Monday, January 18, 2010

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - Bathroom surprise

Blog -
Hi guys, continuing from last week, this is my blog. Right now, the internet is down at work, so not only am I not able to keep myself entertained during boring times, I now can't even do work because everything work-related that I need to do requires the internet, so I'm forced to entertain myself through offline means.

Anyways, since Monday was a holiday, my work week started on Tuesday. Tuesday – Friday, I would go to work, come home, and play Star Ocean 4, as my new years resolution is to finish the games I bought. Star Ocean 4 was at the top of the list, so I wanted to beat that one first. I got around to beating it on Friday night, and it felt really good. But it was also good because instead of going to Osaka on Friday and spending an extra day there, I stayed at home where it's nice and cheap.

I went to bed Friday night around midnite, and then woke up around 8ish. I stayed home for a couple of hours just relaxing, and caught the 10:17 bus to Kobe, listening to my new k-on music, and my Eri (from im@s) character CD. I got there close to noon. I went and checked out the Lashabang store looking for railgun manga, or just cheap music CDs or whatever, but I didn't find anything. I checked out a couple more stores, but I wasn't really looking for anything, just browsing, so I didn't buy anything. I decided I was hungry, so I headed over to Osaka and played IM@S DS on the train. I got to Osaka and headed to this little cafe/bar called “Slices”. It's a pizza place and it apparantly has American style pizza (as opposed to Japanese style).

I went in, and there were a few other people there. The people working there just kinda stared for a but and said I could sit down. I sat at the bar and they took my order. I got a slice of pepperoni and an OJ, which was 650 yen. The OJ came half filled with ice in a really small glass. I got the pizza, the slice was a little smaller than average, and there wasn't enough cheese. The sauce burned the top of my mouth p badly, but aside from that, and the expensive prices, and the awkwardness of going alone, it was ok. I started walking toward Namba. I stopped at the import food store along the way because I saw they had skippy extra crunchy peanut butter 16oz size or whatever for 3/1000 yen. I picked up 3 of them, and now I'm pretty set on peanut butter for a while. I was running really low before, so it's really good that I was able to pick some up.

After that, I headed to Athena for a bit. Since arcana 3 came out, I've been having a craving to play it, so I sessioned in that for a bit. Played a bit of BB:CS, too, but AH3 is way more fun. After a couple hours there, I wanted to walk around Denden town again and look at stuff before all the stores closed. I went around to all the different stores, and saw a bunch of stuff I wanted, but knew I shouldn't buy. After however long I spent looking at game/figure stores and whatnot, I settled on buying the railgun manga vol 2, and on a small ritsu (from k-on) phonestrap for my phone. It was like, 2 bucks, and it's nice and small, so my formerly strap-less phone now has a strap.

After that, since I was already up and about, I went and got my usual cheese curry. It was delicious as always. Since the cheese curry place is right near Athena, I just went back to Athena and played Arcana for a while. It went well, and most of the top arcana players in Kansai were there. I played that for a while, played a little bit of BB:Crappy Sequel, and then I looked over to where Melty Blood is. I saw Long Hair Glasses Man (better known to most people as Kou) sitting there playing. We use the same character, and I learned a lot from watching his vids, but nobody was playing against him. I decided to give it a lot and see if I could learn anything. I played him for 4 matches in a row, and won 1 round. He indeed showed me why he is a descendant of some greater power, brought down to this earth to wreck havoc in loli fighting games. After 4 matches, I headed on out and went to the 12 hour manga cafe place. It was 10:45 or so by this point, and they didn't have any mat booths or reclining chair seats. I wasn't about to sleep in an open seat, so I just decided to head to the capsule hotel.
At the capsule hotel, I got there, signed in, did all the necessary things, and then went to the public bath. I took a nice hot bath, which felt really good, and then relaxed in the jaccuzi bath for a bit, too. After that, I was kinda tired, so I headed up to my capsule and just watched TV for a bit before heading to sleep. I was in my capsule but I had to go to the bathroom, so I got up and went to the bathroom. However, right when I got to the bathroom, therewas some dude just laying there in his normal clothes. I was like “aah!” cause I didn't excpect to see some dude laying there. I wasn't sure if he was dead/drunk/etc. But he heard me I guess, so he just got up all non-chalantly, looked at me, and just went over to his capsule and I guess went to sleep there. It was really weird cause I was like OMG IS THIS GUY DEAD? DRUNK? UNCONCIOUS? Not what I expected to run into at like, 11:30PM. I was gonna ask him if he was ok, but from the looks of it, he was fine, but if he was fine, why was he laying on the floor in a bathroom face up? Strange, but I guess it's good that he wasnt dead I guess? I would have prolly had to call someone, tho we did just do a CPR thing at school, so I would have at least been able to deal with it, had he had a heart attack or something. I still kinda want to know what was up with him, but at the same time, it was so weird (especially the look he gave me when he got up, it was kinda like “o hai thar!”) that I kinda just want to pretend it didn't happen.

Anyways, back in my capsule, I kept waking up because people's alarms kept going off at random times. I forgot to bring earplugs, and I wasn't about to pay 3 dollars for a set of them, so I kinda got in a half-asleep half-awake state for half the night. Around 8ish, I got up out of my capsule, took a bath, got washed up etc. It was only around 9AM by the time I was done, so I just sat in a lounge chair playing im@s DS for 50 minutes or so. I got out of there and headed toward Athena again. I stopped by Mr Donuts for a quick bite to eat and then continued on my way to Athena.

I got to Athena, and there was this one tall guy I always see there who uses Heart. He's really good, and so we played a bunch. He said that I got good at the game, and I told him that it's only cause Petra is really good now, and cause j.236A is super good. I played for like, 2 and a half hours, and then headed out to meet a friend. We met up, and after I was done with that, I went to Kobe cause it was on the way home.

At Kobe, I stopped by the Sannomiya Sanx arcade. Apparantly there was a BB tourney that I missed, but wasn't too sad about missing, cause I don't really want to play that game in tourney. However, a lot of the Kobe players were there, so I talked to Kanimiso (best player in Kobe, Hakumen user) and stuff. I played BB and of course got owned by a Tager. Fun. I played some AH3 after that, and beat this one Lilica player a few times. However, unlike Athena's 4 setups, 3/5 rounds for 50 yen, this place had 1 setup, 2/3 rounds 100 yen. Ugh. Good thing I was winning or I wouldn't have bothered. However, people stopped playing, so I beat the game and then headed to Magical Space. I got 5 wins in arcana before people stopped playing me. As usual, I ran into Andre and we hung out for a bit. After talking for like, an hour, I went to my bus and he went home to cook. I JUST missed the bus so I went to Sukiya and ate dinner. I saw that they had a beef bowl with cheese on top. It looked good, but either it wasn't as good as I was expecting, or I wasn't as hungry as I thought. I still ate the salad and drank the miso soup (painfully, as my mouth still had the burns from the pizza) and most of the beef bowl, but I couldn't finish it. I also used the bathroom there so I wouldn't have to go on my 70+ minute bus ride.

I rode the bus and played im@s ds most of the way back. I went home, relaxed for a bit on the computer and then went to bed, ready to start my workweek. I have 6 days this week, but monday off, so my weekend is sun/mon instead of sat/sun. Since I beat Star Ocean 4, the next game on the list was either Happy Dance Collection or Oboromuramasa (demon blade). I opted for Happy Dance Collection since it seemed like it would be easier to beat. I brushed off the dust on my wii and started that up. It's kind of aggrivating sometimes cause it doesn't always read my inputs, but whatever, we'll see if I can still beat story mode anyways. That's my goal for this week. Hopefully I don't give up, but if it gets too aggrivating, then I may have to. I'd like to think I'll be able to stick with it though, because I really want to beat all the games I bought but haven't played enough.

Ok thats all for this week. For next weekend, I don't really have plans yet, but I always seem to find something to do, so it'll be ok. Worst case scenario, I just stay home and grind more of my games. Chances of that are pretty low cause I'm kinda hype for arcana 3, haha.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Misadventures of Rob #ReloadFULL Season 2 - America Trip + First Japanese weekend of 2010!

Blog from the states:

This will be a blog tracking the past few weeks. The day before I left, I went to Sannomiya because I had to get to the airport the night before. So I met up with a friend of mine from High school, who's currently an ALT in Osaka named Ahmed. So we meet up, and we head to Cocos, so I can get one last cheese curry before I have to go home. We eat and hang out and stuff. Then we were like “ok, what should we do?” so we go around to some arcades and just hang out and stuff. I played some Majhong for a bit, and after a while, we head to the Sannomiya Sanx arcade and I play a bit of Shining Cross. We went to Magical Space and I played some JuBeat, too. After that, it was about time to head out, so I went to the bus station and talked to Ahmed until my bus for the airport had to leave. It was a huge pain having to carry around all my luggage anywhere I wanted to go, but it couldn't be helped, since I didn't really feel like putting it in a locker for just a couple hours.

After about an hour or so on the bus, I got to the airport. It was roughly 10:45PM by this time. I sat around and played some PSP/DS for a bit. I was trying to connect to the internet on my netbook, but there was no place to do it. I couldn't get in the terminal because they didn't open up until 5:30 or something like that. However, they had an internet cafe there, so I ended up just eating the 3000 yen cost for 6 hours, and went there. I woke up from my half-asleep state (couldnt sleep that well) and the gates were open, so I went and got my boarding pass and whatnot, went through security just fine. It was a domestic flight from Osaka to Tokyo, so it was pretty much all Japanese people and me. That flight was easy, a little over an hour. They didn't have OJ on the flight, so I ended up with apple juice instead. Ugh. After that, I was in Haneda airport.

From Haneda airport, I had to transfer to Narita airport, which is a little over an hour away. No problem. I looked to see how much prices were on a limo bus. 3000 yen! WOW, expensive! I had no choice but to take it though. First, I decided to use the bathroom. There were people changing and taking forever. Ughhhhhhhhhhh. So annoying! Finally, after like, 5-10 min of waiting, I got in a stall. After I took my time, I went and got on my bus. After like, an hour I was already at Narita airport! Cool, so it was around 10AMish. However, united didn't open up until like, noonish. So I now had 2 hours of nothing to do, but not yet in the terminal. I got some OJ and found a little spot where I can plug in my computer to the internet! However, either the internet didn't work there, or the $1 lan cable I bought didn't work. I ended up just spending the $5 to use the internet for the day. After a couple hours, they finally opened up the United counters. I got in, got registered, etc, went through security no problem, and headed inside. The first thing I did was go to the shower area. For 500 yen, you can get a shower for 30 minutes. They provide 3 towels, and all the things you would need, body soap, shampoo etc. I went and showered, shaved, brushed my teeth, all that good stuff. It was great, and I looked nice and fresh and felt great after that.

After that, I went and got a hot dog at the food place that was closeby. For being made in Japan, it was pretty good. I sat down and just used the internet, killing time until it was time to board. Near me, there was some woman with a kid who I think was named like “Malekai” pronounced Mal (rhymes with pal)-i (the I sound in icky)-kai (rhymes with pie). The kid was like, 2-3 and obviously didn't care about anything his mom said. So this entire time, the mom is sitting there doing that half-yelling thing, and that whole “don't go too far, malekai” thing. But every 5 seconds, I would hear this mom yelling out this poor kid's dumb name. The kid didn't look too bright either, and he obviously knew that he could just ignore his mom and be fine.

However, behind me, there was another mom and two kids (prolly 5 and 7). She bought chicken nuggets and fries for both of them. However, the daughter dropped her nuggets and fries all over the floor. The mom picks it up and then goes to throw it out. The boy is like “I'll share with you! I'll pick out the ones you can have!” and then he grabs the box, but at the wrong end, and all the nuggets and fries spill out of THAT one, too. I had to try not to laugh, because that would be mean, but as a bystander, it was pretty funny.

Anyways, after killing a buncha time online, I got on the plane and survived the trip. It felt like it took forever, but thats how it goes when you've been en route for over 20 hours before you even get on the long flight.

Anyways, I got home and my parents picked me up! Everything that happened in the US was pretty standard.

However, the first night we were back, as we were driving to the local mall like, 2 miles away, some lady driving a mercedes ended up crashing into some car that was making a left turn in front of us. We were like, right next to it when it happened. It was pretty crazy. First day being home, and already I saw an accident. Nice.

On my 2nd day, while we were shopping in Target, suddenly ALL the lights go out. I'm not talking like, dim and romantic, I'm talking pitch black. My first thought was to use my cell phone screen as a small light. I was all “alright, now it's my time to shine” but like, by that time, the emergency lights already went on. Oh well. It wasn't quite my time to be a hero.

Aside from that, there were just a lot of family gatherings, and gathering at friend's places, plus a few tournaments.

On the way back, I got a ride to O'Hare airport from my dad, and everything went smoothly getting to San Francisco. I even ran into a friend I knew from Shiga-ken! However, once I got to San Francisco, I noticed that I didn't have a boarding pass. I went to see what it was all about. Turns out they overbooked the plane back to Japan. I happened to be one of those people without a seat. They offered people $200 in travel vouchers to take a different flight, and when I said I would take that, they said “sorry, your luggage is already on the plane, we can't change flights for you.” So pretty much, I HAD to get on that plane, or all my stuff would have gotten to Kansai without me. They then offered people $600 in travel vouchers to stay another day in SF (hotel and meals paid for, too). A family of 4 ended up taking that. If I didn't have work the next day, and if Icould do that, I totally would have. I would have just walked around SF where it was like, 70 degrees out, and just relaxed and whatnot and gotten 600 bucks toward a trip.

Anywho, after waiting for a while, they called my name to the front and I got my boarding pass and got on the plane home. The flight was pretty good. I just fell asleep for most of it, and woke up when it was time to eat, then went back to sleep. I got to the airport and I got a text from Dan saying he was at Kansai airport. I was like “wow, I just got here, too!”, so we ended up being able to meet up. Pretty big coincidence if you ask me.

Anyways, we departed and then we each went our seperate ways. I got on the limo bus back for Sannomiya. There, I took the bus that goes back to Ono, however, I'm carrying 2 bags on my shoulder, rolling my suitcase AND my laptop bag on top of my suitcase. So I get on the bus a few minutes before it leaves. The bus is completely packed tho, just about every seat is full. Ugh. So Im kicking my laptop bag across the floor while pulling my suitcase sideways and everyone is just kinda staring. Ugh. Then I was able to get the suitcase and one of my bags in a seat, and then get the other two bags in the space above. However, I still didn't have a seat, and I was told I can't stand so I had to pull down a seat in the middle of the aisle, meaning I was blocking anyone who wanted to get off the bus, and I then had to pull the seat up, and stand everytime someone wanted to get off. It was a huge pain. Finally, the guy sitting next to my luggage got off, and so I sat next to that and was fine. Then I had to get off the bus, so I had to get my suitcase, and then pull that off the bus before getting back ON the bus and grabbing my other things. I paid and then walked back to my apartment.

It was a huge pain overall, but at least I'm done for a while. I just found out after that event though, that I can pay to have my luggage shipped to my apt from the airport. So if I got 2 of those bags shipped, it could have been way easier as opposed to carrying those on a bus. However, the bus was the cheapest option and even though it sucked, it wasn't that expensive.

Anyways, I had 3 days of work before the weekend. I went to Saty on Friday, and they had a bunch of sales because it's after new year, and I guess they're changing stock or something. Either way, I got some good deals.

Saturday, Bill and Maria planned on going to Kyoto to meet Maria's former host family around like, 9:30, so I was like “well, I have to go there and meet people by noon for the tourney” so I figured I would go with them and get up a little earlier, but have company for a roughly 3 hour trip. So I got up around 6ish so I could meet up by 6:45 so we could catch our train. More importantly though, I really wanted to play arcana heart 3. So I got to a-cho around 10ish or so. It took forever, but finally I get to play AH3! I look around the arcade, and I don't see it. I walk around some more, check out everywhere, and I don't see it. They seem to have every game BUT arcana 3. So I was kinda disappointed. I played MB and BB, so it wasn't all bad, but I was just really in the mood to at least TRY arcana 3. Oh well. I got a big mac for lunch, and then came back and met up with Jeff (Azrael), Andrew (reno) and Eddy (kunai). We all entered the tourney and we all got peaced out first round by players we all had a chance of beating. Jeff almost beat KOK, a high level Sagat player, KOK was down to only a little bit of life, Jeff had about 60% life left, but then Sagat landed a tiger uppercut FADC ultra and it was game over. The crowd was pretty sad about it, but it was still a great fight. Wish I recorded it. I played a blanka player who had 25000 BP and like, a 50+% win ratio vs my 35% win ratio 8000 BP chun. I ended up getting the 2nd round. I ended it with an airthrow that looked mad sexy. I actually played really well, as far as me and chun is considered, but I don't really use her, nor am I particularly good at her, so I'm not disappointed with how I played.

We got free drinks, so we went to the maid cafe part of a-cho and drowned our sorrows. After that, we went to Shakey's pizza for all you can eat pizza. We hung out there for a while and then went back to a-cho and played more games. I was doing decent in MB, Tekken, and BB. After that, I went to Kyoto station to meet up with Alex. We met up and went back to Maibara. We met up with Dan there (we got there at like, the same time) and then went back to Alex's place and went to go Karaoke. However, there were people there when we got there, so we opted to not go in. We headed back and hung out for a bit. I went under the kotatsu and pretty much went to sleep. Dan and Alex played Mario and Modern Warfare 2. Dan was up at 7:30 or something, I got up too, and he played call of duty, and I played PSP idolm@ster. Around 11, Alex woke up, so we played mahjong and mario. We were each 1-1-1 in mahjong, and Dan won the tie breaker. We were doing good in mario, and then Dan had to go to home cause he had work on Monday even tho it was a national holiday.

I went to bed after eating and getting back to Alex's place, and then woke up and left early from Maibara to get to Osaka by 10. I got to Osaka and went straight to Athena. I played some AH3 finally, and it was awesome. Then I played a bit of MBAA. After that, I went to go trade in some games. I went to A-too and traded in the following:
Ace Combat 6 US 360 – 1500 yen
Tales of Phantasia PSP – 1800 yen
Tekken Dark Ressurection PSP – 1500 yen
Tales of the World US psp – 500 yen
Melty Blood Act Cadenza ps2 – 200 yen
1000 yen just for trading in 5 games.
So for trading in 5 games I don't play and wouldn't play again even if I owned them, I got like, 6000 yen. Not too shabby. So now, because of all the Christmas money I got, and because of all the money I won from the tournies I played in, and because I sold some games, I now have some money, so I was ready to go on a spending spree.

However, I wanted to go play more arcana first. So I played some Arcana, and then met up with Andrew and Eddy again in Namba. Andrew said “meet at Namba Hills”, which is an arcade. I said alright, and went there. He said he went up to the 6th floor. I was like, “umm, there's no 6th floor?”. I was really confused and walked around for a bit looking for buildings that it could be at. Finally, we talked on our cell phones, and he meant Namba PARK, which is in the opposite direction that I just came from. Ugh. So I went back there and met up with them. We then walked around Denden town and went to some game stores, like sofmap and a-too. Eddy bought a couple games, and so did Andrew. We all got DOA4, so we're gonna play that online against each other (hopefully soon). It got to be 4PM and they had to head out, so I went to Athena and played more Arcana. I got a winstreak, and then people stopped playing, so I beat the game and left. I went to go around Denden on my own to go buy stuff, but I didn't see too much that I wanted. Plus I was being super super cheap about everything, and so I only spent a little and only bought stuff if it was rediculously cheap. I got:
K-on Don't say lazy single – 200 yen
K-on Fuwafuwa time single – 400 yen
Railgun vol 3 manga – 400 yen
Eri (from im@s) cd – 800 yen
Phantasy Star 0 DS – 700 yen.

So I spent like, 2500 yen on stuff. Not too bad. I got new music now, and I think I'll sign up for Japanese Itunes and pick up the rest of the K-on songs that I don't have (as the CDs with those songs were far too expensive). I guess I'll save my money for the next time I see something I really want. I refused to buy any games until I beat star ocean 4, and even then, I still have some other games that I really should be playing more, so I dunno.

Anyways, I headed home after that, took some cold medicine because I had a cold and went to bed. However, because of that, waking up Tuesday felt almost impossible. I got up and went to work and somehow made it back awake. I stopped off and bought some stuff for the house at Saty before I headed home, and got McDonalds for dinner (been craving big macs recently). I went home and played star ocean until I went to bed around 11:15. I'll probably do more of the same tonight.

That's all! Please leave comments or whatever! Positive, negative, I don't really care, just leave comments! Thanks for reading!