Monday, August 31, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - The quest

Ok guys, time to type my blog.

This past weekend was one of those weekends where I didn't really feel like going out, and just kinda wanted to hang out with friends.

Friday, right after work, I rushed home, took the flowers I got from my old school and put them in water, and then changed and headed out. I went straight to Kobe and the first place I went was the Lashabang to try to pick up a figure for a friend, but since I saw it the week before, it was sold out. Oh well. I did happen to see the Saki Majhong set that I was looking for, and it was 10 bucks cheaper there (brand new!) than it was where I was gonna buy it. I picked that up, and it filled up my point card, so I now have 500 yen in credit at that store for whatever I want guilt free, yay!

After that, since I picked up the Saki set already, I ate some cheese curry, and then I just went over to the arcades. I played a bit of Demon Bride, and some guy played me like, 15 matches in a row or so, even tho he kinda seemed like a beginner. I let him get close a few times, but never let him win until I was just kinda really bored and let him win (but I didn't make it obvious). I went to play some other games, but nobody was really playing anything I wanted to play. I went to a few different arcades, and even stopped by the Game in Coo, and since that's a big tekken arcade, I played a little bit of Tekken there, but I just eventually got bored, so I headed out for Osaka and figured that I could have more fun if I just went to Athena and played BB or whatever.

I got to Athena and I saw Rajio playing Tager and he had like, a 35 winstreak or something like that. I decided to play a bit of AH2 first. I won a couple games, lost a couple games, but after other people sat down to play AH2, I decided to just go and play some BB against Rajio. He was up to around 40 at this point, so I played him and beat his tager twice in a row. He switched to Bang, beat me 3-0 in rounds, then I went and beat him and a couple other guys for like, 15 wins in a row until he barely scraped out another win. I headed out after that to the manga cafe area, but not before stopping by the axe tower to play some Usagi Majhong. After I was done there, I went to the manga cafe and read the 6th volume of Saki, and the 10th volume of Usagi. I got “enough” sleep, and then I headed back over to the axe tower once I got out of there.

Back at the axe tower, I played more Usagi majhong. The hosts were there playing Tekken (assumingly they were out all night and since it's morning, their shift is up, so they decided to play Tekken, but for some reason, hosts seem to suck pretty bad at Tekken, so its not worth it for me to play them, but its funny to watch them). After that, I headed over to Athena since stuff wasn't quite open yet. I got there and played this one dude in AH2 for a while, he used 2A lilica because all he did was pretty much mash 2A. Then, after getting bored of that, I played some Blazblue against whoever was there until people stopped playing me. I left and then went off to Denden for the quest of the day.

Goal – To mail 3 packages out of Denden goodies.
Time Limit – By 5PM (before the post office closes) appx 5 hrs
Required Items –
1 xbox 360 elite
1 microsoft 3500 point card
1 blue ray anime dvd
1 saki majhong set (a seperate one, not the one I bought for myself)
3 xbox 360 games

So I decided to venture out into Denden and buy the goods. I have a point card for the Namba Labi, so I figured I would get the 360 and the point card there, and sofmap would be the place for the saki majhong kit if Lashabang didn't have one, and sofmap would also be the place for the games if I couldn't find them somewhere else for cheaper. I ended up checking a few random anime stores and found the blue ray anime for 4000 yen.

I went to Labi and got the xbox and the point card, and got about 2500 yen worth of points on my card. I got the bag and they double bagged it because the 360 was heavy. I walked back to sofmap and got the majhong set and the games, and because you get 5% off on used games if you have a point card, a point card is 500 yen, and I got about 10,000 yen worth of games, I actually save 2 yen AND get a point card out of the deal if I applied for it, so I did that. I get 1% of what I spend back in points, so with that and the majhong kit, I have roughly 200 yen in sofmap points. W00t.

After that, I walked to an internet cafe and got everyones address, and then walked to the post office about 20 minutes away. Once I got there, I got the boxes to ship it in, they gave me tape, and I taped things up and sent them off. It came out to roughly 17500 yen for the shipping. Once that was done, it was kind of a relief. I went back to the axe tower, since it was on the way, and I played some Tekken and Usagi there, and after getting a few wins in Tekken, I lost to this Anna player. After I was done there, I headed back to Athena. Braces Noel Kid was there, and he didn't notice me at first, so I just played Arcana for a bit. After playing that, I headed back to blazblue and played a buncha the players there. I played Ke-chan's rachel and Nu a bunch, and Kouji's tager a few times. While I was waiting for Dan, I played against this Hakumen player who would always be like “AAAH!” on the other side if I got like, a super or did something goofy that ended up working. During this time, Dan ended up showing up. After about 20 games with this guy, I had to go cause I was friggin starving, so I told the guy ggs and that we had to go, and said bye. Me and Dan got some Matsuya after that. We decided to stay at Spa world if they had the 1000 yen deal. We walked there, and they had it, thankfully! After 2 years of promising that one day, we'll head to spa world again, we did it! We got there and got in the baths and just enjoyed the relaxation.

We went in the salt sauna and just talked for a bit. A buncha little kids were they and they were building salt mountains. We stayed there for what felt like an eternity and then got out and showered ourselves off again. After that, we went over to some lawn chairs and relaxed there chillin for a bit. We went to a lukewarm bath after that, and then we headed to the cold water bath area. We slowly emerged ourselves and pretty much hated our lives at that point, but then we went to a warm bath and stayed there for a bit before going to the room with all the chairs and crashing. I didn't realize how tired I was so I put on my headphones and only ended up getting through one song before I was ready to pass out.

I woke up, but I was sooooooooo tired I couldn't even move. I had to kind prep myself up, but it was the most tired I've been waking up in a long time. I was watching a pokemon tournament on TV for a little. The finals was this American kid vs a Japanese kid, and the American kid totally won, and the Japanese kid started crying. It was awesome. Go America, show them who's boss in the world of da pokeymens. Dan woke up and came over to where I was laying down and so we got up and went in a couple more baths before we got freshened up and headed out of there.

We left spa world and headed to the closest McDonalds. We got some breakfast foods and then I decided to show Dan more stuff about Majhong, so I busted out my new majhong kit and showed him all the different winning hand things. Its a lot to memorize, but I think I helped him understand it a bit more, and I think he's more hype for it, too. After that, other stores were open, so we walked to sofmap, and I stopped by the Morning Musume store, but didnt see anything. Dan got a cheap Majhong game and then we just kinda walked around some stores. We met up with Toshi at Athena. He just got back from hawaii, so he brought chocolate covered caramel/macadamia nuts as a souvenier. My poor teeth. :( Anyways, a dude was there playing Noel and using my color, so I had to play him and I ended up beating his Noel twice in a row, and then his ragna like, 3 times in a row. After that, I left the game and we headed out. We went to a coffee place nearby and hung out there for a while before walking to tennoji. Dan got a new bag, so he gave me his old bag, which is good cause it's bigger than the evo bag that I was carrying, and since I had a lot of stuff. We walked all the way to tennoji from Namba, which is quite far, cutting through the very interesting doubutsuenmae area. After we got there, we went to baskin robbins and had some ice cream. They had a sale where they give you an extra small scoop if you get a king size scoop. Dan went first, then me, then Toshi. However, Toshi got his ice cream first, then me, then Dan had to wait a long time for some reason. We were served by the % of Japanese blood in us, I assume. After that, we walked around Animate, some dude was there doing a signing, so a ton of girls were there waiting in line to get a handshake or whatever. After that, we headed out. I said bye to Toshi and me and dan went to the subway. Dan was going partially the same way as me because he was going to a Hanshin Tigers game, and that station is the one I pass by everytime I go to Osaka. I was really tired, so even tho it was only like, 4-oclock, I headed back. I fell asleep on the train back to sannomiya, so I was awake enough to last the bus ride back to ono. Once I got back to Ono, I went to Saty to get some dinner at McDonalds cause of 200 yen big macs, but it looks like they didn't have any big macs, so I just got some cheeseburgers. I ended up just goin to bed around 8ish or so and getting like, 11 hours of sleep.

Yesterday, I ran a few errands and got like, 10 and a half hours of sleep. No internet makes it really easy to go to bed early, haha.

Aside from that, not too much going on. I should get internet at my house on saturday finally, so until then, I might have a lot of sleep, haha.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - Back in Kansai

Ok guys, time for another blog update:

So after I got back from Tokyo, I spent Wed sleeping and doing laundry. I spent thursday hanging out with Bill and playing Critical Blow and Asuka 120%. I spent Friday doing laundry and sleeping. Saturday, I slept late and then went to Kobe. I saw the BB crowd there, so I played against them for a while. I met up with Andre and then we went around Kobe for a bit, getting food. We stopped by this bar and when we got there, it was only the bartender, which was a Nigerian guy. We hung out and talked to him, and then more people started coming in. We talked with a buncha different people and ended up staying until like, midnite. I went to the manga cafe after that, and slept.

Sunday, I woke up and got out of the manga cafe. I went to Namba and met up with Alex (Vayseth) who I haven't seen in years, along with his friend CJ. We started out by eating at wendys, and then going around some random stores and eventually just going all around the den. We went to a ton of different stores, and compared to how much me and alex used to buy when we were students, we both held back pretty well. We saw a buncha cool stuff, but didn't buy too much. They went to go look for routers or whatever at Namba Labi, so I used the opportunity to go to Athena. I saw Braces Noel Kid again, and I just started playing the regulars. I ended up getting a 30 win streak. A buncha other foreigners (have no idea who they are, I saw them at Mikado tho) played me. The ragna player was pretty good, and the bang player was decent, but I still streaked both of them. After a while, a tager player came and almost beat me, but I was at 30 wins, and Alex and CJ were waiting, so I let BNK take over, and he lost, so we headed out of there. After that, we went to Shakeys and ate a ton of pizza and stuff, and since I ate so much so quickly, I was really really tired, like, fall asleep right there tired. After that, we went back to the midosuji line and departed. I went back to Ono and Alex and CJ went back to Shiga-ken.

Monday-Wed I didn't do much except relax at home after work. Thursday, I hung out with Bill and we played a buncha Critical Blow and Vanguard Princess. Fun games. Fun times. After that, I went back home and chilled on the computer.

Obv not an exciting weekend, but it was really fun. I should have internet at home (as opposed to wireless leeching) next weekend. This weekend, I'm gonna relax and meet up with Dan and play games I guess or something. Not much aside from that planned.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - Tokyo Trip part 3

Ok time for part 3. I'm not really in a writing mood, so it's gonna be shorter and less detailed/more boring than usual. Bear with me.

Friday – I woke up to Kara calling me about getting her some camera lens in harajuku or whatever. I don't really remember much about it cause I wasn't really awake when I talked to her, but I got up and went to JCB Hall, where SBO is located. I ended up not seeing her so I just hung out with the other players instead. I talked with some guys, and ended up finding out that I had to play Inoue first round in BB! I got kinda hyped and from them, started prepping myself mentally for the match. Anyways, I saw the Kansai guys there, Kunai, Az, Reno, as well as Arturo and Ameriken. We just kinda chilled for a bit and when it came close to starting time for SFIV, I went and watched. I cheered for my friends, but all the US players ended up losing first round, sadly. I stayed and watched the prelims tho. Once that was over, I met up with Dan and we went to Akiba and walked around there for a while. Once we were done there, we went back to JCB hall and they were still doing Tekken matches. Since Tekken takes a long time, they were way behind schedule.

In the meantime, there was a huge hyped up crowd gathered around the SFIV machines. It ended up kinda turning into like, US on one side, Japan on the other side. Then the fun happened when money matches went down. 2/3 rounds 1 match for like, 1000 yen. It was really cool, cause that thing would NEVER happen in Japan normally, but once you get people like Sabin and SCOTT POPULAR involved, a lot of things happen. It was cool tho, but they had this one boxer player called Aojiru Guile and he was tearing things up, beat just about every top US player in a 2/3 round money match. The SBO officials came and saw what was going on and said we had to stop it, but it was fun while it lasted. Anyways, casuals came after that and it was soon time for SFIV finals to start anyways .

Instead of sitting at my seat, I went up with Dan and sat on the 3rd floor, which were far far cooler seats. We watched the SFIV finals, and they were pretty hype. Right after that, however, we had to dash out of there so we could meet up with my friend Mayumi in Shibuya. Mayumi was one of the Japanese students who studied abroad at DePaul during my senior year. We met up a couple of times in Osaka, but she just got a job in Tokyo a few months earlier, so I figured it would be a good opportunity to meet up, since I obviously don't go to Tokyo very often. We met up with her and went out to eat at this izakaya type place (izakaya is like, a place where people go to drink and have food and stuff). It was kind of expensive but it was nice talking and stuff again. After that, we had some ice cream and then went to Karaoke. We went to Big Echo, which isn't the usual place we go. Sadly, we didn't get free drinks, which is absurd as far as I'm concerned, so it made the already expensive karaoke experience even more expensive. It was a lot of fun though, Me and Dan did a lot of the same stuff, but yeah, we got to hear Mayumi do some songs, too, which was cool. After Karaoke, Mayumi headed home and me and Dan went to the Vegas arcade for a little. Nobody was playing BB, and this one Asuma scrub was playing DB. He beat me one match, then I beat him 4 in a row. He then played Dan after that, and Dan was only just trying the game for the first time, so Asuma scrub ended up winning and Dan was like “whatever” and we headed out. Instead of taking a quicker way back to my place, I went most of the way with Dan and we chilled for a bit more before I headed back.

When I got back, Kara was already asleep, so I went in the lobby and read the tougeki guide and ate some snacks until I decided to head to bed.

Saturday – I slept until like, noonish and then met up with dan in Akiba. He wanted to go to comiket, so we went there. Getting there wasn't too bad. When we got there, there was kinda a big crowd to get in, but it was still not TOO bad. Then we got in, and it wasn't nearly as bad in the halls as it was last year when I went with Ryan. We looked around for a while, then watched some cosplayers, and then when we went to leave, there was a line like, 2 blocks long for the train station. We were like “oh crap...” and so we walked to the next station and took that back to Akihabara. We got there, and while it was crowded, it wasn't too bad once we got to our station and switched trains. We ended up back in Akiba, so we hung out there and went to Try Tower and Dan played BB while I played Senko no Ronde 2. Afterwards, it was time to meet up with Andy in Shinjuku. We met up, and he was eating and stuff. Around the same time, everyone else was meeting for Yakiniku in Shinjuku, too, so I met up with them. They had extra seats, but Andy didn't really feel like going, so he went and watched people play games at Shinjuku Sportsland instead, and Dan came with me and like, 15 other guys for all you can eat/drink Yakiniku.

The Yakiniku was a ton of fun, all the kansai guys were there, as well as a buncha guys who live in Japan, plus a few guys who are visiting. We were there for 2 hours, and it was just a ton of fun. Probably the highlight of my Tokyo trip, to be perfectly honest. After that, I met back up with Andy and we went to Shinjuku Club Sega to the BATTLE ARENA. A buncha guys played SFIV, and I played a lot of Senko no Ronde 2 against AdverseSolutions. Afterwards, everyone was going, so me and Andy headed back to the hotel (andy stayed with me for the night on the floor) and I got back, and Art was already there along with Kara. We played a bit of SFIV and then went to bed.

Sunday – I got laryngitis for some reason. Andy got up earlier than me to go to Last Chance Qualifiers. I got up around 8ish, showered, and walked to JCB Hall. I got signed in, and kinda wandered around for a while. It was time for the BB participants to gather, so I went to the area and waited there. Once it started, they brought everyone out, and I was talking a bit with Goryu's and Inoue. I watched the matches and then it was my turn. I got owned the first round against Inoue, then ALMOST won the 2nd but barely lost, and that was it. After that, I met up with dan and we watched the rest of the BB matches. After that, we went BACK to Akiba again and walked around/played games and hung out. We got back with plenty of time to spare. I played some casual BB matches, and met up with Art and stuff, and we watched BB finals, AH2 finals, and then GG finals, with each match being more hype than the previous one. They announced AH3 aftert hey presented the winners with their swag, and me and Art got really hype and were like OMG!!! It was awesome. After that, we went to Takadanobaba for food. Dan had to go back to Fukui-ken, and Andy had to go, too. After that, we ate at this ramen place. It was decent. Then we headed over to Mikado. I played some BB, and art played some SFIV, and then we went and played a ton of AH2 against each other. That was a lot of fun, and then it was getting close to closing time, so we headed back.

Mon – I slept late and Ryan came by and after much preperation, me, Ryan, and Kara went to Ueno to eat at this ramen place. We were gonna go to this arcade that has a ton of shmup games, but we decided that we were almost out of time, so we headed to Game Safari instead, and I played Tekken there for a while. Once we were done, we went to Akiba and played Demon Bride at Try Tower for a while. Once we finished, we headed to the Post-SBO party. SBO qualifiers got in for free, so I got in for free, obv. They had SFIV, VF5, 3S, and GG setup. I played a bit of SFIV, and then I saw Ryan was talking to a couple JP guys. They were Tekken players who did really well in the tourney, and were apparantly really gdlk. They were cool guys, too, so it was nice talking to them, but I still had laryngitis so it was kinda rough. I just hung out there until it was over, and then me and art went with Justin, Ari, Henry and a few other guys to go play crane games at the nearby Akiba arcades. I took them to a couple arcades that they didn't know about and they ended up playing a ton of crane games. They even got me hype and I ended up playing a crane game that had a small plush doll of Ayu from Kanon. Ayu, being my character in EFZ, made an appealing plush. So Justin had them set a doll, and he tried to get it for a few credits, but he wasn't able to. I tried for it, and thanks to Justin's help, I was able to get it in like, 800 yen. Yay! Art hung out playing SFIV at Tokyo Liesureland while everyone else headed out to Big Box. I stayed with Art and we went back to Iidabashi. We got a phone call from Ryan saying that his friend was at the station and he was gonna house her, but then stuff came up and like, he was unable to.
We met up with her, her name was Christine and she's also an ALT, but she just finished, and was going on a trip to China. Me and Art didn't feel like going back to the room, so we just walked around a bunch and hung out in this one park for a while, until like, 2AM. I was mad tired, so we headed back and I went to sleep for as long as I could.

Tues – I woke up, got packed, and we checked out. I went and bought myself a bullet train ticket for Kobe, and said bye to Art and Kara. They headed out, and I took the bullet train home. I got to Kobe, and was really glad to be back, and took the bus from Sannomiya back to Ono. I got back home, unpacked, and used the computer for a bit before going to bed and starting work again the next day.

There you go! Kinda brief cause I didn't really feel like writing it, but yeah, if I don't write it today, I'll be MAD behind. So yeah, that's all! Hope you enjoyed it, even if it was hastily written.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL season 2 - Tokyo Trip Part 2

Blog Part 2:

8/10 Sun - The day started off with me sleeping in and then meeting up with Andy at 10:30 or so in the lobby. We got ready to go, and me, Andy, and Ryan headed to Akiba and walked around a few stores. We went to the arcade PCV stores and looked around at all the cool stuff they had there. I don't have a supergun or any way to even play these arcade games, but it was still cool looking around at these stores. Me and Andy got some Cocos Ichiban for lunch, and I got to show off the deliciousness of the cheese curry. Ryan played at Try Tower while we were eating. We met up with Ryan, I played him a bit in Blazblue and then we headed out after we finished playing. We went to Alpha Station in Shinjuku after that for a blazblue 2v2 tournament.

We got to Alpha Station a bit early. I played against this Litchi player for a bit, got a buncha wins against him, and then beat a hakumen player a couple times. I think I ended up getting like, 10 wins total on 2 credits, not too bad, but the players weren't all that great imo. After I lost, I played some AH2 against Andy and Ryan, and then me and Ryan played some Demon Bride, but we ended up losing to this one Shiffon (little fairy on clown head) player. We were up soon in the tourney.

There were 17 teams or so. We went against a Rachel/Noel team. Since Carl does bad against Rachel, I went first against the Rachel, and I beat him. The Noel player was a bit better, but I still managed to win. We then played a Rachel/Jin team after that. The Rachel was Aoniku, an SBO player, and I don't know who the Jin was. Ryan played first, but got beat by the Jin. I do really bad against Jin, so I got owned, too. After that, the Noel player told me he was a fan of me, and so we talked for a bit. It was really cool that even in Tokyo, I have people who know who I am. After that, we headed out of there, and Andy headed back home to Gunma. So Ryan and I went to Harajuku to meet up with BAS and the others. (BTW Ryan and I went out to eat with Bas, and a buncha other guys the night we got here, but I forgot to write it in my blog last week, oops). We met up with a group of guys, too many to name, but because of that, anytime anyone went in a store, it took forever. The clothes in Harajuku aren't really my style, and I can't justify the cost of clothes (or anything) there, so I didn't do any shopping there. After a while, BAS left and everyone else went to Shibuya to go eat. A buncha guys wanted to eat Kaiten Zushi (revolving sushi) and I wasn't feeling it, so me, Haunts, and Magus went to Coco's right next door to eat there. I have no problem eating cheese curry twice in one day lol.

After that, we went to the Vegas arcade to use their washroom facilities, and I ended up playing some Majhong. Everyone was heading back to Big Box, but me and Ryan decided to just head to The Hub in Shibuya, which is an English Pub. We got there, and for a Sunday Night, it was pretty busy. I'm not gonna go into huge detail here, but it was fun. Around 11ish or so, we headed back to the hotel and passed out pretty quickly.

8/11 Mon, we woke up and since we had to check out to move hotels, we were out of there around 10:30 or 11 or whenever checkout was. However, it was pouring! Luckily, right when we got ready to go, the rain let up just enough for us to get to the station with all our stuff without it getting TOO wet. We took the train to Iidabashi station, which is apparantly pretty close to our hotel. We wandered around for a bit, and asked for directions, but we eventually found it. I got a bag together for my night of sleeping at the capsule hotel, and then I headed out to Akiba to meet up with my friend TalimJP. He's an old school Soul Calibur player whose been living in Chiba (next prefecture over from Tokyo) for a long time. We hang out whenever I go to Tokyo.

We met up and the first thing we did was eat some Burger King! It was kind of expensive, but TJP treated me, which was really nice of him. Regardless, it tasted JUST LIKE BK back home, so I was really happy to have some American style fast food, which I love so very very much. After that, we walked around a bunch of random stores in Akihabara. I was looking for a BerryZ Koubou CD that has the song Dschinghis Khan on it. So after a buncha searching, I found a single for like, 600 yen, but I decided to check a buncha other stores, too. We eventually checked a store that had a TON of H!P CDs, so I ended up getting their 5th album which had that song, as well as like, 10 others that I don't have for like, 2000 yen. I was pretty pleased with the purchase. We went to the Mandarake also, and I found a copy of Asuka 120% Burning Fest Excellent or whatever for like, 1050 yen, which is relatively cheap.

After that, we hung out at Try Tower and played some tekken/demon bride. It was fun, and once we were done, we walked around some more. We eventually stopped off at the EXELSIOR cafe or whatever it's called, and got these peach smoothie drinks. They were really good, and we just sat there chilling. I managed to leech a bit of wireless, well, enough to get a phone number and a small map of where I needed to go for the capsule hotel. After that, it was getting late, so I walked to the subway station and took it to the stop I needed to get to. Once I got there to Asakusa (where the capsule hotel is), I walked to the nearest hotel and just asked for directions to the capsule hotel. They gave me good directions, and I got to the capsule hotel no prob. It's only 2400 yen a night, which is super cheap! I got there around 8ish, and got in my capsule. This one was diff from most. It was bigger, but there were no lockers for your stuff. Thankfully, I didn't have a suitcase, only a small bag, so it fit on the shelf that was there no problem. I got free wireless in the capsule somehow and so I spent the night talking on the internet. I used the bath before I went to bed, too, and then slept for a long time. I woke up in the middle of the night to a small earthquake. A bit unsettling, but disaster of that magnitude doesn't happen to me, so I didn't sweat it. Once it stopped shaking I went back to sleep. I probably got 10 hours of sleep that night, which was great.

8/12 Tues – I got up and went to the bath, and got out of there. It was about 9:30 at that point. There was a 10 min 1000 yen haircut place closeby, so I decided to get a haircut while I was there since I felt like my hair really was getting too long. The haircut wasn't anything special, but the barber was nice and talked to me a bunch. I had to wait for like, 20 min, but it was cool because I was reading this one majhong manga while I was waiting. Recently, I've been big into reading majhong manga, so I was enjoying it.

After I got out of there, I decided to walk to the Ueno area, which a guy we met at the bar on Sunday night suggested that we go for interesting things in Tokyo area. It was relatively close (for me), so I just looked at a conveniently placed map and started walking. I ended up walking in the wrong direction for a bit, so I had to kinda turn myself around. Once I figured out the way, I was doing fine.

I ran into a book off, and went inside just to browse. I found the Usagi Majhong first 5 volumes for 100 yen each! Sweet! I've been reading that because of the Usagi arcade game which I play, but I've only got the chance to read it at a manga cafe, so it's nice having it at home to read, too. I walked up this stairway that reached around Ueno station, and there was this group of 5 guys on the overpass getting photographed or something. I guess they were famous, but I had no idea who they were, and I just kept walking and looked for where to go next. I ended up seeing a sports clothing store with a clearance sale, so I ended up getting a couple of shirts for work marked down from 60 bucks to 10 bucks. I then went to a nearby arcade I spotted trying to find a bathroom. I finally did, so I used that, and I saw that they had the new JuBeat! Plus it was only 100 yen unlike most places which had it for 200 yen. I played that, and then I headed out of there. I walked around America-town there, and picked up another shirt for 500 yen for work. After wandering around there for a while, I got some food. After that, I realized I was right next to Ueno Park. I didn't really know what it was, but I've never been there before. It was a big park but it had a lot of other stuff there, statues and stuff like that. The weirdest part is that I saw a guy who looked EXACTLY like my cousin Michael. Like, I've seen people that look like other people, but this guy looked so much like my cousin, I seriously thought to myself “Wait, is he in Japan right now?” It wasn't him, but wow, for everyone reading this, just realize that somewhere in the world, there might be a clone of you, too!

Anyways, they had a zoo there at the park, but my bag was already heavy from carrying so much stuff, and entrance was like, 25 bucks, and I didn't quite feel like going on my own. From there, I just decided to walk back to Iidabashi from Ueno because I had time to kill before I could check into my room. I navigated my way back and I finally made it. It was a bit earlier than check-in time, but they said that since the room was ready, I could check in. I checked in and used the computer, and just relaxed for a bit before going out again. I walked around a bit and explored (but with a lighter bag load this time) and decided to just head to Big Box/Mikado again, where I figured everyone would be. I met up with Ari (floe) and Ricky there, and we got some McDonalds. We just chilled there and ate and stuff. Big Box was absolutely packed though. There must have been at least 75 people crowded around those machines. I couldn't believe the sheer amount of people for just a random night that didn't even have a tournament. I just spent the rest of the time chilling there and then I headed home when it got late.

8/13 Wed – I woke up, and since I had to pick up Art (Sabin) and Kara from the station. I just hung around and talked on IRC until they finally showed up around 5 something along with Art's friend Micchi. After that, Art and Kara got showered and whatever, and then we went to Big Box. Art takes forever in the shower so it was like, 2 more hours after that. We left around 8 and got to big box pretty soon after. I ran into Ryan when we got in, and me, him, and Micchi went out walking around. We ended up at the Hub in Takadanobaba across the street. We ended up getting some drinks, and then Art and Kara come walking on in unexpectedly. Jonlo, Ryan's roommate at the new hotel also came, so we all just kinda hung out for a while until it was time to go home.

8/14 Thurs – I ended up not sleeping well at all because Kara stole the one blanket that we were sharing (we had to share a bed since Art took up too much space on his bed and snores and stuff) like, 4 times, after pulling it over to my side, it would end up completely over her), and since the AC was up too much, and since Art was snoring really loud, it was literally impossible to sleep. I ended up going down to the basement where it was warm right near the laundry room and just slept there. I'm surprised staff didn't kick me out, but whatever. I got back up, and I ended up getting a sore throat from sleeping with no blanket with the cold AC on me for like, an hour or so (before I wasn't able to fall back asleep). I asked for another blanket to be delivered to the room, and it was, no problem, but sucks that it had to be crappy for even one night.

Anyways, after everyone was up, the three of us plus Ryan and Jonlo went to some pasta restaurant, and it ended up being surprisingly good. After that, we all went to big box again. It was around that time that I met up with Dan, who just got to the station Big Box is at. We met up, and while everyone else went to Big Box, we went to Mikado for blazblue and stuff. We ended up meeting up with Tushar (Hellfromabove) and we played a buncha matches and stuff. Ryan showed up at Mikado too, so we all ended up playing for a while. Tushar got hungry, so him, Dan, and myself ended up getting some Yoshinoya before playing at Mikado some more. I played against Ryan for a while in Demon Bride as well, until he had to go, pretty much. After that, me and Dan wandered over to Big Box to see what was up.

We got to Big Box just in time to see the American team lose. Apparantly there was some controversy regarding the teams and stuff, and the American team got screwed over because they had to re-do sets they already won for no reason, but whatever, not getting into it. Anyways, the guys on the team were pretty annoyed and just wanted to get out of there. We went back to their hotel for a bit and then we decided to go to Shinjuku and get some food. The group that went ended up being: Me, Dan, Justin, Ricky, Peter (flashmetroid), Henry (censei) and Hsien. We found this small place that had Yakitori, (chicken on a stick). We ate there, and when we finished, we went to some random arcades and the guys played some UFO catchers. They're pretty hardcore about it, and while I wouldn't spend the money on it, I really enjoyed watching them play. Afterwards, everyone headed back to Big Box, and we met up with Kara there. Daigo and those guys wanted to do purikura (Print Club) with Kara, so they did that, and then me, Kara, and Dan went to Shakeys and had some dinner there. After that, we headed back home and played art in some SFIV and eventually went to bed or something.

Ok that's all for now! I'll detail the actual SBO tournament next blog entry! Then after that, I'll go over this past weekend. I've got plenty of free time at work, so it's all good, lol.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - Tokyo Trip - Part 1

Hey guys, I'm not gonna waste time with a long intro:

8/6 Wed - I went to work, and pretty much packed up and went straight to Kobe. I got there a bit early, so I went to McDonalds, got some food, killed some time at the Tekken arcade, but people stopped playing me, so I had some time to kill. I walked over to Magical Space (keep in mind this is with my luggage) and guess who's there? Andre. We ended up talking for a while before I headed out. I got on the bus and began my long long journey to Tokyo. It wasn’t as long as last year’s trip by local trains, but it was a long night bus ride. I took some Dramamine to help myself fall asleep, and I had earplugs, but the dude sitting next to me was kinda up in my business, so I woke up a few times from that. Overall tho, I ended up sleeping “enough”. Those random rest stops really helped, though, getting something to drink, using the bathroom etc. Def not the most comfortable form of travel, but for only 4250 yen, it was totally worth it. Finally I ended up in Tokyo…

8/7 Thurs – I got to Tokyo, and I have my evo bag with stuff in it as well as my big suitcase about half filled. I took the train 2 station to Akihabara. It’s about 8AM at this point. I walk to the 24 hour McDonalds, get a free iced coffee (the ticket came with the bus ride). I’m not a coffee fan, but throwing enough sweetener in it made it bearable to drink. I tried to connect to a wireless connection, hoping McDonalds would have one, but nothing. I ended up walking around and finding a manga café and just getting an open seat for 3 hours. I got in the manga café, freshened up (shaved, brushed my teeth), and just used the internet for a while. I’m currently reading the Saki manga, and I bought vol 1-2, but they had 3-5 there at the manga café, so I read those. I’m still waiting to see what happens in volume 6. After killing time there, stuff was now open around Akihabara. I went to a few arcades and stuff (kind of a pain because carrying my suitcase around to these places sucked). I played a couple random games, but not too many people were playing. I decided to head to Harajuku to get the concert tickets for myself and Andy (Capps). Walking through that place is annoying enough, cause theres a ton of people. Walking through there with my suitcase was even more annoying.

I ended up finding the ticket place. They had these great 1st floor seats for 10,000 yen, but they didn’t have 2 tickets next to each other, which would have made it pointless. It was either 20,000 yen 1st floor seats or 9,000 yen 2nd floor seats, so I went with the 2nd floor.

After that, I decided to walk to Shibuya, which was only one train station away. It was pretty hot, and dragging my luggage was a pain, but I didn’t have anything else to do. I went and played some Tekken at this small arcade in Shibuya called Vegas, but right when I sat down, Ryan (Fubarduck) texted me and said he was on his way. We were supposed to meet at this station called Ochanomizu. I played a bit more and found my way there. I waited a bit and Ryan showed up. We met up and found our way to the hotel.

Unlike a normal hotel, the hotel we decided to stay in was a Japanese-style inn called a Ryokan. It seemed decent enough, but I wasn’t too impressed with it at first. We got in the room, and dropped our stuff off. We both took showers and got ready. We headed to Takadanobaba station after that, and proceeded to go to “Big Box” arcade, which is pretty much where all the top SFIV players hang out and play. I met up with various peeps, and then pretty much hung out there all night, and then headed back to the hotel and got some sleep.

8/8 Fri – I woke up and used the public bath at the hotel. However, it was quite possibly the worst public bath ever. The washup places on the side were subpar, no water pressure, couldn’t really set the temp of the water. Plus, there were no towels there or anything, I had to go back and get my towel from my room. No toothbrushes there, etc, like all the capsule hotel public baths have. Then, there were 3 small baths there. One was outside with lukewarm water, making it not worth going into. The one that had hot water had all this rust just chilling on the bottom of the bath. It was really gross, and there was a ton of rust around that bath, too. It was pretty much like they never cleaned that bath, which makes me question the water itself. The third bath was all cold water, and I definitely wasn’t messing with that. Oh well. This day was pretty relaxing for the most part. I managed to find a way to walk to Akihabara from the hotel really quickly. Ryan got back really late the night before, and apparently drank something he probably shouldn’t have, so he was feeling pretty bad. I hung out in arcades for a while and then once Ryan woke up, I went back to the hotel and we met up. We went to Royal Host and had a small lunch before heading out. We went to big box again, but there was like, nobody there, I guess they were already at this big “God’s Garden” tournament or something. I went and found Mikado, and ended up playing Blazblue, Arcana, and Demon Bride for a while. I went back to Big Box to check what Ryan was up to, and he was pretty much on his way out, cause most people were gone at that point. I said bye to him and headed to Shinjuku to meet up with Andy.

I got to Shinjuku a bit early, and figured I would just kill time at the arcade where we were gonna meet. The thing is, I completely lost my sense of direction there (which almost NEVER happens to me in Japan). It took me about 40 minutes to get somewhere about 10 minutes away. I also really had to go to the bathroom, so I went to this taito station. It was 6 floors, and had a bathroom on like, the 3rd, 5th, and 6th floor. I went to the 5th floor, but someone was there. The 6th floor bathroom was a urinal only, and then finally I went to the 3rd floor bathroom and relieved myself. Anyways, after searching for what felt like forever, I finally managed to find my way to the area I needed to be. I went to the “BATTLE ARENA” at Club Sega Shinjuku, and waited for a bit. Nobody was playing BB, so I decided to play some dude in Demon Bride. After I beat him, nobody played me, and I beat the game, and then right when I finish, these 3 guys go and play. I guess they knew they would get scraped and just let me finish my game. Oh well. I got some ice cream from the vending machine there (Ice cream vending machines in summer are gdlk), and right then, Andy shows up! We go get some food at McDonalds and then head to Mikado. There, we end up playing Arcana for a while, and then some Blazblue and a few other games. I met up with Kyle, one of the US qualified for SBO. After a while, me and Andy headed back to the room and slept for a while. Ryan got in around 7AM and woke us up and pretty much kicked me and andy out of bed so him and his friend could sleep there (even tho he said he was staying at his friend’s place in Shinjuku). I was kinda annoyed that I got kicked out of the room I paid for, especially since had I known I was getting kicked out at 7AM, I would have went to bed earlier than 2:30AM, but I let it slide and used it as an opportunity to hang out with Andy.

Saturday: After getting up, showering, and whatever, we got the inn breakfast. It was ok, Japanese style, and there wasn’t a huge variety. None of the food was that great imo, but it was worth going and getting once. However, it was far too early and I valued sleeping in during my vacation far more than breakfast for most of the time. After that, we walked to Akiba and went to the 24 hour McDonalds and got some drinks. We chilled there until arcades and stuff opened at around 10. We went to a few arcades and killed some time. After that, we went to Nakano where the concert was. We got some food beforehand and then walked to the concert venue. We waited in the line to buy stuff (I wanted to get glowsticks for the concert), and so we got in the long long line. I noticed a sign that said in Japanese “Except for Wotas (Wota = idol otaku), free copies of Morning Musume’s newest single”. I asked Andy if he had a copy, and he didn’t, so I told him he should go get one, they gave one to him, and asked me if I wanted one. I told them I already have it in Japanese, and they were like “huh, he speaks Japanese?” I guess I kind of confused them, lol. It was cool though, because Andy got a free CD. I think it was one of those guys who bought a ton of copies trying to get the promo tickets for a handshake event or something.

Anyways, after waiting in the line for a bit, the guy kinda keeping tabs on the line said that anyone on the 2nd floor gets to go in first, so people waiting in the goods line can get first dibs. Me and Andy switch to that line where there’s about 10 people in front of us at most. Now the way the other line worked was that there were a buncha steps, and at the top, was the goods line. However, that was inside the building, so there had to be space between the building and the outside line for people to walk through, so only when the inside line would shorten, would the guy in charge start letting other people wait. But at one point, the line got too short, and a ton of random people just started walking inside without waiting in the long line like they were supposed to. And like, one guy did it, and then like, at least 50 people followed him. This whole time, the guys in line behind were going absolutely nuts. I thought there was going to be a riot because 50 random people just walked in and avoided this really really long line. Eventually, the guy in charge (who was busy trying to do other stuff) comes back and tells those people that they have to go back. It was pretty funny while it lasted though, especially watching from another line.

Anyways, we got in, and walked right to the goods booth inside, waited a total of 3 minutes or so while Andy figured out what he wanted, and then we got our stuff and got our seats. The way the seats were was the first area of the balcony had to be people sitting only, because I guess if they jump and fall, its dangerous, so no standing or anything. However, since we were in the back part of the 2nd floor balcony, it was ok for us to stand up. We were in the first row of the back part too, so nobody in front of us, and the people in the front section were all sitting, so I was able to see with absolutely nothing in the way (tho it was still farther than where I wanted to be).

As far as the concert, it was awesome. The only problem was that it wasn’t JUST morning musume, it was all the groups of Hello Project, and while that’s cool because I’ve been listening to BerryZ Koubou a lot recently, it felt like everyone got practically no time. However, it was still a lot of fun, I just kinda wished I knew more of the songs, as opposed to the morning musume concert where I knew most of the ones they did. But yeah, it was still really fun, and I’m glad me and Andy were able to go together.

After that, since we were in Nakano, we decided to check out the area. We went to this shopping area, and there were a ton of anime stores and stuff. We also found this idol store, but since I was only looking for one specific CD, I didn’t buy anything. They had a ton of stuff tho, tons of photos, and random shirts, towels, etc. It was like my morning musume store back home, but not as charming, haha. We were looking for TRF, the arcade where famous players played 3S and other games. It ended up being on the 4th floor, but when we went there, it looked like all the stores on the 4th floor were gone, and our feet were mad tired, so we ended up just stopping. We did find this one good Tekken arcade which had like, 10 back to back setups, it was ridiculous, but not being in the mood to play (especially with a ton of godlike players already there), we just headed out. We went back to Takadanobaba and hung out at Mikado and Big Box for a bit, before going to Shakeys to eat some pizza. I’ve seen Shakeys around, but I’ve actually never had it before. It’s pretty much just like American Pizza. It was awesome, and I’m really glad that I can get affordable American pizza in Japan (since I know of one shakeys location in Osaka).

I don’t quite remember what we did after that, probably hung out at Big Box until we decided to head out to Akiba, where I had to find a capsule hotel for Andy. I went to the one that saved my life that one time last year, and since it was a Saturday (special day I guess), it was only 3000 yen instead of 3700, which is a great deal. He got checked in, and I walked back to the hotel, which was really close to that place actually. I was really tired from lack of sleep, so I went to bed right away.

To be continued…

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Save the arcades - Arcade UFO

Hey all, small update.

My good friend Ryan owns an arcade in Texas called Arcade UFO. He's part of a contest led by stride gum, as found on the site here:

What you do is play a little flash game, and afterwards, you can donate the points to an arcade. The arcade with the most points at the end gets $25,000 to use for their arcade.

So what you can do is play the flash game, sign up, and then donate the points to Arcade UFO. It's an easy game, and if you're bored, it's something to do. But yeah, help out my friend and his awesome Japanese style arcade! Thanks all!


Monday, August 3, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - Moving and stuff.

Ok guys, it's time to update this thing, since it hasn't been updated in a while.

The first thing you might notice is the layout change. I decided to go from my old template and change to the new current one. Quite a bit of contrast, but it's for the better, I think. As for the banner, it's temporary, and you'll either “get it” or you won't. If you don't get it, it won't be funny/interesting anyways.

Anyways, I had a busy week. I pretty much did all my packing last tuesday. I got almost completely ready. I decided that since I had thursday off for moving, I could go out to Kobe on Wednesday night and play some Demon Bride. So I got home from work and went to Kobe. I got some food and then checked out the two main arcades, the Sanx and the Magical Space. Nobody was playing at the Sanx, so I went to Magical Space. They upped the round count from 2/3 rounds to 3/5 rounds (thankfully because 100 yen for 3/5 rounds is bad enough, but 100 yen for 2/3 is absolutely redic outside of a loc test environment). I played for a bit and beat a couple guys and ended up beating the game. I left and got food, and then decided to walk around Sannomiya. I went into the “Labi”, a big electronics store, and I saw that they had a small netbook for 30,000 yen discounted. It has a long battery life, comes with a case, a mouse, and has a decent sized screen, and the keyboard is big enough for me to use and not make errors when typing. It was very much an impulse buy, but I felt it was worth it, and I was happy to get a 2nd computer I could take wherever. After that, I went back to Magical Space, I played more DB for a bit and beat a couple guys, then this one Jin player that I play against in Blazblue was there and played me. He uses Asuma, and does redic damage with combos. I beat him a couple times, but he got 5 wins in a row on me. During that time, Andre showed up! This is the 2nd time I've randomly run into him while at arcades in Sannomiya. We ended up hanging out for the rest of the night, and I caught the last train back. I finished up my packing and went to bed whenever.

Thursday, I woke up, and just chilled on the computer until it was time to move. I got all my stuff moved from both the apt and from the basement of the board of education building in like, an hour. Right after that, I went and got my foreigners card changed because it's illegal if I don't change it since I moved. After that, as I was coming home, I ran into a friend of Bill's that was staying for a couple weeks. We went to 7-11 and I headed back to Bills place and hung out there for a while. At about 4PMish, I went back home and started unpacking and getting things set. I managed to unpack everything and do my laundry and it took about 2 hours and 45 minutes. However, I threw all the empty boxes, plus all the random garbage in my tatami room, and I still haven't cleaned it up cause I'm lazy and stuff. One of these days, ill deal with it. I also made a small mound of stuff I'm going to sell, and I'll deal with that soon, hopefully. I took my netbook over to the community center and just sat down and used their free wireless. I didn't have word/excel/ppt on that computer, so I downloaded Open office for free. Yay. I got home and had a hard time falling asleep due to being in a new place or sleeping late or something. Oh well.

Friday I got up, went to work, did my last day, and came home. I decided to go to Kobe after work, and I went there, and hung out for a while and then played some DB that night. That same Jin player was there again. I played against him a bunch. While I mostly lost, I won every once in a while and felt like I was getting better.

I stayed in a manga cafe that night, read some more of the Usagi manga (manga about majhong). I went to Osaka after I woke up. I stopped by Monte Carlo and nobody was really playing anything. I did play a round of Higurashi majhong, though. It was a lot of fun and I totally owned my opponent. It was a teacher of them or something, and my “prize” for winning was seeing the teacher laying across some school chairs set out with like, curry on her stomach, with the implication of eating it off of her, and she was babbling about how embarrassing it was, and how as a schoolteacher she didn't think she would be doing that sort of thing or something. I thought it was really funny though, so I'm glad I won. I'll pick a diff character next time and see what kind of redic thing the other characters are forced to do when they lose.

I went and played Tekken for a bit, and I played this one Feng player. He demoted me, and then I beat him 3-0 the next match. He then switched to Mokujin, lost the first match, then played the next match and beat me, but did like, charging up after he won (which is like, really cocky and pretty much saying HAHAHA I BEAT YOU). So instead of playing him more, I was just like “well, he can have fun playing the computer then.” I wasn't really mad, but him thinking it would get me playing more was wrong, and it ended up being counter productive for him. I decided it was time to head to Ko-hatsu anyways. I got there and Tall Litchi Man was already there. I didn't enter the Rumble Fish 2 tourney going on, instead I played a buncha BB against TLM. Andrew (Reno) showed up, as well as Mich and her friend. A couple Tokyo players came, too, Dekka-cho and Chomi or something like that. Me and Reno teamed up. We played the Mich team first, and we both lost, haha. Then we played Dekka-cho's team in the RR. Reno lost to the Kilik player, and I beat that guy, then got to the last round against Dekka-cho, but lost to some unblockable I've never seen before. Oh well, so we were out of the tourney. Dekka-cho's team ended up winning, so grats to them.

Next was the BB tourney. I didn't have a partner, so I put myself down for singles. I got partnered with a Carl player who goes by the name Aruto. He's a decent player but does poorly in tournies for the most part. He did win the tourney last week, but I wasn't there to see it, but I was hoping he could do well, but wasn't counting on it. 13 teams total (26 people), and the last game of the “ko-hatsu matsuri” which is why there were so many tournies in a row.

We got a bye and so it took a while for us to play. The way the brackets were set out, there were a buncha randoms and mostly average players on one side (plus Mekasue, who got partnered with Reno, even tho Reno has only been playing for like, a month), and then except Mekasue, all the really good players on the other side. Our first round matchup was Galileo (who beat me last tournament with his super solid Tager) and his partner, who's prolly the top Osaka Hakumen. We played RPS. If we won, we would have put Carl vs Tager, and me vs Hakumen. However, we lost, so they put Hakumen vs Carl and me vs Tager. The Hakumen player owned my partner. I played Galileo, lost the first round, but somehow won the next two. I then played the hakumen player. Same thing, lost the first round, but won the next two! Phew, we were still in! However, we had to play the Tsukasa/Tall litchi Man team. They won the past 3-4 team tournies they played in, so they were favorited to win this, too.

We played RPS again and I lost again, so instead of putting carl vs Nu (generally the better option), they put Tall Litchi Man vs the carl instead. It was looking grim, but he managed to win! I had to play Tsukasa next. I got perfected the first round. I won round 2, though. Round 3 was really close, and I had him post burst. He did his normal DD4DD thing, I blocked it and went (wait, if he does it again, I can counter assault after the first one, and hit him before he recovers). He threw a sword at me, I went through it and killed him! We beat the team favorited to win! The worst part for Tsukasa is that I don't think he's ever beaten me in tourney before, even tho he does better than me generally, he still hasn't beaten me in tourney play yet.

Next was the finals. Since the other side of the bracket was weird, I felt like it would be easier than the match I just had. Mekasue actually lost to this turtling Taokaka player, though. I was super surprised, but it meant I didn't have to play Mekasue in the finals. Anyways, The team was turtle Taokaka and random Nu. We lost the RPS AGAIN, and they actually put the Nu against Carl. My teammate won again, though! W00t! So this means that if I beat the Taokaka, we win the tournament. I win the first round. The Taokaka takes the second round, and I end up perfecting him in the last round! My partner was really excited and we did a double high five, lol. Unlike most Kohatsu tournaments, there were actually prizes for this one! Me and Aruto got a poster, and we got to choose from a box of prizes. They had an idolm@ster figure I already had, a couple quiz magical academy figs, a Lucky Star figure, a big body pillow of some character (dunno who), and a Fate (from nanoha) figure. I took the fate figure for the Nana factor. I was really happy to win. After the tournament, they turned on their Demon Bride machine at Ko-hatsu. I played that a bunch with the other guys, and learned a lot. After a while, everyone left to go get drunk, so I just got a beef bowl at Matsuya and then headed to Namba.

In Namba, I went to Athena for a bit, beat one guy, and then he left after I beat him in DB. I just beat the game after that and headed to the capsule hotel. I wanted a shower and a place to stay where I could get a decent amount of sleep, so I figured it would be the best solution. However, the guy in the capsule RIGHT near me was snoring really loud. Since I now use an Evo bag and not my old Adidas bag, I forgot my earplugs. They were selling them there, but for 3 bucks. Ugh. So I paid the 300 yen and got the earplugs. I slept well after that. I woke up, hopped in the hot tub, and headed out. I was gonna meet up with Andre again at like, 1PM. It was about 10AM when I got outta there. I started walking, and this one old guy was crossing against the light, so the car beeped at him. The old guy got really mad and all up in the driver's face and stuff, even though he was clearly in the wrong. Good times. I went to Athena, and Rajio, the bang player that tries to use a ton of diff characters was there, and he was playing against Braces Noel Kid. I said hi to BNK and then after he lost, I played against Rajio. I got 15 wins in a row against his random characters. Keep in mind, the first time I played this guy, he got 10 wins in a row against me, and we tended to just go even after that. So getting a ton of wins in a row against him felt really good. I gave the poster to BNK because I wasn't gonna hang it up and I def didn't feel like bringing it home with me. He was super happy like he just got the best present ever, and was very thankful, so I'm glad I was able to make his day.

After that, I played Rajio for a bit, and then the final score was around 23-3. I left to go to Kobe after that and said bye to BNK.

I met up with Andre at the Magical Space and we walked around Kobe just talking and stuff and picking up stuff. I bought a pair of headphones since my other pair just died. After a while of hanging around and stuff, we got some food at Cocos. I got a salad and a small cheese curry, and Andre tried the recommended Cheese Curry. He said it was good but not like, OMG. After that, we went to Magical Space, and I played some DB, pwning the n00bs as usual, and then out of nowhere, Plaid Jacket Man shows up! He plays the same character as me in DB (as I saw in his vids), and I was talking to him for a bit. We played, and I got a few wins against him, and then he got 2 in a row against me. Andre wanted to head out, and I was done, too, so I said bye and GGs to Plaid Jacket Man, and went to the bus station to catch my bus home. The thing is, it comes 2x an hour, so I JUST missed it. I decided to go and check out the RASHABANG to find the Saki Manga that I've been looking for. They had it there, so I picked up vol 1 and 2. I walked back to the bus station and by that time, it was just about time for the bus to leave, so I got on and it left shortly after that. I got home and just goofed off on the internet for a while.

Yesterday was my first day at my new school. It was...kinda similar to the other one, lol...

anyways, I got home, took a nap, and then just messed around on the internet again. I did get my credit card in the mail, though, so I can buy that new netbook that I've been looking at. I'll prolly do it sometime after my Tokyo trip.

Anyways, I just have today and tomorrow before my trip. I'm really excited for it, and I'll do my best at SBO. Hope to see as many people there as possible! Take care, all~.