Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - More of the usual

Ok since I've really not felt like writing my blog, it's been a couple weeks since I last updated.

Two weeks ago, I went to Osaka friday night, hung out with friends and then went to Namba and stayed at the new manga cafe that just opened. It was pretty sweet. Here's a rundown:
1)They had a 12 hour pack, so I could stay there pretty much as long as I wanted, get a full night of sleep without worrying about having to wake up early and get out of there. The best part was that it was only 1900 yen or so, which is pretty awesome for being able to stay somewhere for 12 hours straight.
2)For the 12 hour pack, they give you a free 20 minute shower with it. Normally a shower costs and extra 240-300 yen or so, but since you're doing a 12 hour pack, they give it to you. I got to take a shower, and since it was a 12 hour pack, I didn't have to worry about running out of time to take a shower. With the shower, they clean it after each time someone uses it, so it was clean, there was a fresh towel there with shampoo and body soap, and a free toothbrush etc. It was pretty great.
3)I was in a mat booth, and I got a free blanket to use, a pillow, and a computer with high speed internet. It was big enough where I could stretch out my legs so I didn't feel constricted.
4)Free soft drinks and free soft serve ice cream. They also had some other drinks like milk, tea etc that they made themselves.

So yeah, it was pretty awesome. I stayed there from about 11:15 PM to 11:15 AM.

Now it was Saturday and I was in Osaka. I played some BB:CS for a while at Athena and ended up getting a big winstreak. After I lost, I went and got some cheese curry for lunch. Since I was in denden town, I went and walked around, but got kinda bored, so I just went back to Athena. There was a tourney going on at Ko-hatsu, but I didn't really feel like going, so I just stayed at athena and played there until about 11ish.

I stayed at an internet cafe again saturday night. I stayed at the 10 hour place. I got up. I forgot my razor, so I was completely unshaven, and felt really dirty because of that. I just played at Athena for a bit, ate some cheese curry, and picked up Fate: Unlimited Codes and Melty Blood: Actress Again for the PS2. I headed home after that and played some Melty Blood for the rest of the night while just relaxing.

Fast forward to Friday, and I'm scheduled to meet Alex in Kyoto. I go to Sannomiya and get some dinner, play a bit of melty blood, and do some shopping. I get to Kyoto station and I kind of went into the whole thing not really knowing where anything is. I check a map and kinda just start walking. I take a couple of wrong turns or whatever, but I fix myself. Eventually, over an hour of walking later, I get to where I'm supposed to meet Alex. I meet up with him and we walk to A-cho afterwards. I play for a bit and get a small winstreak and then we head out to Maibara. We get back there around 1 something, and then we kinda just go to bed.

Sat we go to Minami Hikone, which is pretty close to where Alex lives. I pick up some clothes and stuff, and we check out a few game stores. I get a couple CDs and then we stop by his local arcade. Someone is playing the new Blazblue there, so of course I challenge him. The guy wasn't bad, but was really bad at using bursts, so he wasted them instead of using them smart and ended up losing. I won 2 matches in a row 6 rounds straight and then he left and I beat the game. After that, we headed back to Alex's place and got ready for Karaoke.

We went and met up with people at the station, and then went to the ramen place for dinner. We got Ramen, and then me and Alex left to meet up with Dan. We met up with him, and Dan went to get Ramen, and me and Alex went ahead. Apparantly the place was only usable until 9PM because of a reservation, and it was like, 7:35 at that point. Me and Alex sang a few songs until people got there around 8. We continued for about and hour and then went back to Alex's place. A buncha people were there and we played card games and told stories and whatever. After that, everyone left except for me, Alex, Dan, and Tyler (another ALT). We played Mahjong for a bit and then went to sleep. In the morning, we woke up, played mahjong and then we left around 2ish.

It was still early so I stopped by Denden town. I ate some delicious cheese curry for lunch, and then went to the Cospa store and picked up the Etopen plush that I reserved. I played some BB and MB at Athena after that, and when I was finished/bored, I went home and relaxed.

I got a small cold from Alex, so I'm just taking it easy this weekend. Either way, less than a week before I go back to the states!