Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL - Season 2 - Chance Encounter

Ok time for my blog again.

Friday night I stayed up late playing BB and stuff.

Saturday I slept till about 10ish or so, took my time in the morning, and headed out around 1ish or so. The bus to Kobe only comes once an hour, and I forgot to check the time, and kinda just left whenever. I stopped by the ATM and walked to the bus stop, and conveniently, I got there about 2 minutes before the bus showed up. Not too bad for not being careful.

I got to Kobe around 230ish or so. I stopped by Game in Coo and checked out their DB setup, 100 yen for 2/3 rounds, eew. I played against some guy who was about to lose to the final boss. I used Nina, and left after I lost to the final boss. I went to this one katsudon place across the street and got a katsudon. The one I got had 2 eggs on top, and it was really good. I finished the whole thing. I checked out Magical Space after that. It was 100 yen for 2/3 rounds too. I went to the Sega arcade across the street, and like usual, it just so happened that there was a BB event going on. It was a freeplay thing, and then a tourney. I got there 15 minutes before the tourney.

The tourney started, some notable players that were there were Naaga, a Nu player who beat me the first time I entered an SBO qual for BB. This Jin player that also beat me at the last tourney I went to, and mashy Noel was there, of course. There were 15 people total. They made 3 pools of 4 people, and 1 pool of 3 people.

I was in a pool with a ragna, a litchi, and a taokaka. I played the Ragna first, and beat him pretty bad. I played the taokaka next, and beat him pretty badly too. I then played the litchi last and ended up double perfecting him. He kinda had this like “wow I just got owned” look on his face.

The top 2 from each bracket went onto the single elim 8 man bracket, and the bottom 2 went onto the “consolation bracket”, another single elim 8 man bracket. I played the ragna I played first round again and beat him 2-0. Next, I played this Rachel player and beat him 2-0. After that was the finals against Naaga. I beat his nu 2-0, so I just won the tourney…without losing a single round…

Anyways, Mashy noel somehow managed to mash his way to finals. It was looking grim, but he managed to mash his way to victory. I was mad surprised, but Mashy Noel took the consolation bracket victory! He was really happy, especially when everyone clapped for him. I talked to him for a little and told him it was cool that Noel won both tournaments. Especially since in most tournies I enter, there’s only 2 Noel players, me and him.

I played some demon bride against the BB guys after that, it was 100 yen for 3/5 rounds, which is tolerable. I played Nina and I got a couple wins, but I felt like I peaked with her already and the game has only been out for a very short time. After a bit, I left and headed to Osaka. I stopped by this one small arcade that has like, 2 demon bride machines in High Def, and it’s 3/5 rounds 2 credits for 100 yen. I played one credit as Noah, and one as Yui. I couldn’t decide which I liked better.

After that I went to Athena, and they only had one machine there, and it was a Saturday night so it was crowded, so instead of waiting, I just played AH2 against this Fiona player for a while. After that, I played some BB. I beat a nu player and then this Hakumen player challenged me like, 8 times in a row. As I was sitting there playing, this dude came up to me and was like (in English) “Are you Rob?” I was like “yeah?” he was like “I’m EvilLinkz, I read your blog!” I was like “oh snap”. It was really random that he showed up. He mentioned that he was coming to Japan, but for him to go to Athena and just kinda come up to me and be like “Hey are you Rob?” really threw me off. Anyways, apparently, him and his friend were walking around Namba for like, 2 hours looking for their hotel. They had the name of the place (Semba Toyoko Inn), but no directions, no closest station, no address cause they forgot to print it out.

So I left Athena and went with them to a convenience store, but they had never heard of “Semba”, so we went to the station. I looked on the subway map, and there was a station called “Sembashi-oosomething”. I figured it was worth a shot, so we went there. It was way out of the way, took about a half hour to get there. I was wondering why they got a hotel in such a remote place, but we went through with it. I went and asked the station guy where the Toyoko Inn was around there, but this guy, contrary to normal train guys started like, spazzing out and yelling really fast in Japanese something like “THERE ISN’T A HOTEL HERE YOU HAVE TO GO TO PLATFORM ONE AND GO TO MORIMACHI STATION THERE ISNT ONE HERE DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!” I was like “umm…ok…” and then I just went to the manager’s office and asked them. They checked their computers and found no toyoko inn’s in the area. They said the only 4 in the area are:
Higashi Umeda, Juso, Shin Osaka, and Temmabashi. I called Higashi Umeda’s Toyoko Inn and they said they had no reservation. I called the Temmabashi one, and they said the same thing. Just then, one of the guys came out saying they have the # for the Semba Toyoko Inn. I thanked them, called them and they had the reservation. I asked what the closest station was, and they said “Honmachi on the midosuji line”. That stop is literally 2 stops, or a 4 minute train ride from where we started in Namba. Ugh.

We took the train a half hour back, and got to Honmachi. I knew the area pretty well, and it turns out the Shinsaibashi walk that I used to do all the time has an area at the beginning called “Semba”. Ugh. I wish I knew that earlier. Oh well. So we get to the hotel and they check in, and I head off. In about 15 minutes, I managed to walk to the 8 hour internet café. I got the LAST mat booth, and went to sleep for a while.

I got out of there around 8:30. I went to Athena, and there was a dude playing! He was using Shiffon, the fairy on a clown head. I used Noah and won a game, then switched to Yui after he beat me. I won like, 8 games in a row with her, but I had to go so I let him win. I walked back to the hotel, picked up Kevin and Kelvin, and then went BACK the direction I just came from. We walked through shinsaibashi, but they didn’t want to stop anywhere. We got to Namba and went to the Taito station to kill some time. Kelvin wanted to play the gundam pod game, so he played it, and thought it was cool and stuff. They recorded some vids of it and then we left. We went to Matsuya and got some beef bowls. After that, we walked around the Den, but they didn’t buy much of anything, nor did they spend much time looking. They bought a couple things, but overall, not much. I was getting tired and wanted to play DB, so I went to Athena and they followed me there. I proceeded to play DB, arcana, etc. I could see they were bored, but I guess they didn’t know how to get back, so they waited for me to leave before they left. I left around 3:45 to go to my friend Andrew (Reno)’s place in Nishonomiya.

I said bye to Kevin and Kelvin. Apparantly they’re in Osaka for like, 8 days, but have no plans except Spa World on Monday. Makes me wonder why they’re even here, but whatever, not really my problem. Hopefully they find interesting stuff to do otherwise I dunno how they’re gonna spend 8 days without ANY idea of what they’re gonna do in Osaka, or kansai in general. So much cool stuff, but they really don’t have any idea what they want to do, seems like a bit of a waste, but hopefully they found good things to do like, go to Kyoto and see temples, go to Nara and see the deer, go to Kobe and eat some kobe beef, check out himeji castle, etc.

Anyways, so I went to Reno’s place, we chilled and played some SC2 for a while. It was nice to just hang out. He had this Chun Li wallscroll that his GF didn’t like, so he gave it to me. It is kind of otaku tho, so I dunno if I’ll hang it up or not…lol…after that, his friend Ayako came and we watched The Dark Knight. I’ve never seen TDK before, so it was nice to watch it. I liked it, tho I thought it was a little too long. After that, I headed home and began my next week…

Lets see, today is Wed, so I move tomorrow, and might not have internet for a while...this weekend I've got a tourney on Sat for SC3 and for BB at Ko-hatsu. Sunday I don't have plans. Next week Wed begins my Tokyo trip for about 2 weeks. I'm really excited for it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - Evo 2K9

Hey all, time for my weekly update:

As you know, I went to Vegas for evo.

Wed, I had my last day of work before the trip. I was really tired, so I took a long nap right after work. I hung out and played some TvC and HnK against Bill. I remembered that we sessioned in HnK a long time ago, but I completely forgot all of my Rei combos and stuff, so I was just messing around with Mr Heart, too. It was pretty fun. I left after a while and went home and stayed up late getting ready and stuff, playing games online, etc. I went to bed around 6AM, and woke up around 10:15. I got ready and left close to 11. Caught the bus and went to Sannomiya. It was about 12:45ish when I got there, and I caught the 1PM bus to the airport. That took about an hour 15, so I got to the airport around 2:15. I got checked in, and since my flight didn’t leave until 5PMish, I had plenty of time to kill. I found a good spot to sit, where I could plug my computer and a lan cable in, and just pretty much sat there on the internet talking on IRC for a couple hours until they started boarding.

We boarded and I began the looong plane flight. It was around 10 hours and 15 minutes. It would have been about a half hour shorter, but some Japanese dude said he was “sick” and couldn’t stay on the plane. So we had to turn around, get him off the plane (tho apparently he was ok, just didn’t want to fly or some dumb excuse like that), and then go back to where we started. Then his friends apparently wanted to get off the plane too, but the crew was like “no”. Eventually, we started going. I have a hard time falling asleep on planes, so I was kind of in the half awake half asleep state for most of the trip. Too tired to do stuff, but too awake to be asleep. It kinda sucked. Finally I got to San Francisco. I was finally in America! It was just the airport, but it was still kinda neat. I bought a sudoku book to kill time, and then took my domestic flight to Las Vegas. I got there, got my luggage, and then I just sat down and used the free wireless at the airport to get in contact with Jason (AATOMIC), so he could pick us up. I went to the bathroom, and as I was walking out, I was about to call Colin (KaB), but I saw him going down the escalator just as I was walking past. We met up, got Colin’s luggage and I used his cell phone to meet up with Ryan (fubarduck). We met up with Jason and he gave us a ride back to the rio/gold coast. We checked in, dropped our stuff off, and hung around for a bit playing games.

After waiting a bit for some people, we went to this awesome Chicken Finger place. They had great chicken fingers (been a long time since I’ve had any), along with this awesome sauce that goes with it. It was really really good. After that, we checked out gamestop, but I didn’t see any games worth getting, so we just left. We went to Target right after that, and I got a bunch of stuff. New socks, sunglasses, a ton of slim jims, candy, toothpaste, etc. I spent about $130 on stuff, and it was well worth it.

After that, we went back to the room and played some BB. Me and Colin decided to head to the pool after that, though. We hung out there for a while, then went in the Jacuzzi for a while. We headed back to our room and just chilled there until Nas, Bell, and HFBlade came. We played more BB and just took it easy. We went to bed around 2ish. I had a hard time falling asleep, and not only that, I kinda felt a dull pain right where I had my kidney stones like, a couple years ago. I thought that I might be getting them again, so I went around and drank a ton of water and just walked around for a while (until like, 6AM). I finally fell asleep for a couple hours and woke up, and I was fine, so thankfully nothing happened, but I was still kinda worried. I woke up around 8ish for the tournament. I showered and went down to the convention center with Colin. Aksys said that they would start signups at 9AM, but they were nowhere to be found. It took them like, an hour before they even got close to being set up. They finally started taking signups and when it ended, they had 189 people signed up for the tourney.

They started it at about 12:30-1:00. Then, the beginning of the slowest tournament at evo started. The good things about the tournament:
-6 tournament setups
-190 people (lots of interest)
-really strong start
-lots of good players and hype
-no technical errors

the bad things:
-190 people takes a LONG time
-It takes even longer when people leave
-It takes a LOT longer when the tourney organizers don’t disqualify people.

What they should have done was have 1 person taking care of 2 tvs. One person is in charge of making sure that matches are played on one of the 2 tvs they’re in charge of. They should have one person with the bracket, one person with a megaphone (that actually works), and one person with the little whiteboard. 6 people or so, and it would have been way more organized. More than that, they should have DQed people after they didn’t show up for 5 minutes. I even told them once that one dude left the BUILDING to eat, and they still had his name on the board for another 15 minutes waiting on him to show up. I’m not dissing any of them in particular, because 190 people is insane, but because of that, you HAVE TO DQ PEOPLE. When there’s THAT MANY people waiting to play, telling the people who are doing it right and waiting there that they have to wait more because of people who AREN’T there is pretty insulting. That’s essentially catering to those who aren’t showing up rather than to those who are there.

That, or they could have done it in pool format, but that’s a lot harder with no prep time.

Anyways, the tourney went fine, and finally when it was all over, I was able to go out and eat. I went to TGIFridays with the #arcana crew, and just had a great time hanging out with them. After that, we went back to the room and pretty much went to sleep. I woke up around 4AM and couldn’t fall back asleep until 6AM, so I just listened to my ipod to keep myself entertained while laying there. Woke up at 8AM again, went to the main hall, watched SCIV pools and joined the team tournament. Thankfully, the BB team tourney was single elim, so it was a lot shorter. Our team got to finals, yay. Anyways, after that, Latiff wanted to play some GNT4, so we did an FT5, and I barely won 5-4. It was fun, and he’s the most solid player I’ve ever played against.

I went and ate at the buffet with Ryan after that, it was super good, and I had a buncha great food that I can’t eat here. After that, I went and gambled $1 worth in the penny slots. It was fun for the $1, and then Ryan played some roulette. It was pretty cool. After that, we went back to the room, and I met up with Mike Z, and I wanted to MM him in order to play him more because of how badly he beat me in the team tournament. I hung out there for a while playing and then I went back to the ballroom. I watched the 5v5 for a while, and then I went with Esom and Luke (Koichi) back to play SC2 in my room. I called Colin and told him we were coming. First off, I forgot my room number. Second off, I knocked on the door for like, 10 minutes, and Colin STILL didn’t answer. I was pretty pissed, so we ended up just going to TGIF again and ate some cheap appetizers. I went back and knocked again but at least he answered. I don’t know where he went, but that kinda sucked because I was looking forward to playing SC2 with those guys, but because I didn’t have a cell phone or a room key, I was “boned”. I went to bed and stayed asleep until like, 10AM.

I got up and headed over to the ballroom for SC4 finals. I watched GG finals, and then T6 finals before SC4 finals started. I watched that, and then went and played some SC2 against a couple of guys, and then went and played some more GNT4 against Latiff. I went back to the ballroom because I thought we were playing soon. Turns out we weren’t, and I ended up watching the dogface show and the HD remix finals. After that, we played our finals, I did my interview, and watched SFIV finals. It was good times. After that, we ate yet against at TGIF. Jason took me around to a grocery store so I could pick up some more stuff, and I got a slurpee at 7-11, and then went back to my room and played BB and poverty games for a while. I got packed and then around 5:15AM I headed out and went to the airport. I ended up seeing Aaron (AKA) and Travis (Klaige) at the airport, so we got some food and talked for a while, it was cool. I then got on my plane to SFO, but I was in a middle seat and had a hard time sleeping. I got on the plane to Osaka after that (tho I was ready to pass out hardcore), and apparently, I sat down, put on my blanket, and just passed out for 6 hours. That’s over half the flight right there! I just chilled for the other half of the flight and got to Japan, got my bags and took the bus to Sannomiya. That was another hour 15, I stopped by Cocos and got some cheese curry before heading home. I took the bus home, and just stayed up until 11:30 or so (to not have jet lag) and got up at 7AM the next day for work. Good times. It’s good to be back

I didn’t feel like writing much, and this was prolly really boring, but evo was fun. I won enough money to pay for my trip, so it was really worth going. I’m glad I decided to go through with it. SBO is in a couple weeks, so I’m gonna train for that I guess. Dunno my plans for this weekend, so I guess we’ll see. TTYL

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - Change of pace part 2

zzz…I mean, hi guys! It’s Monday and I’m surprisingly[/sarcasm] not too busy at work right now. This weekend was pretty fun overall. The past week I spent most of it playing Blazblue and mtg online. I get so annoyed at online players, but I know I’m getting better, so all that anger feels worth it because I need to be in the best shape possible for SBO.

So Friday I decided to do the fun thing and stay up late since I could sleep late. Midnite came around and I was doing fine. 1AM, still doing good, playing blazblue and then mtg vs dan. Around 2ish or so, dan had to go to bed. I ended up playing MORE bb online (not a good idea at 2:30 in the morning, but im too addicted). 4AM rolled around before I finally put down the controller. Then I decided to go online. Again, not a good idea because it took another hour before I was able to tear myself away from the computer to go to bed. So around 5:30 I was able to go to sleep. I woke up around noonish and played a bit of BB and went on the computer for a bit. I showered and left around 1:30 to meet up with EmptyShiki around 4ish. I got lucky and caught the trains going to Osaka right when I got to Ono station and to the station where I change trains at Shinkaichi. It saved me at least 15-20 minutes of pointless waiting. I ended up getting to Osaka around 3:40. I went to Subway and got a sub really quickly and then waited for EmptyShiki. I said 4PM, but since it was his first time to Namba, I expected it to be closer to 4:30 PM when he would show. I was talking to Dan a bit and while I was texting him, EmptyShiki (Case) showed up. He was actually a minute early, a nice unexpected surprise. So we walked around namba a bit, stopped off at a book off, a big tiger, sofmap, etc. Then I had to go to Athena for a 2v2 BB tourney at 6, so we went there.

I partnered with Abeshi again. There were 16 teams, and it was run in a format with 4 Round Robin brackets of 4 teams. The top 2 teams advance. The SBO players there were the first guy who qual’d with Arakune, Tsukasa with Nu, Ribaia with Nu, and myself. All 4 of us were on different teams. So I ended up in the D bracket, so we didn’t even play until like, over an hour after it started. The A bracket winner was the SBO Arakune team, 2nd place being Galileo’s Tager and Eesuke’s Carl. B bracket winner was Ribaia’s Nu and Jagar’s Rachel with 2nd place being Nyamo’s bang (actually beat Ribaia in the tourney) and another Nu, but they lost to the Mashy Noel team somehow, so they ended up in 2nd place. The C bracket winner was Tall Litchi Man and Tsukasa, with a Hakumen/Tager team in 2nd place. The scrubby Tager player that I hate playing against was there and got partnered with one of the guys who works at Athena who uses carl. Scrubby tager got OWNED tho, and I was happy to see that.

So next was the D bracket. The teams were two Taokaka’s, both were decent. A Nu/Arakune team of guys who recently started playing I think, and then a team of a Taokaka player who just started and a Litchi player who was actually pretty good. We played the Tao/Litchi team first, I beat Taokaka pretty badly. Abeshi owned the Litchi the first round, and then lost the 2nd round. He went for an astral the 3rd round, but missed, but still ended up winning the match, thankfully. Next, we played the Nu/Arakune team. The Arakune was the same guy I beat at the last Ko-hatsu tourney, and I beat him pretty bad this tourney. Abeshi owned the Nu player pretty hard. Next was the Taokaka battle. The lesser of the two players went against Abeshi first, and Abeshi barely won, but he still won. I then beat the other guy pretty bad and got a really cool airthrow near the end. So we won our bracket, and the other players played and Taokaka x2 team got 2nd. The Litchi player wasn’t bad, but his partner was worthless and couldn’t ever finish off 2 other guys, even if he beat one.

Next, the 2nd place teams put themselves in the bracket. The first place teams then, based off card order, got to pick where they wanted to put themselves in the bracket. Tsukasa/Tall Litchi man team put themselves against the Hakumen/Tager team first. We got to choose next and we put ourselves against the taokaka team again. Arakune team went against Bang team, and that meant Ribaia’s team was against Galileo’s team. We played our first match, and this time, the opponents switched who they were using vs who. They put their stronger guy against Abeshi. Abeshi looked like he was about to lose but made a huge comeback in the third round and won. I beat the other taokaka player without too much of a problem. Ribaia’s team BARELY beat the Tager/Carl team. It was a stupid match though, Nu just turtled away forever throwing swords that Tager can’t do anything about. Eesuke’s carl beat Jagar’s Rachel surprisingly, but then lost to Ribaia pretty badly. Oh well. The bang team beat the arakune team, with Nu taking down arakune, and bang taking down taokaka. Tall Litchi Man/Tsukasa team owned team Hakumen/tager.

Next was me vs Ribaia team, but Abeshi disappeared YET AGAIN, so the other team went first. Apparantly he went to the bathroom but didn’t tell anyone. Not a huge surprise tho. Anyways, Bang team lost to Tall Litchi Man team. So TLM and Tsukasa are in finals. We play Ribaia team. Abeshi beats Jagar. I play Ribaia and I fail miserably. Abeshi plays him and ALMOST beats him, but Nu recovered like, 1 or 2 frames too quickly and blocked Ragna’s super from mid screen (when it looked like she should have been hit). We then played Bang/Nu team. I played the Nu player and beat him 2 rounds in a row. Abeshi beat the bang player with a clutch blood kain at the end. So we ended up getting 3rd place!

Tall Litchi man then played Jagar’s Rachel. He was down by a ton of life in the last round, and then Jagar bursted at like, 90% hoping to turtle with like, 30 seconds left and then ended up losing at the VERY end. It was awesome, everyone went nuts. Then Tsukasa vs Ribaia ended with like, the whole “LAST HIT WINS” and Tsukasa BARELY got it. So there we go, Tsukasa/Tall Litchi Man team wins the tourney!

Anyways, they give us prizes and stuff! So me and Abeshi each got a bag of stuff for 3rd place, we got like, a small kurone keychain, a niconico song sounddrop type thing, an asuka figure in bloomers from eva, and a small higurashi figure of the green haired girl. We also got a buncha free credit tickets, and Abeshi gave them all to me as a thanks. Somewhere near the end of the tourney, Dan showed up. Because Dan talked a lot to ribaia last time, Ribaia started talking to us. He got a prize bag too, looked at it and gave it to dan saying something along the lines of “it’s a pain to bring this home, so you can have it”. Inside of it was a gode geass figure, a mikuru in a bunny suit figure, and a lucky star cake thing of some sort? Afterwards, we said bye to everyone and then went to Coco’s to eat. There, we divvied up the prizes because there was stuff I didn’t care for that Case or Dan wanted or whatever. We got some curry and ate. Case then took the ice that was in the pitcher and put it in his thermos, spilling a buncha ice in the process. The staff is gonna check it and be like WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR ICE?!

Anyways, so we left and went to some other arcades. We pretty much ended at sega avion. Case played some Garou against this one dude for a while, and I played a couple matches of Tekken. Case played some BB and is learning Nu. After he lost, he went to play TvC. The thing is, it was this one old dude playing on one of those machines that had two sticks in one machine. Generally, nobody ever challenges you when you’re playing on those, but since it was the only TvC machine there, Case wanted to play. So he kinda hovered around the old dude for a while, and the old dude was trying to ignore him, then he kinda like, reached around and put 100 yen in and pulled up a chair, and the old dude kinda gave this WTF look, and they played side by side. It was pretty funny to watch, cause it’s not something that people normally do. After that, I went and played him in TvC for a while until like, 11:30ish, when it was time to head to the manga café.

We got to the 10 hour place and got 3 mat booths all next to each other. We drank a buncha free drinks for a while and then we just chilled in our rooms watching vids on youtube or whatever. I read some more of the Usagi majhong manga and then went to sleep. The thing is, our seats were right under the air conditioner, so even with a blanket, it was pretty chilly. Oh well, I still slept well enough I guess. Anyways, we got out of there and stuff, and then headed out.

Our first stop was the Axe tower right near the manga café. They had a blazblue machine, so Case could practice some Nu. I played a bit of tekken, and then went and played the Usagi Majhong game. I got owned a couple times in a row, but then I ended up making it to like, the 4th stage or something, which was really good. I love the reactions when you get a winning hand, like, a surprised face shows up, and like, an exclamation mark pops up after that with some intense sounds. So good. After that, we headed to McDonalds and Dan and Case got some food. We then walked over to Denden and started to walk around various figure stores and whatnot. I don’t really remember too much about this. We just walked around stores for a while until Toshi called. Then we headed over to Athena to meet up with him. They played a bit of blaz (I played some Arcana), and then we headed out and did some Karaoke. It was Case’s first time going Karaoke, so he didn’t really have any songs to sing or had much of an idea of what he wanted to do, but now that he’s gone, he has a good idea of what it’s like, and says he’ll prepare stuff for the next time he goes. It was fun though, we did a buncha songs, and it’s been a long time since I’ve been karaoke, so it was fun, too.

After that, we went to the one arcade that has like, no FGs except BB and the gundam game, but they have BB for 4/7 rounds 2 credits 100 yen, so it’s technically the most play for your money. Case played this one guy who was playing Tao and owned him, then the guy switched to Jin and just spammed ice slide and started winning. Toshi beat him after a couple tries and then Case played Toshi and started losing to arakune nonsense. I tried Arakune for a bit, but he feels too weird for me, and I didn’t know how to do stuff, so I was getting owned. Toshi eventually lost, and I played Case with my Tao. Since we had to go after that, I purposely let dan play Jin next against him. After that match, we headed out to meet up with Andrew (reno) to go to this meetup that he suggested we go to. We met up with him and headed there.

It ended up being in this little bar called “the hub”. It was still happy hour when we got there, so drinks were really cheap. I got a 260 yen big glass of rum and coke. Since I’m not a fast drinker, it lasted for a while. Right before happy hour ended, I got a mojito because I heard good things about them. It was good, and I was starting to ease up. I ended up just talking to a buncha various Japanese people (mostly in Japanese with some English). People were switching seats a bunch so I got to talk to a lot of different people. Everyone else kinda headed out one by one, Dan first, then Andrew, then I left with Case to show him how to get back to the station, and then Toshi left after us. It was nice to just meet new people and talk a bunch. It was a good change of pace from the usual “hang out at the arcade all night and then go home” without meeting people. I’ll probably end up meeting with some more of those people again sometime, but yeah, quite the opposite from what my normal schedule looks like on a normal weekend, lol. Either way, Dan agreed that it was nice to change things up.

Anyways, I walked case to the station, and someone dropped a penny on the floor. I THOUGHT it was Case, so I was like “oh, you dropped that” and he picked it up, but I think some other dude dropped it and just kinda watched as like, he dropped a penny and Case just picked it up and walked away. Pretty funny. He headed off and I went back home, making it back around 11:30.

Monday night was the ALT farewell party for the two leaving ALTs. I went there, and a few of my students were there, but similar to at school, they ignored me. I ended up being a wallflower with Bill and with Cameron (another ALT). It wasn’t too bad, I got in for free and got some free food, so it wasn’t a huge loss. It was just kind of boring. It could have been worse, but I’m glad Bill was there cause otherwise I would have been really bored I think. I headed home after that and got all packed and ready. I just have to pick up a few things from the basement of the Board of Education building and then I’ll be ready.

That’s all for this blog. I leave for Vegas in a couple days, and I’m reallllllly hype. Only a couple days moreeeeee (+10 hour flight). I’ll see all the cool kids there at Vegas!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL COMMERCIAL BREAK - Interview

Hey guys, I got interviewed by Dark_Vincent of the Brazilian Gaming blog website, http://www.portalversus.com.

Anyways, the interview is here:

It discusses Blazblue to many different degrees. Obviously it's been translated, as I don't speak any Latino languages of any sort. He sent me the original in English, and I figured I would post it here. Here you go:

"Versus Exclusive - 10 Questions about BlazBlue
Blazblue approaches its official release on console in North America (it's out today!!) and avid fighters around the world are eager to get their hands on the game while others seem skeptical about it for one reason or another. However, nearly everyone are at least curious about it. Even though it's already out there in Japanese Arcades since November last year, few outside Japan had the chance to try it out personally. Here in Brazil it's not known of any place that has access to this version.

With this in mind, we at Versus got in touch with someone who not only plays BlazBlue since its release, but is possibly the best western player in this game. We are talking about Rob, also known as HeartNana or 'XCTU', the only American to qualify for the BlazBlue tournament at Tougeki 2009 - Super Battle Opera (SBO), one of the biggest fighting game competitions in the world that happens every year in Japan.

It's with great honor that I present you Portal Versus' first exclusive interview, with HeartNana.

- by Thiago "Dark Vincent" Leite

Dark Vincent: What would you consider BlazBlue's strongest attribute that differs it from other fighting games out there right now?

HeartNana: I think it's the fact that it's extremely pretty, as far as 2D fighters go, and it's quite easy to get into.

DV: The Guilty Gear series, Arc System Works' previous work, was perfected over the years and is still played competitively to this day. This is a strong legacy that only the best of the best out there have achieved. From a high-level player perspective such as yours, do you think BlazBlue is solid enough to remain competitive and played in big tournaments over the next years?

HN: As a standalone game, like most other games, I think it would die out, but if Aksys does what they did with GG and keeps making upgrades to the system, and adding new characters, and just making it really fun, I think it can keep going over the years.

DV: You told me you didn't play Guilty Gear before BlazBlue. Why not?

HN: Well, I used to play GG a bit during #reload days. I would go to tournaments for that, but I was never that great at it. As far as Accent Core, I played it a BIT in Chicago, but that was really only because other people were playing it. The main reason I didn't play it much was because there wasn't a character in it that particularly stood out to me. Normally, in fighters, I like a character based off either looks or playstyle, but there wasn't either of those in AC for me, so I had no motivation to play it.

DV: Ok, this leads me to the next question. Many players out there hold onto the "spiritual successor of Guilty Gear" catch-phrase to justify their expectations around the new game. Some think that since they know everything about GG, the transition to BlazBlue will be seamless and they will have a big advantage over those who didn't play ASW's old franchise. Some others, however, think that since they didn't like Guilty Gear or couldn't get used to its gameplay, chances are BlazBlue is just "more of the same" in a negative way. In general, I feel the game looks a bit intimidating at a first glance with so many gauges and whatnot to keep track of and a dozen different maneuvers to learn in order to at least move around properly. Anyways, how do you envision these point of views? Do you have anything to say regarding your own experience learning BlazBlue?

HN: Well, more than Guilty Gear experience, I think 2D fighting game experience overall plays a huge part in getting good at Blazblue. The top GG players are just good at 2D fighters in general, so it probably wouldn't be as hard for them to pick up as it is for someone who's inexperienced in games. I think people tend to confuse "being good at GG = able to be good at BB" with "Being good at 2D fighters = able to be good at BB". It is true that a lot of games coming out these days are "more of the same." They tend to be combo heavy, and have a lot of movement and CRAZY stuff going on. I will agree that if you don't like that style of game, BB isn't gonna change that point of view, but I still think that it's relatively easy to pick up. Though as you know, fun is relative. For my own experience in Blazblue, I went into it treating it like a new game, playing a new character that could do things unlike other characters in other fighting games. From there, I just kept on playing, and started off with gimped out combos and stuff, but slowly and slowly, I was starting to win, and I was able to understand what was going on. To me, it wasn't that intimidating because when I started playing, not everyone was using all the broke stuff, other people were figuring out the game, too, and so as other people improved, I just improved with them, without really thinking "OK IM GOING FOR THE GOLD!" I didn't want to lose, of course, but my mindset when going into it wasn't about "I GOTTA GET SUPER GOOD AT THIS!" That kind of just happened, and I don't think it really has any relation to anything aside from my previous FG experience, and the fact that BB, and more importantly, Noel, just really clicked with me.

DV: Some people are concerned that the character roster is too small, but at the same time I can't help but remind them that for most FGs with a big character selection, only a few are played in a competitive way. How do you feel about this in regards to the BlazBlue characters? Do you think the 12 characters are well-balanced for competition at all levels or are there any discrepancies that should be looked out for?

HN: I think that 12 characters is a good start. As the series progresses, there will be more, and they're surely not going to take out characters. However, as far as balance goes, for the first iteration of the game, I'll say it's pretty good. However, as a whole, I think it's actually quite unbalanced. Some of the matchups in the game are ridiculous, and I do believe some of the characters require very little thinking to pull off high damage and easy setups, while other characters have to work really hard for the chance to even hit the other character. It may seem obvious but the characters that can have a ton of stuff on the screen and attack with stuff that isn't their own body are the ones who are dominating (Nu, Arakune, Rachel). I will admit that it's very frustrating sometimes, especially against Nu, because not only can she hit me hard from full screen, but she can run away so easily, has high priority normals, and some of the highest damage in the game. I'm hoping that there's an upgrade soon that makes it more balanced because it's a really fun game aside from the obvious "top tier being too good" problem.

DV: Who's your main character in BlazBlue and why did you pick him/her? Do you have any secondaries?

HN: My main character has been Noel from day 1. I saw the preview art for her, and I loved her character design. I've been playing gun girls recently in fighters (Petra in AH2, Shion in MB, Saki in TvC, and a few donjon games where there's girls with guns, too), so Noel fit in perfectly. She just looked really cute (and I love cute!), and I also really like her beret, that was the selling point for me, haha. However, that only goes so far usually, because after PLAYING the game, I end up changing characters a lot because I find a better character to suit my playstyle, but it just so happened that Noel was not only pretty good for me, but absolutely perfect for how I play. As far as secondaries, I'm using Taokaka on the side, but I'll never pull her out in tournies, because it got to the point when I was at the arcades and there were people playing me, but not only were they "kinda" bad, they were REALLY bad, as in, learning moves from the movelist on the cabinet, so I decided I needed another character i can just mess around with against lower level opponents. Taokaka's combos look fun, and I like her design, too, she's hilarious, so I went with that

DV: What is your recommendation to new players getting into the game, in terms of character choice?

HN: I recommend to play the character you want to play. A lot of people think that they can learn an "easy" character and then just switch to the harder one when they get used to the system, but I think that's the wrong way to go about doing it. I think that if you play the character you want to from the start, then it'll be easier to understand the game from the perspective of someone playing that character. A lot of times, people will play an easy character, and then they'll try to switch to a harder character, the thing is, when they switch, they'll start losing A LOT. It's not like SFIV, the characters are way too different, combo-wise and move-wise. There's way more situational combos and everything in BB, so if you can't pull off the situational combos, then you're losing a lot of damage, and if you were just playing that character from the start, you would understand the situational stuff a lot better. So after they start losing, they'll just realize that the character IS hard, and knowing the system of BB doesn't really make it easier to learn a hard character, and they'll end up just sticking with the easy character that they may not even really want to play. If you're not even playing the character you want to play, then why play the game? That's how I see it at least.

DV: How many hours a week do you put into the game in order to keep your skills always at a high level?

HN: Well, before console release (5 days ago), I played pretty much on weekends only. I work 5 days a week, and the closest arcade is probably about 2 hours travel time each way, so it's not really worth it to go to the arcade at 4:30, arrive at 6:30, and leave at 9ish to catch the bus/train back. It's expensive to do that, and I'm too tired from work to do that often anyways. So I generally only play on weekends. Depending on the weekend depends on how much I play. I say I would average 8 hours a week. There were some weeks where I barely played, due to other things going on, or being sick, or playing other games, and there are weekends when I've spent entire days just hanging out at the arcade.

DV: Despite being an Arcade player, are you excited for the console release of BlazBlue? With the game being fairly new, do you expect that reaching a broader audience around the world will help revealing some sort of untapped potential that Arcade players haven't found out yet?

HN: Well, console release is out here already, and I was definitely excited for it! Because I can only play on weekends at the arcade, it gives me a lot of time during the weekdays to be able to play! Just recently, I played a long set (over 30 games!) against Ren's Jin. He lives in Tokyo, and because of the console release, I was able to play him. It makes a huge difference for me to be able to play people online, because not only do i get to play the game during the week (there were times it would be a random tuesday or wed night, and I would get the craving to play, but I couldn't because it was too far away), but it means I can now use my weekends for more than just playing Blazblue. If all I had was the arcade, then I would be spending my whole weekend playing, and wouldn't have as much time to do other stuff. As far as console reaching a broader audience around the world? Yes, I think it does that, but I don't see the level of play getting higher than the arcade scene. There's so many people still playing it in arcades, and currently, the Japanese are the strongest at the game, I would assume, so I think that for other countries to overtake them because of online is highly doubtful. Arcades with lots of competition are really just too powerful. It does help me, personally, because I can learn matchup stuff on weekdays as well, but I don't think that it's changing much for the other Japanese players aside from saving them money from not having to pay to play, and convenience from not having to leave their place to go to the arcade.

DV: As I've told you before, the fighting game scene is relatively small in Brazil, even more so if we consider the next-gen price barrier placed on most people here. A PS3 can cost up to 900 dollars in some places and that's the cheapest console here, just so you have an idea. However, even with all that, we have some very dedicated players, some of which actually have made appearances at big events such as EVO World. Here at Versus we promote several events of our own as well as support initiatives such as EVO South America. So with all this said, I would like to ask you. Do you have any word of advice to aspiring Brazilian BlazBlue players who want to reach "Tournament Level"?

HN: I would suggest that if you're serious about it to just not give up. A main problem that a lot of players have is that if something is overpowered (ie, Nu), they'll just call her cheap and complain and get discouraged, but without doing anything about it, and without putting effort into learning the matchup. The top players of the lower tier characters here don't give up, they stick to their character through good times and bad times. So if you're serious, stick to your character and don't just switch to a top tier because it's the "easy" option. While it's nice to have a second character, if you're counter-matching someone and switching characters, you're not really thinking nearly as hard as if you were playing your character. In the end, because you're so used to having to work so hard, you'll really get better overall, and everyone will improve.

DV: Thanks a lot for your time. We at Portal Versus will be looking forward to your showing on SBO. Good luck Rob, from all Brazilian fighters.

HN: Thanks, I hope you guys enjoy the game, and thanks for always rooting me on!"

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL - Season 2 - 2 hours of no sadlife!

Hi guys! It’s time to update my blog again!

Last week Friday I stayed up really really late playing Blazblue and MTG with Dan. Good times as usual.

Saturday, I woke up and I played some BB online. I wanted to just stay at home and play but I figured it would be good to get out, so I got ready and headed out to Sannomiya, Kobe. There was an SBO qualifier at the Sannomiya Sanx arcade. It’s the very last one, and like, EVERYONE who didn’t qualify was there. Tsukasa was there, too (prolly came along for the trip with like, Tall Litchi Man and whoever else). Naaga (nu player) and Kanimuso (I think that’s his SN, Hakumen player) was there, too, and they both play at the Magical Space a lot, so whenever I go there, I usually see them. I’ve actually lost to both of them in tourney before, so they’re pretty solid players. Anyways, the way the tourney was setup, they had 4 people RR brackets, and the top 2 from each bracket would make it into the finals. It took a while to finish, but there were a lot of interesting matches. Sadly, all the players I was rooting for from Osaka got last place in their bracket (Tall Litchi Man, Galileo, Taoshizu, etc) but Naaga and Kanimuso got first place in their brackets, which was cool. There were 7 pools, so 14 people advanced. The only Ragna player in the tourney won his pool, but lost to a Eru’s Rachel. Eru is part of the Kobe GG crew it seems, and hangs out with like N-Otoko and stuff. There was even a cute girl there playing Nu, and she was doing pretty well. Kanimuso beat a Tager player first round in the top 16. Naaga lost to Den’s Bang. Cute Girl made some crazy comebacks and beat a really good Carl player. The top 4 ended up being Cute Girl vs Kanimuso, with Kanimuso winning, and Eru’s Rachel vs another Hakumen that I see at Kohatsu. Eru’s Rachel won. Finals were Eru vs Kanimuso, and Eru Rachel’d his way to victory. Oh boy.

Right after Eru won, he was all like YES, I DID IT! And was super happy and stuff, and then someone was like “dude, you have to play another match” and he was like “WHAT? I DIDN’T KNOW I HAD TO PLAY AGAIN!” Owned. So then they took pictures etc and began the final match. It was Azuo’s Noel vs Eru’s Rachel. Azuo missed some clutch combos and Eru managed to take the match, so Eru was the next SBO qualifier. Yay, another Rachel in SBO. Anyways, I was wondering why Azuo missed such easy combos, and then I tried playing on those sticks, and like, NOTHING came out. Those were quite possibly the worst sticks I’ve ever played BB on. I played 100 yen worth (2 credits) of BB and then I stopped. While I was playing, I noticed Andre (Ronin-dre, who I met at Azrael’s last gathering) was sitting there watching. I played my last game, lost, and then talked to him. We hung out at the Sanx talking for a bit, and then he went to go get a haircut. I went with him and then just hung out outside listening to my ipod after that. We walked around Sannomiya for a bit after that, and then he went to the Gym. I went to Magical Space and played some Arcana and BB there. BB’s B button was only coming out about half the time, and the stick sucked there, too, so if I wanted to do jump, barrier, I got jump A, and when I wanted to do a clutch j.B, I got empty jump. Games just aren’t as much fun when what you do doesn’t come out, so I just stopped after that one because it wasn’t worth it to continue when I was gonna lose for reasons aside from my own skill.

Andre showed up and I was playing the Fiona guy. I hate playing him because he’ll always win by like, a pixel of life. It’s just really annoying to lose like, EVERYTIME when it’s down to the very end. Anyways, after that, we went out to eat at this Yakitori beef bowl place. It was really good, and I got some soup, too, but it was really strong. Like, imagine an olive garden breadstick, now imagine you take out the bread and just take the grease and put it in a bowl. That’s what the soup tasted like. It was good, but it was very…strong? Anyways, we left after that and walked around for a bit. We stopped by this coffee shop and sat down and just relaxed for a bit, and then went outside to the middle area and sat there. One gaijin dude was inhaling helium and then talking to his Japanese friends I guess, and they might have found it funny, I unno, but I just found it incredibly dumb. We chilled there until about 12:40, when I had to go to an internet café to sleep. I went to the @wan next to magical space, but they ran out of mat rooms, so I said I’d go somewhere else. I went to the @wan about 5 minutes walking from there, and they had one mat room left. I got that room and chilled in there. It was smaller than the other ones, which was actually kinda good because not as many people being there meant it was a lot quieter. I found the majhong manga “Usagi” and I started reading that (first time I read manga at a manga café!). Eventually, I fell asleep and then woke up, and just messed around on the computer until it was time to go.

By that time, it was about 10:50. I walked over to some of the stores in that area, but didn’t really see anything of interest, so I took the train to Namba. I got there and went to Athena. I hung out there playing Tekken and BB until Toshi got there. Once he got there, we walked around Denden a bit and then went back to the Labi. My dad said I should try again with the credit card, and that the reason was that 1 cent/1 yen fees are rejected, but it turns out that they never even did a 1 yen test or anything. My card just simply doesn’t work there. I don’t know why, but that debit card is essentially useless for buying anything in Japan. Hopefully there won’t be a real emergency when I ACTUALLY need to use it, otherwise I’ll be pretty screwed. Anyways, so we tried it, and we waited for a while, and it failed, of course, so now I have to wait until I get a CC before I can get my computer. I was REALLY hoping to have it before my trip, but oh well.

After that, we walked for a bit, but I had to head to Sannomiya again because I had dinner plans with Andrew (Reno) and a friend of his. We met up at Magical Space and then waited in the center area for his friend. She called and we met up with her. We were gonna eat at this place called Torikizoku or something, 280 yen for everything, but they were booked, so we went to another place nearby that had everything for 350 yen. We got there and just ordered a buncha different kinda of food and like, drinks. We just talked about various things and hung out, it was a lot of fun. I had a cocktail and a beer, but I didn’t even get tipsy. I’m able to tolerate the taste of beer more and more, it seems. Sadly, it became 10PMish, and so I had to get going. We all left and paid for the meal and stuff. We exchanged cell phone information, and then we headed out. I ended up getting home around midnite, and I had to wake up extra early (6:15 instead of 7) because of a picture thing at school. So I didn’t get too much sleep. It was worth it, though, and I’m really glad I did something else that weekend besides just play games. It’s really nice to meet people, especially when I’ve been lacking in that dept.

Yesterday (Monday), I was really tired all day, and took like, 2 naps in the teacher’s room. I got home around 5:15, and then stayed up for about an hour before I took a “nap” around 6:30. I ended up waking up around 12:30. Instead of just going back to sleep, I decided to stay up for a bit. I got the urge to play BB at around 1:00 in the morning, so I played it for a bit…which turned into about 2 hours. After that, I was gonna go to bed, but then I ended up going online for another 45 minutes, and didn’t get BACK to bed until about 4AM, and it took me another 45 minutes before I fell asleep. So combined, I got about 8 hours of sleep, which is fine for a night, but I didn’t feel too great about the way I did it…ugh…

Anyways, it’s about 10:30 AM, and I’m not NEARLY as dead as I was yesterday, so hopefully I’ll be able to get stuff done today (like laundry). I’ll try not to stay up too late tonite though, but I can’t make any promises.

This weekend, I’m gonna attempt to meet up with EmptyShiki (chicagoland player), and I’m gonna meet up with Dan and Toshi, and it looks like we’re gonna do some sadlife Karaoke! It should be fun!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - BB console

Hey guys, sorry I’m so late in updating.

Last week I updated my blog. Last Wednesday, I borrowed TvC from Bill and went to training mode to practice some Rock/Morrigan stuff for the SBO qual. Later that night, I checked my phone and found a text from Mike (Elvenshadow) saying that BB is out already! I went over to Wing, which is about 3 minutes away by bike at 10:40 at night. They had it indeed! I bought it and biked back home REALLY fast. I ended up playing online until about 1AM and then I was like “aww, I HAVE to go to sleep, so sad!”

I woke up the next day and went to work. I purposely didn’t bring a lunch (it’s finals so no school lunch), and around 2ish, I asked the vice principal, “Can I go eat lunch, and then go home?” and he was like “sure”, so I did that. All the students already left at that point anyways and there was LITERALLY nothing to do, since I did all my lesson planning and stuff during the 6 free hours I was at school that day already with nothing to do. I went home and just played BB all day pretty much. I got to the #1 spot on the leaderboards at one point, and then I took a break. I figured I wouldn’t be playing it enough to do that again (having a job and going out on weekends and all), but it was nice to be 1st for at least a short while. I played against this one Jin player online who was completely destroying me, and it turned out to be Ren, a Tokyo player who qualified for SBO about a week before I did. I talked to him a bit and friended him after that. I stayed up way too late on Thursday, also.

Friday, I went to work, and it was the last day of finals. They had a long cleaning session, and then club activities for like, 3 or 4 hours, ugh…I stayed until 4ish and then went home. I had an enkai (party with coworkers) that night that was themed around like, the sports tourney coming up and so I had to go to that. I went home and napped for a bit and then headed out. It was pretty much a waste of time tho. I was sitting in a spot where pretty much everyone around me was talking to people around them, and I was stuck in the middle with nobody to talk to. Of course it’s always sashimi and fish stuff at these things, which I’m not particularly a fan of. It’s also the fact that we have the same stuff at like EVERY SINGLE enkai. Always sashimi, and its always way too expensive (5000 yen, ugh). I’m not much of a drinker, so I can’t even really enjoy the unlimited alcohol either. Anyways, after that, I went over to Bill’s and played some TvC against him. It was a lot of fun, and Maria came home from her enkai, too, except she was completely wasted, so I had to go.

Saturday, I planned on going to Osaka with Bill and Maria around 4ish or 5ish. I got up, played Blazblue online, and ended up playing against Tsukasa a bunch! I was ready at about 3ish, and I called Bill, and he gave me the vaguest answer he could possibly give, so I wasn’t sure whether to leave or not. I decided to wait around and so I did my laundry and played more BB online. Right when I was about to leave, I got a message from a person I talk to online, asking me to get these concert tickets, but gave me the details all in JP, without any context. I biked a bunch to some convenience stores, but I couldn’t get what he was looking for. I came back, and he gave me the info I needed, but all in Japanese without really translating (and while I can read JP, a lot of the instructions were in kanji that I don’t really know). At this point, I was getting late meeting up with Dan, so I told him I had to go. The thing is, I didn’t write down any of the info that I didn’t think I needed, so after going a 2nd time, I ended up not having all the info. Because of that, I also JUST missed the train, making me even LATER to meet up with Dan. Ugh.

I finally got to meet up with Dan, I was about a half hour late. We went and got some cheese curry after that and headed to Athena. I played this one Tager player a few matches and Dan was on the other side and said the Tager player was getting all tight and muttering to himself when he was playing me. After that, I ended up beating the game. Nobody was playing, and so we walked to some other arcades like Sega Avion, Taito station, etc. After that, we went BACK to Athena and Dan found some people to play against, so I watched him play. Afterwards, we headed out and went to the manga café. We got the 10 hour deal, and took full advantage of the free drinks. I was exhausted tho, so I went to sleep and stayed passed out for quite a while. I woke up and we headed out.

We stopped by McDonalds but they still had their breakfast menu and Dan wanted a burger. He went to wendys, and while he was there, I went to Mr Donuts and cashed in my 500 point card for a stuffed pon de lion doll. I got a couple donuts, too. We went to Athena after we finished eating, and met up with BNK, who apparently couldn’t buy the console version because he has no money. He played against Dan and started losing, and finally Dan either lost to him or let him win. We headed out after that and walked around the Den for a bit. I picked up a few doujinshi as “presents” for some friends. I didn’t really buy anything else, iirc. When we were walking around the Den, Bill called and said he was at Avion, so me and Dan went there and met up with him. It was about 1PM at this point, but the tourney didn’t start until 3. We met up and watched some TvC and stuff. I killed some time playing T6 against this Hwoarang player. I mostly won, but the dude still got quite a few wins in. Overall, we had some good matches. However, it’s 100 yen a play at avion, not 50 yen like the other places, so I was hesistant on playing too much. Toshi showed up and stuck around for a bit but then went to go TV shopping with Dan at the big electronic store nearby.

We killed enough time for the TvC tourney to start. It’s the last kansai SBO qualifier for TvC. I played first against a PTX player who didn’t do anything really and OCVd him with Rock. After one more match, I was up again. This time, vs a Casshern/Polymar player. I beat that guy with just rock again, making it my 2nd Rock OCV. Bill played a Doronjo player who was really good and beat him pretty bad. I then played a Ken/Ryu player who just turtled with Ken and ran away, and I couldn’t do anything, so I lost. Apparantly that dude won the tourney, and he had a huge winstreak before the tourney, so I wasn’t really expecting to win. Anyways, Bill hung around and watched the rest of the tourney and then went home, and I went with Toshi and Dan to the electronic store and went to buy a Netbook.

After spending a buncha time talking to the guys, filling out the forms, etc, my debit card didn’t work! It’s a Visa, so I have no idea why it wouldn’t work. I was really bummed out tho, because I was really excited to be getting my netbook finally, but it wouldn’t go through. So I was kinda depressed for the rest of the night. We went to a Chinese restaurant to eat and then after hanging out there, we all headed our separate ways. I went home and just went to bed.

Monday, after work, I got home, goofed around on the internet and then went to bed at 7PM and didn’t get out of bed until 7AM. Tuesday, I played BB all night after getting home. Wed was a weird day. Ono has sports days where instead of school, the students have a city-wide tournament for their sports clubs (while the non-sports club students hang out at school all day doing whatever). Since I watch the basketball team, I went to the school where the basketball team was playing and watched there. So my morning was: bike 15 min to school, stamp the attendance sheet, tell the principal I’m going to the other school, and then bike a half hour to that school. Well, our school lost ALL of their games. The boys team lost their two games, and the girls team lost their 2nd year only exhibition match AND the tourney match. After the tourney match final buzzer went off, I was like “oh well” and went to go get lunch (since I didn’t eat yet and it was like, 2;45). But while I was walking out, the first year students, who barely know how to play basketball, started like bawling. Like, their life is over type bawling. I’ve seen people cry for pretty legit reasons, but “our middle school’s basketball team losing a game” does NOT qualify under one of those reasons as far as I’m concerned. During this time, it started to rain. So I biked to the nearest convenience store and didn’t really see any food I wanted. I was debating buying food I didn’t want and going back to the other school, but then I would have to deal with crying kids, so I just said “screw it” and went home, got some food really quick, and then took a nap. After I woke up around 5:30, I played BB and MTG all night, pretty much.

It’s Thursday today. This weekend is the last SBO qualifier for BB. I’m gonna go just because I wanna see who qualifies. Sunday, if my dad can get my debit card working again, I’m gonna try to buy my netbook, otherwise I might have plans hanging out with another friend. I’ll prolly play BB all night tonite, too, if I don’t nap, that is. We’ll see. Hope everyone is enjoying the console version as much as me! Latersz.