Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Second Season - SRK Kansai Japan meetup

Hey guys, back to updating the blog.

Last Tuesday night was when I left off. Bill and Maria came over, and then we got some Ramen, and then we played SFIV for a while. I changed my game room so that it’s ALL Morning Musume stuff. The wall of cuteness covers the entire wall now, and I added a few posters that were in my room, but moved to the other room. It’s now got a theme, heh…So yeah, we all played SFIV a bunch, that game is so addicting, as I keep saying. After they left, I just played online and went to bed. Wednesday, I was suffering from something known in Japan as “すいみん不足” (lack of sleep). I went shopping for some stuff after work, picked up a small fire extinguisher (after realizing I didn’t have one for 7 months), a new little floor chair for my game room, and a small digital alarm clock because my non-digital one randomly doesn’t work, so I decided not to chance it. After that, I got a custard cream Taiyaki (search it up on google if you don’t know what it is), and it was awesome. I went home, ate my convenience store meal, played about 3 matches of SFIV online and then decided I was tired. Around 7PM I took a nap, and pretty much stayed asleep until 7AM when I had to get up for work. Thursday, I went to work, came home, got another Taiyaki after work, and then just played SFIV until I went to bed. Friday, went to work, went back home and stopped by Bill and Maria’s place. We played some GG, and then after that, I headed home and, as you can guess, played SFIV until I fell asleep pretty much.

Saturday, I got up at around 9:30. I played some SFIV online for a bit, went on the internet, and got ready to go. At about 11:50, I set off for Kyoto for an SRK Japan gathering. I bought the new Buono 2 album on Itunes (only 9 bucks, as opposed to the 3000 yen it costs in stores…) I listened to that album on the way there on the first train. I switched it up a bit, but ultimately, went back to the Buono album on the way there. 3 LONG hours after I left, I finally got to Kyoto. It felt like it took forever. I walked out of the station and I called up Jeff (Azrael) and had him meet me outside the station. We met up, and walked around this one book store for a while waiting for people to show. Everyone said that they would try to get there around 3, but nobody ended up showing (after me) until like, 4. Andrew (Reno) showed up around 4, and we went and got some snacks and soda and whatnot. We walked back to Jeff’s place, and right then, John (AdverseSolutions) calls and says he’s at the station. We drop our stuff off and go meet up with him. We wait around for like, 10 more minutes and Eddy (Kunai) shows up. We all head back to Jeff’s place after that.

We got there, and met his wife, Miki, who was really nice. She was amazed at everyone’s joysticks and stuff. John baked us some brownies, and they were really good. We then pretty much got down to business. As you know, I use Sakura, Reno used mainly Honda, Adverse used Dictator, Kunai used Viper, and Az used mainly Chun, but messed around with other characters (so we could get wins every once in a while). We just took turns playing, and it was a lot of fun. We all went about even except when Az played Chun, in which case, we got wrecked. I think he got about 20 wins before he switched characters so we could play each other. It was awesome playing someone who was that good with Chun. We just sat there and joked around, played, talked, whateva. It was a lotta fun. We then ordered some Pizza Hut Pizza. I got a 2 cheese with stuffed crust, and everyone got a variety of whatever. Everyone ate a buncha food and it was just overall really good. It’s been a long time since I’ve had decent pizza. It obviously wasn’t AS good as American Pizza hut, but living in Japan, I’ll take it.

After that, we played until about 11:00 and then we headed back to Namba. We took the train back and talked about whatever. We ended up catching the last subway train to Namba, and got there around 12:20. Andrew left at Umeda, and John took the train 2 stops past Namba, so it was only me and Eddy. As we were walking to the manga café, we saw a sign for a Chun-Li bar, or café or something. The sign had a Japanese girl cosplaying as Chun-Li, so I could only assume that going inside would be similar. It was pretty funny though, seeing that. I even said that if I had my camera I would have taken a pic, and if me and Eddy weren’t so tired, we might have gone. We got to the manga café around 12:30 and there was only one mat room left. I gave it to Eddy, and I got a reclining chair room. We just chilled drinking free drinks and eating ice cream for a bit, Eddy got a shower room, and I headed back to my room and relaxed a bit before going to sleep. I couldn’t get comfortable in the chair, and I couldn’t find a comfortable position on the floor, so it wasn’t that great. At about 6AM (2 hours before I had to wake up), I got an idea to use my big fuzzy hoodie as a pillow, and use the blanket as a blanket, and it ended up being comfortable enough for me to get decent sleep. However, I only got about 2 hours of the decent sleep. Oh well. I got up, made myself presentable, had some more OJ before brushing my teeth and then headed out.

Me and Eddy went to the Tsutaya for a bit, I read the new Tougeki magazine that has C.Viper listed as S tier (lol) and had results of a 6 man AH2 round robin, etc. Interesting stuff. We headed out of there and walked on over to put Eddy’s stuff in a coin locker. Once we did that, it was just about 9AM, we went over to Taito station for a bit. Eddy played SFIV for a bit against the computer, since nobody was actually playing, haha. I played against the computer in Blazblue for combo practice, since it’s been a while. After that, we went over to Sega Avion and we ended up playing this hilarious fighting game called “Asura Buster”. Eddy did random select and got a character whose name was “Goat”. WTF. Anyways, he played the computer for a while, and got to this blob thing which almost killed him, so I jumped in and played him. I picked this loli girl with a skeleton named Alice. She’s super turtley and very good at keep-away. I just threw bombs, and used my skeleton to attack from far away. It was super cheap, but kinda fun. I won the loltastic match, and then played the computer. I ended up beating the game (almost lost), and yeah…I watched SFIV for a bit and then headed off to Athena. I played Blazblue and got a 33 win streak. Most of it was against this one Jin player, some were against this beginner Rachel, and then a couple of other random people. After like, 20 matches, the Jin player barely squeezes in a win. After that, I was getting tired (lack of sleep) and I had to pee, so I went to the bathroom and got a coke. I played a bit of Arcana 2 against that one SBO Saki player who plays in Osaka. He beat my Petra 2x, and then my Lilica once before I beat him with Lilica. Plaid Jacket Man was there, too, but everyone left. I was playing the computer for a bit when John showed up out of nowhere. He said that the shooters that used to be at Athena are all gone now. I let my game go and we left Athena.

We were gonna head to Avion, but since he’s an expert at Shmups, I needed his help finding some games that a friend wanted me to buy for him. He looked at the list and said that I prolly wouldn’t be able to find any of them for those prices. I ended up not being able to, but we checked Sofmap anyways. We headed to Avion after that, and Eddy was still there playing SFIV. John played Mushihime-sama futari or something like that, and I mostly watched. I made the mistake of playing Tekken, since I really don’t like BR now. I stopped after 2 games. John headed out to some event or something, and Eddy was still playing SFIV. I watched that for a bit and at about 3PM I headed out. I walked around the Den looking for the games, but I still couldn’t find them for cheap. I went to the morning musume store and picked up a few pics. After I got done walking around the Den, I headed back to Athena. I THOUGHT that there was a ranking battle at Athena at 5, but when I got there, not too many people were playing. A few new guys were playing, so I played them, and got like, 25 wins. This one tager player was giving me a bit of trouble, but never actually won a match. He went over to the other machine and got a winstreak there. Finally, this one Jin player comes and actually puts up a really good fight. After a few tries he ends my winstreak. I play again and get a 5 winstreak before he wins again. Then I play one more time, and get 4 wins before he switches to Nu. I beat him one game, and then as I was about to win the next match, I mess up and he wins. Oh well. I headed out after that.

Ok, short story time:
There’s a sports store called “Grasshopper” right next to Athena. When I first got to Japan, I needed new shoes, so I went there and got some. The attendant was this guy who’s prolly in high school, or just started college. I had to get his help to get some size 28 shoes (about size 10 back home, since apparently that’s big here). I got the shoes and I went on my merry way. That same day, I was like “yo, I need a new bag” so I went back to that place and got one of those sturdy sports bags. He helped me pick that out, to. The thing is, when I went there and was getting stuff, he was all “Oh, where are you from, are you a student? How long are you gonna be here? Etc” It’s not that I mind these questions cause he was just being friendly, but I do somewhat enjoy my anonymosity. So this guy is now buddy-buddy with me, or something like that. Also, this store isn’t like a store where you have to open the door to walk into, it’s an open front, so just walking by it, you’re already a bit “in the store” already. So since I go to Athena just about every week, I pass by this store just about everytime I go there (during business hours at least). The thing is, EVERY FRIGGIN TIME I pass by, that dude is working there. Like, I’ll just walk by the store, and he’ll be there, and he’ll see me and do the “Hey, what’s up buddy!?” head nod thing. I don’t know why, but I HATE that sort of thing. Its not like I’m even going in the store, I’m just walking by with no intentions of going in. And that dude is ALWAYS there. Whenever that store is open, any day I go there, that dude is there. Every Saturday and Sunday, that dude, that store, inside. Sometimes he’s outside and like, I literally have to walk right by him.

And Dan needed a bag, too, so even tho I hate the confrontation, I figured that place would have the best price for a bag, and a good selection, since I got mine there.

So in order to avoid this painful painful confrontation, I’ve taken a number of methods:
1) Walk around the back alley and then overshoot Athena and Grasshopper, and then walk to Athena from the other side.
2) Walk by really fast
3) Wear my hood up while walking (so my face can’t be seen from the side)
4) Have someone else walk on that side in front of me, preferably a tall swede, tho that hasn’t been working so well recently.
5) A combination of 2, 3, and 4.

So I’ve obviously put a lot of thought into this.
Anyways, the reason for that story is this. After I was done with Athena, I walked by the store. I looked in, and I did NOT see that guy there. I was like “Oh my god, maybe the impossible happened and that guy isn’t here!” Then I looked and I saw that they had like, a super super sale. So with me and my love of track suits (wearing them to work instead of work clothes is so much more awesome, I can’t even believe it, that and they’re super comfortable, and in fashion, and I can just wear them around the house or whatever. They’re essentially all-purpose clothes to me), I saw the sale. They had a Reebock brand name jacket, normally 7300 yen marked down to 2000 yen, and the matching pants marked down from 6300 to 2000 yen. So as I’m looking through these deciding which color to get, some other guy working there comes up to me, and in English, tells me I can try them on in the back. I’m like “thanks”. He then asks me “Oh, where are you from, are you a student? How long are you gonna be here? Etc” I talk for a bit and then I continue browsing until I find the one I’m gonna pick up. Just then, I see the dude there. The “always there” dude. My obvious new BFF. He smiles and waves, and I’m like “Joy of all joys.” So I pay for the stuff. They didn’t have any Jackets in L’s, but they had L size pants, so I got L pants, and an M jacket (both M and L sized Jackets are fine, actually, but I need L size pants so I don’t look like I grew out of my clothes, lol). The dude was all concerned at the register like “They’re different sizes!” I’m like “I know, my legs are long, it’s cool.”

So now, instead of just one BFF there, I now have TWO BFFs. So even if the one dude is busy, if the other dude isn’t, I now have to deal with the stupid confrontation that I hate. I don’t know why I hate it, I just do. It’s like in high school, when you pass by someone you “kinda” know in the hall that you met like, once, and you say “sup” and that’s about it…for 8 months…ugh…

But yeah, at least I got a 14500 yen tracksuit for only 4000 yen, that’s a pretty sweet deal.

So after that whole ordeal, I decide to get some food. I was gonna go to subway, but then I saw the Matsuya across the street and just decided to get a beef bowl. I walked back to the station, and headed out. I listened to Buono and Morning Musume on the way back, played a bit of DS majhong and then I was already back in Ono. That went by pretty fast, I napped a bit, and listening to Buono made the normally long train ride go by somewhat quickly compared to how long it felt GOING this weekend.

I get to Ono, and it’s raining, so I walk to my bike, and bike back home. This seems to happen a lot, and it’s kind of annoying. A cold Sunday night, and it’s now wet, too. Awesome. On the way home, of course, I get a bit wet, and change into my pajamas and go on the internet for a bit.

Today-Wednesday is finals for the students, so they all get out early, meaning I can leave early, too, which is pretty sweet. This is a busy time for all the students, and they have to put in way more work to study hard, but yeah…I do LESS work than normal (which is pretty hard to imagine, haha) and I can go home earlier, too. Pretty sweet. For the rest of the week, I don’t really have any plans. I’ll prolly just play SFIV a bunch and relax. Maybe I’ll vacuum my apt since it’s been a while.

BTW for those who haven't seen, here's the vids from the ko-hatsu tourney from last week: vid 1 (semifinals) vid 2 (semifinals) vid 3 (grand finals)

And here's the "tourney-winner" pic:

But yeah, hope you enjoyed this week’s blog! Leave comments!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL season 2 - dual BB tournies

yone, last I left off was last week. Thursday I picked up SFIV and pretty much went home and played it until 1AM. I went to bed still wearing the same clothes that I wore that day. Friday, I went to work, came home, played SFIV a bit, then Bill and Maria came over. We played a bunch that night and then they headed out at about 9:30 or so. I stayed up till like, 3AM playing online and stuff. That game is too addicting online. I was doing ok, but when I got really tired, I was making too many mistakes. Still really fun tho, and I’m loving Sakura.

Saturday, I slept till like, noon. Played online a bit and decided to head out to the Ko-hatsu tourney. I left at around 2:30. I got to Ono station in time for the 2:50 train. I took the train all the way to Umeda. On the way there, I saw a dude wearing a baseball cap that said “Bathing Ape” Don’t really know the significance, but yeah…bathing ape…I got to Umeda finally, and it was around 4:40. I was cutting it pretty close, since the tourney starts at 5. I walked part of the way there, and realized I only had about 10 minutes to do a 15 minute walk. I ended up powerwalking/jogging a bit to get there. Since I was carrying my bag, and had all my stuff in my pockets, it was kind of a hassle. I managed to get there on time tho, just as he was writing the brackets. I signed up and got in the tourney. There were 10 or 11 people there.

My first round match was against the guy who works there/was running the tourney. He used to play Tager but switched to Nu. He got 2nd place last tournament. I played him and I won 2 rounds in a row. Next, I played a Litchi player who was pretty good. First round, he got me down to like, 10% and post burst, but I managed to come back and beat him with a clutch combo at the end. Second round, he beats me, and third round, I poke him to death and just play safe and I was able to take it, thankfully. Next, I play Tsukasa. I’ll let the vids come out so you can see how the match went. After that, I played Rakki (Lucky aka Tall Litchi Man) in the finals. Again, ill wait for vids, but I managed to win the match! I just won my 2nd Ko-hatsu tourney! I pretty much beat anyone else in that tourney who was really good, so I felt like I really deserved it. I got my picture taken and then played some casuals. After a bit, I headed over to Monte to play.

At Monte, there was this one Carl player there, so I played him. I won the first two. He then proceeded to win 11 in a row, most of them barely (almost all came down to the last round, but he got it every time), and most of them being the whole “hit you once, and you get looped until you die, or get thrown in infinite blockstun till you lose” type thing. I was playing pretty bad tho, doing a buncha unsafe stuff I never really do out of desperation. After that, I stepped it up and I won 3 in a row against him before he stopped playing. A scrubby Tager played me, and I wasn’t in the mood to play, so I let him win and went to play Arcana 2 upstairs.
It was about 7:30 at this point, and I proceeded to play Arcana against this one Elsa player until about 11:15. He left after that and I beat the game and left around 11:30. He wasn’t too bad, but I usually got 3-4 wins in a row before he got one. Most of the time I used Petra, but I also used Lilica a few times. After that, I headed outta there and took the train to Namba.

On the way to Namba, I saw another group of loud gaijin. Not sure if I wrote about it, but there was a loud group of gaijin a few weeks back, with open bottles of liquor, being REALLY loud and obnoxious. This time, there was another group, but surprisingly, they weren’t that loud. I expected a group of party-goers (which they obviously were) to be much louder and far more obnoxious than they were, but we were in the same train car, and I couldn’t even hear them, much less be bothered by them. I was actually a bit surprised.

After getting to Namba, I stayed at the cheap 8 hour manga café for 1200 yen, and got a mat room there. I got there at about 12:15, so I had until 8:15AM. I stayed up talking on IRC a bit, and then I went to sleep. Woke up at about 7:30 (ugh) and then headed out at around 8:10. Since there’s not much to do in Namba before 11, I did a buncha different things to kill time.

First, I went to the Axe tower, the small arcade that opens at 8AM. I played a bit of tekken, and some Strip Majhong, but again, I couldn’t pull off the win, so I didn’t get to see Rina strip down all the way this time. I did win one hand, so she flashed me her panties, and I couldn’t tell if she was mad or happy about that. Whatever. I left there and headed to Namba Hills. I watched Tekken for a bit, and played a credit of Arcana Heart 2 arcade mode just to kill time. I even played a game of Aquarian Age Alternative just for the fun of it, but the computer, even on the hardest difficulty, was way too easy. I went to Athena and saw that they upgraded their Arcana 1 vanilla board to Arcana Heart: Full. Why? I dunno, but it’s cool. I played as Time Lilica and beat the game. It took a while, but it was fun and pretty nostalgic. Next to me, two random guys were playing, and on my side, on the AH2 machine next to AHF, the dude was using Petra. After he beat his friend, he left the game. I was almost done with the AHF arcade mode, so I was taking turns playing the other game (making sure Petra didn’t die) and my game (making sure Lilica didn’t die). Once I beat AHF, I played AH2 for a bit and had some fun with that. I went downstairs after that, and people were playing the UFO machines.

I dunno about you guys, but I LOVE watching people play them. It’s interesting watching them pump money into machines where winning the prizes seem pretty impossibl.e. One guy put a buncha money into winning this one figure, and couldn’t get the very very end, so the attendant fixed it for him a bit and made it POSSIBLE. It took a lot of money though, it seems. He played a few more claw machines, but didn’t win anything. Another dude was trying this one where you have to get the figure down by using the claw to pull a ring off of a pole. It’s pretty much impossible, as the claw has NO strength whatsoever. It’s still fun watching them try, and then fail. I’ve never seen ANYONE win at that ufo catcher.

It was past 11 at that point, so I decided to walk around the Den. Since I heard reports that SFIV is sold out everywhere, I wanted to either confirm it or prove the rumor wrong. I went to every single video game store in Denden and every single one of them had a buncha copies for both PS3 and 360. So yeah, no lie, it’s not sold out, or even close to it. On the other side of the den from Athena, I went to SCOT. I saw that they had the arcane mugs, so I gave it another shot (cause if I could get more prizes for the tourney, it would be cool), but I didn’t get it in 2 credits, so I just let it go. As usual, I went to the Morning Musume store.

At the MM store, I got a buncha stuff. He had a new photo of Aika, so I picked it up for 100 yen. He had 2 different A4 sized mini-posters of her for 300 yen each, so I got one of each. I got a Morning Musume Shabondama keychain for 50 yen, Morning Musume Shabondama magnets for 50 yen, Morning Musume Shabondama the first press single for 50 yen (still sealed and included 15 trading cards, one for each girl), and the Ai Araba IT’S ALL RIGHT single for 50 yen (first press, included a mini-photo book). So all in all, 900 yen for a buncha stuff. I walked around Denden some more. I saw some toddler walking around denden, too, and her mom was videotaping her walking around the den. It was an interesting place for such a young girl to be…and for her parents to be videotaping it, nonetheless.
After I finished walking around, I went back to Athena. A Noel player was there with an 11 win streak. I went to play him, but accidently picked Ragna, so I just gave up the game. The Litchi player from my first day of playing BB was there, and was losing. I played him with Noel and I won. We played a few more games, went back and forth, but I was generally winning more. A turtley Ragna player played and beat me once. I knew I was playing bad, so I waited for my turn again. At this point, there 5 Noel players on one side of the machine. Red Noel (winstreak guy from earlier) was getting another winstreak on the other machine. White Noel, Light Blue Noel, Default Noel, and I were all in line to play turtle Ragna man. They all lost, and then my turn came again. I won 3 rounds in a row this time. Revenge felt good. I played a few more people and got a 5 win streak before the Default Noel guy busted out his Jin and beat me 3-2 rounds. He wasn’t too bad. Nothing special, but had solid defense.

After that, I played Arcana 2 some more. I played this one Saki/Liese player who was only so-so. I beat him a buncha times before the Kira player I teamed with for that one tourney played me. He beat my Lilica, I played Petra and won 3 games in a row before he beat me again. I had to go after that, so I headed out of there.

As you may or may not know, I had a Kansai Regional Blazblue tourney to go to. Because of that small tourney I won earlier in the week, I was qualified to play in this tourney. I had a small crude map, and only station names to help me find where this place was. I got to the right station and kinda just walked in what I figured was the right direction. After about 5-10 minutes, I saw a sign that said “Game”, so I went in that direction, and sure enough, Cannon Spike (The arcade name) was there. It was a really nice arcade. It’s along the lines of A-cho, but in a far more remote area. It’s ok tho, because it means there was plenty of space. They had a bunch of different games, and they were all 50 yen for the fighters. There were a buncha people playing BB casuals. I didn’t feel like playing before the tourney, so I played some Arcana and was beasting scrubs until I let this one Mei Fang player win so I could go to the BB tourney.

For details on how it went, you can check out SRK here:

After that, I had to leave since I was like, 3 hours from home. I took the train home. On the way back, I saw the dude who works at the Barbershop in Saty. He’s the Emo dude, as I call him, because he looks really emo, has emo hair, and totally acted like he didn’t care about his job, and was super unenthusiastic. I would normally be like WTF but compared to everyone else who acts SUPER friendly (a bit too much sometimes?) he was keeping it real. We kinda exchanged glances, and did the whole “目と目が逢う” thing. (Dan should know what I’m talking about, or anyone familiar with Miku toilet scenes on Niconico should also know). It was pretty weird. I got home and went to bed at like, 11:30.

Monday, I went to work. First years are going on a ski trip tues-fri so it was only 2nd years at club. I ended up playing basketball with them, then I went home and played some SFIV and went to bed way too late (around 12:30). Today, I’m just chilling at work, and I’m gonna go get Ramen and play SFIV against Bill later on today. It should be pretty fun. For the rest of the week, I’m prolly just gonna play SFIV after work and that’s about it, haha. That game is frustrating, but addicting.

Ok, TTYL everyone. <3

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL season 2 - Spa World and Ghetto Arcades

Hey all, been a while since I updated.

Anyways, last week I don’t remember much except that I watched a lot of youtube videos and sat at home surfing the net after work. Friday I hung out with Bill/Maria and we ate some Ramen and played some games.

Saturday, having not been gaming in a week, was exciting for me. I got up early and headed out to Umeda. I got there and there was a half off sale at the sports store INGS. I bought an Adidas track suit that I’m now using at school for half price. It’s pretty slick. After that, I headed out to Monte and played Blazblue and arcane for a while. After that, there was a tourney at an arcade I’ve never been to about 15 minutes away called “Game Vegas” or whatever. I wrote down the directions in this really small notepad I have, and drew very crude maps, but I ended up getting there.

Game Vegas is this small dinky arcade in the middle of a small back alley shopping area. It’s one of those places where all the stores look like run down shacks from the hood, but there are actually legit businesses in most of them. The door was an automatic door, but it didn’t automatically open, so you had to like, force it open just to go in, with a sign saying like “If you open the door, you MUST CLOSE IT” in JP. Normally such a sign isn’t necessary, but when your automatic door loses it’s automatic feature, it becomes…a door…therefore I don’t see why people wouldn’t use the same “close the door behind you” rule, but I dunno, maybe some people need to be told. They had a few majhong machines, a couple drummania and guitar freaks machines, with one of them in the back corner. The space between the screen of the drummania machine and the wall was about 2 and a half feet, with about a foot and a half of space between when the drums end and the wall. Super cramped. The wall was also like, not all that solid. It was somewhere between decent wood and cardboard, somewhere in the middle of that. I could put my hand against the middle area, and the top area would also move, the entire cardboardwood panel would move. They also had one SFIV machine on regular cabs set back to back, with JUST arcade mode, and no connection to the server, so you couldn’t use your cards. So ghetto. Next to that was 3S, next to that was BB. They had a few more machines, like TvC, KoF98 ultimate, and of course 2 high def T6 machines. But yeah, the place was really small, and really ghetto, tho all the fighters were 50 yen a play, which is cool.

There were 6 people in the tourney, 3 scrubs, 1 guy that was ok, one arakune player, and me. I ended up playing Arakune man first round. I ended up losing because Noel can’t beat Arakune, I got a round, but yeah, couldn’t take the match. I left after that. I wandered around the area, since I really had no idea where I was, I just kinda walked around randomly until I reached a busy street, and there was a subway station there, so I just took that to Namba.

I went to Athena and went to the AH floor. Not only did they have 2 AH2 cabinets, but they had one AH vanilla cabinet. That brings me back. It wasn’t even full, haha. I picked Time Lilica, and the timing on things was a bit off so I ended up losing a few, but it was still fun, haha. I played that for a bit and ended up beating the game after beating another Lilica player (everyone was using her and doing heel kick loops, haha). At one point, all the AH players went out to eat or something, so nobody was playing AH2, but these two guys were playing AH1. I took a picture on my cell phone of it, but it didn’t come out so well. Still awesome, though.

After that, I went to the manga café and did the 10 hour deal. I slept decently, woke up and went to the small arcade where they have strip Majhong. I tried, but I lost on the first hand and was unable to see Rina and her fake anime clothes come off. I played Blazblue and tried Nu. She’s pretty boring imo, Just run away and throw knives. Not exciting to me.

I beat the game and got some donuts. At the Mr Donuts, for the 2nd time, I saw this American dude (prolly mid 40s) talking to some Japanese guy (in English of course). But like, their conversation was so stupid. It always ended up turning into something having to do with women. The dude was teaching the Japanese guy about the word “cockblock” and I’m like “omg…” After I got done with that, I headed to Athena to play. I beat the game and then went to Sofmap and looked around for a bit. I decided I didn’t feel like shopping and just wanted to play more Arcana, so I went back to Athena and played against this one Heart player for like, 3 hours straight. He used mostly Clarice and Elsa. I used mostly Petra. At one point, I had a 7 winstreak against him with Petra, and he had like, a 4 winstreak with Elsa against me. After a few hours, my head started to hurt, so I figured it was a good time to stop. I went downstairs and I was feeling a bit “off” I walked around and still wasn’t feeling 100%. I wanted to sit down somewhere, so I went to Sega Avion. Ran into C-Type there (high ranked Honda SFIV player, and plays AH2 also). I talked to him for a bit, and then headed out, since the benches they used to have there were gone. I went to a manga café nearby for an hour. I slept for about half an hour, hoping that I would feel better afterwards. I woke up, checked the internet for what kind of sickness it might be, and figured it was probably food poisoning. I must have eaten something bad. I’ll review what I ate the past day:
Saturday: 7-11 fried chicken, subway cheese roasted chicken + tuna footlong, and a donut from a convenience store.
Sunday: Donuts from Mr Donuts.
So one of those things had something bad in it I think. After the manga café, I decided it was best to skip the Athena ranbat and just go home. I went to Namba station, and stopped off at the bathroom before going on the train. I wait like, 5 minutes for one of the three stalls to open up (felt like an hour). Finally one opened up, and my already nauseousness combined with the rancid smell of some dude’s fresh dump make me puke in like, 2 seconds. It was awful. I puked twice and decided it was best to stop there, since hanging out in that smelly stall wasn’t all that fun. Thing is, after puking, I didn’t even get the “ah, I feel better” sensation, I just still felt like crap. I took the trains back home, I thankfully got a seat on all 3, and kept my head down and just napped/closed my eyes, so I wouldn’t get nauseous again. In case I did want to throw up, I had my bag that I bought my tracksuit in, so I figured I would throw up in that if I had to, tho carrying around a bag of barf would have been the weirdest thing ever, lol. I finally made it back to Ono, biked home, and just hung out in my apt for the rest of the night. I didn’t throw up again, and I slowly started to feel better by lying there and stuff. I fell asleep for the night and my alarm went off at 7AM like usual. I figured I felt good enough to go to work, so I just sucked it up and got ready for work.

Went to work, stopped off at Saty on the way back because after being sick twice, I figured it was good to have at least SOME food in the house aside from slim-jims, so I picked up some food. I also went back to the sports place and picked up a couple more cheap track suits. The fact that I can wear them to work instead of like, work clothes if I wanted to still boggles my mind, but I’m not complaining. I went out to eat with Rai afterwards, and then went back home and relaxed before falling asleep.

Tuesday, I went to work, had no classes, so I went on a field trip with the special ed class, and then did a small Q/A with them about America. It was nice, killed a lot of time and I got to see this temple in Ono that’s apparently a national treasure. Since I had some new track suits, I wore that to work and for clubs, I ended up playing basketball with the students instead of just watching like usual. It was a lot less boring that way. After that, I went back home and went out to Osaka, since Wed is a holiday, national foundation day or something, whatever that means.

I went straight to Monte Carlo after getting to Osaka. I played BB and Arcana there until about 10:45ish. In BB, I did well for the most part. This one bang player that used to be kinda bad was getting a lot better. He beat me twice in a row when we played. He played me like, 4-5 more times after that and I beat him everytime, but yeah, he definitely got better. I gave him props and he was all happy to hear that I think. Tall Litchi Man was there, Tsukasa (formerly Rachel, now Nu player) was there, too. Female Ragna was there, I played her one game and I kept iad-ing into her 6A like an idiot, and she beat me 3 rounds straight. Oh well. She turtles really hard, and I gotta be more patient. Aside from that, I beat most of the people I played against. A carl player was there, and I beat him a bunch, as well as a mediocre Ragna player. Overall though, I did really well. I played Arcana a bit, too. I got 5 wins in a row with Petra, and then lost to an Elsa player after beating him a few times. Tried again with Lilica and lost again. Played a couple games of Tekken, got owned by a really good Craig, and then played this one Brian player. I had the winning combo, and I dropped it, and he ended up raging the rest of my bar and winning the match from that. I was pretty sad about that one. I left after that and took the train to Spa World.

The train was mad packed, and I almost didn’t make it out at my stop. Some dude was trying to get on, while I was getting off, completely ignoring the fact that I was trying to leave the train, until some women like, pushed him to the side, allowing me to get off. It was pretty great, she created an opening for me by shoving another dude out of the way. I never got to say thanks, but it was really nice of that women. Before I even got to the stairs, another train rolled on by that was practically empty. I should have just waited the 60 seconds. Oh well, live and learn. I stopped by a convenience store, picked up some coffee cake and OJ, and ate that before I went into Spa World.

Spa World currently (until April) has a 1000 yen deal. 1000 yen to get in, 1000 yen to stay overnight, so for 2000 yen, I can stay there, sleep, and spa it up. I got there, and really had to go to the bathroom. I put my shoes away in the locker, put all my stuff in the locker, stripped and headed into the spa area. Like last time, men were on the Europe floor and women were on the Asia floor. Next month, it’ll switch, so I’ll make sure to hit up spa world again then. Before I got in the bath area, these showers with lukewarm water sprayed me for a bit. It sprays you enough that it’s a little warm, but right when you get out of it, you’re freezing. So I was freezing as I was walking toward the bathroom. There was a little stand that had hot water that you could pour on yourself, but it was TOO hot compared to the lukewarm water that just sprayed on me, so I couldn’t just pour it straight on yet. I walked slowly over to the toilet area shivering and finally got to the toilet. I did my duties and then walked on over to a cleaning station in a room that nobody else was in. I got washed up, soaped myself up, shampoo, conditioner, brushed my teeth, it was awesome.

After that, I decided to go in the baths. I went in the main bath in the first room, the “rome” bath. I hung out there for a bit, then went to the outdoor bath, in the “Spain” area. It’s cold and it’s night, which is also cold, so going outside made it super cold. But I got in the bath area, and it was great. They have this giant waterfall that’s like an awesome massage, and it’s nice hot water. So even though I was outside, dripping wet, it felt great. I went into the other area of the outdoor bath which has lawn chairs screwed to the floor in a nice hot hot bath. I laid there for a bit looking up at Osaka at night. I couldn’t see much obviously, it was just a dark sky with the fake half roof overhead, but it was still cool to be outside just hanging out and looking up. I went back inside to the foot bath room. They have a foot bath with like, rocks and little metal balls inside. It felt pretty good. I just watched this one comedy show for a little, but I couldn’t hear anything, so I didn’t really get what was going on. After that, I was mostly dry so I figured I would just head back. I put on the spa world shorts/shirt set and headed to the comfy chair room. I grabbed my IPOD, grabbed a blanket and found an open seat. They used to have these comfy pillows, but they got rid of them, oh well. I got this great seat in the front and center where I could see all of the TVs clearly. I watched some sports show where this pro table tennis player was teaching some talk show host or something what she does for practice. I went to sleep not too long after. 5 hours later or so, I woke up and some dude moved to the seat next to mine and was snoring pretty bad. I ended up moving seats to another spot, where the snoring was slightly less loud. I fell asleep again to my Ipod and stayed there until about 8:20. I got up, and went to the bath area again. I went to the same empty room that I was in last time to wash up. Not long after that, even tho all the other seats were empty, some 40 year old dude or something sat right next to me. As I was washing up, he was like “Oh, I’ll wash your back for you” Before I had a chance to do anything, he started washing it. It was like “umm…ok…kinda weird”. Then he sprayed it off with his water. I was like “uhh…k…” I finished cleaning up really fast after that, and went around to a few baths. I bathed for a bit and then I would see him around, and he kept on looking at me. After I got dressed and was ready to go, I saw him standing at the elevators, just standing there, NOT going in the one that’s going down (even tho he prolly pushed that button). I just took the stairs down and paid and got outta there.

After that, I walked on over to Denden, and like, 15 minutes later, I was at the Mr Donuts. I got a few donuts. The woman almost overcharged me, and then almost messed up AGAIN after I pointed it out, but she finally got it right. I ate my donuts and then since nothing else was open, I headed over to SCOT. At SCOT, they had a UFO machine with some Arcana Suggoi mugs in them. The one they had to win was a Petra one. I tried about 500 yen worth and couldn’t get it. I went upstairs, played some Fate unlimited codes, trying out Rin. I played Girls Panic 2, (youtube it if you don’t know what it is, it’s SFW). After that, I went back downstairs, and they reset the Petra mug. I tried again and after 300 yen, I actually got it! They put in a Heart Mug next. I tried a few times and after about 600 yen, I got that one! The trick was to just let them reset the mug, and when the claw picks it up and drops it, you have to hope it just falls through. I went back and played some Tekken. I beat this scrubby Anna player, and then after a buncha tries, he beat me, so I left. In the Arcana mug UFO machine, they put in the Saki mug next, so I gave that one a shot, too. It took about 1000 yen, cause it kept not falling, so I had the chick working there reset it like, 5 times. I finally got it tho.

After that, it was about 10:40 or so. That means the Morning Musume store is open! It’s right near SCOT, so I just walked the 2 minutes to the store. I spent a while there, as I was searching through a buncha photos of the Morning Musume girls. I got 5 more Mitsui Aika photos, 3 Konno Asami photos, 2 Michishige Sayumi photos, 1 Tanaka Reina photo, and 1 Ishikawa Rika photo. I also saw that they had a Buono single brand new for 200 yen, so I picked that up, since I didn’t have it. All in all, only 1200 yen. I walked over to Sofmap after that, since I rarely go to that one because it’s so far from everything else, but they didn’t have much. I walked around the Den after that. I didn’t buy anything except for the two things I bought for people I know. I went to Athena and played some Blazblue for a while. I got a 15 win streak and then beat the game. After that, it was about 3, so I got a beef bowl and walked around the Namba area for a bit. I went to the Big Tiger and was hoping they would have a 360 early SFIV, but no avail.

Afterwards, I decided to walk to Yodoyabashi station (about 45 min away), and walk through Shinsaibashi. It was suuuuuuuuper crowded, but I walked there. I got to the book-off and stopped there. They had a cheap Hori PS1 stick for only 750 yen, so I picked that up, as well as a Tanaka Reina photobook for only 500 yen. They also had a copy of Xenosaga 1 for the PS2 for 250 yen, so I got that so I could play the card game that comes with it, haha. I got to Yodoyabashi, and took the Keihan line (line I used to take from my kansai gaidai dorm to go to denden) to a stop 12 minutes away. I got out there, and walked around a bit looking for an arcade where the BB tourney is at. After like, 10 minutes, I find it. It’s called Game Space M (emu).

Like Vegas, it’s another ghetto arcade. The automatic doors are broken, with a little torn piece of paper saying to close it if you open it. The first floor is a couple music games and a buncha print club booths. There was barely any space to walk. I get to the 2nd floor. I see a few tekken cabs, some VF cabs, a few random games, and 50 yen sfIV (this one was actually connected to the network tho). I was like “Where’s BB?” Then, there was another door that a dude came out of, which looked like an employees only area. Instead, there was a small sign I saw that said that there’s a third floor as well. I went up this dirty staircase and got to the third floor. They had some majhong machines, and a few fighters. In the corner, they had one BB machine. Some dude was playing against the computer when I got there, so I played against him. My seat was in the corner against a wall. Between the edge of the arcade machine and the wall, there was maybe a foot and a half of space. The window was right there, too, and it was open and I could feel the cold air. It was pretty ghetto. I beat the guy, and played a few more games. I got a 5 win streak and signed up for the tourney. There were 6 people total. 3 Noel players, 2 Tagers, and a Jin. The brackets were, the 2 Tagers and Jin were on one side, and the 3 Noels were on the other side. Jin plays Tager, and beats him. I play random Noel guy 1, and win. Other Tager plays Jin, and wins. I play other Noel and win. Other Noel plays Jin and wins, so that guy gets 3rd and Jin gets 4th. I play Tager. I accidently burst right off the bat in the first round, and make one too many mistakes and lose the round. 2nd round, I win by a decent margin, and 3rd round, I destroy the guy. Yay, I just won the tourney.

The tourney is a qualifier for the “finals” being held in Nara on Sunday. I decided that I would go to that, and I let the guy know. I get a first place seeding for that, which is kinda cool. After that, I stopped by McDonalds, got a double quarter pounder, ate it, and headed back home, and relaxed at home for the night.

SFIV comes out today! After work, I’m gonna go pick it up and play it all night.

Here’s a pic of my stuff for the week:



Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - Commercial Break

Last week, I played TvC and Puzzle Fighter against Bill and Maria, that was pretty fun. Otherwise, I just took it easy like usual, being the lazy bum I am. I finally did laundry. Exciting, I know...
Hey, so my weekend was also pretty boring, if not downright sucky. Friday, I took a nap under the kotatsu, and I woke up, and I had a bit of a sore throat and a cough, similar to what a lot of students at school had...uh-oh...

Saturday I woke up and was gonna go to osaka if all i had was a sore throat. Thing is, I had major joint aches, fatigue, and a fever in addition to the sore throat. I ended up just not going out, and in fact, I felt kinda crappy and just kinda slept most of the day. I had those wierd sickness hallucinations, but I don't remember anything. I took medicine regularly and drank a lot of liquids, ranging from aquarius (sports drink), OJ, CC Lemon (for the Vitamin C), and water. I managed to sleep a lot tho, which is good. I took a warm bath saturday also, which felt really good.

Sunday, I woke up, and I was still really tired, and had a bit of a fever. After sleeping a bit more, I woke up and I was feeling a bit better. Wasn't fatigued, no joint aches, and fever was gone. Instead of wanting to sleep all day, I just kinda sat at home and played some 360 games online, hung out in front of the computer and just stayed warm.

It's Monday and I'm back at work. I'm feeling good enough to do my job, so it's nice that I didn't have to waste any vacation days, but I definitely am going through BB/arcade withdrawal. And it's only Monday, lol. Oh well. There's people who have it way worse, but still, being sick sucks. Hopefully the sore throat is gone soon and then I'll be totally back to normal within no time, with an immunity built up to this sore throat that's going around.

10 more days until SFIV! I'm excited!