Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - Real Talk

Hey all, blog update time.

As I may or may not have mentioned last week, I had a sports festival on Saturday, and plans on sunday night to meet up with Reno and a friend of his. Pretty much, I was hoping it wasn't gonna rain because then it would push things back a day and cancel my plans, but of course, it ended up being the only day in Sept so far that it's rained. The thing is, it ended up working out. We did the first half of the sports festival because it wasn't really raining. But near the halfway point, it started pouring, so the school cancelled after lunch. The students went home, and the teachers said that the enkai will still be on for sat night. This is good because it means my sunday night plans won't be screwed! The enkai is in sannomiya in Kobe, so it's in a “fun” area that I know really well.

We got out at 1:45 or so. I got home (I was soaking wet at this point), showered, grabbed my bag, and headed to Kobe. I got there around 3:30 or so. I went to magical space and just played there for a while. Eventually it got to the time when I had to go to the Enkai. As I was walking there, I randomly ran into another teacher also going there! He knew the way, so we got there without me having to guess how to get there! Lucky!

We ended up being the last ones there (tho still on time). That lasted until like, 8:30ish, and then one of the teachers gave me a ride home, which was really cool, so I didn't have to take the bus.

Next day, they said it was ok to be late, so I went to work at 10AM instead of 8. The sports festival started, and we finished it. Then, as I was getting ready to leave, Reno called me and said plans were cancelled. I ended up hanging out with Bill for the night.

Because the sports festival went on for 2 days, we got the next 2 days off, monday and tuesday. So Monday, Bill went with me to Osaka to meet up with Arturo. I broke my phone and so I had to stop and get a new one, but my data (phonebook, old messages, everything) got erased .Oh well. My new phone is cool tho, it has TV and a built in English-Japanese dictionary.

We got to Namba, ate some subway, and met up with Arturo.We walked around some arcades, and then played some AH2 for a while. After we were done there, we walked around Denden town for a bit, went to SCOT and then ate some ramen. Bill headed out after that, so it was just me and Arturo for the rest of the night. We walked to Umeda from Namba and went to Mist2. We met up with Azrael there, and art played a bunch of SFIV. Andrew (Reno) and his GF Ibuki showed up as well as their friend from Yokohama. I forgot his name, so I'm gonna call him Pen Man, because he always had like, 3 pens in his jacket pocket.

Az headed out and we went to some fancy resturant. We got a buncha food and shared it and just chilled for a while. Pen Man left a bit early, and me and Art split up with Andrew and Ibuki. We went to Monte 50 and played AH2 until closing. We walked back to Art's apartment from there and slept there for the night. We woke up and took our time, and after we got ready, we went and got some food at Matsuya. Since it was still early, we just headed to Monte 50 and played some Arcana. After we were done playing, we walked around to some random arcades and didn't really see anything interesting, so we went to Namba. On the way there, we saw a "free cafe". It was literally a cafe with coffee, orange juice, and snacks, and they were free. They were sellin stuff too, but it was a free cafe, and the idea was really cool. We sat there and had some snacks and chatted for a bit before heading out of there. It was just recently built, but it's really cool, and in a nice area because it's got a lotta offices and stuff nearby, so it helps out the local office workers I think. After we made it to Namba, we went to Avion and Art played some SFIV there and got like, a huge winstreak. I played a bit of Tekken and BB, but nobody played me in BB, and I didn't feel like spending a fortune losing in Tekken. It got to be like, 8ish pretty quickly, so I headed out and caught the train home. I listened to Buono pretty much the entire way home, and thats about it.

It's Friday now, and I have some plans for my 5 day weekend, but I'll post about it all after it happens. Either way, it's gonna be a blast. Peace.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - Fun weekend

This weekend was fun! Hung out with Bill and Maria, played majhong using my Saki majhong set, and then went to the bar on Friday night.

Hung out with Alex (vayseth), Dan, Toshi, and Andrew (reno) sat night, we played at bit at athena and then went to an "all you can drink" resturant for mad cheap, and ended up staying at a capsule hotel.

Sunday, Me, Alex, and Toshi walked around the Den and went Karaoke.

I bought the Usagi PS2 majhong game, Vol 3-6 of the Saki manga, and Vol 6-9 and 11 of Usagi (the stores were missing vol 10, sadly).

Fun weekend. <3 you all.