Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - The Red Velvet Lounge

Sup all my brothas from otha mothas.

So last week Friday I said I would go out to Shiga-ken to hang out with Alex. I got home from work, showered etc, took the 5:20 bus, which ended up being like, 15 minutes late. It's crazy cause stuff is almost ALWAYS on time in japan, yet that bus was really late by Japanese standards, esp since it only comes once an hour. Anyways, I got to Kobe around 7ish. I wanted to stop by the Tokyu Hands store (a giant store that has umm, a ton of stuff, dont really know how to describe it) to check out the majhong mats. They had one for like, 4000 yen, but I couldn't really see anything about it, so I didn't bother. I got some cheese curry, and then headed on out to Shiga. I took a train there that I thought was a super express, but it turned into a local. So I was like “oh man, its going really slow, I better switch trains at this station to an express one” but it turns out that the express one wasnt coming for a half hour after that, and that it would have been faster to just stay on the local one, ugh. I caught an express train that went like, halfway to where I wanted to go, and I ended up transferring there back to the train I was originally on. Needless to say, it was kind of a pain, but I finally ended up in Maibara. I got to the station after messaging Alex when I would get there, and he was nowhere to be found, so I figured something was wrong, and I just ended up walking toward his place. I stopped by the convenience store, and as I was walking, I ran into him. He thought I would be later than I was or something, but its all good. The whole trip ended up being close to 4 hours and 15 min or something, ugh.

We got back, and he had to take care of some laundry issues. We took care of the laundry and then got back and played some Naruto EX3. After a while we got tired and went to sleep. I woke up a bit earlier than Alex and played some DS idolm@ster. I won an audition in game, man im awesome. Anyways, after that I got up, and we played some more EX3. We got showered and ready, and just when we were thinking of going out, it started to rain heavily. We decided to just stay inside since we didn't want to deal with walking in the rain. We just continuted to play EX3 and then once we got tired of that, we got some food and then decided to take a walk around maibara for a bit. We ate some mcdonalds and then walked around this pretty rural path. We saw a love hotel, and an elevator testing facility but not much else. When we were about 30 min away from the station, toshi called and said he was here. We were completely surprised and it prolly would have been more convenient for him to let us know 20 min before that he was gonna be there in 20 min, but no worries I guess. We walked back and met up with him. We went shopping and got some drinks before getting Dan from the station.

We met up with Dan and then the 4 of us went to an “izakaya”(It's like a resturant, but with much more drinking involved I guess) to eat. Alex saw a few of his students there. I got a tonkatsu set that was pretty good, but the skin kept falling off of my meat. After we ate, we went to the 7-11 to grab snacks and prepare ourselves for the Red Velvet Lounge (RVL), which is the karaoke place we go to. It's called the RVL cause its a lounge and the walls are covered in red velvet.

Now the RVL is the greatest karaoke place in the world for a few reasons. First off, you don't pay for time you're there. It's simply 100 yen a song and that's IT. So if you just want to hang out, but don't really want to sing, you can tag along, bring your own drinks that you can get at the 7-11 nearby and enjoy the party. They have all the songs that the good karaoke places have, so its not like it's worse in that aspect. And normally, for karaoke to be reasonably priced, you have to go in the middle of the day, and it ends up being like, 15 bucks anyways. Going late at night is even more expensive at like, 25-30 bucks a person prolly for 2 hours. With this, 24/7, it's open, and always just 100 yen a song. It's the perfect place to go. Doing 10 songs (which, with 4 people would probably take around 3 hours if each person did 10 songs) is only 1000 yen, which is way cheaper than going karaoke for 3 hours with 3 other people. 100 yen is nothing, it's a credit or two at an arcade to me, so that's not even real money, and its a lot of fun going with everyone. So yeah, RVL, the reason why I go 4 hours to shiga-ken (ok not really, but a huge plus).

We got there and drank and sang and stuff for quite a while. From around 7:30 to 10:30 I think. After that, we went back to Alex's place and started our weekly majhong session. We got through one round before we got too tired to play more. We set up the futons and stuff, watched an episode of survivor and then passed out.

Apparantly Alex woke up at 7AM from a crazy dream that he wouldnt tell us about cause he knew we would make fun of him, and just layed there for a while. Toshi was up around 8ish or so, and I was up a bit later than that. We all got up and once we woke up, we played more majhong. We finished off the round, and I ended up getting a buncha really good hands in a row. It ended and then we took a break, showered, got food ate, whatever. After that, we started another game, but about ¾ of the way through, we stopped cause toshi and alex weren't feeling it. We played some Naruto EX3 and then went for Ramen. Since me and Toshi took the same train home, we left together and headed home. Another fun weekend in Shiga!
Next week, I'm gonna go to the BB loctest and meet up with the SRK crew. It should be fun and I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL - Season 2 - A weekend in...Ono?

Sup gais,

Last week I left off Friday night. I headed toward Osaka, but stopped by Kobe on the way since the bus stops there anyways. I ate my usual cheese curry and then stopped by a couple stores like the lashabang. I didn't see anything there, but I noticed that the figures that they're selling at the local lawson (convenience store that I buy my breakfast at on the way to my school) were there, but mad jacked up in price. They're 800 yen at that store, and like, 4000-8000 yen at the lashabang. Crazy. After that, I went over to the "Tokyu Hands", which is a big store with a ton of stuff. I picked up some majhong stuff like spare scoring sticks since the ones that came with my set are really small, I wanted some normal size ones. I also picked up this awesome street fighter IV keychain that looks like a tiny arcade stick. If you press the buttons, it makes a sound, but the coolest part is that if you input a move, it'll actually do that move. I got Chun-Li's keychain, so charging back then forward and P will do her kikouken. It's so unbelievably rad that I honestly couldn't wait to get back home to play with it, haha.

Anyways, I checked to see when the next express train to Osaka was, and I had some time, so I went to the Magical Space and played some Tekken. I played a dude who had a big streak with Asuka. Lost the first time, but beat him the 2nd time. After that, he played me with Dragonuv, and owned me. It was about time to go to my train anyways. As I was walking back, I ran into Andre on the street (!). We always somehow run into each other in Sannomiya, haha. Anyways, we talked for a bit and I headed off to Osaka. I played idolm@ster DS on the train, so before I knew it, I was already in Osaka. Nice!

Since it was already kinda late (9ish), nothing was really open except arcades. So I just headed straight for Athena. When I got there, the arcana crew was all there. Guy-girl was there playing Akane. I played him with my fire Petra. He owned me the first two rounds, and then I somehow made a comeback and won the next 3 in a row. I dunno if he let me win or what, but I was happy either way. I played some dude's Zenia and he beat me at the very last pixel. Oh well. Everyone except this one random Lilica player, Kouya, and me left. I played the random Lilica player and beat him like, 4x in a row with Petra. I finished up the 9 minute training mode and then talked to Kouya for a bit. He said he wants to use Akane in AH3, even tho he's pretty much been an exclusive Kamui user in AH2. That's kinda neat. I told him I wanna stick with Petra, and he asked about Lilica, and I just said that recently, I've began to like gun girls, so I'm sticking with Petra. I just don't feel like Lilica clicks with me anymore, and her execution, even tho it's been toned down from AH1, still kinda gives me a headache. But yeah, he said he was interested in the new BB, and said he wanted to play Noel, too. I told him that she seems to be weak in the loc tests, but she'll prolly be decent in the real thing because of that. At least that's all I have to hope right now, haha. I played him a few times, he beat me 4 times in a row with Dark Akane. I went downstairs and checked out the BB/Tekken setup. I played a game of Tekken against a Devil Jin that was the same rank as me. I beat him, then he played Feng and just did f+21 1+2 mixups. He barely beat me, but he was playing like a douche so I just stopped and went to BB. I beat the guy on the other side (a ragna with like, a 30 winstreak) and people stopped playing me. I went a couple stages into the computer and then just headed out and went to Avion to check out the Friday Night scene. It was pretty dead, so I just left and walked to the manga cafe. I got a 10 hour pack, got some drinks and just used the internet until I fell asleep. For some reason, I couldn't stay asleep, so I woke up around 8:30 or so, and just used the internet some more, got ready and killed time until I had to go around 10AM.

I got up and headed to the Taito station. Alex said he would meet me around 10ish. He ended up being late and when he did get here, he got lost a bit. At Taito station, while waiting, I played some JuBeat (4 songs for 100 yen!) and some Taiko no Tatsujin (I did 3 idolm@ster songs, lol). I managed to finally meet up with Alex and we walked toward the Den. We first stopped off at sofmap, where he bought a copy of Gears of War 1 for like, 880 yen or something. We checked the top floor too, saw some neat stuff but nothing worth buying for me or Alex. We went to the Lashabang and didn't really see anything there, either. We headed out and checked the A-too, but the CD alex was looking for was way too expensive, so we just left. By that time, he had to go to a beer factory tour already. I was like "aight" and just went to Athena.

At Athena, I saw Braces Noel Kid there. He was playing his Carl using friend. Carl friend won, so I played him. I used Tao first, and lost. Then I used Noel and beat him. He played me a few more times with diff characters, but his carl did the best. I ended up playing a buncha people and got to around a 20+ winstreak. At that time, BNK was like "hey, we're headed to ko-hatsu for the tournament!" It was a tournament where only people who haven't won a ko-hatsu tourney, or qualified for SBO or whatever can enter. I was like "hey, can I come, I wanna watch!" They were surprised I wanted to go, but they were cool with it, especially since I knew how to get to ko-hatsu. We started talking and it turns out that BNK loves majhong, too. He also loves Saki! We were talking about majhong and saki and stuff on the way to ko-hatsu. After a while, he was like "I'm studying English, so can you talk in English to me?" So i talked to him in English about Saki and he responded in Japanese. It was funny.

We got to ko-hatsu and a buncha people were there. I was playing some BB and stuff and I was doing pretty good. I watched the tournament, and the top 4 were:
1) Kanemiso (Hakumen) (top player in Kobe, he's really good and we go about even)
2) Den (Bang) (bang player that i used to play in Monte. He's a really nice guy, and we talked a bit)
3) Tager
3) Tager

So the 3 worst characters made up the top 4. Noice.

Anyways, I played some Akatsuki Blitzkampf. I won a match with my average Anonym, but then lost the next two cause I got corner trapped. The regular tourney was about to start when suddenly, i got a message from Alex saying to meet up with him in Shinsaibashi. I left and took the train there. We met up and he brought two friends with him. We went and got pizza at shakeys, and then went to Tokyu Hands in Shinsaibashi to look at the majhong stuff. They had this portable majhong mat for 3500 yen or so. It had the ends so you can pull the tiles to the end, and the mat itself was kinda like spandex material. It was really awesome, and has a bag that I can carry it in, too. TOO GOOD.

Anyways, we headed to Umeda after that, and parted with Alex's friends. We met up with Dan there, and another Japanese friend of Alex's. We went to some weird little bar that was too expensive and didn't really have good drinks (at least thats what everyone said). Dan ended up seeing his cousins' wife there, who was attending a friend's wedding party. Some annoying dude named John or something was there, and he kept talking. He was obviously drunk, but just really annoying in general. Not too fun, and I was really really exhausted, so we ended up heading home after that. It was a 2 hour trip, and we made the time pass by through talking and playing 3 player wi-fi DS idolm@ster on the train. I'm glad we all have a copy of the game! We finally got back, and stopped at a convenience store before heading home. We got to my place and pretty much set up majhong and played 3 player majhong while watching Saki till we passed out.

Sunday, back in Ono, we woke up, played a round of majhong before heading to get ramen. Dan got the spiciest ramen that they had at the store, and Alex got one that was pretty spicy, too. We ate and then went to the station and waited for Toshi to show up. He surprisingly took the trip out. He got there, and we headed to max value and picked up dinner, snacks, drinks, etc for the party that night.

We started playing majhong, and then we finished another round. We all ate dinner and then people started coming over. Sarah and her husband Jesse, and their daughter Harley came over, and then Bill and Maria came over, too. We played majhong and talked and drank and just had fun in general. We then threw an impromptu Power Instinct 2 tournament for the PS1. I had everyone there enter. The results looked like this:
1) Rob (Old Lady who transforms into a young girl via a FACE SUCKING throw) (oume)
2) Alex (NINJA MAN WITH THE KICKS!!!) (saizo)
3) Maria (A very manly, ugly, voluptuous thing that I think was a woman) (angela)
4) Bill (The indian man with a generic backstory, a generic name, but looks like a white dude hence he's:) (white buffalo)
5) Jesse (HE AINT FAT CAUSE HE'S) (thin nen)
5) Sarah (the cute girl that everyone thought I would use, that I avoided using for variety's sake) (kurara)
5) Dan (An old guy who fights with a cane and moves incredibly fast for someone with a cane. Plus he doesn't wear a shirt) (kanji)
5) Toshi (The little fat kid who always get made fun of in school who transforms into someone that looks like he lost a bet) (kintaro)

So that was fun. It was pretty hype considering it was a game that nobody played and stuff. Everyone had to head out soon after that, and we continued to play majhong. We got some food at like, 2-3 am from the convenience store, started to play more majhong, but me and alex were too out of it around 3:45 so we went to bed.

Monday, since it's a holiday, we woke up late. I woke up around 10:45ish, and toshi and dan were already up by then. Alex got up soon afterwards. Everyone got packed and ready to go. We played a game of majhong, and then headed out. We went to the ramen place and Alex and Dan had a race. Alex won by a lot, and then after we finished eating, we headed out and the three of them headed back home. I walked back home, and once I got home, I was too tired to do anything, so I just took a nap. I woke up and cleaned my place. I got everything straightened out and stuff, and then I just relaxed until it was time for bed. I went to sleep and that was about it.

This weekend, I'm going BACK to shiga-ken to hang out with Alex and Dan for the weekend. It should be fun, we'll do some karaoke, hit up minami hikone, play naruto, and a lotta majhong. It'll be a fun time for everyone.


Monday, October 5, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - 13 Orphans

Hey all,

This weekend was pretty awesome. I met up with my friend in Sannomiya, and then from there, I still had time to catch the limited express train to Maibara (where Alex lives). I finally got there, and we met at the station but Alex just got done throwing up cause of bad food or something. We went back to his place, and just chilled for a bit, and then we both went to sleep.

Saturday we woke up around 10. We relaxed and I showered and got ready. After that, we played some vidja games, and then left around noon to go to Minami Hikone, which is 2 train stops away, and a pretty hopping area. We went to some game stores, and I bought a point card for my friend who wanted one. After that, we hit up this one game store, and Alex bought a 360 elite in like, near perfect condition for 25,000 yen, which is like, amazing. It even had the HDMI cable. After that, I noticed a small rack that said that all CDs marked 380 yen and under are 100 yen at the register. They had a buncha used Jpop singles that included DVDs of videos. They had a buncha hello project ones, like Buono, C-ute, BerryZ, etc. I ended up getting 11 CDs with 9 of them having DVDs for 1100 yen! Such a steal.

After that, there was a book-off nearby, and on the 2nd floor was an arcade. It had like, all these fighting games, pretty much anything I play except Arcana. They had a buncha rythym games, too. It was crazy seeing it. They had some majhong games, and pachinko/slot medal games and stuff. Everything was 100 yen, but still awesome, and I would personally be really glad if they had an arcade like this near me. Pretty sweet. Anyways, we left there, and checked out this used store. They had a VHS of The Outlaw or something like that. I forgot the name, but it starred The Rock, and a monkey humped his face somewhere in that movie. They had some majhong sets, and I was debating buying one, but maybe next time.

We then decided to go to the mall and get some food. We ate at a lunch place, and I had a katsudon. It was so-so, so I finished the meat and eggs, but left some rice. After that, we went to the Namco arcade they had there. Tekken was the only game there, but there was someone playing. I played him, and we played a ton of games. I ended up ranking up, which is awesome, but it would have been better at 50 yen a play. Oh well, supporting arcades either way is the way to go imo. It was a nice arcade, and it was worth playing and supporting it. After that, we were getting tired, so we headed on out of there and went back to Maibara. We got to Alex's place and we were like “wow, we're really tired” cause we walked a bunch and stuff. Alex opened up his Xbox and popped in the really bad Rock movie. We watched that, and messed around with xbox live and stuff for a while until it was time to pick up Dan from the station around 9. He came and we went and got some food at the Ramen place, and then went Karaoke.

At karaoke, we just did a buncha various songs, and we had a buncha fun. That lasted until like, 1AM, so about 3 hours. We got back to Alex's place, and played some Majhong. Dan won the first hand, and we got about halfway into the second hand before me and alex were like UGH NEED SLEEP. So at about 4AM, we passed out.

Alex set an alarm for 10AM, and so we got up after laying there for like, a half hour, 45 minutes or whatever. We got ready, and alex went to McDonalds and brought us back breakfast. We set up majhong and started again. We continued our game from last night. Alex was REALLY close to getting a godlike hand, but I didn't discard the tile that he needed or I would have pretty much lost right there. He had what's called a “limit hand”, which is where you have a hand thats really rare, and gives you the highest value possible for a single hand. Thankfully, I didn't give into it, but he was kinda salty about the whole thing, cause Dan ended up winning that hand like, the turn after.

I won that game by a decent margin. The next game, a couple hands in, I ended up getting a pretty bad starting hand, but that starting hand is good only in a situation that gets you an extremely rare limit hand (called 13 orphans). So I just went for it, and the next 4 turns, I drew exactly what I needed to, and then proceeded to wait for the next 10 turns or so. I had one of those like, super intense like “OMG I MIGHT GET THIS HAND” moments, but I had to stay calm and stuff. Dan made a mistake and carelessly tossed the tile I needed, which netted me the points for MY limit hand. It took so many points that the game just ended right there with me winning. Like, the funny part is that I told Dan, Alex, Bill etc that they didn't need to worry too much about limit hands because theyll never happen in a match anyways, and I ended up getting one, when I figured it was like, impossible. I was pertty happy about that, and Alex was kinda salty.

We started another game after that, and Alex was doing better, but I ended up getting a buncha good hands. At the very end, during Dan's deal, Alex ron'd me, and because he knew it would end with me winning either way, he said “you're welcome” right when he did it, and that was the game.

After that, we went to get some food, and so we ate at a small place in his mall. We had a quick meal there because I had to make sure I didn't miss my train. I got on my train at 6:20. Fast forward 3 and a half hours, and I finally got home. I stayed up way too late (as in, didn't go to bed right when I got home).

Yesterday, I got home from work, which felt really long cause I was so tired, and then did a buncha laundry, and since I had stuff to do anyways, I goofed around for a couple hours while the laundry was washing (had to do 2 loads in the washer). Finally, it finished, and it was already dark out. I got some garbage bags from the 1000 yen store, then I picked up dinner and some other food from the grocery store. I rode my bike BACK home, then grabbed the cans and glass bottles to throw away. I went BACK to the grocery store, and threw out the cans, but there wasn't a place to throw out the glass bottles like I thought. I rode around with the bottles for a while until I just threw them in the dumpster of the old place where I used to live. They pick them up on Wed, so they'll be there for like, a day, but still, kind of annoying. I got back to my laundry 15 minutes after it ended, brought it home, and then put it away. It took so long to do all that, it felt like my night was consumed by laundry. I was really tired that day anyways, so I got home, ate, and went to bed. I'm not AS tired today, but still not feeling energetic in the slightest, especially since I had 5 classes today out of 6 possible class periods.

I'm prolly gonna go home this week and just relax at home.

This weekend is a 3 day weekend. I'm meeting alex in Osaka on Saturday, then we're gonna spend the next couple days in Ono. A lot of majhong will prolly be played. I'm looking forward to it. Peace.

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - Silver Week

Hey guys, its been forever since I wrote, but I figured why not.

I left off at Silver week. Silver week is like golden week (5 day weekend), but in september. It just so happened that two holidays ended up being monday and Wed, so we got the tuesday off also. Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

My silver week started off by going to Kyoto with Sabin, Reno, and Azrael. While I was at the station, I saw a cute girl (looked a bit nerdy, but still cute) wearing an idolm@ster concert t-shirt. It was awesome, and I was thinking of going up to her and talking, but then I decided against it. Anyways, the reason for going all the way to Kyoto was to hit up the arcade A-cho, which is probably the best arcade in Japan IMO. I used to go there all the time as a study abroad student (cause it was close and stuff), but being 3 hours away made it not so appealing to want to go to unless there's a really good reason. This time, the reason was a SFIV tournament. It was 3v3, so Reno, Azrael, and Sabin teamed up. I play Sakura, who isn't in the arcade version, so I don't even have a character anyways, but I went to cheer on the team.

I started off by playing some Blazblue before the tourney started, and ended up getting like, 20 wins before I got bored and wanted to watch SFIV and hang out with the guys. Everyone was having fun it seemed and it was time for the tourney to start. RF's team was favorited to win, but they ended up losing first round in their pool. They looked really crushed, but the way the tourney worked, there was a losers bracket too, so they were able to fight their way up to a chance to make it to the final 8 bracket.

Sabin's team was in Uryo's team's bracket. Uryo = gdlk Viper player. Anyways, so Team “Winning the tourney is cool, but let's go for winning a round first” was up (the Reno, Azrael, Sabin team). They played a team of Ryu, Abel, and Gief first. Reno ended up OCVing the entire team with his honda! Nice!

Next up was Uryo's team. First, their chun player beat Reno. Az ended up beating that chun player in a REALLY close fight. And then their geif player, Cantona (top ranked Kansai gief) beat Az. Sabin got really close to winning, but instead of getting an ultra, which might have won the match, he got a teleport that screwed him over and cost him the match. Oh well. There was a losers bracket, so they played the same team they beat the first time. Reno beat the Ryu player, lost to the Abel, but Az ended up taking the other two guys out. Nice!

Now the team is in a round robin again. If they win the round robin, they go onto play in the top 8 single elim bracket. The thing is, they had to play Rfs team. He made short work out of all 3 of them (he is the top kansai player by far, ranked top 5 in Japan, and uses Sagat), and that was that. Rfs team actually went on to win the tourney. They were favorited to win, so I was happy to see them win.

After that, we hung around and played some casuals. I played against Nezu's bang a bunch. We went back and forth for a bit, and then I got like, 6 wins in a row on him. I could tell he was getting mad, and he was playing like a huge douche after a while (just running away with bang super), so after he finally beat me, I just stopped playing him. We all went out to eat, but had problems finding a good place that didnt have like, hour long waits. We just went to this place that had an “everything is 240 yen” place. We all ate and drank a bunch, and had fun just hanging out. After that, we went back to A-cho and played some more. It was getting late, so we headed back to Osaka. Me and Art got back to Umeda and just walked to his place from there. I was mad tired, so I crashed, while Art stayed up a bit later.

I woke up and took a shower and stuff, and Art got the bed. I chilled at his place until like, noon, where I headed out to meet up with Dan. I went to Athena and played Demon Bride and Arcana there until he came. Toshi came with him, too! We walked around the Den a bit, and I ended up buying idolm@ster for the DS. After that, we went and relaxed at a coffee shop for a bit, and then we went to Athena. I played blazblue there for a while and then after we were done, we went to Spa World. We stopped off at Yoshinoya for a beef bowl first.

We got to spa world and went around the baths and stuff. It was really good and really relaxing. It was silver week, so it was SUPER busy. I ended up finding a seat, and just sat watching TV for a while. They were showing the X-men movie dubbed in Japanese. I watched that and then after that was done, they were doing a special on Ayaka, a singer that I really like. They were showing other various music videos and performances and whatever, so I watched a bunch of those. Around midnite, they started shutting off the lights, so I went to sleep. Dan woke up me up around 7:15. We went around some baths and stuff, and then we headed out. I parted with dan temporarily and went off to Umeda.

I had to leave early to meet Reno and some other people to go to his girlfriend's resturant in Kyoto. I got there BARELY on time for us to make the bus, and we headed out. It was Reno, myself, Ayako (met her a while ago at Reno's place), and another ALT who works in Gunma. The thing is, because it was silver week, traffic was insane. It was like Chicago rush hour. It should have taken like, an hour and a half, but ended up being over 3 hours there. We got there FINALLY, and had to take ANOTHER bus like, 25 minutes in the middle of nowhere to her resturant. We finally got there tho.

The resturant was really nice. It looked like a renovated house, and was converted into a resturant. It's really nice, and we got our own tatami room. We ordered the lunch set, and it was REALLY good. It was a lot of food, but it was so healthy and so good. I wish I had a resturant like that near me so I could eat that all the time. Too bad its so far away from where I live. After that, we got some amazing deserts. Everyone got an apple cheesecake, and I got a parfait. It was super good and Reno's girlfriend even gave it to us on the house. After we finished eating, we walked around to this garden area and looked at the flowers and stuff. It was a bit too nature-y for me, as in, wild animals that I don't want to deal with were potentially nearby. After that, we walked around a bit to a temple, I rang the big bell there for no real reason, and then by that time, it was about time to head back. We didn't know when the next bus was gonna be, so Andrew waited at the bus stop early to flag down a bus just in case. The other three of us got there as it was coming, and we ran to the bus. We all got on, and as Reno was saying goodbye to his girlfriend, and about to get on, the driver like, really really quickly shuts the door and slams on the gas. We were like “STOP!!!” and he stopped after a bit. It was kinda messed up cause its a small town and there was nobody else on the bus, so him waiting 3 and a half seconds wouldn't have killed him. Oh well. We got back to the station, and we had to wait like, 50 minutes for our next bus. We played some mario kart and stuff while waiting and then got on the bus again. It was another long long trip because of traffic. We left at 4 and ended up getting back to umeda around 8:30 or 9. I met up with Dan and Alex there, and they were both pretty drunk. We headed back to my place in Ono and ended up getting back close to 11:30 or so. We went to the ramen place, and it was awesome, but right at the end, I went to pay for everything and give him my point card. The dude at the register gave me one stamp and refused to give me more stamps, and wouldn't even LOOK at me. I don't know how much sand got in his vagina, but apparantly enough where he was just a complete douche. It pretty much made one of my favorite spots to eat in Ono turn sour IMMEDIATELY. I was really really mad about it, but like, not as mad as when I lose online in blazblue or anything.

Anyways, we went back and played games and hung out until like, 3AM and then we went to bed. I got up in the morning/afternoon or whatever and busted out some Usagi Majhong, and the japanesemajhong.com site and started teaching it to Alex. He seemed to be getting it pretty well. However, we were getting hungry, so we went to the max value and got some food. We first stopped by the Taiyaki stand there and we each had a taiyaki. They were super delicious and then we went in and got a buncha food and drinks for the party later on. I also bought stuff for the moisture problem I have in my apt (which we also spent part of the morning dealing with). We got back, set up the moisture things, and then started eating our food while watching the idolm@ster anime that I got with the limited edition Live 4 U set I bought. We played Live 4 U after that, editing videos and watching old videos that we made a long time ago and stuff. After a while we turned it off, and got dinner at a kaiten zushi place (revolving sushi resturant). It was really good cause I was able to eat as little as I wanted, and and Alex and Dan could eat as much as they wanted. After we got back, Alex and Dan ran to the store to get some ice cream. During that time, Sarah (ALT that lives next door to me), Jesse (her husband), and their 3 year old daughter Harley came.

Bill and Maria arrived shortly after that and so we just ended up playing games for a while and eating/drinking. We played majhong, BS, Critical Blow (this old PS1 fighting game that's really good), and just chatting and whatnot. Around 2ish everyone left, and it was just me, Dan, and Alex. We ended up playing 3 player majhong until like, 6AM. It was insane, it's so addicting. We went to sleep and woke up around 1:30. We got showered up, ate, and then everyone got ready. We then played another round of majhong, and Alex and Dan left after that. I cleaned up the place since there were a bunch of cans and dishes and stuff. It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad everyone was able to come and have fun. I just relaxed for the rest of the night, since I had work the next day. Since I woke up at 1:30, I took some sleeping pills and went to bed around 10ish.

I then had a 2 day workweek. Thursday night was a surprise enkai with the teachers. I ate a bunch and drank plenty. Normally I don't like sashimi, or fish or anything, but just about everything I atte tasted really really good. Maybe I'm getting used to Japanese food? WUT? Friday night, I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do, so I went to Sannomiya and met up with Andre. I got a plate of cheese curry and a salad, which is a lot of food for me, but I ate it all and was stuffed afterwards. I played some Blazblue and stuff, and then met up with him at the arcade. We went to the Hub and I got a couple of drinks, and Andre got a pineapple juice. We sat and talked for a while, and then I was kinda in the mood to play video games, so we went back to Magical Space and I played Tekken. It was a lot of fun, and I even beat this other Asuka and got a promotion. Tekken is a weird thing cause sometimes it's really fun, and other times, it's just dumb and I don't understand it. But I was having a lot of fun playing even though I was losing to dumb stuff. After that, I wanted a cheeseburger, and I dunno why, so we stopped off at McDonalds, which was pretty packed for 11PM at night. We wandered around Sannomiya after that and chilled in the center area, and then I was getting tired, so I went to the manga cafe to sleep.

I got to the manga cafe, and I went on the computers for a bit and then passed out for a while. It was ok, I got good enough sleep, I guess. I woke up, wandered over to magical space, played a game of JuBeat, and then went to Osaka. I went to Matsuya and got myself a beef bowl, and then played a buncha games. I played some Tekken, which went pretty well. I also played some Usagi Majhong. The thing about that game is that I normally see it in like, single cabinets, but Monte has a special setup where they have 2 cabinets, and you play the other person (since it's teams, one person's team wins). Now Usagi is generally fun because of the huge overreactions by the players if you ron or tsumo them (win a hand, essentially). But with this, I was able to see the other player's reaction because it was set up in a corner, not head to head. So it was like, I would tsumo, and then the characters on the screen would react, and then my opponent would react. I played a buncha times, but after losing to me, most people ended up leaving. Oh well. At least that game is fun single player, but it's really awesome multi-player, especially against old Japanese Oji-sans. I also played Demon Bride against an Arcana/Blazblue player called Aka-mesu. He's really good and won a couple kohatsu tourneys already, but I never stood a chance in the first place cause the character matchup with his and my character is REALLY bad. Not impossible (I did win 2 rounds out of 11 3/5 round matches), but yeah, p dumb. Oh well, I went over and asked him if he was going to the blazblue tourney at ko-hatsu and he said that he had plans. I told him GG's and then headed off to Ko-hatsu.

At Kohatsu, they had a tourney where only people who haven't been in the finals of a tourney, or qualified for SBO or whatever play. It was fun to watch, cause even tho the general level of play was a lot lower than normal, it was still hype. The guy that won was Misao, a Taokaka player who was actually probably too good to play in that tournament, haha. He played against Galileo for some reason (maybe Galileo was qualified too, because he technically never got in the finals of a 1v1 touorney but had a special game against the winner). That match was super hype. Galileo was down in life, and he made a suuuuuuuuuuuper comeback with like, 2 seconds left on the clock. It was so awesome, and everyone got mad hype.

Next, it was casuals for a while. I was doing really well in casuals. Then it was time for tourney. I was teamed with a random bang player. We had to play this Rachel and Hakumen first. The thing is, the second I sat down, I got hit with the “oh wait, how do I play this game” jitters, and ended up not being able to do even easy combos. I won the first round but lost the next two. It was really really bad, and probably the worst I've ever played blazblue in a tournament. I was kinda annoyed, but then I went and played some casuals, which was a big mistake. I played against Jagar, who I normally beat (he's a rachel who has really bad basics, but can win because his character is S tier). Normally I beat him, as I said, but when I played him, I couldn't even win a single round. Even when I had the win, I would do like, 6C 2C into super, and for some reason, I missed it, and I NEVER miss inputs for easy things like that. Essentially, I was playing like crap. It was like Koromo was my opponent, and I couldn't reach tenpai. I was annoyed, but I called up Alex, cause he told me I should go out to where he lived so we can hang out, play majhong, and go karaoke. I decided to go for it, cause I had nothing better to do, and I was too annoyed at blazblue to play it well.

I got out to Alex's place, and met up with him and Dan, and then we dropped off our stuff, and went to the Karaoke place. That place is particularly awesome because it has all the same stuff that the really good places have, but like, you didn't pay for time spent, you just pay 100 yen per song, and that's it. So we ended up doing a buncha songs of all sorts. We did some im@s songs, jpop, etc. It was pretty fun. I was feeling kinda sick tho, so we left and we went back to Alex's place and I fell asleep there on a futon.

I got up in the morning before everyone else. I was feeling fine for the most part, so I just played some DS majhong and idolm@ster for a while. Alex made me ham and eggs for breakfast after he got up, which was really awesome. I got showered and then we watched a couple episodes of the Saki anime. Once we finished that, we set up Majhong at his place and played a round. I barely won, after being way ahead in the last hand, Dan almost made a comeback, but wasn't able to take the W, so I ended up winning by less than 1000 points (which is generally not a lot of points). After that, me and Alex played some Naruto EX3 for about an hour. I used Nana the entire time. It was a fun game for the most part. Some stuff was stupid but overall it felt enough like Naruto, and Nana was enough like Nana for me to enjoy it. After an hour, a message popped up on the screen like “YOU'VE BEEN PLAYING FOR AN HOUR, YOU SHOULD TAKE A BREAK!”

It was about time to head out anyways, so we all went to Ramen. The Ramen was really good, and we just chatted for a bit after that. I headed out Sunday night back home. I caught all the right trains at exactly the right times, so I got back really quickly (compared to if the trains were all slow, even tho it was still a long trip). I got back and just kinda went to bed or something.

Next was my first normal 5 day work week in a while. Except it was anything but normal, DUN DUN DUN.
Nah, but in all seriousness, the first couple days of the week were whatever, I would just come home and play Street Fighter IV online or like, sleep. But then I did something I havent done in years. I marathon'd an anime. I got all of Saki from Alex, and so I watched like, 8 episodes one night, then like, 9 the next night, and then I finished off the next 5 or so last night.

It was also a strange week because I switch schools. Normally in Ono, we switch schools every year, and sometimes you go to 2 schools in a week, but with my schedule, I was at my last school for a couple months, now I'm at this school for like, 3 weeks before going back to the other one. Its weird because each school goes however long without me, so I'm totally not needed, but I'm like that guy that's just kinda nice to have around, even if he's not necissary. Oh well.

Tonite I'm gonna go to Kobe and meet up with a friend, and then I'm prolly gonna go back to Alex's place over the weekend. It's kinda far, but it can't be helped. Not this weekend, but the next one is a 3 day weekend, so that'll be fun. Later all, sorry this was so long, but I was REALLY bored. Peace.