snatch the victory.Finals is me vs Rachel. First round, Rachel plays well and beats me. 2nd round, I stick to my "play safe" theme and win, however, I got a bit careless when he was down to really low health when I was at full, and he took like, 40% off before i just hit him, thankfully. That would have been the worst comeback ever. Now it's down to the last round. I don't go for big damage stuff, I just poke him and do some critical slides and 2D 28D's, and I manage to take the last round!So I won the ko-hatsu tourney. Truthfully, I'm glad I didn't have to play the Bang player, because he played Bang so friggin weird that it would have prolly just got me on stuff I don't know how to beat yet. If I session against him, I'll get more used to it, but he knew his character too well, and I didn't know how to fight it well enough. However, he was really bad at blocking Noel stuff and seemed to fall for a lot of easy tricks, so I dunno how that would have went...Anyways, as a prize, i got a double sided stick poster. I wanted the Noel one, so I saw a blue one, and I was like, "Is this Noel?", and they're like "Yea!" I opened it, and it was Jin/Taokaka. I was like, whateva, s'all good. So for my picture for the website (isn't up yet), I just held the Taokaka side of the poster, even tho I don't use her. BTW I'm pretty sure the vids were recorded, so hopefully you'll get to see me playing, yay!All in all a good day. :D “

As a followup, if you check, you’ll see my picture on there holding that Taokaka poster. They also have links to the video’s on the right. For the lazy, here they are again:
Semifinals -
Me (Noel) vs Nitori (Litchi)-
Tsukasa (Rachel) vs Nezu (Bang) -

Grand Finals: Me (Noel) vs Tsukasa (Rachel)

Right as the tourney finished, Toshi shows up, it’s about 5:30 or so at this point. Maybe 5:45. We head back to Umeda to get some food and to go to monte to play some games. We play for a while, until about 10:00ish. We walk over to Denden from there, just chatting and such along the way. It takes about an hour to get there, so it’s 11:00 or so at this point, and Toshi has to head off. I go to the AXE tower and play some Tekken there until about midnight. I head to the manga café after that, and get an 8 hour mat room. Same as usual, get up with not enough sleep.

It’s about 8AM by the time I get out of there, so I head over to the AXE tower, since it’s open for some reason. I hang out there until about 8:45 or so. Afterwards, I head to the Taito station. They have free morning service for majhong, so the first credit of the day for their majhong machines are free. I head there and play two credits, the free one, and my own. After that, I go to Athena. I check out the prize machines, and they have an Arcana Suggoi Heart pillow in one of them. It takes about 3500 yen, but I finally win it (about what I was expecting to pay). It’s pretty awesome, so I’m glad it wasn’t more than that. They had an Akane one also, (Speedy McLongLegs as we call her), but I didn’t think it was worth it to get it. I head up and play some Blazblue, Tekken, Arcana for a while, at least until things open in the den around 11. Once things open, I walk around and begin to shop the Den. I end up picking up a gamecube also, because Dan’s Japanese Wii won’t read gamecube games, so I figured I could invest 1600 yen into a new cube + controller.

I was extremely tired after walking around the den, so instead of playing more games, I just decide to head back home. Plus the gamecube is a bit heavy and carrying it is no fun. I nap on the train and get home around 4 or 5ish. Dan is still a bit sick, but getting better since Friday/Sat, which were his worst days apparently.

Mon Tues Wed were literally spent at home relaxing the whole day. I went out a couple of times to the sentou (public bath) and to Saty and stuff, but for the most part, we just stayed at home relaxing and playing games.

I’ll update the following weekend later, but that should be good for now.