Monday, March 23, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - DDT crazy event

Sup all. It was a long weekend, but I’ll still start from the weekdays with brief explanations:
Tuesday: Video games all night.
Wednesday: There was the ALT meeting, so we got done before 4. That night, I went with Rai and met up with this Japanese girl she works with who’s apparently gonna be a middle school English teacher next year. The thing is, her English is awful. She literally doesn’t understand anything past about 2-3 words, and she’s lucky to understand that. Like, we had to teach her the sounds of the alphabet there, and she’s gonna be TEACHING English next year? Yikes. Oh well. She was cute, though, and I think the three of us are gonna go karaoke sometime or something, but man, I feel bad for her future students. Oh well.
Thursday: Played HnK against Bill all night. I was using Rei, and he was using Raoh. We ate a large dinner at the ramen place then went back and played more HnK. It was quite entertaining. Maybe one day we’ll learn basketball combos or something, but that game is too ridiculous.
Friday: Some spring holiday or something, so no school/work. There was an “event” going on in Denden town, so I headed over there. About 10 minutes after I got on the train, I get a message from Bill asking if I’m still here and that he would come with if I was. I sadly, was already en route. I make it to Denden, and my first stop is at Athena to check out the Arcana and BB competition. Nobody is playing Arcana, but Kouji was playing Blazblue. We played like, 4 games, and he won all 4, all by like, pixels. Pretty much, my matches vs Kouji go like this:
Super throw hits – He wins
Super throw doesn’t hit – I win
So after that, I headed out to Denden area, since it was past 1 already. I meet with a friend from high school named Ahmed.

Ok, so this event at Denden was awesome. They closed off the roads, and there were just a TON of people. They were all walking around in cosplay outfits and stuff. It was absolutely ridiculous. The best way to describe it is to think of all of those pictures you see when you think of like “akihabara” and “otaku” etc in Japan, and this is the place where that came true. We walked from one end of Denden to the other and it took forever. So many people cosplaying as a ton of things. There was a lot of touhou cosplayers, a lot of final fantasy, a lot of various dating/ecchi games, occasionally something from a popular anime (DBZ/Bleach etc), and then like, random stuff like mascots you see in ads and whatnot. We met up with a group of other ALTs that Ahmed knew. A buncha white guys and one black guy. The black guy (Jonas was his name I think?) would go and pose with the cosplayers while his friends took the pic. He posed with this one guy, his friend took a picture, and then some old Japanese dude was taking a pic, and so Jonas went to leave the shot, but the Japanese guy was like “no, go back in” and then took a picture of the two of them. It was pretty funny. A few guys stopped Jonas on his own and took pictures of JUST him. No costume, nothing, just a picture of a black guy, haha. This one time, he posed with 4 touhou crossplayers, and this one random Japanese dude like, directed it, and posed them and everything. It was great. There was a concert with a buncha Japanese girls singing, and some hardcore otaku guys rocking out to it. There was also a dog cosplaying. It was wearing Chopper’s hat from One Piece. It was cute, and there was a huge crowd around it. The dog was kinda just like “???” but considering it was wearing a hat, it was well behaved. My long gone dog wouldn’t have put up with that in the slightest. Some of the ALTs even saw a couple of their students there. I think my students are way too far away to come to this event, but I dunno what I would have done if I saw my students. They were super excited to see their ALT though.

Some other stuff I saw was some really cute girls cosplaying as various things. Some Miku cosplayers were cute. There were some good looking Reimu cosplayers, and my favorite was this one girl cosplaying as Amu from Shugo Chara. Pink hair + gothic clothes is way too cute. Another funny thing about the whole thing is the guys who were taking the pictures. They all had super super decked out cameras and they were generally pretty greasy and kinda scary dudes. They didn’t have any problem with just walking up to attractive girls cosplaying as whatever and standing all close and taking their pictures. However, I like, never saw any of them get in the picture. At anime cons in the states, a lot of people sometimes pose with the cosplayers, but not really in Japan. Only like, little kids and foreigners did. Another weird thing we saw was the people who had those scary anime face masks. You know which ones I’m talking about. The ones where it’s got anime sized eyes and a tiny little mouth, and it looks like a giant doll, but it moves. It’s kinda like a really large Chucky. That stuff is straight out of nightmares.

Eventually, we met up with another group of ALTs that people with the people that my friend knew, knew (worst sentence ever). So there were like, 13 people there. We walked back to the Denden town parking lot where all these otaku had their super decked out cars. On the walk back, I was talking to one ALT and I mentioned that I live in Ono, and he said something about how he met up with someone who was staying with her ALT friend in Ono in Osaka a few days earlier. I was like “Was it Abby?” Turns out it was. Small world, meeting up with a guy who randomly met the girl that’s staying with Maria and Bill. Anyways, Bill decided to show up anyways, so I met up with Bill there and since everyone was just standing around in the parking lot not doing anything, me and Bill headed out and went to Athena. I played some AH2 against the Yoriko player that I call Nelson (because he has a giant overbite, similar to Nelson from the Simpsons). He won a couple times before I was able to sneak in a victory, then he left. I played another Clarice player and couldn’t beat him with Petra, tho I was able to win with Lilica. After a bit more playing, I went upstairs to the Blazblue section. I was tearing pretty bad because this one Taokaka player (Taoshizu) was beating me pretty hard. I was doing ok against everyone else, but that one guy was just too strong. Eventually, 6:20ish rolled around, and I had plans to meet up with Ahmed again at 6:30.

We walked to the station and met up with Ahmed. There was him, his girlfriend, 4 other foreigners and one Japanese dude. We went to this one cheap yakitori place, which had a buncha different stuff on their menu. Everything was 280 yen a plate, and they had a lot of food on each plate compared to what you would get anywhere else in this country. We ended up hanging out there and eating dinner for a while. It was mostly Me and Bill talking to Ahmed and sometimes his GF Misato (she was mostly talking to the other girls) on our end. I didn’t really talk much to the other people who I didn’t know. It was pretty fun and we got a lot of food for pretty cheap. I got like, corn, chicken + tartar sauce, fried chicken, and some meat on a stick with a cheese topping for like, a little over 1100 yen. Very good, and I was completely full afterwards.

After that, me and Bill wasted no time in heading out to Taito Station. For once, the JuBeat machines were actually open, so I played a credit of that. Usually, whenever I go there, SOMEONE is playing, and because it’s 4 songs, the wait is usually pretty long, and it’s crowded, so I took advantage of that opportunity. After that, we went up to the online games floor and Bill played a couple games of Sangokushi Taisen. He used a new deck and beat the computer twice in a row. It was fun to watch. After that, we went up to the video game floor, where they had a test version of the new Power Instinct game. Someone was already playing, and I tried it for the first time, but the dude playing obviously knew what he was doing already and didn’t take it easy at all or let up at all, and did some whack setups I’ve never seen before, obviously, and literally played to win as if it was a tourney match. For 100 yen a credit for 2/3 rounds, you think he would give a round so I could try stuff, but the dude was super intent on winning without holding back. It was kind of a douchey thing to do imo, but whatever. Bill tried once, too, and the dude was the same against him. It’s too bad because I might have had a better experience if I was actually able to try stuff in a TEST VERSION. After that, we headed out of there and went to the Sega Avion.

Bill ended up playing a few guys in TvC, and beat some scrubs at the beginning, but then some really good players showed up and were wrecking house with Ryu/Karas. I was bored, so I just played some Blazblue. It was 100 yen a credit, so I was hesitant at first, but then decided that it was worth it to sit down and just play. I got like, a 30 win streak or something against a bunch of scrubs, so it was definitely worth it. I was kinda tired, so it was nice to be able to play against scrubs and not have to think too hard and still be able to win without much effort. After Bill was done, we wanted to head out to Spa World, so I let the guy playing me win, and then we left. We walked to Spa World and got in. Still the 1000 yen deal, so it was pretty awesome.
We went to the Asia floor and started to take some baths. We got washed up and everything first, then we just kinda went in order and took various baths. The outside bath was really cool. It was cold and dark out, but the bath was so hot, and there was this one awesome small waterfall that felt really good. We just relaxed and enjoyed the warmth and relaxation of the baths. We went in the sauna for a bit, and it was really really hot, obviously. It smelled pretty good though, had that charcoalish smell. After that, we went in the cold water bath. I kinda edged my way in, and eventually I was all the way in. I stayed in that bath for a couple minutes. While I was doing that, this Japanese dude who was just in the sauna leaves and just jumps right in. I’m always too scared to do something like that, but yeah, it was pretty hardcore. We went back in the warm bath right after that, and it felt even awesomer. After that, we were done, so we got the spa clothes on, and headed down to the food/drink floor. Bill got a can of this alcoholic drink, and we just chilled there for a bit. After I got too tired, we headed to the big room where all the chairs are and stuff. There were a ton of people there, so not many open chairs. There was one open chair, that had a newspaper and a bottle of water on it, but the rules say you can’t save seats, so I took the bottle of water and the newspaper and set it to the side, put in my earplugs and went to sleep. There was another seat like that, and Bill went to go take it, but apparently the dude next to it was like, waving his finger and saying like, “no.” Obviously breaking the rules, but Bill was like, whatever, and apparently just slept on the floor. I slept well, but I just didn’t get ENOUGH sleep. If I had an extra hour or two, it would have been really good, but what can you do? I got up, washed up, went around to some baths, and found Bill (or rather, he found me). I got all groomed up and then we headed out of there around 8:45.

Saturday: We leave spa world and walk over to Mr Donuts and get a small breakfast. We head to SCOT for a bit and just play some random games. I get owned by the computer in AAA (ouch, its been a while since I played, so I gotta step my game up, haha) I see some dude playing Tekken, so I play him, but he leaves after I beat him one match. I play Gals panic again, but the computer totally cheats so I got owned on stage 2 after beating stage 1 pretty badly. I play Fate:UC, but the computer difficulty is set up so high that I lose on like, stage 1 or stage 2. It was super lame. I just wanted to try combos and stuff. Sigh.

After a while, we head out of there and walk around Denden. Bill is looking for a Seung Mina figure and an Otomedius figure. We go to all the figure stores and the game stores and stuff. We see the Otomedius figures in this one UFO machine where you have to take these little plastic pieces and drop them in a small box of water with a pole sticking up, and if they land around the pole you get a prize. But to get the good figure, you need to get a piece that’s pretty much never going to go on the pole, so it’s a lost cause. We finally find the Seung Mina figure at the Yellow Submarine. I also got my souvenier for one of my friends back home. 1 down, still like, 9-10 to go, lol. We go to Sofmap because I have to use the bathroom. I go to the bathroom, and there’s a dude already in the stall, so I wait outside. Another guy walks in, and right when the other dude leaves (right when he walked in) that dude goes in the stall. Waiting for one guy is bad enough, but having that dude cut me annoyed me. I knew there was another bathroom on the 6th floor, so I went there. However, after getting there, their stall is out of order. Argh. I go back down to the 4th floor, and someone ELSE is in there. I go back up to the 6th floor, and meet up with Bill, who buys this really really bad PS1 dungeon game or something for like, a dollar.

I go to Athena and use the bathroom there, good ole reliable Athena…

After that, we go to the curry place closeby. I get my usual Cheese Curry, and Bill gets a katsu curry or something. We again, eat in silence because it’s so good that there’s no time for talking. After that, Bill has stuff to take care of, so he heads back home. I just go to Athena and play AH2/BB. There’s a big 3v3 tourney going on that day for MBAA so they moved AH2 to the 6th floor. I play BB for a while and do pretty well. There’s this one carl player there (ebisu-san or something) and he just owned everyone really badly. I finally beat him, but that was soooo unfair, that matchup. Oh well. I get a beef bowl after that and walk around Sega Avion a bit. I don’t play anything, and I head back to Athena. I play more BB, but for some odd reason, it soon dies down, and so I play some AH2 for a while. That soon dies down too, so Athena is like, completely dead at this point, on a Saturday night at like, 9-10PM WTF. Even Tekken has nobody playing it. It was really really odd. I went back to Sega Avion. It’s the 21st, so they have a special that on the 1st, 11th, 21st and 31st, that most of their fighters become 2 credits for 100 yen. So that means TvC goes from being 100 yen, to 2 plays for 100 yen, which is awesome. I played that a bit and owned a few guys who didn’t really know what they were doing. OCVed them with Morrigan.

After that, I was about done, so I went to the 10 hour manga café and slept there. I slept pretty well thanks to my 100 yen earplugs.

Sunday: I got up, and the manga café gave me a ticket for a free UFO game at some Namco arcade in an area I’ve never been to (Namba Parks), but is in walking distance. I decide to check it out when it opens at 11. Until then, I went to Namba Hills and played some…3S? I actually won 2 games as Makoto against a random Ken and an Ibuki. The Ibuki player owned me first round, and then I realized I was Makoto and did like, a few things and got the grab, which of course leads into stun which leads into death. I lose to CPU Akuma after that. I stop by BIC camera and the McDonalds inside there and get some 100 yen nuggets for breakfast.

I walk around to that area I mention earlier, and as I’m walking past a McDonalds, some white middle aged tourist says “3 dollars for a nasty green shake?” in reference to looking at the green tea oreo mcflurry. I lol’d. I check out a book-off there, but everything is expensive. I walk to this nearby area, and it’s apparently where this big sumo tournament is. You can tell who’s a sumo because of their large demeanor and because they’re wearing these robes and have their hair in a sumo-esque fashion. In that area, there was some little boy sitting with his dad and sister, and anytime a sumo would come in, he would be like “KONNICHIWA!” to them. It was cute, and sometimes they responded, sometimes they didn’t.

After that, I went to Namba Parks. It was a big mall area with a buncha clothes and other random stuff stores. I go to the 6th floor where the game center is. It’s all UFO games, Kids games, and medal games. I play a free UFO game because of the coupon, but of course I don’t win, so it’s like “whatever”. Still a really nice arcade though. After walking around there, I wander to this nearby big electronics store. It’s similar to the other big stores like Bic Camera, etc, but they have a play area for kids that was way cooler than anything I had as a kid. It’s really cool that stores are doing things like that, cause it was just way too cool.

After that, I walk out and head to Athena. I play BB against this Bang player, go 1-1 with him. I go downstairs and play Arcana after that, and the Time Saki guy is there. I beat him badly at first, then for some reason, I kept falling for his time tricks and lost a few. I beat him with Lilica after that and he leaves, so I just play Training mode. I head back upstairs, and this one Jin player who I usually beat is there. I play him and he loses like, 9 games before he wins one. Then he plays me again, and loses like, 7 times in a row before I let him win because I have to go meet up with Ahmed again.

I walk to the station to meet up with Ahmed and Misato (his GF). We take the train to this outlet mall near Misato’s house. I haven’t been to one, but stuff is apparently really cheap there. We stop by McDonalds and get MORE nuggets, as it’s the last day of the 100 yen sale. I check it out and while stuff is cheap, I didn’t find what I wanted for cheap enough, so I didn’t buy anything. Ahmed found some shoes his size (12 US, which is like, impossible in this country to find). We ate at this bagel place, and of course, unlike the picture, the 300 yen bagel + cream cheese I buy ends up having like, no cream cheese. Such a waste, sigh…It was still decent tho, just needed more cream cheese.

After that, I head home and it takes a while. I saw some really cute girls on the train. Sometimes this country rocks, and that was one of those times. Anyways, I got home, surfed the net, then went to bed.

Monday was no classes, but the students were there for meetings and whatnot. Basketball club had like, a 2 and a half hour long practice, so I went to that and when they were just chilling and shooting casually, I grabbed a ball and started playing, too, talking to the students and whatnot (and getting paid for it, hellz yeah). At about 3, I left and had some meetings and stuff. That night, I went over to Bill and Maria’s place. It was Abby’s last night, so they were celebrating a bit. We went to Saty and had some good Japanese food. I got a roast katsudon, and a cream soda (melon soda with ice cream in it). It was good, but had 4 big things of ice in a small small glass, so I got like, only a few sips, it felt like. After that, the girls did some print club and me and bill played some medal game pachinko, and then some house of the dead 4. After that, we did a bit of shopping, and they got some food for a dinner, and everyone got some drinks. We went back to their apt and then we watched this one “odd” Japanese movie that had a drinking game in it. So we all drank. I didn’t get drunk, but I definitely got tipsy, so I was giggling a lot and stuff. Stuff is funnier when I’m tipsy I guess. Anyways, after it was over, I went back home and went to bed. Not sure what I’m gonna do this week, prolly hang out at home. First SBO qualifier is this weekend, so that’ll be the start of a new series of blog entries I suppose.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - Cheese Curry

Good day to all the fine chaps out there. Last time I updated was what, last Tuesday or something?

Anyways, graduation was Wednesday. For the first time since I started working here, I had to actually wear a suit. I know, crazy, right? Anyways, the graduation was pretty standard. Japan is diff from America, so no caps and gowns or anything, they just wear their normal uniform. All the male teachers wore a suit and a white tie. The parents had a dress code, too, it seemed because I didn’t see any parent in like, casual clothes of ANY sort. The thing starts up, we all stand and bow and whatnot. The homeroom teacher called each student by name, after which they had to yell “HAI!” as LOUD as they could. Some of the students were screaming when they said “HAI!!” The one female homeroom teacher ended up crying partway through while reading the names of her students. It took only 10 minutes before someone started crying, about what I expected. Of course, because of that, some of the students started crying, etc. Then they had a few speeches. I understood some of it, but it was boring so I started drifting off. To pass the time, I started to think of funny things, like Dan losing his balance on the train and slamming his hand against a wall to catch himself, but his hand ending up like, 5 inches in front of some Japanese girl’s face. So I’m sitting there smirking to myself, while some of the students are crying. It was great. They did more speeches, and then had the top male and female student council reps make a speech. And instead of a motivational “Yeah, that was awesome, let’s get out of here and get to high school already!” it was like, “And we’ll never ever be able to say “Hi” to each other in these halls again, and we may never see some of these people again” all while crying. And then of course, more of the students started crying from the tear-jerker speech, even some of the tough guys. After they sang the graduation song and the school anthem, they followed their homeroom teacher out of there, and I was able to see at least 2/3 of the girls crying. Some of them I couldn’t tell, and others it was obvious that they weren’t anywhere near tear status. It was short, one hour and 20 minutes. Afterwards, I had some food and helped students take down the gym. All the third years were staying outside talking to each other, and some went to say goodbye to their favorite teachers. Of course, nobody said bye to me, but seeing as how I wasn’t sad to see them go, obviously I’m not losing any sleep over it. I’m actually happy to see them get outta here cause middle school is kinda…ugh…they were getting too old for it, and need to get into HS, where they at least have a BIT more freedom.
After that, I went to basketball practice until about 4, when I had to head home. I got changed and then one of the other teachers picked me up, and we went to an Enkai (a party with the people you work with, generally involves lots of alcohol and fish.) This one involved Sashimi (fish) and much alcohol. I had about half a glass of beer (not good), and then I ordered a Chu-hi, which is like, a lemon flavored alcoholic girly drink. I just had coke after that. Everyone had to do a speech of some sort for graduation. I had to do a 30 second one about one of the English teachers (homeroom teacher). I did it in English, went ok. So after like, an hours worth of total speech time, plus eating/drinking time, we left. Then we went to another place, a karaoke bar, where a buncha people sang graduation related songs. I did Queen’s “We are the Champions”. Not 100% graduation related, but close enough. I got there and I just wanted water, but they misinterpreted what I said as a shot of alcohol watered down. Ugh, it was super gross, but I wanted a diff drink, so I just downed it and ordered some Calpis. After like, 2 hours there it was finally over. It was close enough that I was able to walk home. It was already like 10PM at that point, so I went on the computer for a bit and then just passed out. I was really tired Thursday morning, but I had work and classes anyways, so it couldn’t be helped.

Thursday I don’t even remember, I prolly just played games and went on the computer and possibly went to bed early. Friday it rained all day, which really sucks. After school, though, I made plans with Bill and Maria to go to Kobe for the night. So after work, I changed, got my stuff for the weekend and walked over to Maria’s place. We took the bus to Kobe, but it was REALLY slow once we got to the city. Traffic was awful. We finally made it there. Maria had a friend that’s visiting for 2 weeks, so her friend, Abbie, and Bill were already there. Me and Maria got there and we went straight to this one curry restaurant. I got a half order of Cheese Curry and it was suuuuuuuuuuuuuper good. After that, I went to the Rashibang store for a sec, and they had the Touhou plushies for cheap! 4000 yen for the Reimu. I decided to wait tho, because I figured they would be cheap everywhere, and since it was raining so hard, I didn’t want it to get wet, etc. Note this for later.
I went back and met up with the three of them, and we went Karaoke. We sang a buncha stuff, and it was a lot of fun overall. After that, Maria and Abbie went back to Ono, and me and Bill went to the Magical Space. I played BB there for a while, and I kept on losing to this one Taokaka/Nu player. He was just doing this super cheap mixup over and over. After I put in a credit after like, 4 games, he just got up and left after winning. What a douche. I played some AH2 for a bit after that, then the arcade closed. Me and Bill went to the manga café right there. We both got mat rooms. We got rooms next to each other, and there’s this cool thing where you can slide open a door if you unlock it from both sides, so we were able to talk to each other and stuff even tho we were in different cubicles. It was cool. I passed out after a while, but only slept from like, 1:30-7:30. I killed some time online after that. We had until 10, but we got hungry so at about 9ish, we got out of there. We went to the McDonalds and got some breakfast food. We caught the train to Umeda after that. It was still really early, so we just walked to Denden, stopping at a couple of places along the way. One of them was the Big Tiger game store. They had the namco idol dance game for the wii. One of my friends convinced me to try it (and Nana does the vocals for the game, so that was a pretty big selling point), so I picked it up. I was gonna get it earlier, but I said I wouldn’t buy it until I saw it for less than 4000 yen. I saw it for 3999 2 weeks ago at the OTHER Big Tiger, but I didn’t have a lot of cash that week, as it was the week I was buying a buncha stuff for people. I decided to pick it up the week after. I got there the week after, and they brought the price back up to 4999 yen. WTF. So I didn’t buy it. So seeing it this week at the Big Tiger for 3999 made it worth it, so I picked it up. We’ll see if it’s as fun as the dancing minigame in Wario Ware for the wii…hopefully it’ll help me get more exercise, haha. Anyways, after that, we soon arrived in Denden, so I wanted to check out the Doujin stores.

We went to the doujin stores, and they all had the plushies, but they were still crazy expensive, same as last week. I expected to see like, a bunch of them for like, 4000 each, but there was still only a few and they were like, 10000 each. Crazy overpriced. Oh well. Guess I should have bought the cheap ones when I saw it (tho 4000 yen for a small stuffed doll is still expensive). After that, we went to Athena for a bit. People were playing Tekken, and I made the mistake of playing. I wasn’t even mad, it was just like…spam safe launchers until it hits, then juggle, then win. I won a few matches, but overall it wasn’t as fun as tekken used to be for me. Oh well. After playing for a bit, we went to get food. We went to another Curry place, and I got another Cheese curry. Me and Bill didn’t talk the entire time cause we were too busy eating. I think after we got our food, this is the extent of our convo:
“Man, this is really friggin good!”
And then we finished our food.

We went to Taito station afterwards. Every floor was busy EXCEPT the fighting game floor, and there was even a Lord of Vermillion tourney/event. So my whole “Destined to fail” was based off the fighting game floor, which is failing, but the arcade itself is doing really well, it looks like.
After that, we went to Sega Avion. I watched some SFIV, Bill played a bit of TvC. I then played that Asura Buster game again. I threw some bombs and had my skeleton whoop on the opponent. It was mad fun.

We headed out after that and went walking around various stores in Denden. I was looking for cheap anime stuff that I can send to people I know for tourney prizes. We also checked out some video game stores. I showed Bill how ghetto the morning musume store building is, but I didn’t stick around or buy anything. We stopped by SCOT and played there for a bit. I played Girl’s Panic, which you can search if you’re curious. It’s ecchi, so I would say NSFW. We played some really bad fighting game too, it was pretty funny. I don’t even remember what it was called. After that, we headed out and went back to Athena. I was gonna go to the Ko-hatsu tourney at 5, but I really wasn't in the mood to go all the way there, possibly lose 2 rounds and be done, just to come back. If it was close, or free, I would have, but I didn't feel like paying 5 bucks when it might not have been worth it, so I just decided to stay in Nipponbashi/Namba/Denden town.

At Athena, there was an HnK tourney. I played some BB casuals, the Bang player, Den, had 35 wins or so, so I played him and won, and then got like, 10 wins before someone beat me, so I went and watched the tourney. It was pretty funny. They had to switch characters after each match, so I saw a huge variety. Many basketball combos, many instant kills, much fun. It was great. After a bit tho, I wanted to play AH2, so I went downstairs and played that for a bit. Bill had to leave soon after that. After watching that, tho, we decided to buy the game. We hit up a couple game stores and found it for cheap. Now to practice the basketball combos.

I went with Bill to the station, then stopped by Wendy’s on the way back. I ate there, and then went back to Athena. Some Tager player had like, 50 wins, so I went and beat him, which led to a 30 game winstreak for me. After that, it was about 10, so I decided to head off to Spa World.

I walked there from Athena, took some back roads to get there. Along the way, right near spa world, I spotted some signs for a couple small arcades that I’ve never seen before. They were set up very similarly to all the other ghetto arcades that I keep talking about. One floor, everything really close together, a buncha fighting games all at 50 yen (SFIV, Blazblue, Tekken 6 etc). I saw a bunch of guys crowded around Tekken, and nobody else was really playing anything at the time. It’s crazy how popular Tekken is. Either way, it’s cool that I found another arcade.

I arrived at Spa World around 10:30PM. I got in, and went around to all the different baths. They remodeled a lot of things, so it looks a bit different from when I was last here on the “Asia floor” like, almost 2 years ago. It was relaxing and nice. The outside bath was neat, it was really cold, so the water being so hot was really nice, and then staring up at clouds and stars was nice, too. I was pretty tired tho, so at about 11:10, I went to the big room with a buncha chairs. It was really warm in there, so not only did I not need a blanket, if I used it, I was too hot, so I just bunched it up and used it as a pillow. I reclined the chair back and pretty much just fell asleep quickly. I slept really well. Woke up like, twice, and then it was already 8ish, so I had to wake up. I watched TV for like, 20 minutes and then I went back to the baths. I got washed up, and went in more baths until I had to go. I headed out of there. At that point, it was about 9AM on Sunday.

The first thing I did was go and get some breakfast. I went to Mr Donuts. They had a 100 yen deal, so I got a few donuts for 300 yen. After that, I walked to Athena. I played some Blazblue. I tried Taokaka, but I didn’t know combos or anything, so I just kinda mashed trying to figure stuff out. She seems interesting, but yeah, sticking to Noel, haha. A few decent players begin to show up, so I start playing them. I pretty much keep playing for a bit. After that, I play AH2 for a while against SBO Saki guy. He uses a buncha different characters, and I go roughly even with him, if not a bit more in my favor. After like, 20 matches, he heads out. I play training mode for a bit and then I go back to BB. There’s some good players there. I was getting 4-5 wins, and then I got a beastly 19 winstreak against GOOD players. I felt like I was playing super solid. After my winstreak, it was about 2:10. I walk to Sega Avion 5 minutes away and join the AH2 tourney there. It takes a bit of time for them to start up, but finally it gets started. 9 people total.

The people there were:
The SBO saki player I played earlier that day
A few tourney AH2 players, Nazuna player, Clarice player, Pink Catherine player
Mashy Noel guy, uses Saki
Me (I decided on Petra for this tourney, as she IS my character, and I shouldn’t ditch her after she’s been good to me)
C-TYPE, who uses Catherine
Two guys I’ve never seen before. One uses Petra, one uses Angelia.

They don’t change the round count, so it’s 3/5 rounds, which is better IMO cause there’s only 9 of us, so it won’t take that long anyways. So first round is the only 0-round match in the tourney, and it’s C-TYPE vs the Clarice player. C-TYPE comes close, but Clarice guy takes it.
Next, Mashy Noel plays against the Angelia scrub. Not only does he win, he wins 3 rounds in a row! Everyone was loling. His saki consists of flash kicks off of 2C, doing Saki’s super randomly, and if the ground super hits, activating, then using the Love arcana blaze for a buncha damage. His Saki ground combo is literally this:
2ABC 6D ABC j.B 623C. He can’t do any IAD combos, but he manages to mash out those 8 hits. It’s pretty fun to watch him. He does some stuff that randomly works, but most of the time he gets owned.

Next, it was my match vs the Petra. I’ve never seen the guy before, but I know better than to judge someone’s skill by that. However, he turned out to be not all that great, so I beat him 3 rounds in a row.

Next, Pink Catherine guy played against SBO Saki guy, but SBO Saki guy used Angelia for some reason. Pink Catherine won.

Next, they went back to the first part of the bracket, and the Nazuna and Clarice player went against each other. Clarice player won.

The way that they ran the tourney was kinda strange tho. They did a single elim until top 4, and then the top 4 did a round robin. So the top 4 at that point was:
Me, Mashy Noel, Pink Catherine, Clarice guy.
I play Mashy Noel first, and win 3 rounds in a row. He almost gets a round but then I really didn’t want to lose a round so I just went all out.

Next, Pink Catherine and Clarice guy play, and Clarice guy BARELY wins 3 rounds to 2.

Next, I play Clarice guy, and I get owned 3-0. I should have won at least a round or two, but my inputs messed up. I did like, 2AB5C 236A, and I got 2AB5C dodge. WTF. Oh well, not a big deal.

Pink Catherine and Mashy Noel play. Pink Catherine gets Mashy Noel in a combo, but he bursts at a lucky time, and is able to get the giant love Arcana Blaze for free. He does other goofy stuff and ends up beating Pink Catherine a round! I was laughing, but it didn’t look like Pink Catherine found it as funny as me and the Clarice guy did.

After that, I played the Pink Catherine. I won the first two rounds, then he wins two rounds, and I manage to get some lucky bouncy bullet shots in and win the last round.

After that, the Clarice player smokes mashy Noel 3-0.

So the final score ends up like this:
1st - Clarice player (9 round wins, 2 round losses: +7)
2nd - Me (6 round wins, 5 rounds losses: +1)
3rd – Pink Catherine (7 round wins, 7 round losses: +0)
4th – Mashy Noel (1 round win, 9 round losses: -8)

Not too bad, even though only 9 people were there, it was still cool to get 2nd place. After that, everyone else left, and they put the machine on freeplay. I played against C-TYPE for a bit. Then these random guys came, and they knew how to play a bit, but still weren’t that good. They could do combos, but still just needed more experience playing. Not that bad, though. I decided going all out wouldn’t be worth it, so I started playing as Maori. I was hitting her combos a bit, and it was pretty fun. I managed to win every match against these guys. I let them play each other for a while, too while I watched SFIV. RF was there, with his 150,000 BP Sagat, so I was watching him play. He actually lost 2x in a row to this one Ken player at 42000 BP. WAO or something was his name. Crazy.

At about 4:45, they turned off freeplay, which was fine because the BB ranbat started at 5. I walk to Athena and sign up. There ends up being 29 people total for the tourney. Hatsune Piku surprisingly isn’t there. If he was, he would almost def win the ranbat. Abeshi was there, as well as Rise, who are #2 and 3 pointswise.

The pools start. In my pool, there’s a Hakumen player who made it to top 16 last time, Kouji, the best Tager in Kansai, and an average Rachel. I play the Hakumen player and win two rounds in a row. Next, Rachel plays Kouji. Almost wins, but falls for some goofy shit at the end. I play Kouji and beat him 2 rounds in a row pretty badly. Phew. I didn’t get hit by any throws or traps or anything. So I’m in the 1st place spot in my pool. Kouji gets the 2nd place spot after beating the Rachel again.

After everyone plays, the final 16 are decided. The Death pool was a 4 man pool of Meka-ura, a GG Zappa player who uses Carl, Rise’s Rachel, Yuuno’s Taokaka (guy who beat me last week in the pools), and a random Tager guy. Random Tager loses to Rise, and Meka beats Yuuno’s Taokaka. Then Meka beats Rise’s Rachel, so Rise and Yuuno have to fight, and Rise wins, so Yuuno doesn’t even make it to the top 16 bracket, and that dude is mad good! Yikes. Oh well. He seemed kinda down about it, but was still in high spirits.

Anyways, top 16 start. I play the Carl who got the 11 winstreak on me that one day, and I get wrecked. I got hit, which leads into loop, which leads into death. Oh well. Kouji’s tager beats Abeshi’s Ragna. Rise’s Rachel beats a scrubby Rachel that somehow made it. Meka beats a Noel player, the Nu player from last week’s Ko-hatsu tourney (now known as Blue Sweatshirt Nu, or BS Nu ;) ) wins vs the Arakune from last week’s tourney. A different Taokaka player wins his first match, another Nu player wins his first match, and one more person wins.
Next, Rise Rachel beats Kouji Tager, BS Nu beats the guy who beat me, Other Nu beats the Taokaka player, and Meka Carl beats whoever he played. Next, Rise vs other Nu. Other Nu barely wins. Meka barely beats BS Nu. BS Nu and Rise play, and BS Nu wins, getting 3rd place. Other Nu plays against Meka. Meka got the winning combo, but dropped it. However, Other Nu was already getting up, and then went to sit back down after he saw he wasn’t dead, but then he got hit again, and it was over for good this time. So the winner is Meka Carl, 2nd place is Other Nu, 3rd, BS Nu, and 4th Rise Rachel.

After that, I head out to Kobe to go back to the store to check the prices of the dolls. I make it there 5 minutes before the store closes, but not only were they all gone (except one), the one that was there was a Remi marked up to 6000 yen from the 4000 two days ago. Oh well. I was really hungry, so I went BACK to the curry place we ate at Friday, and got a full order of Cheese Curry. It was soooooooo good. It's so good, that I don't even care that I'm lactose intolerant. That's how good it is. Anyways, after that, I headed back home and stayed up till midnite or so like an idiot talking on IRC.

Monday, I go to work, head back home after Basketball practice (I played a bit too before everyone got in, got some exercise, heh…) I stopped off at Saty to get my groceries and more stickers for prizes. I ran into two of my third year girls who just graduated. They seem to be doing OK. They got some mad decked out cell phones. They asked me to treat them to food and I was like “no”. Doesn’t hurt to ask, but it doesn’t mean I won’t say no and not feel bad about it. We talked for like, 10 minutes while I was waiting for my chicken nuggets from McDonalds (sale right now, $1 for 5!). After that, I headed home on my bike. On the way home, I was riding on Sun Road, which is this road that’s like an alley, but instead of garages, there’s stores, and it has an overhead roof. I was minding my own business when suddenly a car pulls past and I hear “ROBAATO!” and another one of my graduated third year girls is waving. Of course, it scared the crap out of me, so I was like “AHH! (JP) You surprised me!” and then I was gonna say like, “hello” or something, but her mom already drove away. Crazy. Running into my students lol.

After that, I went home, devoured my nuggets, but I didn’t feel so good about it. Sometimes after a nice full meal, you feel good, but it was kinda like “uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggggg”. I played SFIV for a while, didn’t rage or anything. Did some laundry. After a while of letting the nuggets settle, I decided to play my new HAPPY DANCE COLLECTION game.

I boot it up, and I’m greeted by a narrating Nana. She narrates how to play and stuff. After learning the basics, I play a few songs, like Love Machine and Shuuchishin. The game is fun, but sometimes I feel like it doesn’t give me credit for the input even when I’m doing it (what I feel) is correct. I just gotta play more, but I definitely wanna become a HAPPY DANCE COLLECTION pro. You can use your Mii as well, which is pretty funny cause right now it’s just Dan’s Mii and his Swedish friends, lol. After playing a while, I got tired and turned it off. I played a bit more Street Fighter, and then started talking to people on IRC. And again like an idiot, I stayed up till midnight. Ugh.

This Friday is a day off thankfully, aside from that, not much else going on I think…

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL season 2 - "Nobody wants to sit between a foreigner and a monk"

Hey guys, I left off last week Wed.

I ended up playing SFIV for a bit, but got annoyed at it, so I switched it out for DOA4. Yes, that’s right, I put DOA4 in my 360 while I had SFIV sitting in the game case. I had a lot of fun tho. I played against some girl online for like, 30 matches, winning most of them. After a while of playing I went to sleep. Thursday, the same as usual, tho I actually played more SFIV this time. Friday, more SFIV all night but since I didn’t have to wake up early, I just went to sleep whenever.

Saturday I woke up around 8:30ish and played some SFIV for a while online. I got ready and left around 12:30. I took the train to Umeda. Along the way, I decided to listen to music on my ipod that I don’t normally listen to. I decided to listen to my playlist of “The Monkees” because I used to listen to them back in like, grade school. It was pretty nostalgic, hard to believe I used to listen to it hardcore tho. I played my majhong game to kill time, and finally, I got to Umeda around 2:45. I went to Monte for a bit. Played some blazblue, but like every single time I’m at monte, the buttons didn’t respond part of the time, and the joystick was bad, too. I wish I could have a few sessions at monte without broken buttons, but instead I ended up losing like, 6 games in a row to a textbook Ragna because I couldn’t get my B button when I wanted it, and because my character didn’t move like I wanted her to. I stopped after that and played some Tekken. After a few games and getting bored of having to wait so long after each loss, I just left and went to Namba.

After getting to Namba, I went to the Toranoano store to check out when they’re selling the plushies I wanted to pick up. They said 4PM Sunday, so I kept that in mind.
Afterwards I went to Athena. An Arcana 2v2 tourney was going on when I got there. Finals were between Douchebag/Iki team and Guy-girl/Kouya team. Douchebag ended up beating guy-girl, which was super hype. Kouya beat Iki, but then Douchebag beat Kouya. It was pretty cool. I played Blazblue for a while against a buncha different players. I was doing ok I guess, not spectacular. I played some Arcana 2 for a while, also, and some arcana 1 even, using Maori and going through arcade mode. I only got the 100+ hit combo once, lol. After that, I went to play Tekken a bit, and that ScatroVageena guy showed up, and since the Tekken arcade closed back in December, it’s been hard to find a good place to play BR. We played for a bit, then this one guy played, so me, Scat-man, and this other guy, who I’m gonna call “48% win ratio guy” played against him for a while. We played until the arcade closed. It was actually a lot of fun. Normally Tekken isn’t that fun, but with other people there, just chillin, it was mad fun.

When I wasn’t playing Tekken (waiting for my turn), I was watching Senko no Ronde (the bullet hell fighting game). There’s one machine at Athena, and the crew that plays it is hardcore. They’re usually a buncha older guys, like, 30-35+, and then one cute girl who plays. And they don’t play any other games, just that one. I always see the same guys playing, graying skinny guy, ponytail and beard man etc. That game is crazy to watch. After the arcade closed, I went and got a beef-bowl at Matsuya, said bye to Scat-man and 48% guy, and went to the manga café. They didn’t have any mat rooms, so I got a reclining chair room. I just slept on the floor. It was about as comfortable as it gets for sleeping on the floor. I wore my earplugs (best 100 yen ever), and they worked really well, wasn’t really able to hear any noise that would wake me up. I slept decently enough. Got up and got out of there. I stopped by the Axe tower, since it was the only thing open at like, 8:15AM. I saw a dude playing Blazblue and doing combos with Arakune, so I figured I would try a match against him. I beat him, and then played the computer. After I was done, I headed out (since some other dude was playing my strip majhong game I couldn’t play, lol). I got some Mr Donuts for breakfast and then it was about 9AM at that point. I went to Taito station and played some Jubeat. Afterwards, I went to Athena and played some Tekken, and some Arcana 1 with Maori again. I hung out at Athena until about 11. After that, I headed to Toranoano.

At 11AM, (I didn’t know at the time but) there was a buncha new Touhou stuff released, so there was a huge line to go in. I waited in it for a bit just to see what the hype was about. There were new figures and stuff released, so everyone went to buy those. I stood around waiting for a while watching the crowd and the HUGE line with only one register open (!!!), but after a while I left. I walked around the Den, went to Melonbooks and got my Reimu figure there (no line, and they had a TON left). They also had a wooden door plate that had a picture of Yukkuri Reimu and it said “ゆっくりしてってね” (Take it easy) in Japanese, which is the motto of my apartment. Me and Dan had no problem taking it easy all day. It was fun just relaxing and doing nothing all day.
After that, I went to the RASHABANG aka RASHOUMEN aka HOUSES/REAL ESTATE store. I found a strike witches guide that a friend asked me to pick up for him. It was like, 1800 yen, which is way cheaper than what it would have cost him to buy it from amazon and have it shipped to him. Another guy I know wanted me to pick up some anime girl trading card game sleeves, so I picked up those and headed on over to the Toranoano store again. They were already taking reservations for the touhou plushies (even tho they didn’t start selling them until 4). I got in line, but I was 3 people too late. They had like, 80 pre-reg slips and I was like, 83rd in line or something. That was kind of annoying because I would have waited in whatever line had I known that I had to wait in that line in order to get them. Hopefully they do a re-release because I’m not about to spend a fortune buying these things for way more than they cost. Still a shame, though.

After that, I went to Athena and played a bit of AH2 before playing Blazblue for a while. Around 4ish, I headed over and met up with Abeshi at Monte Carlo. On the train there, it was somewhat crowded and there was a monk sitting near me. I moved enough so that there was a clear spot for one more person. Like, 4 people looked at the spot, looked at me and the monk, and then stayed standing. Therefore, I concluded that nobody wants to sit between a foreigner and a monk. After we met up and all, we walked to Ko-hatsu and signed up for the 2v2 tourney that was going on.

We talked about various things on the way there, he asked for some games that the US plays but Japan doesn’t. I told him Marvel, of course, Soul Calibur IV, HD Remix, and a lot of older versions of games that haven’t been released on console. He was surprised to hear that all our major tourneys are on console and that arcade tourneys are quite rare. We were then talking about what kinds of characters we use in various games. He generally likes the main male protagonist. Sol in GG, Ragna in BB, AH is all girls, but he used Heart for the little he played. He likes Kenshiro in HnK, etc. He says easy to use characters that you can rush down with are his style. I told him that I use cute girls. Noel, Lilica, Asuka, etc. We talked about SBO. There’s 9 kansai spots, and they’re all gonna be full of extremely strong players. We’re both hoping to get into SBO, but yeah, too many good players.

We got to Ko-hatsu and signed up. There were 12 teams. Abeshi randomly left for like, a half hour and got food without saying anything. Luckily, unlike last time when he did that, our tourney match wasn’t up, so he had plenty of time. The brackets were written all weird. Usually I get a pre-first round match, but this time, I got the best pick. We got a first round bye, and our opponent ALSO had a first round bye. Plus, most of the REALLY strong teams were all on the other side of the bracket. Our opponent ended up being the announcer guy, who uses Tager. When I played him, he ended up getting tagers super throw each round, but both times I came back and won the round. After he lost, he went back to the mic and was like “I wonder who that Tager player was” and everyone was like “THAT WAS YOU!” Our next opponent was vs Team Kyoto, Nezu’s Bang, and his partner’s Arakune. Ugh.

Abeshi played Nezu and got owned 2 rounds in a row. I played Nezu and ended up beating him 2 rounds in a row! The first round I ended with a throw, which would kill him anyways, but I still did Noel’s 214A followup before he was dead. The announcer was like “And he threw him…eh? Why did he do that?” Obviously it killed him, but it was 100% unnecessary. I won the 2nd round with a 6C, and a few guys were talking about how much I like Noel’s 6C. After that, I had to play the Arakune player. I ended up not only beating him, but pretty much beating him badly 2 rounds in a row. I ended one of the rounds with a 6C loop, and they started joking about my “恋する6C” (The 6C that he loves). It was pretty funny. After that, we were in the finals.

Our opponents were the Rachel player I beat last week at the Athena tourney, and a Nu player who beat everyone he played. The Rachel player would always lose his match, and then the Nu player would win both. I haven’t seen that happen since Hayao played Arcana 1 at Ko-hatsu and would just destroy everyone. Anyways, the finals were no different. Abeshi beat the Rachel player, and then the Nu player proceeded to beat me and Abeshi. I don’t particularly feel like I played well that match, but the results wouldn’t have been different. The guy was on fire that day. Either way, making it to the finals was pretty cool. I’m happy with how I played overall, and history was made what with me beating an arakune in a tourney for the FIRST TIME EVER!! (after 4 tourney losses to that character).

After that, I had to get a white tie for the graduation ceremony for the 3rd years on wed. So I stopped by a small store near ko-hatsu. The old dude who owned the store started measuring my neck after I asked him for a tie, then was like “this shirt might fit” and I was like “I said white NECKTIE” (all caps was me saying it louder/clearer, not me yelling) and he was like “OOOH!” and went back and got a box of all white ties. I got a cheap 1000 yen one, and then me and Abeshi headed back to Umeda.

On the way back, we talked some more. I was telling him that I’m playing a lot of SFIV because it’s the only game I can play on weekdays, and he was like “wow, you really only play on weekends?” And I was like “Yeah, sometimes I play on Friday nights, but I’m usually too tired from lack of sleep that I want to sleep late on Saturday morning” He asked who I used, and I said “Sakura” and he was like “oh, right, cute girls, I see…” I figured he would use Ryu, but he said that even tho he normally uses the protagonist, he’s always liked Sagat the best in SF, but he uses Ryu in 3S.

After we got to Umeda, he headed back home, and I went to Subway. I got the usual footlong cheese roasted chicken + tuna. I brought half of it home. I took the train home, and listened to some Kelly Clarkson/Avril on the way back. Hard to believe I used to listen to that stuff, too, haha. Anyways, I played majhong, but got bored, so I booted up Xenosaga DS, but instead of playing the game itself, I played this mini-game where I have to draw connecting lines from colored blocks, and if it hits another line or a block, I lose time, and after I lose all the time, I fail. It’s pretty fun and killed a lot of time. I got home and spent too much time chatting online. I napped at work today, so it’s all good, but still…

Yeah, not as exciting as usual. I have 3 tournies next week, 1 Blazblue tourney on Saturday, an AH2 tourney on Sunday, and the Athena bi-weekly ranking battle tourney. I’ll do my best in all of them! LEAVE COMMENTS PLEASE!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL - "then I spent the rest of the night..."

Ok first off, let’s get some things established. Sometimes, I don’t have a life. I realize this. I don’t need anyone reading this and going “man Rob, get a life” because I’m already well aware of my actions, since I’m the one doing them.

With that being said, I pretty much just played video games all week. I’ll go into a bit more detail I suppose:

Monday was finals, so afterwards I went over to Bill’s place since I “got out” early (as in, I felt like leaving, and nobody else was there, so I left). I wanted to see if he wanted to go get some ramen, but he ate already, so we just played some Guilty Gear for a while. I was gonna go to the ramen place, but it was raining, so I decided to just go to the local convenience store instead and get like, a microwavable ham and cheese burrito and a small salad. I told Bill that tomorrow I would come over. I spent the rest of the night playing SFIV.

Tuesday, I was gonna go early, but then one of the teachers I work with was like “Hey, I’m taking you out to Ramen!” so I was like “uhh…alright…” So he took me out to ramen. We got back, and he was like “hmm…I wonder if there’s anything you can do for a while”, so we asked one of the other teachers and he was like “I guess you can help grade the 1st year’s English Final”. I generally wouldn’t mind, but I felt like a pretty big douche for telling Bill “Yeah, I’ll be over!” and then not being able to make it. He doesn’t have a cell phone so he has no way of getting contacted by me either (cept by maybe). I saw Rai bike riding home, so I was like “Oh, I’ll text her, and tell her to tell Bill I can’t make it.” So I sent her a message saying “Can you tell Bill I’m stuck at work? BTW we should go karaoke sometime!” I added the second part in to seem more friendly and not just like “hey, I need favor, you do favor kthx” Apparantly she thought I was telling Bill I couldn’t make it to karaoke, and apparently, she didn’t go home when I saw her riding her bike because she texted Maria to tell Bill I couldn’t make it to Karaoke. Confusions ftw. In any case, I spent the rest of the night playing SFIV.

Wed was the last day of finals. I had no classes yet again. I went around to different clubs and killed some time, and eventually ended up going and hanging out with the school band for a bit. They were moving stuff so I helped them with that. I was enjoying hanging out, but then I had to go to my ALT meeting unfortunately. I went to that, and then went back home. Bill said he would come over, and I said I would make him a coke float to make up for skipping out the day before. Bill came over, and we played some SFIV, had coke floats, and ate Pringles. Then he had to go (dat ole ball and chain) and so I spent the rest of the night playing SFIV.

Thursday, I went to work, came home, and then I spent the rest of the night playing SFIV.

Friday, I went to work, stopped by Saty on the way back, I checked out the sports store. They had a really nice Adidas Jacket marked down fro 17800 yen to 4900 yen. I needed another jacket that falls in between my big fuzzy hoodie + another hoodie, and just my big fuzzy hoodie. The weather is still cold, but it’s not completely freezing, so I needed a good middle ground, so I wasn’t sweating a ton, but also so I couldn’t feel the cold air when bike riding. So I picked up that Jacket, a good buy, and I can use it next year too. It’s also got a detachable inside part, so if it becomes warmer, I can take out the inside part. I love big sales tho, I can get cool brand name stuff for pretty cheap. I went back home and then I spent the rest of the night playing SFIV I decided to go to Kobe and play Blazblue and AH2. I headed to Sannomiya, went to the Magical Space arcade and played AH2 against that one scrubby Fiona guy. He also used Saki for a bit, which was actually kind of fun cause she wasn’t as braindead boring as Fiona. We went back and forth, but I generally won a bit more, switching between Petra and Lilica. There was this one older guy there with a big poofie coat, and he was just walking around not really doing anything, and his coat kept bumping me while I was playing. I ignored it for the most part, but when he didn’t realize that his coat was all up in my grill, I had to kind push it away, which happened like, 3 times. Anyways, after a while of playing scrubby Fiona man, I wanted to play Blazblue. There was a Litchi player with like, 16 wins. I played him and beat him. I got a 12 winstreak or so against him, and a few other players, and then he finally beat me in the end. After that, it was getting late and nobody was playing, so I went downstairs and watched people play UFO catcher machines for a while. Some dude was trying to win these evangelion Asuka and Rei bedsheet cover things. They’re pretty popular in the UFO machines, but this dude kept pumping money into the machine. He wasn’t like, a nerdy looking guy or anything, he was actually really normal looking, leather jacket, well groomed, etc. It was cool seeing him holding a row of 100 yen coins tho, haha. I played a game of JuBeat, too. I just enjoy beating the Ju’s so much. I just hung out there for a bit.

At about 11:45, plaid jacket man comes walking in (with maybe his girlfriend or something). He was like “oh hey, is anyone playing upstairs?” I was like “nah, nobody is playing” and he was like “Oh ok” and then he left. But the entire time, his GF or whoever was like, all staring at me from a really close proximity, but without saying anything. It wasn’t like, a “oh, you’re so cute, that I can’t stop looking at you” stare, it was like, the same kind of stare you give to like, an interesting exhibit that you see at a museum. It was totally weirding me out. She didn’t say a single word either, and plaid jacket man didn’t go “oh hey, this is HeartNana, he plays Arcana.” He left right after that, and I hung around for another few minutes until it was about 11:55. I walked over to the manga/internet café that’s like, literally a few doors down. I got a 10 hour pack in a mat room. They carded me when I went in, you have to be above 18 to go to one, and so they wanted to see my ID. Strange, I rarely get carded here. Anyways, I got some free soda and went on the internet for a bit before passing out. Thankfully, I had earplugs and so the bad background elevator music was cancelled out. I slept pretty well, actually. I had a blanket and everything, so I was definitely comfortable enough. I got out of there around 9:55.

I started off my going to the magical space just in case there was someone playing (tho I figured there wouldn’t be). As usual, for 10AM, the arcade was pretty dead for fighting game competition. I walked to the 7-11 and got some convenience store donuts for breakfast. I walked to this one obscure spot in a building that had some benches, and I sat and ate my donuts there. After that, I walked over to where the Melonbook and Rashabang shops are. They were all closed until 11 and it was about 10:30 at this point. I decided to walk over to where the Animate and Toranoano stores are. They were actually open, though. I walked around Animate for a while looking at all the random stuff that they had there, and then I went to the Toranoano store. I wasn’t gonna buy anything, but for the first time, I saw a Blazblue doujin, and of course, it involved noel. If you want details of it, send me a message, IM me, talk on IRC, or send me a PM or whatever, but I’m not gonna bother wasting space here.

After that, it was after 11, so I went over to the Rashabang. They had some interesting stuff that I might have bought if I was still into figures and stuff, but yeah, wasn’t too interested. I did see they had the AH2 “Left Part” and “Right Part” mooks for only 300 yen each, so I bought one of each, and I can use them as prizes for the AH2 tourney in July. I went to melonbooks, but didn’t really see anything there. They had a little reimu sticker thing you put on your phone or whatever, so I bought one, but I haven’t put it on my phone or anything yet. Next, I hung out at the small arcade that was right there. I played some Tekken against a guy with like, a 27% win percentage, but like, 1,800 matches. Obviously I won most of the time. I played that for a while and then tried a game of Melty Blood AA, which I rarely play. I got schooled pretty hard. I wanted to head over to Monte to get some games of BB and AH2 in, so I went to the station and headed to Monte. I got there and the only guy playing BB was this one Arakune player. I played him, but since that matchup is very stupid for Noel, I lost more than I won. I think it was like, 3-2 in his favor before Tall Litchi Man showed up, and I just played him for a while instead. We went about even for like, 6 games. It was a lot of fun playing him.

After I lost and another guy jumped on the machine, I went to check out the AH2 competition. There was one guy playing Nazuna, and I have almost no experience against that character, so everything he did felt really weird. I’m not used to her extremely long range yet, and the dude was able to get a lot of damage from everything because of the punishment arcana. I used Petra and Lilica, and we went about even. But after about 45 minutes, I wanted to play BB more. I played some more BB. At about 3:45, I started to play, and I got a winstreak. Around 4:10, I had to use the bathroom, so I was trying to beat guys as fast as I could. I had to leave for Ko-hatsu around 4:30 anyways. Around 4:25, this one Rachel player who was ok at the game was playing me, and I had to let him win. I dashed for the bathroom, took a leak, and then headed to Ko-hatsu for the tourney.

At Ko-hatsu, a bunch of strong players were there this time. Hatsune Piku (Rachel player), 11 winstreak vs me Carl man, Nezu, Tall Litchi Man, Tsukasa, and a few others. 18 people total. Like usual for almost every tourney I’m in at Ko-hatsu, I had a round 0 match. I played against a Bang player that wasn’t all that great. 2nd round I had the arakune guy from before. I was really close to beating him, but of course, I couldn’t ruin my perfect record of never beating an arakune in a tourney, and after I knocked him down and run up to hit him, he did a throw and it somehow got me, and then of course did arakune beemu after the throw and I lost like, 40% life, which killed me. It sucked cause he had pixels left post burst, and I hadn’t used my burst yet. It was pretty lame, and I wasn’t too happy about it, especially cause I KNOW I could have won, and vs a really bad matchup but one stupid thing got me, and I had to work really hard to even hit him, so getting him down to a pixel just to lose 40% life is pretty sucky.

Mashy Noel was there, he won the first round by doing crazy stuff, and everyone laughed when he won, but then he lost the next two. Oh well. I’m hoping he wins a match one of these days. He gets close, but still can’t quite get it. I was rooting for him tho.

I got some food at the convenience store then went back to ko-hatsu to finish watching the tourney. Results were like this:
1) Hatsune Piku (Rachel)
2) Winstreak Carl
3) Arakune guy
3) Tsukasa (nu)

Afterwards, I played some casuals. A noel player that got knocked out first round by Tall Litchi Man was there, and he was really good. Best Noel I’ve seen so far. I was playing pretty bad after the tourney overall tho, but that guy was pretty solid. After playing and losing a few times tho, I was getting bored of playing for 3 minutes, then waiting 10 minutes to play 2 rounds, etc, so I just left and took a train to Athena. I played at Athena for a while. There was this one Bang player who was super mashy, and who spammed overheads, and I was still playing like crap, so I just kept getting hit. Dude got a decent winstreak against me until I finally beat him and he left. I beat a few other guys, but overall I wasn’t doing too well. I played against Kouji’s Tager (best tager in Kansai) for like, 12 matches in a row. I won a few, but then he would get down to a pixel and make a crazy comeback almost EVERY ROUND. It was really annoying. Eventually I just played really really smart and I was able to get him. In retrospect, me losing a bunch was a good thing, cause I was able to see my mistakes and really just learn to play smarter. In the end, I ended up improving I think. After that, I went to Matsuya and got a pork bowl. I wanted to shower and have a nice place to sleep, so I walked over to the capsule hotel.

I get there, and the dude behind the counter starts mumbling something, and I couldn’t hear a word he said, much less understand what he was saying. Apparantly he was trying to speak English, and failing pretty hard. I was like (in JP) “Excuse me, I can’t hear you!” And then he tried speaking again, and this time I actually understood that he was trying to speak English, so I was like “You can use Japanese, it’s ok” He then kinda started to mumble in Japanese, but it was at least audiable and I understood it better. He then made me sign something in English that said the rules (never had to do that before), and in general, he was kinda snotty to me. I guess he’s a foreigner disliking douchebag or something, tho there’s way more capsule hotels he could have worked at (the one I was at has a lot of foreigners). I like to go to that one because it’s cheaper and the beds are longer, and the baths are really nice, as well as a nice relax room.

I finally got a key and stuff, so I went toward the spa/sauna area. I hit the toilet first, and on the way back, I saw the relax room, which had a buncha nice reclining chairs, 4 TVs, and you could switch the audio on the chair. There was some program on about people playing slot machine games, and like, something about old anime etc. I just started to sit down and watch for a bit, and just relaxing. After like, 15 minutes, some Japanese guy gives me a milk coffee in a juicebox (café late I guess) and is like “Here you are” He then asks me if I can speak Japanese, and I was like “To an extent, yea…” So he sits down and just starts talking to me or whatever, telling me he noticed me at the front desk when the guy was trying to speak English but I couldn’t understand him. He tells me he’s waiting for his laundry to finish, so he’s bored and just wants to talk to someone. At least it’s not like the Spa World guy, who was still a mystery to me as to why he was all up in my grill. So I talked to this guy for a while. After like, 20 minutes, his laundry finished and so he left, and I went to go take a bath. I washed up, sat in the nice hot bath for a while, and then went up to my capsule after I was done.

I got to bed around 1, meaning that if I slept until 9ish, I could get 8 hours. It was going fine until about 5:50 AM. These guys from Australia were there and they got in late and were REALLY loud going into the capsules (and you can hear EVERYTHING very very clearly). And then, for like, 10-15 minutes, the guy next to me (or at least it sounded like it) was rustling a plastic bag. I literally couldn’t fall asleep. After maybe 10 more minutes, I dozed off a bit. Around 8ish, they got up, and for over a half hour, this one guy was saying things like “C’mon, mate, you gotta get up” “I don’t mean to be a wanker, but we gotta get movin” “Yo, I’m not gonna pay for a taxi, we gotta catch a train” “I know it’s s***, but you GOTTA get up” and the other guy was going “Nah man, I’m too f***ed up” or “Man, I’m trying” etc. They wouldn’t shut up, and it was really loud and I could hear everything clearly. I was extremely annoyed, but I figured it wouldn’t be worth it to tell them “hey, you guys are really loud, everyone can hear you in this hall” because I don’t think they’re smart enough to understand how to be considerate of others. Sometimes I hate other foreigners in this country, and it’s because of idiots like them that foreigners have such a poor image here (not that I blame some of the Japanese people either, cause so often, when I see foreigners, they’re acting like inconsiderate loud obnoxious idiots, so I can only imagine what the JP people think of them). Oh well. Hopefully they leave this country soon enough.

I ended up not being able to fall back asleep of course, so I just turned on the TV and watched the Sunday Morning kids anime. I watched this one series called like Fresh Precure or something. Precure is a magical girl series where 3 normal girls have magical powers and transform into older versions of themselves with magical girl costumes and fight badguys. The ep I watched involved 3 boys who invited the 3 girls to the amusement park. They each went off on their own way, one boy and one girl. The boys were trying to date the girls or whatever, and of course the girls are too oblivious to see it. Then, the badguy shows up and turns one of the panda rides into a giant metal panda monster thing which went around being scary and stuff.

Of course, since it’s an anime, the badguy of course decides to wreak havoc in the only place where the 3 girls actually are. Cause you know, going to somewhere that they’re not and doing what you want while they’re far away is just too tedious. There’s a small fight scene of girls vs Panda, and then the main girl gets an idea to use the water ride to get water in the panda’s eye (wtf?), so she does, and then they just transform it back into the ride. You know, cause they couldn’t have just done that in the first place. “We must get water in it’s EYE before we transform it back into a ride” The show fails to mention how people are probably traumatized for life, how that amusement part will probably have to be closed down now due to safety issues, thus screwing over the people that owned the park and work there. Oh well. The big villain was like “Oh, my potion is all depleted, I guess I better go, I’LL GET YOU NEXT TIME, PRECURE!!” or something like that. Typical villain stuff. The girls then go off on their separate ways, one of them goes off with her boyfriend (that the short loser one didn’t know she had). He had a point card of getting rejected, and he hit 100. For 100, instead of saying “GOAL” it said “GAOL”. Nice one, Japan. Screw spellcheck! Screw the man! The one trying to date the main girl had 2 tickets to a band she likes, and the entire time was trying to muster up courage to ask her to it. Then she was like “Yeah, I have tickets to their show, us 3 girls are going!” and so the guy puts his tickets up on a bulletin board with a thumbtack saying “Take freely”. He must have spent a buncha money on them (6000 yen is about normal for concerts here), so you would think he would want to do some research before spending money and throwing it away like that. Oh well. The end song was full of random English, too. After that, I went to the baths, and got warmed up again. I hung out in the relax room for a while until it was about time to go. I headed out and ventured the wide world of Osaka.

My first stop was at an internet café for 40 minutes so I could check up on what games I was gonna buy for a friend online, as well as making sure people still wanted the Blazblue mook. It worked out well because that’s normally the time that the stores are closed, so by the time I got out, it was about 11ish. I checked out just about every video game store in denden looking for the games. I checked all the bookstores/used stores/doujin stores looking for stuff too. I hit up the morning musume store, as usual. While I was walking, I saw a sign, but instead of saying “sample” it said “SUMPLE”. Nice. I forgot to mention last week, but when I was buying fried chicken, there was a dude wearing a horse head mask outside the convenience store. He wouldn’t say anything, and had signs indicating the price and he would point to them. It was pretty weird, and like many things in this country, it didn’t really make sense. I got some fried chicken this week from the same place, and thankfully no horse-head man cause that was too weird. I saw a few cheap doujin at the Rashabang, so I picked up 4 of them, I got some photos as usual from the MM store, and that was about it, but I ended up picking up the three games, plus the tougeki magazine I’m shipping to Fubarduck.

At about 3ish, I headed to Athena. I got to the 5th floor, and there was an arcane tourney going on that I didn’t know about! It was a tourney where you pick 4 characters. They had a buncha laminated cards of each character, and you took the cards and you picked one of your opps and they picked one of yours, and you played that matchup or something. It was really cool, and I wish I could have been there because it would have been fun to play my secondaries. I would have used Lilica, Petra, and Mei Fang for sure, and for my 4th, I would have went with either Catherine or Maori probably. It would have been fun, and I might try a similar thing in the future. Nao got 1st (Akane, Heart, Elsa, and I dunno the 4th), Kouya got 2nd (Kamui, Zenia, Akane, Angelia), and long name Kira partner got 3rd (Kira, Kamui, 2 others). It was really cool, and they had the machines on freeplay afterwards, so I played for a while until the Athena ranking battle at 5 for Blazblue.

The ranking battle started. 31 people showed up. Notable names include Hatsune Piku (top Rachel in Kansai), Nezu, Rise (2nd best Rachel in Kansai), Yuuno (best Taokaka in Kansai), the carl player that got 2nd at the regional finals tourney, Abeshi (my partner from all the team tournies), and so on. They did 7 pools of 4, and one pool of 3, top 2 move on. I was in a bracket with the Taokaka that beat me in the team tourney way back when (Yuuno), a Carl player, and a Rachel player. I played the Carl first, won pretty easily, and then I played Yuuno since he beat the Rachel. Yuuno won, so he got the first spot. The Carl then played the Rachel and won, and I played the Carl again, securing my 2nd place spot, and making it into the final 16 bracket.

Abeshi was in pool C, and lost to an arakune first round, but ended up beating him for the 2nd place spot. After all was said and done, the 16 spots were secured. In the 16 man bracket, since I was in a 2nd place spot, I had to play a 1st place player first round. I played a Rachel player who won the 3 man pool. He was decent, but I still beat him due to me generally knowing that matchup pretty well. Next, I had to play Rise. I played him, got perfected the first round. I played pretty sloppy the 2nd round, but still managed to get the round win. 3rd round, I played decent, and then near the end, when he was at like, no life, he started to come back and trapped me in the corner, but I did a clutch 236236D super through all of his stuff that he had set up. It was crazy. So I’m top 4 at this point. Abeshi beat the two guys he played, so he’s also top 4, and my next match. The other two players on the other side are Hatsune Piku, and the really good Carl. Really good carl loses to Hatsune. I play Abeshi, and I play sloppy overall, and he doesn’t hesistate to take advantage of it at all, and rightfully wins the two rounds. I then played the Carl, got owned the first round, 2nd round, was about to die, and on my way to a major comeback, and we go air to air and carl’s pokes beat mine! I ended up losing the round, but it’s all good. For playing not-so-great all weekend, getting 4th is pretty good. Abeshi plays Hatsune and loses, so Hatsune Piku wins both the Ko-hatsu tourney and the Athena tourney! He’s a nice guy, so it’s all good, and his Rachel is sooo good.

Anyways, I headed out after that, as it was getting late. I looked to my left after getting out of Athena, and not only was my BFF there, but the OTHER guy who came up and started speaking to me in English at the store is also there. They were standing outside on the sidewalk, and I think they glanced over and saw me. However, I decided to go the other way and just jaywalk and cross the street in order to avoid talking to them or having to see them. It’s that serious. Since I still needed to buy the mooks for everyone, I went to Tsutaya (barnes and noble like bookstore) and barely found them there (they were in a weird spot). The lady at the counter was like “you want 4 of these?” and I was like “Yes. 4 of them.” I walked to the nearest station after that.

I took the train back home, went by pretty quickly thanks to the Majhong game and my Ipod. I got home and for the first time in a few weeks, it wasn’t raining when I wanted to go back home on a Sunday night! I went to bed too late, of course, and then Monday came around.

Monday, I went to work, went back home, and I spent the rest of the night playing SFIV. Tuesday, it was raining on the way home, which sucked. I mailed out my friend’s packages, and then I spent the rest of the night playing SFIV. Today, most likely, I’m gonna go home and either spend the rest of the night playing SFIV or take a nap, then spend the rest of the night playing SFIV.

Ok, sorry it was so long and it took till Wed to update. I was busier than work at usual and it took a while. LEAVE COMMENTS