Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL season 2 - Kohatsu 2v2 tourney/ihateinconsideratepeople

Ok, last I left off, was last week. Not much going on in Ono. I played some TvC against Bill. I started using Rock/Morrigan. I dunno how good I can get at the game/that team, but they’re fun, so it’s all good. Aside from that, I didn’t do much.

Friday, Bill wanted to play TvC again, but I already decided to head out to Osaka. Right when I got to the ATM to use it, some woman got there like, 10 seconds earlier, and of course, since there was only one machine, she proceeded to do her life banking on the thing, taking like, 15 minutes, when my transaction of taking out some $ would have taken maybe 45 seconds at most. It really annoys me when I have to waste my time because other people are too inconsiderate to care about a person waiting in line behind them. So by the time I got the money and bought my train ticket, I not only missed the original train I was gonna take, but the next one JUST left right before I got there. So I ended up having to wait an extra 15 minutes for the NEXT train. I hate waiting, especially when it’s pointless (such as, because a dumb woman was too inconsiderate to realize that she doesn’t own the ATM, and other people want to use it too). I took the train, and I dozed off, and sometime during that point, a group of 4 guys got on the train, and they were talking and laughing, which I don’t care about, but one guy had a super loud, piercing laugh, so I woke up to that and it scared the crap outta me. I couldn’t fall asleep after that, so I just started playing some DS majhong. I transferred trains at Shinkaichi station, and got on the hanshin line. I got a seat facing backwards, but for some reason, I started to get carsick and wasn’t feeling so hot. I kept my eyes closed most of the trip and got to the station where I switch trains again (Amagasaki). There, I got on the train, and was still feeling not 100%. I got to Namba and while I wasn’t feeling 100%, I still needed food. I headed to the Cocos in Namba, and had some cheese curry there. They kinda had a scared look right when I walked in, and the waitress nervously offered me an English menu. I said that I already knew what I wanted, so I just ordered. I ate it all up (so I couldn’t have been THAT sick, right? Lol), and then I walked to Athena.

I had to use the bathroom at this point, but when I got there, someone was in the stall. I started waiting and the dude was taking FOREVER. After a really really long wait, a dude came out holding an empty bowl of cup ramen. So I think that idiot went in the stall and took his sweet time eating ramen, instead of letting people who actually have to use the toilet go. What a douche. Yet another inconsiderate person that made me wait. So overall, I wasn’t too happy at this point, but after I used the bathroom, I went up to the 3rd floor and played some Blazblue. I don’t remember how Friday Night blazblue went, but it’s always good times. It started to die out like whoa around the end of the night. I went to the Axe tower and played a couple games of Tekken. I beat this one guy’s Kuma (barely), but then he played me again and got 3 rounds against me, and I got one, but all 3 of his rounds were perfect. I really hate Kuma. It’s not that he’s broke, he’s just a really annoying character to play against. I saw a couple guys playing BB, so I went and played them with my Taokaka. I won, and then they left, so I just used the time to practice combos. I’m KIND of getting the hang of it, but she still feels really weird to me. It’s nice to have a character I can use for when I play against scrubs tho. After that, I went to the manga café and got the 10 hour deal, taking advantage of the free drinks for many hot cocoas and nachan orange drinks. I slept pretty well. My alarm went off, and I woke up, and the attendant was like “make sure to set your phone to manner mode!” It’s like, well, it’s on manner mode, but I gotta wake up, sooooo…lol…

I got outta there and it was about 10AM. I was feeling fine, thankfully, but there’s really not much to do at 10AM. I went to Athena, and BNK (Braces Noel Kid) was there, as usual. I didn’t feel like playing against him, so I just kinda wandered around Athena, watching vids of a F/UC tourney. The weekend was a big weekend for F/UC players. Friday was a ranking battle at Athena, sat was a 2v2, and Sunday was the sbo qual. So Athena was all decked out with F/UC cabs and stuff. The 6th floor was the 2 blazblue machines, 2 ah2 machines, and 5 f/uc machines, and that was it, lol. Eventually, this one Rachel player that I recognized showed up. We played. Generally, we would play and like, someone would get 3 wins, then the other guy would get 3 wins, then someone gets 4 wins, then the other guy gets 4 wins etc. Rachel is just a huge pain to deal with sometimes. Stuff just randomly whiffs. However, at the end, I was starting to figure this guy out, so I ended up getting like, 8 wins in a row on him at the end, and then he had to leave. He thanked me for the games and said “good luck at SBO” and then he headed out. It was getting a bit late, so I left, too. BNK said he had to go too, cause he had cram school. I stopped at Family mart and got some food. They got these new round fries that were REALLY good. They put some sort of seasoning on them, so they were delicious and they went along great with the chicken. I went to the morning musume store and got a couple cheap berryz singles I didn’t have for 150 yen each, plus a couple t-shirts for 500 yen each. They’re both pretty big, but they’re good “sleeping in” or “working out in” shirts, and 500 yen is cheap, too.

Since the train station is right near the MM store, I took the train to Kohatsu. I got there and used the bathroom at the convenience store. I got a drink after that from there, because anytime I use a convenience store bathroom, I like to buy something from there as a “thanks, store, for letting me use your bathroom”. I went to Kohatsu and a few guys were there already. I played against Tall Litchi man and lost a close match. I played against Jagar a bit too and beat him a few times pre-tourney. The tourney started, and the format was 2v2 random teams. 13 people were there, so the tourney runner/announcer put himself alone on one team again, and just used two characters. I got teamed with Galileo, the tager player who won the last tourney. Tsukasa got teamed with a bang player, Tall Litchi man got teamed with a Taokaka, a good Hakumen got teamed with a Rachel, the Ragna who got 2nd at the last singles tourney (now using Jin, he also refers to me as “HeartNana-sensei”) got teamed with an arakune, and the Kohatsu Carl player got teamed with Jager (Rachel). In one half of the bracket was the first 4 teams, in the other half was me/Galileo vs Carl/Jager, and then the next round was the announcer. The Jin player ended up beating Tsukasa first round! His partner beat the bang. After Tsukasa lost, everyone was like GIVE BACK YOUR SBO TICKET!!! Tsukasa was just like “…” Then Tall Litchi man team lost to Hakumen team. The Hakumen player beat both of their guys. Next, the other team won RPS, so they put their carl against Galileo’s tager. Galileo won the first round, lost the 2nd, and won the third. It was intense, but I’m glad he did it. Then, I played Jagar. I won the first round, lost the 2nd, but won the third. Before my match, they were like “HeartNana has an SBO ticket, too, so we’ll see how he performs.” It was nice to win. Jagar won the last Kohatsu tourney, and he got a red ticket for SBO, too (lost to Tsukasa for the blue ticket).

Next, the Jin player beats both the Hakumen and his Rachel partner. He was playing super solid.

Our next match was against the announcer. First, it was vs Galileo Tager vs Tager. Announcer wins the first round, but barely loses the next 2 to Galileo, phew. Then, I played against his Nu, and I win pretty easily. He was like “man, Nu is such a weak character, right Tsukasa?” and Tsukasa was like “yeah, she is”. After that was the finals. You can watch them here:

Anyways, after that, he took our picture, which you can find on the kohatsu site (ko-hatsu.com). Galileo said that he was doing a tager-esque pose, so since Noel uses guns, I just did a gun holding pose. It looks pretty good overall, lol. I played some causals for a while until there were only a couple guys left, and nobody playing me. I headed out and at this point, I was actually deciding whether I wanted to go home or not. It was about 6PM, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to play BB all night. I decided to head to Namba, and I walked around a little, and stopped by Mr Donuts and got some donuts. I finally have 500 points, so I can get one of those little stuffed lions! After that, I went back to Athena and caught the tail end of the F/UC team tourney. A buncha people were there, so I played against whoever. Kouji was there, too, and I ended up actually going about even with him (surprising, considering my Tager weakness)! There were times when he would get like, 3 matches on me, but they were all pretty close. I ended up getting like, 3 wins on him at the end, and he stopped playing. I played this one Litchi player, beat him. Nobody was playing me after that, and since it was about 10:30PM at this point, I left and headed for the capsule hotel.

I got to the hotel and unlike last time, douchebag guy wasn’t there, and everyone was really friendly, which was nice. I got a coupon for a free “snack”, so I put my stuff in my locker and went to the food area to see what kinda snack I get. I had a few options, but I decided to get the fried chicken one. It took a while to come, but I just watched TV in the meantime. It came, and it was 3 pieces of fried chicken, and a pile of lettuce with some mayo on the side. Oh well on the mayo, but the chicken was good, esp since it was free!

After that, I washed up and then headed in the baths for a bit. After that, I went up to my capsule, and since I was really tired, I passed out pretty quickly. I woke up and even tho I got a decent amount of sleep, it still didn’t feel like enough. Oh well, I washed up again and took a quick dip in the bath before heading out.

I headed out and it was about 10. So I, of course, did the same thing as always, which is to head to Athena. Nothing was going on, so I left around 11ish, waiting for the cheese curry place to open. However, it opened at 11:30, oops. I decided to walk around the den and pick up some stuff for a friend of mine. I got that taken care of, and I just walked around a buncha game stores looking for other stuff, too. I was thinking about picking up some games or something, but I decided against it.

Next, I went to the cheese curry place and got myself a nice big plate of the good stuff. I ate all of it, and was completely full after that. I proceeded to spend the next 7 hours at Athena. I don’t think anyone cares about the details, but I played a buncha games of BB and AH2. I was doing good with Lilica in AH2, so I might use her at SBO over petra, but I haven’t 100% decided yet. I was doing ok in Blazblue, too. Can’t say I was doing GREAT, but I don’t think I was doing awful.

And it was about time to leave, so I just headed out after nobody was playing me and left my game. I went home and yea, that’s about it.

Monday I played TvC against Bill. Qualifier coming up on Sunday, so I’m getting prepped for it. Aside from that, I played against Dan in MTG online, and in SFIV. It’s pretty fun. One more day until BB. GET HYPE.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - SFIV and tons of BB

This past week was pretty uneventful.

Last week Thursday, I hung out with Bill and we played some TvC. I started using Rock, because he’s crazy fun, but its still kinda hard to get the hang of it, esp without practice mode and esp if I’m not about to BUY the game, lol.

Anyways, Friday, I was gonna stay at home until Saturday, but then I really got the urge to play some Blazblue. I called up Bill and they were heading for Kyoto at the same time I was leaving, so I caught the bus that they were on. I got off in Kobe first. I wanted some cheese curry, and I wanted to shop around the used stores to see if they had this thing that a friend of mine online was looking for (which they didn’t). I was walking through the Toranoano store, and I either saw Abeshi, or a guy who looks EXACTLY like him looking at doujin, so I was like “yo, that’s way too awkward” and I just left right after that. Afterwards, I walked over to the game in coo, but they didn’t have anyone playing anything, so I just left because the only games people play there are vf, tekken, and gundam, and I really wanted to play BB.

I walked over to Magical Space, and they actually had a special deal! 2 credits for 100 yen for BB, SFIV, TvC, and KOF XII. I got there and a buncha people were lined up for BB. They only have one machine, and a lot of people were waiting, so I was waiting a while. Naaga, the Nu player, was there. Kanihiro, the hakumen who beat me in the sannomiya tourney was also there, and the Jin player who beat me in the RR of that same tourney was there, too. Naaga was about to play, but didn’t have his 100 yen ready, so I did kind of a douche move and went and played instead. I don’t think he cared, but it took a while for him to get the change, and I was really fiending for playing. I beat the Jin player and a couple random guys, then Naaga played. I beat him bad the first match, but then he beat me the 2nd and 3rd match BARELY. I let some other dudes play for a bit and played some MvC2. I got a few wins against random guys, and then I lost a couple matches, so I went back to blazblue. I played again and got a few wins against this other Noel player, but my stuff was messing up, and the dude wasn’t that good, but just played really annoying, and I ended up losing. I tried my Taokaka and barely lost there, too. After he got beat, I played another 100 yen worth and beat Naaga and Jin-man like, 6 games in a row before I lost one to Jin-man, and then won another 5 or 6 before I lost to Naaga. It was getting late, and I wanted to play more, but I wanted to head out to Osaka first. I said bye to them, and good games, and then I left. I took the train to Osaka and got there pretty quickly. It was relaxing, overall, and I just listened to the new music I got from the Morning Musume store the week before.

I got to Osaka and I really didn’t feel like walking all the way to Athena at 11PM, so I decided to just hit up a convenience store (got some mini oreos) and to head to the Axe tower, the small little hole in the wall tekken arcade near the manga café I stay at. Tekken was busy, but I saw a dude playing Blazblue and he seemed to know a few combos with Nu. I played him with Taokaka 3 times in a row, but never got a match. 2C 6C beat me too hard. I ended up just playing Noel after that, figuring he would play a credit or two and then leave. The dude ended up playing 21 games in a row against me after that, with me winning all 21. He used Nu for the most part, played like, 7 matches as Jin, and like, 4 matches as Ragna. He probably would have played more, but the arcade closed at 1, and they kicked us all out. I wasn’t planning on staying until 1AM, I was only gonna stay till midnite, but when I’m on a winstreak, I don’t always like letting it drop, especially if they’re good matches. Like, the guy was good enough to present a challenge, but not good enough for me to want him to think he was able to get a match against my Noel, haha. He did get close a couple times, though, but he was never able to get that last round. He left right after the last match, so aside from barely glancing at him when I came in, I didn’t get to see who it was. Those players are the types of guys that start off being scrubby, but then end up getting a lot better because they just play a bunch against players better than them and level up. We’ll see I guess. I headed to the manga café after that.

Manga café was pretty uneventful. I didn’t sleep that long, tho. It’s not that I slept BAD, I just woke up around 8 something, and couldn’t fall back asleep, so I stayed on the computer for another couple hours until my 10 hours were up. Looking back on it, that would have been a good time to go shower, but whatever. I got out of there and walked to Athena. I was gonna walk around the Den and hit up the MM store, but I realized that I had less than 2 hours before I had to leave to head to Kyoto, so I didn’t feel like wasting most of it walking. I wanted to just play BB instead. I went up to the 6th floor and saw the one dude I saw at the Athena SBO qual. I’m gonna call him “Braces Noel Kid” cause he’s only like, 18 or so, so he can be “kid” to me, lol. Anyways, BNK was there playing his Noel, and was losing to this Ragna player. I tried my Taokaka and failed, lol. BNK tried again after that, but picked the wrong button config, so just ended up picking Bang and pretty much letting the credit die. He played again and still lost, oh well. I played again and beat the Ragna player a few times. Pretty much, after this, people would just join at random times as I’m going through story mode. I was letting BNK practice combos and telling him what worked and what didn’t and gave him some advice and stuff. 12:45 rolled around, so I left him with my credit to go head for Kyoto. He thanked me for teaching him, and I thanked him back and said that it was fun.

I was a bit late going to Kyoto, I forgot to factor in the walk from one train to the other at the station where I have to transfer. So instead of getting there at 1:53PM, I got there around 2:03PM, 3 minutes after the scheduled meet up time. The train I was on had a buncha students all going to various sports events and whatnot. They all seemed to get off at the same stop as me, so I had to fight through a wall of slow loli’s in order to get to the exit. I got there and met up with Jeff (Azrael) and Eddy (Kunai). Andrew (Reno) showed up about 20-30 minutes after that, so I don’t feel too bad about being 3 minutes late. Next, we headed back to Az’s place and just played a buncha SFIV. Jeff bought some Doritos that were really good, and at one point, he had to go pick up Andre (Ronin-dre) so it was me, Andrew, and Eddy. Eddy ended up beating both of us a bunch, but like, when we lost, we would just grab the chips and start eating, and we were like, “well, you may have a winstreak, but at least we have chips”. After Kunai finally lost he was like “yes, I can get chips now!” It was pretty funny overall. Andre came back and the 5 of us just hung out for a while, playing SFIV, and then we ordered some Pizza Hut, and one of them was a pizza that had like, little hot dogs baked in the crust. It sounds good, but it wasn’t as good as the regular crust to me. We watched the SFIV dvd where it shows the 2/3 match of Iyo vs Kindevu in the SF tourney. It like, took every little tiny part and analyzed it, which was kinda cool, but I know if I was interviewed about that, I would have been like “yeah, I just kinda threw that out and figured it might work…and it did” or “yeah, I just kinda threw that out and figured it might work…and it didn’t”. We played a bit more SFIV, but Eddy and Andrew had to head out, so we all left too. Andre got on the same train as me toward Osaka, since he lives in Sannomiya, Kobe. It was about time for Dan to get here, too, so we met at one of the main stops. We took that until we had to transfer, said bye to Andre, and then went to Osaka.

We stopped at the Cheese Curry place first, and after we ate, the owner was like “Why do you always get cheese curry?” I was like “because it’s delicious” and then he started talking about how Americans and Australians really like cheese curry. Me and Dan just told him that cheese is just really good, and it works really well on curry. After that, we hit up Athena. Me and Dan just played some BB until the place was closing pretty much. Ribaia showed up, and I told him congrats for making it to SBO. Then I told him that I knew that he would make it, and that me and everyone else who said “You’ll be fine” and “Don’t worry, you’ll make it” were right. He played his Ragna for a bit and beat a couple guys, but then he played Dan, and Dan was able to turtle well enough when Ribaia pulled out the Blood Kain that he was able to win a couple rounds. In the very last round, Dan was at like, NO life, but had full bar. He did Jin’s 623D, but instead of letting it go, he held it ALL THE WAY until it became unblockable. Ribaia was just sitting there waiting for him to let it go, but it became unblockable and Ribaia got hit, and then Dan did Jin’s super and ended up winning the match! Ribaia was like “eh?” It was pretty funny. He was talking to Dan for a bit, and Ribaia asked Dan who he thought was the strongest. Dan said Rachel, but then Ribaia was like “yeah, but Rachel doesn’t stand a chance against Nu”. He then played me for a bit. Our matches were close, but I generally won. He didn’t pull out Nu at all. He headed out after a while and when the arcade closed, me and Dan headed out too. Dan got a text from Toshi saying that he’s stuck in Namba (since it’s past when trains stop running, he was stuck). He decided to just hang out with us for the night and do what we do. We met up with him and went to the manga café. We all got mat booths, and we hung out in Dan’s booth for a while. After a bit, I was getting really tired, so I went to sleep. I stayed passed out until almost like, 9:30. I got washed up, and ready for the next day. We all got out of there and headed to Athena right off the bat.

BNK was there again, and played a few against Dan. They went even for the most part, they’re pretty similar skill-level wise. I was playing Taokaka for the most part. I played a bunch against Toshi, and a couple against Dan (he owned my Taokaka the first match, but I won the 2nd match). Eventually I lost to Toshi after a bunch, and went and played Arcana for a bit. I was doing pretty bad, and losing to Karate Kenji’s Saki (he doesn’t play Saki). I just wasn’t doing well overall, so I was kinda tearing about that. After that, Toshi left, and once I was done with Arcana, me and Dan headed out. We walked around the Den, and got some chicken from Family Mart for lunch. We went around to all the stores, but I don’t remember buying anything except Otaku no Musume san 6. I just recently read it, and book 5 ended at a suspenseful part, so I wanted more, and I got another book! Yay! It must have JUST got released, but I was happy either way. I was in Kbooks, and Dan bought this little screen cleaner thing for his cell phone or psp or whatever, and I gave him my points card. Out of nowhere, some other gaijin came up to me and was like “so what do you BUY here?” I was like “well, I used to buy CDs and stuff here and sell them online a long time ago, but recently, if I see like, a figure or something I want, I just pick it up.” He was like “yeah, this kinda thing doesn’t exist back home” I was like “yep, it’s pretty different.” I was nice, but it was just kind of weird that he randomly started talking to me. Also, while we were in Kbooks, there were a bunch of girls looking at like, cosplay outfits and figures and stuff, and saying a buncha stuff was really cute and whatnot. Some of them weren’t that good looking, but others were decently cute. Interesting because back home, there were almost NEVER any girls that are attractive AND into anime and nerdy stuff like that, but there was a small group of them here. Pretty crazy.

Anyways, we went back to Athena and played for a while there. Scrubby Tager Guy (STG) was there. I watched a buncha vids and figured out some anti-tager stuff, so I played the guy. At first, he was just doing stupid stuff and it was working, but after a while, I got really used to playing against Tager and after a while, I got like, a 5 winstreak against this guy. I hate playing that matchup, but I was beating this dude pretty bad. He beat me once by luck, and then I obliterated him the next match and he stopped playing me. Rajio (bang player, got a red ticket for SBO recently, but lost to Ribaia) who I see every week, was playing his tager against me, but his tager wasn’t nearly as good as STG, so he wasn’t able to win at all. He played his carl for like, 6 matches, and lost all of them. He then played his Hakumen a bunch and lost with that, too. Eventually, some other people started playing me, and I was beating them. Then, Greying Taokaka Player was playing and he lost 3x in a row with his Taokaka. He then played Arakune and lost 3-0, but then won the next one because…well..it’s arakune, lolz. I had like, 20+ wins at that point, so me and Dan just left. We went to Subway and got dinner there. It was about time for me to go home anyways, so I left and went home, reading my manga along the way.

I got back home and stayed awake until like, 1AM like usual, and then went to sleep. I was super tired on Monday, but Bill PMed me on SRK to see if I wanted to play some TvC. I was like “I’m down” so I played him after I did all my laundry. We played for a couple hours, but my controls weren’t coming out as much as usual, so I was hella sad about that. It was a lot of fun, though, and Bill gets better everytime we play, which is good for his sake because he really likes that game. Tuesday, I went home and went online for a bit, but just fell asleep at like, 8:30PM and was out until 7AM cause I was just so tired. The worst is that at 7AM, I was STILL tired. Oh well. I’m not meant to be up before 10AM, lol. Anyways, today, I have no plans. I’m gonna go home, and just relax online and maybe play some games if I’m in the mood. This weekend, Dan says he might not be able to meet up. It’s gonna be the last weekend for me before BB is out on console, so I might leave Friday night and go play BB all weekend. There’s a 2v2 random select tourney at Ko-hatsu, so I’ll go to that for the heck of it (and because the guy who does the announcing of the tourneys asked me to when we all went out to eat last week). Aside from that, PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS. I had no comments last week, so I was sad. Please make Rob un-sad and leave a comment! It doesn’t even have to be a positive comment, you can just say “you suck rob” and it’ll be fine. Thanks. Much <3s to all.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL season 2 - Demon Bride Location Test

Today’s blog will be pretty short.

Friday night I went right after work to Osaka. I stayed late at school due to basketball club, and by the time I got home, I was super sweaty, so I had to go take a shower. I left around 6 something, and got to the station just in time to catch the 7:01 train. Unlike a couple weeks ago, hardly anyone was wearing masks or whatever. I guess after they got over the swine flu scare, they stopped wearing them. I was hungry at the halfway point station, so I got a small bag of oreos to tide myself over for a bit. Thankfully, they still have SOME things that are the same as back home. Finally, around 9 something, I arrived in Namba. First stop was the cheese curry place. I got a cheese curry, and as usual, delicious as ever. Next stop was Athena. Den was there with his bang. Normally I beat him pretty bad, but he was able to steal 2 wins from me. After I played him a few more times, I got a small winstreak against him. Not much else was happening. I was kinda bored, and people stopped playing BB, so I went to the Axe tower and played Tekken until about midnite. After that, I headed to the 8 hour manga café. I like that one cause it has Orange Juice and free ice cream, but like, 10 hours > 8 hours, so I usually stay in the 10 hour one. However, I wanted to be up early for the Demon Bride loc test. At the manga café, I accidently went to the wrong booth and some woman was there. At first I was like “what’s someone doing in my booth?” then I was like “O CRAP” and I apologized and went to my booth. Oops, lol. I hung out on IRC and stuff until I fell asleep. I didn’t sleep too well, which wouldn’t be too bad normally, but the entire week, I’ve been lacking in sleep. Oh well.

I headed over to Namba Hills right away. It was like, 8AM, and there were already like, 6-7 people there! Mashy Noel was there, Guy-girl was there, as well as a buncha arcana players. The tourney was scheduled for the Saturday, but they changed it to Sunday. I wrote about it on the Demon Bride thread on SRK, so you can check out my impressions there.

After a bit, I got some subway, went back and played more. It got really crowded at one point, so I went around the den. I hit up the MM store, and got the new BerryZ single for 200 yen. I love that place, he buys a buncha singles for the event raffle tickets or whatever, and then takes those out and cells the mostly unopened and brand new cds for 100 or 200 yen, which is like, more than 80-90% off. So great. I went to Athena after that and played some AH2 and Blazblue. I played against the Time Saki that I normally see. I won the first match with mirror petra, but then lost the next one. I played Time Petra and won like, 3-4 matches against him, and then he won. I played my Lilica after that, and he won after like, 2 matches. I was gonna play him more, but then I saw Kechan playing Rachel in BB. I played Kechan’s Rachel for a bit, we went 2-2, then he used Nu against me. I didn’t really want to play his Nu, so I just played a couple matches and then lost on purpose so I could get back to Demon Bride.

When I was there, I ran into an Arcana 1 player from a LONG time ago that I met at ko-hatsu tournies. His name was “Toretore-mon”. He invited me to go out drinking with him and a buncha other players, but I said I was waiting for Dan. Finally, around 9ish, Dan came and while I thought he would say “I’d rather not, I’m strapped for cash” or something, he was like “alright”. So we got roped into it. We had a little bit of food and a little bit to drink, and after an hour or so of talking to toretore and the other guys, we headed out early. It ended up being 2500 for that little time we were there. It could have been worse, but yeah, we’re gonna have to be more careful next time, haha. I stopped by Namba Hills again and played another match, got a 3 win streak, but barely lost in the end due to a timeout. After that, me and Dan went to the capsule hotel. He got a burger from McDonalds along the way and ate while we were going there.

We got to the hotel, and checked in. Last time I was there, the dude at the front desk was kind of a douche. He spoke soft Japanese and even softer and unintelligible English. So I couldn’t understand what he was saying at ALL. I told him that Japanese is ok, and he was just kind of douchey about the whole thing, being about as unfriendly as you can get. Well, this time Dan had that guy, and he kinda did a similar thing, and was equally as unfriendly. Yeah, I may be a foreigner, yeah, you may be working on a sat night when you could be out partying, but tough luck. Having one bad day is one thing, but if it this is how he normally is, then he needs to learn how to do his job better. I worked in retail, too, so I have absolutely no sympathy for him. You do what you can to be as friendly as possible and try to make the customer feel like you appreciate their business, so making ME feel like a jerk for “bothering him” gives off the opposite sentiment. The girl I had wasn’t that friendly either, but she was far more efficient, so I didn’t mind. Maybe they’re all just banned from smiling or acting friendly in the slightest. Compared to how service is almost everywhere else in retail, I’m quite surprised.

Anyways, we got in, and went straight for the bath. We got cleaned up and then went in the hot baths for a while. Dan was gonna go in the sauna, but I wasn’t in the mood at all, so he decided not to go. Normally, I would tag along, but I was already really hot, and I didn’t think making myself even HOTTER was a good idea at the time. I felt a little bad, but not bad enough to go into a sauna when I didn’t want to. We got dried off and headed upstairs. We got some ice cream and then sat around the lounge are and talked for a while. Around 1ish, we went to bed. I fell asleep right away and slept pretty well. Dan got up around 9, but I stayed asleep until 9:15. I met him in the shower area and we got washed up and took another hot bath. After that, we headed out.

We went back to play Demon Bride. This time, a cute girl showed up, and she was playing. She didn’t know what she was doing at all, but it was nice to see a cute girl hanging out at the arcade. Around noon-ish, signups for the tourney started. Me and Dan signed up, and then since we haven’t eaten all morning, we went to the cheese curry place. We both got the usual, a large cheese curry. We both finished it and were suuuuuuuuper full afterwards. It was so awesome. Then we walked around the Den for a bit. Dan had to sell back one of his games that he bought. Toshi met up with us at the Sofmap while we were doing that. We walked around the Den for a bit, but didn’t really buy anything. After that, we headed to Athena and played some BB. I used my Taokaka and got a 6 winstreak. This one bad litchi showed up, but he was better than my worse Taokaka, so after losing 3 games to him, I picked Noel and decimated him. I got a few more wins, but all the good players are at the SBO qual tourney, im pretty sure. Around 3:15, we headed back to Namba Hills for Demon Bride. They started putting up brackets for the tourney.

While we were there, they had the crowd all stand in one spot, and they recorded us going “Demon BRIDE!” and like, putting one arm up. It was super geeky, but like, you’ll see a buncha Japanese people and then like, me, Dan, and Toshi. Pretty cool. The tourney started. Dan played a friend of the cute girl first round and won. Toshi lost to someone who knew what they were doing, sadly. I wrote up the tourney experience on srk in the demon bride thread. I’ll link to the post later because I’m typing this at work, but SRK is blocked here (gee, I wonder who’s fault THAT was, lol), so I’ll link it later if I remember. Anyways, after that, Dan headed out, so me and Toshi left at the same time, too. I got home and just stayed on the internet till like, 1AM. I was so tired yesterday, that I ended up sleeping for 12 hours (from 7PM to 7AM) until my alarm went off this morning. It felt good, and I feel really refreshed today, and I wasn’t falling asleep at all, which was nice.

Next week is SFIV at Azrael’s place in Kyoto, then blazblue or whatever on Sunday. It should be fun. TTYL, guys. LEAVE COMMENTS.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL season 2 - Meeting up with a Swede again

What’s going on, all? I left off last week. As usual, my life during the week consists of going to work, then coming home and going on the internet all night. Friday night, I went over to Bill and Maria’s place, and she made Tacos. They were pretty much the best thing I’ve eaten in Ono. I couldn’t even believe how delicious they were. I had 5 of them, I’m such a fatty, haha. We watched a buncha youtube clips of funny stuff, and me and Bill played a buncha TvC and then we sat around talking for a while. I didn’t end up leaving until like, 2AM, and I went to bed around 3ish.

Saturday morning, I woke up to my doorbell around 10:45, and I saw through my little monitor that it was some Jehovah’s witnesses. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, I answered the door. The dude gave me the absolute fakest smile the entire time while explaining to me about the witnesses. Being in a half asleep state and being hypnotized by his eerily plastic smile, I wasn’t even listening to what he was saying. But imagine talking and holding the exact same smile for a full conversation, and that’s what this guy did. After a bit I was just like “nah, I’m good, thanks anyways”. Since I was already up (and I didn’t want to wake up too late and screw up my sleep schedule), I showered and got ready. I headed out around noonish.

I went to Umeda and headed straight for Monte Carlo. I put in one credit and ended up getting like, a 25+ winstreak, and then I just kinda left my game because I wanted to go to the ko-hatsu tourney. The one Noel player I met like, way long ago from Monte played against me a bunch, as well as a buncha other players, like this one scrubby Rachel + a few other guys. Nobody was that good tho. I walked over to Ko-hatsu and there was a decent amount of people there. I played a game against Tall Litchi Man before the tournament and beat him. Then I beat this arakune player, too.

The tournament itself started and I went 2nd, right after the 0 round battle. 17 people total. I played against some Litchi player I’ve never seen before. He just turtled a lot, but he hit me with a lot of stupid stuff and ended up winning both rounds. I was more surprised than disappointed, but it’s 2/3 rounds one match, so whatever. I didn’t honestly feel like he was better than me, though, I felt like he hit me with goofy stuff and somehow managed to win. Ko-hatsu finally got a 2nd machine, so that guy put in a credit after he won (since it was gonna be a while before his next turn) and I played against him. I beat him that match pretty easily. I ended up playing the entire time while the tourney was going on, beating people who would play on that machine after they lost. A few good players went out first round. Tsukasa lost to Ribaia, Galileo (crazy good Tager) lost to Jager’s Rachel, and a decent Hakumen lost to a not-so-good Arakune. I played against all of them and ended up getting like, a 13 winstreak, beating the guy who beat me in the tourney 4 times in a row. Sigh. Anyways, Ribaia lost to this one casual Ragna player, which was really surprising, and Jager’s Rachel just ended up beating everyone else. After I lost to Ribaia’s Ragna in casuals, I headed out and went to Denden.

After I got there, I stopped off at the morning musume store. Didn’t see too much, but I hate going in and not buying anything since it’s such a small place. I generally spend a few bucks getting SOMETHING at least. I checked all the used manga stores I knew of so I could buy Otaku no Musume san for as cheap as possible. I found vol 1 for 100 yen in a bargain bin, but all the others were 350 yen. This one place had vol 4 for 300 yen. After that, I headed to Athena and played some BB. A few guys were there, a Taokaka player that I talked to a bit had a 20 winstreak, so I went and beat him after I got there. I got an 8 or 9 streak after that. During that time, a couple guys who were obviously new to the game played a guy on the other side of the other machine. They lost pretty bad, but they seemed to be having a lot of fun. This one Jin player talked to them a bit, and then beat the other guy, and the two guys were like, mad cheering him on and stuff. It was pretty cool, they were like “he’s so good!” and “ooh, so cool!” and stuff like that. They watched my match a bit and they thought Noel’s 6C loop was cool, too, but they didn’t really talk to me or anything. Finally, as I was playing the last round of the final stage, I saw a tall white guy on the other side. Dan played me for 2 matches, and then we left. It’s funny cause this one dude was standing behind all ready to play, but Dan just played 2 credits in a row, and then when Dan got up, I got up and left, too, so the dude was all =( I think. We went to the cheese curry place, and I got an extra big one since I haven’t eaten all day. I ate it faster than Dan did. He agreed that cheese curry is indeed amazing.

After that, we headed back to Athena. Those two guys were back. Dan was playing, and they were cheering him on if he won. It was really cool. The dude who was there earlier who wanted to play was on one machine using Arakune. I ended up trying my crappy Taokaka against him, but failed miserably. I played Noel against him and beat him 3 rounds in a row. The two guys cheered me on, too. It was hilarious. They left a couple matches later, and we waved bye to them and stuff. It was fun. We played until people left around 10:30 or so. Dan had to use the bathroom, so we went to Taito station. I played a game of majhong (since the bathroom is on the majhong floor). I had a winning hand, but I couldn’t ron because of no yaku, so I ended up finding the odds of drawing one of the two tiles I needed to be quite low. The turn after I changed my plan, I ended up drawing one of the ones that would have won. Next turn, I drew the other. ugh. The worst part is tho, not only did I not win, I got ron’d, meaning all my life points got drained and I was out of the game in only one credit. Oh well, that’s the breaks. We went to the Sega arcade and played a game of Taiko no Tatsujin 12. We playes Shuuchishin, Sakuranbo, and Kami sama no Birthday (from idolm@ster). After that, we headed over to the 10 hour internet café. Dan had a buncha stuff he needed to do on the internet, and those extra 2 hours are totally worth it. We got a bunch of free drinks and stuff, and just hung out. We got rooms next to each other, so we were able to sit and talk to each other while both doing our stuff on the internet. The computer didn’t have a Trojan like last time, so I was able to talk on irc. w00t. I fell asleep and slept decently well. We got up, got more drinks, and headed out around 9:30. We stopped by Namba Hills and played some freeplay Senko no Ronde. For some reason, I couldn’t always get my big ship to come out, which caused some problems. Same with Dan. I played a couple games of 3S. A Necro player was there. He beat my Makoto, so I used Chun. I beat his Necro. Some Ken player played me afterwards. I had the winning combo for a round because he messed up his super, but when I did b.FP, my super didn’t come out afterwards and I ended up losing the round and match. Oh well. It was about 10ish, so I headed out.

I stopped by the Bic Camera and got my pic that I’m sending into SBO printed out. We stopped by McDonalds, but they were still serving breakfast, so we went to Wendy’s instead. After that, there was still some time before Denden opened, so we stopped by Athena. We played some Blazblue and then headed out when I lost to the taokaka from yesterday (after like, 3 tries or so, he finally got me). We then proceeded to walk around the Den. Dan wanted an Xbox, and so we looked around for the cheapest one. We found one at A-too without the box or instruction booklet. I picked up the vol 4 of Otaku no Musume san from the store I saw it at for 300 yen. I then went to the Kbooks to get vol 2,3, and 5. However (I didn’t notice until I was on the train to Kobe), I mistakingly bought vol 2,3, and 4. This meant I had two vol 4s, and no vol 5. My mistake. We went back to Athena to wait for Toshi. As I was going up to the third floor to use the bathroom, I saw that they had the idolm@ster arcade game on freeplay! Wut? They were charging 200 yen per card (you need 2 cards), but everything else was freeplay.

I met Dan on the 6th floor and told him, and he was like “yo, let’s go! I’ve been waiting for this moment” and right then, he pulls out his idolm@ster cards that he kept from over 2 years ago when we played back when we went to Kansai Gaidai! I didn’t have my cards on me, sadly. I decided to start from scratch, especially since my username on the other card was messed up (I was HeartNa). I played and picked Chihaya. It was fun to play it again. I actually got a perfect communication with her! (It’s really hard cause she’s kinda hard to please, and I’m not fluent in Japanese, so it goes by REALLY quickly). My favorite was when I was talking to her, and I said something like “Going to auditions and stuff have no meaning if you don’t win, right?” and she was like “Exactly”. Wow, a girl who thinks like I do. Other girls would enjoy the “having fun” aspect of it, but Chihaya (like me) is all about business. Good times. We played that until Toshi showed up and then we headed out to check out more stores. We went all the way to one end of the Den, and the A-too 360 was still the cheapest. We went to this Chinese restaurant afterwards and I got a cookies and cream ice cream cone. Dan got gyoza and fried rice. Toshi went to order this one lunch set or something, but wasn’t at the right restaurant. What an idiot! Then he was like “wow, now you’re gonna put this online,” and yeah, it is true. Anything that happens pretty much ends up online if you hang out with me. Kinda interesting. Anyways, the waitress serving us was like, not friendly in the slightest. She would like, take our water and just like, put the cup on the table kinda hard and then walk away. At first, we wondered if it was because we’re foreigners, but no, she just seemed to be like that for everyone. Whatever, I was like “WELL SHE’S NOT GETTING A TIP!!” (note, you don’t tip in Japan), so whatever. I got my ice cream and that’s all that matters. Toshi, as usual, treated us. After that, we headed back to Athena.

At Athena, There was this one Tager player there who IMO wasn’t that great, but would win because of stupid stuff. If I had to describe his playstyle, it would be “he’s playing as tho his opponent wasn’t even there, and is just doing stuff regardless of what the opponent does.” I really hate the matchup because tager just randomly throws out super armor and it beats everything I have, or just backdashes through everything else. Lame. I was beating him, though, which is good. I got a small winstreak. Toshi headed out, and Dan played for a bit. After I lost to braindead Tager again, We headed out. Dan picked up his 360, and he had to leave for an early day on Monday. I went to the station and took the train to Sannomiya, Kobe. I realized the book problem, so I figured I would hit up the used bookstores I knew of in Sannomiya in hopes of finding it. I stopped by the Rashabang, and while I didn’t see the book, I saw that they had the alice fumofumo touhou plush for 3500 yen. I had a 500 yen off point card, so I picked it up for only 3000 yen! Such a good deal. It’s so awesome, too. Next, I played some tekken. I got a 10 winstreak, and then lost 2x in a row to this one Jin player. I wanted to hit up the book-off next, so I left. The book off didn’t have the book either. I was quite sad. They had the Arcana Heart vol 2 manga tho, for 350 yen, so I picked that up. Because I really wanted to know what happened in the series, I just went to a small bookstore and bought it new for 600 yen. So sad. I headed out after that and took the train home. I read about half the book on the way home. I got home, and stayed up too late reading the other half. Sigh.

Yesterday I went to this restaurant with Rai right near my apt. It’s a nice place, but honestly too expensive for not enough food. I headed home after that, and cleaned up and stuff, and yet again stayed up too late because I’m stupid. I have a buncha free periods today at work, so I’m trying to kill time, and what better way to do it than write my blog (which looks like work)?

That’s all for this week! Next week is the Demon Bride loc test/tourney, so I’m gonna get there Friday night and then go to the arcade as early as possible sat morning. w00t. LEAVE COMMENTS. <3