Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - Blazblue: Continuum Shift release!

Ok guys, its been quite a while since I've written in my blog. 2 weeks or so? Anyways, writing it is kind of a pain, so thats why it's kinda turned into every other week now.

So 2 weeks ago, I hung out with a friend Friday night, then went to namba and played some melty blood at Namba Hills. I beat this arc player, but then he left after I beat him. I played the computer and used it for combo practice. I went over to Athena after that and played some people. I got mostly owned, but I wasn't doing too bad overall. I went to the internet cafe and took my rest there.

Saturday, I got up and went to Athena. I played a buncha Melty Blood but since I'm still learning, I was losing a bunch, and it was getting to be a bit expensive. I played some blazblue and during my 20 game winstreak, Dan and Toshi came, so I lost on purpose to this one Jin player and we headed out. BNK and his friends showed up during my streak and played me a bit, but they had plans it seems, so the headed out.

Me, Dan, and Toshi then walked around the Den. I had to run an errand and once we did that, we continued to walk around a bit more. Dan traded in some games, and picked up some other games. I saw some cool stuff, but after thinking about it, I decided against buying it because I don't need more junk around the apt.

After we were done, I wanted to eat some cheese curry, so Dan and Toshi went ahead of me to the Hub (a chain of bars). I ate my cheese curry, and one of the guys who worked there was like “oh, long time no see!” I told him that I've been busy, and he was like “We haven't seen you in a while, so we were a bit worried” I then told him that I lived kinda far away, but when I can, I try to come and eat there. I said bye to him, and then headed out to meet up with Dan and Toshi.

We chilled at the hub for a while, and I inquired about Dan's plans for where we're gonna stay. He was like “actually, I was thinking of heading to Alex's place and crashing there” I was in a good mood, so I was like “man, im totally down!” but I told him to tell Alex that I wasn't in the mood for it. Toshi obviously never took a DARE class cause he caved in under our peer pressure and came out to Shiga-ken with us, too.

We took the train there and got to the Red Velvet Lounge, and Alex was there along with a few other shiga-ken ALTs that I know. Dan walked in, and then me and Toshi came in and Alex was super happy that he not only got a Dan, but a Rob and a Toshi, too. We then did karaoke for a while and then headed back to Alex's place. We watched some survivor and just chilled before heading off to bed.

We got up and ate some of alex's home cooked french toast for breakfast, and then played some smash bros. We played majhong, too, and then we played some Naruto. After that, we went and got some Ramen and then me and Toshi headed out. We took the train back, and I got to sannomiya after like, 2 hours. I wanted to relax before taking the bus for another hour and a half, so I played some melty blood for a bit against the computer to practice combos. It was about time for my bus, so I left and took the bus back home.

The next week, I had 3 days in Ono, and then a conference in Sannomiya Thursday/Friday. Awesome! The 3 days flew by and then it was time for the conference. I got on the 8:14 train to sannomiya, and got there around 9:45ish. It started at 10:30, so I was plenty early. Not gonna talk about the conference, but afterwards, I went to one of the arcades and played some melty blood there. It was pretty fun, but people stopped playing after like, an hour and a half. I had some time to kill, so I went to the Loft, which is like, an arts and crafts store of sorts, and bought some stickers for my students. I went and met up with Andrew and his GF after that.

We went and got some indian food at this resturant that Andrew knew. When we got there, we were the only people there. The food was really good. A tad expensive, but it was really good so I was satisfied. We went to the really nice starbucks after that. It's an American style house (from the days when Americans lived there because it was near the ports where they would do trades or something like that) converted into a starbucks. It's really nice, and we were the only people there. We got our drinks (Andrews GF paid for us, very nice of her), and on my hot cocoa, the starbucks girl drew a little smiley face. And then when I got it from her, she said in English “Thank you!” It was really cute. We talked there until it closed, and then as I was leaving, I waved to her and said “Goodbye!” Too good.

After that, I played at magical space against Naaga until it was time to go, then I went to the manga cafe and slept there. It was cheaper to stay in sannomiya overnight than to go back home and come back. That way, I was able to wake up around 9 (which is sleeping in as far as im concerned) and still make it with plenty of time to spare. Now it's 11/20 and the new BB is out as of this day.

I walked on over to the seminar hall, and did the first half. Now for lunch, we get 90 minutes. I used that time to walk 20 minutes to the Sega Sanx, and play the new BB for like, 45 minutes before walking 20 minutes back (I grabbed some convenience store fried chicken on the way, and ate that while waiting).

For the 2nd half, it was over after an hour and a half and I went back to the Sanx. I played there for a while, but Noel was feeling kinda weak. I couldn't really figure stuff out and I was just losing to spammy Ragna players. I got kinda sick of playing and went to magical space and played some arcana there for a bit. I had to go back home to change and stuff for the weekend, so I caught a bus back home, went on the computer and then went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning and headed to sannomiya again (after a shower, change of clothes etc). I saw Kanimiso (a hakumen player) there. He was doing well, and we played a bit. Other people were playing, so I went to the other cabinet next to him and played there. We were both sitting there getting streaks. I figured out some interesting stuff for Noel that might make her ok. At one point, he must have heard me go “What the hell?” or something, and he started joking around and was going like “oh my shit!” when he was getting hit. It was pretty funny. Around 1:30 or so, I headed out. I went to Umeda and went to Monte 50. I met up with Andrew there and played some games for a bit. I played some Melty blood, and then a few games of BB:CS before heading out to meet up with Eddie (Kunai). We then walked toward Ko-hatsu for the tourney and stopped at Coco's Ichiban along the way for some curry. I got cheese curry of course, and after we ate, we walked to ko-hatsu. I wrote a tourney report on dustloop, so you can check that out in the BB:CS information and news thread if you want.

After ko-hatsu, we went to Namba and went to Denden town and checked out a couple game stores there. We then went to Athena and Sega Avion for a bit. After that, we got hungry so we went to this one hawaiian burger place. It was really good and I got too much food so I wasn't able to finish it, sadly. もったいない!

After that, we went back to Andrews place and stopped at the arcade near his place along the way. It was a small place that smelled bad, but had people playing Melty and SFIV, so we played there for a bit. We headed to Andrews place and just played games and stuff till we went to sleep.

Sunday, Jeff (Azrael) came over and we played SFIV a bunch. We went out and ate some Yakiniku and it was mad delicious. I was completely stuffed after we were done. We went back and played more games and hung out. Jeff headed back home somewhere at night, while me, Andrew, and Eddy stayed there and played more games till we went to sleep.
Monday (because it's a holiday, I was still out), Eddy headed back early, and I stayed a bit later. After showering and whatnot, I headed out and Andrew went to the Gym. I went to Umeda and played at monte 50. I just played there pretty much all day from like, noon to 8:30PM. Mostly BB:CS, but some melty blood too.

After that, I got some subway for dinner and headed home.

That was it. Not much interesting, but BB:CS is fun so far. We'll see what develops from it, haha.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - New Clothes

Ok last I left off was after the random Tuesday holiday (Culture Day). Andrew's girlfriend gave me advice on what kinds of clothes I should wear to look better. Recently, I haven't really been spending much money, so I decided to splurge and get a new wardrobe that looks appropriate for going out. I headed to Saty after work on Wednesday, and went to the area where all the cool clothes are. Here's what I picked up:

2 pairs of jeans, one dark, and one with those beige stains on them.
2 white hoodies
a striped button up shirt
new shoes (NOT gymshoes, brownish/greenish walking shoes)
A new bag

I figured that was enough to carry. I got back, and then Bill texted me and asked if I was free to hang out. Since I live in Ono, and it's a weeknight, 99% chance of “yes, I'm free”. I was looking for a new Jacket, too, so we went over to the used store and checked them out there. There wasn't really anything there, so we just headed back and hung out at my place for a bit. I dont think we played any games this time, but we just chillaxed. He headed back around 9ish or so, and I just hung out on XBL or something.

Thursday, I wanted to still pick up a few more things, so after work, I headed back to Saty to get more stuff. I got:
a black winter jacket
a new belt
another striped button up shirt

That should be enough for now I suppose.

I headed back home, and just did whatever. I found out that I had no plans for the weekend, and Alex said that he was having a big Karaoke thing at the Red Velvet Lounge on Sat, so I was like “oh snap, can I head over Friday night, and we can hang out Fri-Sun?” and he was down.

I decided to test the waters with my nice new clothes on Saturday, so I packed some up and brought them in my bag, while wearing my normal cothes on Friday. Right after work, I dashed home, got changed, and ran to the bus stop. The bus was late AGAIN, but it finally came after 10-15 min of being late. I got on, and I hear “ROBAATO?” and it turns out that because it was open high school at my school, a ton of 3rd year students of mine were on the bus from whatever high school they went to visit, along with the girls basketball coach. I waved and stuff, but it was a bit embarassing since they caught me in casual clothes going out. They got off at the next stop, and because there were so many of them, it took forever to get off the bus. (Its the opposite of America with buses, in Japan, you pay as you're getting off, because the price you pay depends on how far you went). I now understand why the bus was late.

Anyways, I moved seats to near the back and started to doze off while listening to music. I napped for a bit, and then finally got to Kobe. I got there around 6. I had plenty of time to kill before the 9:30 train for Maibara (where Alex lives), so I decided to have some fun. I headed to where the Rashabang was, but I didn't see anything there. Honestly, that sort of stuff doesn't really appeal that much to me anymore. I actually went to that area for a different reason tho. There's a small arcade there that has 2 Melty Blood cabs, 3/5 rounds 2 credits for 100 yen. I got there, and there was this mech hisui player playing. Nobody was plyaing against him, so I played him. I beat him, and then a couple other guys played me. I beat them, too and got like, 5 wins in a row before losing a match to this Len player. I played him again and beat him. I played a few more, and got a few more wins, then lost a match to this Ciel player. I played him again and won a few matches. Then this Riese player goes against me and absolutely destroys me. I play him one more 100 yens worth, and he beats me bad again. I decide it's not worth it because he's just way too good, and I wasn't really learning anything because I was just getting owned perfect after perfect, pretty much. I was getting hungry anyways, so I walk on over to the Cocos Ichiban and get my usual Cheese curry. I went around 7:30, which is about an hour after I usually eat there. It was pretty empty, so instead of having to wait a while for my food, I got it really quickly. I ate and then decided to head to this arcade to play some arcade majhong. I wanted to practice for the weekend, since we were probably gonna play at Alex's.

I go to this one arcade that's owned by the same company that owns Magical Space, but it's a few blocks away from magical space. I got there, and it was 2 credits for 100 yen! Alright! There were like, 8 machines, and only 3 guys playing, so I just sit down at a machine and play. I put in 100 yen, register my e-amusment pass (I bought one for 300 yen, and am using it for the first time with majhong). There's now two options of types of games I can play. One that's life based, where I get a certain amount of life, and one that's a full game, where until the game is over, I keep playing. Generally, the full game is 2 credits, and when it's 2 credits for 100 yen, it's totally worth it. I played that mode, and got wrecked. I tossed out tiles I thought were safe and ended up getting owned. Oh well. I put in another 100 yen to play another full game, and when I looked it said “credits – 3”. I was like “WHAAAAAAA?” I did the “full game” option again. It only took up one credit! Score! I play another game, and this time, I get wrecked AGAIN. I don't even know why, but that's two games, with two 4th place finishes. Ugh. I still have 2 credits, so I play another game. This time, I get 1st place! Rock on! This gives me a free credit, so I get a free game. I get 4th place AGAIN. And then for my last credit, I get ANOTHER 4th place. Needless to say, I got wrecked, but it's all good. I can only go up from here, haha. It was still fun, and a lot more relaxing than like, fighting games.

After that, I went to play some Jubeat, cause they have 4 machines there (2x as many jubeat machines as any other arcade ive been to). However, they normally have 3 songs for 100 yen, which is average. BUT it was a special day, it was like, the 6th of the month, therefore 2 credits for 100 yen! That's by far the best deal I've ever had. So I got to play two credits of JuBeat for 100 yen, which was awesome. I would have played another 100 yen worth, but like, I had to go catch the train. I got on the train for Maibara, got there FINALLY (it felt like forever, but I just played idolm@ster DS most of the time). I got there, and Alex commented on my nice new jacket. Awesome. :D

We got back to his place, played some Naruto and then went to bed.

Saturday, we got up, played some games, and then headed to Minami Hikone for shopping and food and stuff. We went to Coco's and I recommended the cheese curry to Alex. He got it, but with a lot of spiciness, too. I love Cheese curry, and so eating it 2 days in a row felt great. We met up with CJ and Maureen there, too. We ate and then walked over to the mall. I got some shirts and a couple of pairs of socks (since I only had white socks, I need other colors to match my new shoes). I brought the socks to the register and the cute girl working the register was like “if you buy two more, its 980 yen for 4 pairs!” when its normally 300 yen a pair. I was all about that so I grabbed another couple pairs, which actually ended up being good cause I need the extra pairs anyways, now that I think about it. The shirts are really cool tho, and were really cheap. We were looking for shoes, but my feet are way too big, so I ended up not finding any, which is a shame. I played a bit of tekken at the arcade, and then we took the train to Hikone. Instead of just taking the train to Maibara, we got off at Hikone, and for the sake of exercise, we walked about 10KM (6.2 miles) back to Alex's place. It was cool and a good workout. We got back, showered up, and I put on my new clothes, and looked pretty snazzy, and Alex put on a suit.

The reason why we're dressing up is mainly because Dan always comes right after work, and he always is wearing his work clothes, so he comes in dressed better than Alex. Alex wanted to not be outdressed in his town, so he said he was gonna wear a suit. I personally didn't want to be the only one of us three dressed down, and I got a buncha new clothes anyways, so it was good to see what they looked like. So we met up with everyone at the station and then went karaoke. We stayed there singing for like, 3 hours, and then we went home. Alex and Dan were both really tired, so we all went to bed, which is good cause I've been lacking sleep recently (well, more like always).

I slept later than Dan and Alex (which is rare), but we got up, and watched a couple eps of survivor. We played some Naruto EX3, and then after about an hour, we played majhong.

I started out really well with my east round hacks. But then it got to Dan's deal on the south round, and he won like, 6 hands in a row. It was absolutely rediculous, but he pretty much obliterated me and alex and because that ONE game took so long, we only got to do one game, when we normally do like, 2-3. Oh well. Alex cooked us some food, and we watched Naruto after that. After we watched Naruto, we really wanted to play, so we played until it was time for us to go. Dan had to leave a bit early, and then it was time for me to go. Alex went with me to the station and then I went to buy my ticket, but the ticket selling place was temporarily closed! DOH! So I ran to the vending machine where they sell discount tickets and got one there. I ran for the station and luckily made my train. Things ended up working out. However, I got kinda nauseus on the train, and I got really really hot. I got off at Sannomiya and was doing ok, I walked around for 10-15 minutes before my bus. I got on the bus, and then I started to feel REALLY nauseus. I took some dramamine, and it helped a little, but it was still a crappy bus ride. I FINALLY got home and once I was in and sitting down, I felt a lot better. The dramamine's side effects were kicking in, so I was pretty much ready to go to bed around 11. I went to bed, and got up for work on Monday at 7, and that's that.

This weekend, I plan on meeting up with Dan on Saturday and doing...whatever...lol. I want to play more Melty Blood, so that'll be on the schedule, but aside from that, I don't know what we're gonna do, but who knows, maybe it'll turn out interesting anyways, heh...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - New Blazblue Loctest + going home for xmas

Ok it's been a while since I wrote, but I'll try to keep this short.

10/23 Friday – I finished up work and went to Osaka right after that. I stopped at Kobe to get food, but I wanted to play Arcana at Athena, so I went there. I played Arcana for a while against Kouya's Akane, but he was pwning me with Gier cause of Akane's crazy teleport mixups and stuff. Anyways, after enough time with that, I played some Blazblue. I finished the night playing some Melty Blood and picking up a new character that I'll use at Frosty Faustings.

Around midnite-ish, I went to the 8 hour manga cafe. I really wanted to get to the blazblue CS loctest early. I slept there, and while it was good sleep, I had to cut it short obviously because I wanted to get out of there on time.

I left the manga cafe a bit before 8 and got to namba hills a little after 8. There was already a really long line for the loc test. I got there like, 2 minutes after it opened, and there were like, 20-25 people in line before me. I waited about 45 minutes and then I got to play. I wrote my thoughts and stuff on dustloop.com (check the noel forums), but yeah, it went well. I got 3 wins my first time playing, and then the machine kicked me off (3 winstreak max). I saw braces noel kid, and his friends there, so I waited in line with them.

I played again and got 2 wins, and then lost in the last match (which is fine, cause if I won I would have been kicked off). I definitely got a good feel of the game, and it was a lot of fun. I started practicing some Melty Blood, and then Kilvear, an arcana player from Singapore showed up. He was in Japan on vacation and has a friend with him. We all played the loctest a bit more, and he played MB against me and pretty much owned me. It was good practice tho. Overall I played 12 matches of the loctest before I got tired of waiting in the line.

After that, I got some food at Matsuya and then I went with Kilvear and his friend to Athena and we played some Arcana. He uses Catherine, who is pretty bad in AH2, so I was beating him. We then went and played Demon Bride, and I think he won like, one match and I won like, 7 or 8. After that we walked around Denden town. We headed to sega avion and I met up with Andrew (reno) and Eddie (kunai) there, so I said bye to Kilvear and his friend. We went to A-too and the two of them picked up some games and stuff. After that, we went and met up with a few friends and went to an izakaya. It was all you can drink for like, 1200 yen or so, so pretty cheap. It was really fun and after that, we parted and went back to Nishinomiya. Me and Eddy crashed at Renos place. After we all got up and stuff, we got ready and went and played some SFIV. Jeff (Azrael) came too, and we all played for a while. Jeff pretty much owned us, and the other three of us went even against each other. After that, it was time to head back, so we went back home and I started my new work week.

Fast forward a week. Even tho I wasn't really spending much, I got hit with my school lunch bill, my school “misc expenses” bill, and my internet bill all at the same time, so all the money I was saving for having fun just got tossed out the window for bills. Soooo sad. :(

However, on a good note, my school prinicipal approved my request to go home. Normally, teachers here wouldn't be able to take off until the 22nd, but that would be after my Mom's side of the family celebrates Xmas, so I wanted to go before then. He said something along the lines of “Other teachers normally wouldn't be able to do this, but because you're doing a good job, I'll let you go early.” Nice! I ended up finding good plane tickets for only like, 881 dollars round trip! It's a somewhat strange schedule on the way there that involves a lot of waiting at the airport, but I get to Chicago thursday, Dec 17th at 2PMish, so it works out well. I'm glad I'm gonna be able to come home for a vacation, as it'll be nice to see everyone again. Anyways, back to how my was.

Friday night (10/30), I had a drinking party with my coworkers from one of my schools. It was the “under 35” one, so there were only like, 7 of us there. It was mad fun and we were there for like, 5 hours. It was kind of expensive for one dinner (6500 yen) but it was really fun, so I'm glad I went.

I went back home and went to sleep promptly. I woke up and just relaxed around the house. I headed to Kobe after I got the urge to play some games. I played some games and after I got bored there, I went to Osaka and walked around Denden town. I looked around, but I only bought a small magazine. I'm just not finding anything I want, and when I see something cool, I second guess myself and always end up deciding that it's not worth it. I guess it's good, I can save more money and not have so much junk, but yeah...

Anyways, I went to athena after that and played more arcana and BB and stuff. When it got close to midnight, I headed to the 10 hour manga cafe and passed out. I got really good sleep there surprisingly. I got out of there and headed to Athena for some early morning Blazblue. Of course, BNK was there, and this one bang player was there, and this is the guy who picks like, every character and does so-so with them, instead of just sticking to one and getting really good with them. He beat me a couple times and then I got used to him and won like, 24 in a row against him. I wanted to play other games after that like Tekken and MB, so I played those for a bit. I headed out around 3ish to Nishonomiya and hung out with Andrew at the Nishinomiya mall. We got some food, and I got some clothes at uniqlo. We hung out at Starbucks after that and just had coffee (I had hot chocolate), and we just chilled until it was time for me to go home.

After I got home, I stayed up a bit late cause tuesday is a holiday!

Monday I got up, went to work, came home, and had a nice busy night:
Came home, put laundry in the washer, relaxed online for a bit. After one load finished, I took another load, threw it in the washer (my washer is small, keep that in mind), and then biked out in the unusually cold weather to Saty (local dept store) and got a haircut. I got a big mac at mcdonalds there and brought it back home. I got back, ate the big mac, and by that time, the load finished. I took that load out, put another load in, and then took the 2 loads to the laundromat in freezing weather on my bicycle. Wait a half hour for it to finish, take it back, throw it on my bed, take the new load that just finished BACK to the laundromat and then wait 30 minutes for that to finish, bring that home, take it back, take my clothes, fold them, and put them away. Before I knew it, it was 9:30.

After that, I just relaxed, but got hungry around 11, so I ran out YET AGAIN into the cold to get some convenience store food. After that, I went to sleep cause I was exhausted.

Tuesday, the holiday, I set my alarm to 8:30 and woke up to it. I went on the computer a bit to wake myself up, and then took a shower and got ready to go. I got all my stuff, but I realized I took too long in the shower, so I might miss my bus. I ran to the bus stop from my apt, and right when I got there, the bus was already there stopped (thankfully someone else was waiting there I guess). It waited for me and I got on, thankfully. Phew. I got to Kobe, and then transferred there to go to Osaka. At Osaka, I met up with Andrew, his GF Ibuki, and another mutual friend of ours. We went to this Thai resturant (I heard wrong, we went to a japanese resturant that served a fish called "tai", thanks to Andrew for correcting me), and I didn't know what they had there, but I just ordered what everyone else did. Out comes this fish head and like a fish tail. Not only is it a fish head. It's a BIG fish head. Teeth, eye, everything. Now those of you who know me well enough know that I'm not good with fish. At all. Like, I've upped my tolerance to the point that I can eat fish that doesn't LOOK like fish. As in, no head, tail etc. But thats exactly what this was. It was a big giant fish head, tail etc. I tried to play it cool, but I guess somewhere along the line, my face gave it away, and it was all over at that point. I still ate as much as I could cause while it was good, I wasn't used to poking at a fish head and going OMG I CAN EAT THIS PART.

Anyways, after that, we went to Namba and went to the movie theatre. We went there to see the Michael Jackson movie. It's only in Japan for 2 weeks before it gets pulled for good, so we wanted to see it on time. We watched it and it was really good. I don't watch movies often, but I would suggest it. After the movie, we went to Umeda and to the Seattles Best Coffee there. We got coffee and stuff there (I got an iced chocolate, which was a mistake because it ended up being 70% ice...JAPAN...), and then after we were done, we headed to this import stuff store right near the station gate. We looked around there, but everything good was expensive so whatever. I'll be home soon enough anyways.

Anyways, I don't quite have plans for this weekend yet. We'll see how it goes...