Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Sadventures of Rob - Upgrading

Hey all, I have some free time, so I decided to write a bit. I last left off before the thursday holiday (National Foundation Day). Some people prefer to have a day off of Monday or Friday for the 3 day weekend, but for me, since I don't really go on that many trips, when I get days off in the middle of the week, its really cool because it allows me to go to Kobe or Osaka on a weeknight, and then stay over for a night, like a mini-weekend. It divides my week into two smaller weeks. So I had 3 days of work, which went by quickly. After work on Wed, I headed out to Osaka to meet with Andrew, his GF Ibuki, and a friend of hers.

We met up, and hung out, waiting for Ibuki's friend to show up, but she didn't show up when she said she would, and she was unreachable on her cell phone. We went to dinner anyways, and had a good meal at this indonesian resturant or something. It was funny because when we walked in, there were like, a buncha staff members all showing the way to a seat, like, every 2-3 feet, there's a staff member smiling and being all “THIS WAY!” Same thing when we left, everyone lined up and was like “THANK YOU”. Quite interesting. After that, Ibuki's friend showed up, and we met up with her and then went Karaoke for like, an hour. It went by pretty quickly and it was fun. After that, everyone had to leave, so I went to Namba and went to the 12 hour manga cafe. They were out of mat booths, but they had reclining chairs, so I just opted for that. Usually, when I get a reclining chair room, I just sleep on the floor, but this time, there wasn't nearly enough space, so I ended up having to sleep on the chair itself. I usually have problems because its not completely flat, but rather more like a 45 degree angle reclined. However, I managed to position myself comfortably ENOUGH to be able to fall asleep for a good portion of the night. After getting better sleep than I thought, I got up, and reserved the shower room (free shower with the 12 hour pack). About an hour later, they came by, I took a shower, and then went on the internet a little more before I headed out.

I left the manga cafe, and of course, where do I go? Athena. I got there, and there were a few people there already. There was a gdlk Liese player going up against guy-girl. I went around to see who it was, and I recognized him as the Tokyo player Furiita. I also saw Pincho, and a Tokyo Petra player. They only played on cabs that were 2/3 rounds (I guess because Arcana is a way diff game when played 3/5 rounds), so they actually changed one of the machines from 3/5 to 2/3 rounds. I played against Pincho for a bit, and he destroyed me 8-2. It was really fun because he straight up exploited my weaknesses, so I learned a lot from playing, but it felt too short. Oh well. After everyone left, I was getting hungry, so I left too and went to get my usual cheese curry. It was delicious as ever, and since I was already up and about, I decided to walk around the den. Being on the hunt for K-on plushies as usual, I spotted a DX Mugi plush for 1500 yen, and since I was missing her, I picked it up. Now I just need the DX Ritsu plush to have the set. I didn't buy anything else, if I remember correctly.

I went back to Athena, played more Arcana/Melty/Blaz whatever. It was good times overall. They're pretty hardcore there, so I feel like I have to play my best just to hang, but that makes me better in the long run. I was kinda getting bored though, so I headed back a bit early and just hung out at home.

Back in Ono, after having it feel like my weekend is over, it's Friday, and I go to work, and finish it up, and before I know it, it's another weekend! Alex just got back from a trip to Hokkaido, so I haven't seen him or talked to him for like, a week. I wanted to see Dan, too, and since Dan was going to Alex's place in Shiga, I definitely had to go. I set out Friday, but I barely missed the bus (that comes once an hour) by two minutes. So I went to the train station instead, and just missed the train (leaves every 15 minutes) by 1 minute. I got to Sannomiya, and ate a beef bowl with cheese at the Sukiya there before transferring to the 2 and a half hour train to Alex's place. I got to the station, and I walked in, and it turns out, I missed the train by one minute, and now I have to wait a half hour for the next one. Worst train day EVER. Then, I was writing a long email on my cell phone to Alex, when I hit the wrong button, and it all got cleared. So I'm kind of annoyed at this point. However, once I got on the train, and got going, everything was fine. I got to Alex's place, and we just chilled there. While there, FINALLY, after a long time, I beat idolm@ster for the DS. For those who read my blog and pay careful attention to little details that they probably don't care about, you'll remember I bought the Eri character CD a while back. The first song is probably my favorite track on the CD, so I've been listening to it a bunch. This one communication in the game came up, where your producer gives you a piece of paper left by her old boss, and Eri starts reading it, and reads the lyrics to the song. Then, one of those things where they give you 3 options and you have to get it correct came up, and since I knew it was the lyrics, I hit “lyrics” and I was like “hah, for the first time since playing, I'm not just guessing and hoping I hit the right option!” (Because even if I know what they mean, it's sometimes hard to tell which one will be the best answer). It's something dumb, and I was really happy. But, there's always been a song that you can't unlock with Eri. Turns out, the song on the character CD ended up being that song! Awesome! So now that I beat the game, I have the song unlocked in stage mode, so I can just play it whenever I want with Eri. Sweet.

After that, I crawled under Alex's kotatsu and went to sleep there.

We woke up, I got showered and ready, and we headed out to Minami Hikone, which is this area where there's a buncha cool stuff and stores and whatnot. We headed out and went to the train station. We missed the train, so we had to wait for a bit. While we were waiting, this little kid comes up, and apparantly is a student of Alex's. He's like, 1st grade in elementary school. He runs to Alex and does this little kid like GRR ATTACK!!! play thing with him. He then looks at me, and asks me who I am, and asks if I'm a friend of Alex's. I'm like “yeah, I'm another English teacher like him”. He's like “OK!” and then he starts attacking me, too, haha. He sees my bag, and sees this little cross thing stuck on there and tries taking it. Then, he sees my jacket, and I'm like, “isn't it cool?” and he's like “meh”. After that, he uses the fur on my jacket and was making a mustache out of it. It was pretty funny. His older brother (5th grade?) was there, too, and was talking to us for a bit, too, asking where we were going and stuff. His grandmother or whoever looked really apologetic to us like “I'm sorry he's bothering you” and all that stuff, but it was funny, and it killed time spent waiting.

Anyways, we get there and the first place we go is Coco's for Lunch. I got my cheese curry, plus a piece of Nan bread, and it was suuuuuuuuper good. Near the end tho, it pretty much killed me, and I had to struggle to finish the last few bites, but I did it. After that, we went to the big shopping center Vivre. We stopped by the arcade because we wanted to play Taiko, but there were these 6 or 7 high school students. They brought their own sticks, and pretty much set up camp. When one was finished, the next would go, and there was no room for others in this equation. We figured that we would go and come back in a few hours and they would be gone, so we left. We went to these game stores, and checked out prices. At the GEO store, I saw some k-on blue rays for fairly cheap, so I kept note of that, but didn't really see anything else. We went to the book-off/arcade. While looking around for books there, I noticed they had volumes 3-7 of Shikigami no Shiro (originally a shmup) for only 100 yen each! I got vol 1 and 2 a while back, but I couldn't find 3-7 anywhere, much less for cheap. So I got the 5 comics, and they were only 5 bucks for the whole of them! The problem was more carrying these things since it's a pain to carry anything, haha.

After that, we went upstairs to the arcade. I don't know how it stays in business cause it's like, ALWAYS dead, but whatever. Maybe they know something I don't. I saw some guy playing Street Fighter IV, so I played against him. I lost the first match, but then won the next one. He left, and so I started playing the computer. Another guy came up to play me and I ended up winning like, 3 times in a row! He left after that, I beat the game, and then we headed out of there. We went back to the namco arcade (it's been a couple hours at this point, I think?) and they're still there, but they reverted from doing 2 players at the same time, to 1 person playing, and a second person playing on the 2nd drum, but without a score and stuff. So cheap. I didn't feel like waiting around, or getting in there, so we just headed back.
We get back to Alex's place and I just head under the kotatsu and relax there until it's about time to go meet dan. We meet up with him at the Ramen place, have dinner there, and then head to the Red Velvet Lounge. There's a buncha old people there singing Enka like usual. We decided not to bother and went back to Alex's place and play Mahjong. We end up doing a game, and at the end, I get a really good hand and win. We decide to try out the Red Velvet Lounge one more time, in hopes that the old people (who have probably been there all day) would finally have left, but nope, they're STILL there. We hope that if we go there, they'll leave after a bit, but of course, that doesn't work. They've already set up camp. Alex brings this beer and so we drink some and we get a turn every once in a while. We're singing mostly stuff that isn't too “embarassing?” Just normal J-stuff, or popular English songs or whatever. We're then sick of hearing Enka at this point because every song sounds exactly the same, and these people aren't leaving, so me and Alex duet Fuwafuwa time and troll the old people, and then we leave. We play another game of Mahjong and Alex ends up getting a bomb hand and wins the match. It was mad fun, but I had to get up early the next day, so I didn't want to stay up too late.

After I go to bed, I get up, and leave. I do some stuff somewhere, I don't remember. Anyways, after that, Andrew calls me, and says he's meeting up with his friends in Sannomiya and going to eat. I say I'm down, and I go with him. So me, Andrew, and 5 girls (including Ibuki) end up going out to this Indian Resturant. We eat there, it was really good. Afterwards, I have to head back and catch the last bus.

The next week was pretty easy at work, not much going on, just a lotta tales of graces. I caught a cold sometime tuesday, so that was pretty annoying, so I just went home and relaxed and slept more than usual. I felt really bad Thursday night, but I was at about 95% by Saturday. Saturday I didn't do much, but I went to Andrews place and slept over there. We played some SFIV but I suck at it now, so I either have to grin and bear it, and get better, or just straight up stop playing. I can't decide atm which I want to do. Oh well. We went to bed after that.

Sunday, we got up and went to Coco's for some curry. Andrew had some stuff to do in Osaka, and I wanted to go to Sannomiya and play games. I head to Sannomiya, play some games and stuff. I remember that there's a Blazblue CS tourney at the Sannomiya Sanx. I decide to give the game another shot in tourney. I get in a pool with a Litchi, a carl, and a bang. The litchi pretty much owns me. He was good and his character is S+ tier. I beat the carl player. Last is the bang player. He's just this random scrub that I would see around. I beat him first round, but 2nd and 3rd round, because he's bang, he gets high damage off of dumb hits and I end up losing. So yeah, I lost to a Bang and a Litchi in my pool. I leave after that and play some Melty at Magical Space. I see this H-Miyako there, and I'm like “oh man, I can beat this guy” and he owns me 2 games in a row before I beat him. He switches to his main, F-Sion, and we go about 2 wins for him before I win one. Then we go even for a bit, and at the end, he gets two wins, and I call it quits.

After that, I walk around the anime store area of sannomiya, just killing time and whatnot. I meet up with Andrew and stuff. We play at arcades for a bit, then go get some food. We have some time to kill, so I stop in the Sannomiya Labi/Yamada Denki store. I check the TV floor just for kicks. I saw a cheap 90,000 yen TV marked down to 60,000. I decide I'm gonna invest and just get it. We get some food first and I think it over anyways. I go back and ask the guy about it. He says that while the TVs are cheap, they're not exactly high quality. I say I'll think it over and I talk to my friend. We look at more TVs. I see a 37 inch Toshiba TV. Normally 180,000 yen, it's marked down to 134,000 or so for the day. The thing is, you get a bonus 20% points. So you get like, 27,500 worth of points for getting the TV. I decide on it, and after looking at how nice the quality is and everything, I'm like “man, this is awesome,” I gotta do it. So I call the guy over and we get it done. I just bought a big TV to be delivered to my place out in the boonies for free.

Now that I had like, 28,000 yen in points (I had points from before), I used those and just bought a ps3 and paid 1,780 for it. I just carried that home tho, no need to like, have that delivered.

So yeah, interesting turn of events that night went to.

Monday, I got home from work and played a buncha tales of graces. Tuesday, I had errands to run. I went to the dept store and checked out TV stands, but didn't see one I liked. I got some McDonalds for dinner and stuffed it in my bag and left. I biked over to the home improvement store. I saw a TV stand there that I liked and it was reasonably priced. I picked it up and after I bought it, I realized “How the hell am I gonna carry this home?” So I put it on my bike and kinda balanced my bike while pushing it. I did that for about a block before I was like “man, something is gonna fall SOMETIME.” I decided to quit while I was ahead and just park my bike in this empty parking lot, and just carry the darn thing home. I walked maybe a half a block before stopping each time. By the time I got home, I was drenched in sweat, and my arms were numb. But I got it home! I ate my burger, and then got to work. I moved the TV from the main room into my bedroom, and moved the desk from my bedroom into the spare room I don't use. I then built the new TV stand. It was kind of a pain, but I did it, despite instructions being in Japanese. The only thing is, I put one part that was supposed to be facing forward on backwards. It's on the botttom shelf, so it's hard to see, but I was just like “whatever, I'm not taking it apart again. It's fine.” I set up the 360, the ps3, and put my joysticks/controllers etc in their spots. Awesome. I just chilled for the rest of the night.

Wed comes around, and my TV finally shows up. The guys come and they build it and everything. They show me how to use it, and I ask about the games, and they plug the systems in, and talk to me about games. One of the dudes says he has a ps3 too, and was telling me a few games he likes and stuff. It was pretty sweet. I don't have any ps3 games yet, so I can't play it, but I booted up my 360. I fixed the settings, and tried some idolm@ster live for you. It was ok, but I wanted to play some Street Fighter or something. I played online, but did poorly, so I shut it off, and decided to go to the Ono city pool. I'm really out of shape so I want to kinda start getting back into shape, but I don't really want to lift weights, so I figure swimming might be the way to go (at least thats what my friends are saying). I went there, it's really easy, 500 yen to get in, and that's it. I got in, changed, threw my stuff in a locker, and did a few laps back and forth. It was a ton of kids in a swimming class, and then nobody using the “free” lanes. So I pretty much had it all to myself. I guess there are perks to living in a somewhat rural town. Anyways, after maybe 20 minutes or so, I was drained, so I left (don't want to overdo it at first). I biked home and by that time, I was so tired, all I could do was lay in bed motionless. After 20-30 minutes, I felt better tho, and went up to Bill's place and played some TvC.

Yesterday (thursday), I had laundry, so I did that, and since it was too late to go to the pool, I decided to take a bike ride around Ono, since the weather is so nice (It was around 50-60 degrees most of yesterday). There's this one ramen place that I go to sometimes, and while it's really good, I was wondering if there's anything PAST that. I biked past there for maybe a mile or so, but there really wasn't much of anything. Oh well, it was still good exercise. Maybe one of these days I'll try to go to the next city over, which might be like, 40 minutes or so.

Anyways, it's friday! This weekend seems like it'll be pretty epic. I'll hit the pool again tonite, and then just relax with my new giganto TV and some games. Peace!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Sadventures of Rob - New blog name

Hey guys, it's been a couple weeks since I updated but here's what happened since:

So after my last entry, I had a 6 day work week, because of a marathon at my school on Saturday where I had mandatory attendance. So after spending half the day standing in a rice field pretty much freezing, I was able to go home. I got ready and headed out to Osaka. Dan and Toshi went to see Avatar, and I was gonna meet up with them afterwards at Athena. I got some Cheese Curry, and went to Athena and played some AH3. I was doing pretty good, and then Dan and Toshi showed up. We continued to play some more, and Dan played Toshi a bunch. I originally met Toshi because of Arcana 1, so he was interested in AH3, but Lilica, being DRASTICALLY different from how she was in ah1, proved to be very difficult to Toshi, and Dan ended up winning vs Toshi most of the time simply by doing 2BC 236A+B with heart. Good work, Swede.

After that, we headed to that pizza place that I went to the week before. Not going alone makes it a LOT less awkward. We got a pepperoni pizza and some nachos. It was pretty good. A bit expensive of course, but the pizza was good and the nachos were decent. We juts hung around and chatted and we had some drinks, too. After that, Toshi had to head out, but me and Dan stayed at Athena and played around there for a bit. Around 11:40ish, we headed out and went to the 10 hour manga cafe.

We got there and we started to talk about whatever. About 20 minutes after being there, we got a knock on the door from the staff guy. Even though we were whispering, apparantly we were talking too loudly. So instead of just asking us to be quiet, the person got up, went upstairs, found a staff guy, and told him instead. Way to avoid confrontations, Japan. Oh well. Me and Dan ended up talking via IRC even tho we were right next to each other in the booths. Pretty dumb, and I don't think we were even that loud, but whatever, not worth getting annoyed over. Anyways, I went to bed early (1am ish...well...that's early for a sat night). I woke up around 8:30 and wanted to shower. I went to the front desk and asked them if I can reserve a shower. They said nobody is in it right now. I was surprised cause usually there's a long line. I then noticed the price changed from 200 yen to 500 yen for a shower, but includes a few more things. Oh well, I really wanted to take a shower cause if I don't, then my hair looks kinda greasy, and I needed to get it cut anyways, and if it's too long and greasy, it just looks REALLY bad. Man, I'm so metro.

Anyways, I showered and stuff. I don't like how I can't get a hot shower, but rather a lukewarm shower. I mean, I'm paying 5 bucks for a shower, at least give me WARM water. I'll settle for warm, but that lukewarm temperature reminds me of my old apt where I would be shivering, and getting out of the shower was even colder than getting in the shower. I'm glad I don't live there anymore, but back to the real point, I got showered and stuff. Dan woke up a bit later and we hung out at the manga cafe until it was time to go around 10.

We got some cheese curry for breakfast and then walked around Denden town. I traded in Oboromuramasa at A-too and got 4000 yen for it! Considering I paid 5000 yen for it, getting 4/5 back what I paid for it (since that was around June/July) is awesome. We looked around at game prices and at denden in general. Around 4:30ish, after we ate McDonalds at the Bic Camera, we headed out to Andrew's place in Nishinomiya like, 30-40 min away. We got there and he let us in, and we hung out and played games until like, 10PM. We played some DOA4. Dan tried Demon's Souls on Andrew's ps3, and was using Eddys character. He was doing ok, but he got owned by this one boss and killed Eddy's character. It was pretty funny. We watched the pixar movie “Up” on blue ray first, then we played some mario wii for a while, but I forgot my wii-mote, so we ended up doing only 2 player Mario and just taking turns for each level.
After we were done with our fun there, me and Dan took the train back to Osaka and went to Spa World. We spent the night there and went in the baths and the saunas and whatnot. It was really nice. There was this one dude who brought his (what looked like) 7 or 8 year old daughter there. Now I know Spa World is a nice place and it's really cheap and all, but I wouldn't bring my naked daughter in a place where a bunch of older guys hang out. Like, real talk, safe or not, it's just not something that I would want to do if I ever had a daughter. I went to sleep around midnite and slept pretty well. I got up around 8ish and I was just so tired that I didn't even want to MOVE for the first 15 minutes, so I just layed there until Dan woke up. We got up and went through the baths again. We finished and got out of there.

It was 9AMish by the time we got out there, so we just walked to McDonalds and had breakfast there. We didn't have anything else to do for the time being so we just walked on over to Athena. We played some AH2. Dan played some Heart, and I played as some Maori. We then played some BB, and once 11ish hit, we went to Denden Town. Surprisingly, for a monday morning, there were a lot of people playing BB. Dan was gonna buy a PS3 so we hit up a couple stores and he decided to pick it up at A-too. While I was there, I saw Tales of Graces for the wii for 4000 yen. I've been really wanting to play it, but I wasn't sure. I then saw a strategy guide for 100 yen, so I decided to just pick it up, unsure of whether spending 4000 yen on a game that I hear has a lot of bugs is worth it. Dan picked up his PS3 and he was pretty happy it seems. After that, Dan wanted to head back to Tsuruga (for good reason). I already told Andrew that I would have dinner with him in Osaka around 7ish, and it was only about noon at the time. I was feeling really tired but I don't like cancelling plans at the last minute just because I'm tired, so I decided to just go to Athena while Dan went home and then see how I felt after playing some more arcana.

At athena, I started off playing my Maori against some Kira player. I beat him 2 out of 3 times or so, and we had some good matches. There was this Time Lilica player who was doing some crazy combos that had some sick 50/50 resets, but I was still able to beat him by mashing j.A with Maori, so that's pretty cool. I got like, 13 wins total before I ended up beating the game. The new character was unlocked earlier that morning, and so a bunch of people came on like, their lunch break or whatever to try her out. I don't care about her, I like Maori better anyways as a secondary. After a while of that, I ended up seeing this Yoriko player who I call “Nelson” because he has a giganto overbite that looks like Nelson's from the Simpsons. Normally, in AH2, Nelson would beat me, but in AH3, now that Petra is way solid, I was able to not only beat him, but get streaks on him. We played for a pretty long time. It died out a bit, so I went and played some Blaz or something. I confirmed my dislike of the game, and then went back to Arcana. This time, there was this one guy there who played as Weiss. I was beating him pretty bad for the most part. There was this one match where he got 2 rounds in a row on me, and then not only did I come back and win the match after being down 0-2, but I did it by getting 3 perfects in a row. I felt like I just trolled him super hard. This Fiona player whose pretty good showed up and played. I played him, but after a match or two, my button broke. I had to get the guy to fix it, and I got a credit free. But like, I was supposed to leave to meet Andrew really soon, so I had to pick Maori predicting I would lose. I won one then lost to his Dorothy, and I headed out after that to meet Andrew.

I met Andrew at Umeda, and we met up with his girlfriend at Juso (really close to Umeda, kind of a shady area apparantly). We went to this Indian resturant that was really good. It was a lot of fun, but it got to be about 8:30-9ish, so I had to head back.

The next week, I was way too tired on Tuesday, so I just napped, but Wed I played a bunch of Tales of Graces. Thursday, I played the new TvC with Bill, and just like that, I was back out on Friday. I went to Sannomiya first, ate some cheese curry and ended up beating this guy in AH3 with multiple double digit winstreaks. The thing is, unlike Athena, where it's 3/5 rounds for 50 yen, this was 2/3 rounds for 100 yen. And those rounds go by FAST. Dude spent like 3000 yen playing against me while I only spent like, 400. Good times. I headed out after that and went to Athena. There was a ranking battle going on that I just missed (didn't know there WAS one going on, oh well). But everyone was there, so I just played a buncha casuals. Around 10:45ish, I headed to the GOOD internet cafe, the 12 hour one for 1900 yen that comes with a free shower. I slept really well and I had a shower and everything. I spent a buncha time just browsing the net and doing whatever. It was around 11ish by the time I got out of there, so Denden was already open. I headed to Sofmap and picked up the Yui/Mio k-on plushies that I was looking at before. It was lunchtime already so I went and ate some cheese curry at the good place across from Athena. I went to Athena after that and just chillaxed and played AH3 until Alex showed up and met me there around 2ish or so. We walked around Denden looking at stuff, and Alex sold a bunch of games that he doesn't play and got a decent amount for them.

Alex actually came planning to meet up with some friends of his from Shiga. We were supposed to go to this Ramen place in Umeda that's supposedly GDLK, but not 30 seconds after we bought our tickets for the train, did they call and go “oh btw, it's closed right now”. We ended up going there anyways and going to Yodobashi Camera. Before we got in, we saw an advertisement for FFXIII with the black guy on this pretty big poster, so Alex went and took a picture next to it. Alex saw a Dedede plush and got a couple waddle dees to go with it too. He had a point card with a ton of points on it so he pretty much got the Dedede plush for free. Pretty awesome, and he was super happy. We went to this place in Umeda, HIPS or something, and ate at a resturant there. After that, me and Alex headed to Monte Carlo to wait for Dan. Alex said he was content watching me play AH3, but then I remembered that they had the Usagi mahjong game there on vs mode. Since it's a team game, both players pick their partner and their character. We played against each other for at least an hour on like, maybe 2-3 bucks each. It was rediculously fun, and I got a buncha crazy hands, and Alex did too, but wasn't used to playing in the arcades, so he wasn't able to finish many of them. Anyways, Dan showed up and then we played a couple more rounds and then went to the nearby Hub in Umeda.

At the Hub, it was mad crowded, typical for a Sat night I guess. I got a Zima and a mojito, and Alex and Dan got some long island iced teas, and a beer or something, as well as food. We just chilled and ate some fries and stuff. Alex had to go around 9 something though, so he could catch his train. Me and Dan then went to Athena after that. We went and tried to play Arcana but I wasn't feeling it. I almost beat guy-girl, but I lost at the last second because the wrong move came out when I had the winning combo. It's cool though, prolly my own fault anyways. I decided that playing BB would prolly be more suited to my current mindset and I was right. I ended up with like, a 13 winstreak before losing to (surprise!) a mashy Tager. Its all good cause it was about time to head out.

We grabbed some food from McDonalds before going to the capsule hotel. We stayed in the one that's a bit cheaper, but has the bath on the 7th floor, with big glass windows of a view that overlooks osaka buildings. So we get to stand there naked and show our nakes selves to the world...from 7 floors up. It's a pretty crazy feeling but yeah, me and Dan just hung out, took a nice bath and stuff. We even submerged ourselves in the cold water bath and then went back to the hot water. That's intense. It sounds easy, but it's extremely hard to do and really takes a whole seperate mindset to be able to do it. Thankfully, we were able to just jump in the hot water bath after that, but it's pretty crazy cause like, after you get in the hot water, its hard to tell whether its actually hot or cold and kinda just gives this weird feeling at first before you get used to it.

After we were done there, we headed to our capsules. The TV was already on and playing some extremely low quality adult entertainment. Everything was mosaic'd out so badly that it was impossible to see like, ANYTHING, much less get entertainment out of it. However, it was the only TV channel that was completely clear. Every other channel had static, which is actually pretty funny. I was mad tired anyways so I just went to bed not soon after. It was really hot in the capsule so I ended up just sleeping naked with no blanket. I slept decent enough I guess.

After we both got up, we went back and took our morning bath. We got out of there around 945ish. We got breakfast at the same McDonalds we stopped at the night before and relaxed for a bit. Naturally, since nothing else was really open, we just went to a couple arcades. We played some of the new Taiko game. They got the new im@s song from the DS version in at Taiko, so me and Dan played that. We eventually went to Athena again. Dan tried out Weiss (sword girl) in AH3. He likes sword characters, and she's fairly simple so he might use her now. After that, we headed out to Denden since it was opened by that time. We walked around all the usual stores. I had some manga I wanted to buy, as well as looking around at just games and stuff in general. We made the rounds, hit up A-too, because Dan wanted to trade in a game he just beat for the ps3. We then went back to Athena to kill time and wait for Toshi because he said he was gonna come down at 4PM. 4PM rolls around and toshi then sends a message saying he can't come. Grrr. Oh well. We go to Mandarake because I haven't been there in forever, and we look around there. It was interesting, but as usual, nothing to really buy except a manga that I wanted.

We headed out and went to Subway after that. We had some food and then we were both kind of ready to go back. I realized that if I went back to Athena, I wouldn't be there long enough for it to even be worth it. I just headed back home and took the train to Sannomiya. I just missed my bus so I had some time to kill before the next one, and I just walked around for a bit. I got to my bus and took it home and got home early enough to talk to friends online and stuff.

Last week, I played more TvC with Bill, and on days when I wasn't doing that, I was playing Tales of Graces, which I really like. I like the new battle system, and the main guy character, as well as most of the side characters are pretty likable IMO. The story isn't too bad either. Not nearly as “epic” as the other ones right now, but still quite interesting nonetheless.

This week, however, I decided to stay in on Friday. I went to Bill's place and a few of us ending up drinking alcohol and watching a really bad movie starring Chuck Norris called “The Forest Warrior” which is one of those straight-to-video movies, and it's directed by Aaron Norris, his brother. It was pretty cool, theres a scene where he transforms from a hawk into Chuck Norris and does a flying kick on these evil lumberjack guys trying to cut down trees and stuff. Not to give away anything, but there is a scene where Chuck Norris turns into a bear. REAL TALK, Chuck Norris straight up turns into a bear. First he was Chuck Norris. Then he was a bear. It was probably the most amazing scene in a film that I've ever seen.

Anyways, that was fun and all, and then we just talked for a while before we had to head out. I went back down to my apartment and stayed online for a while before passing out. I woke up mad early because I have a hard time sleeping past 8:30 thanks to my curtains blocking absolutely no light. I got up and did some stuff, ate some breakfast, cleaned up, etc. Around 11ish, I headed to Sannomiya, like usual. I played some MBAA at Magical space for a bit, then headed out and checked out the Rashabang and Melon books and those kinds of stores. Then, I played some AH3 at Sega Sannomiya Sanx, where they increased it to 3/5 rounds for 100 yen as opposed to the usual 2/3 rounds. I beat this one Yoriko player like, 4 times in a row before he stopped, and I just went on and beat the game.

Around 7ish, I was done in Sannomiya, and then I went to Osaka and met up with some friends I know from online. They were at Namba parks eating at Kua Aina, the hawaiian burger place. We talked there for a bit, and then headed to this bar in America-mura. We hung out there and saw some interesting people. Since people were feeling sick, they wanted to get back before too late. So me and my one friend, Ahmed (who I went to high school with, and is now a JET in Osaka), walked around some arcades and stuff for a bit before we headed off our own seperate ways. I went to the 10 hour manga cafe and slept pretty well there, too.

I got up, and headed out of the manga cafe. I went to Athena for a bit because it was open. People were playing BB and MBAA. With BB, I had a revelation, and for the first time in a while, I felt like I knew what I was doing with my character and was actually having a lot of fun playing. I played some Melty Blood after that, and I lost every match I played, but it was all against good players, and I still felt like I was playing well, and did pretty good and learned a lot. It was just a lot of fun in general.

Then, I walked around Denden on my own because I had to pick up some stuff for friends and I had to sell a bunch of games I forgot I had/don't play. I got 13,200 yen for the games, and only a couple of them were actually worth anything. (That being, Smash Bros Brawl and Melty Blood Actress Again). It was really nice to get rid of games I don't use anymore, and now I can use that money toward something else that I might want to get.

After that, I went to Athena and played some AH3. I was doing really well, and then this other Petra player who also used her in AH2 played. He did some stuff with her that I didn't even know she could do. It was awesome and I'm gonna try to figure out some more stuff. There was a tourney at Avion after that, and so everyone went. Since there was a lot of prep time, I just played BB:CS in the meatime against this Ragna player who looks like he's about 40, who beat me the week before (who I used to play against in CT and destroy). He almost beat me the first match, and then I stepped it up and started beating him 3-0 almost every match. This Lambda player also came and was pretty good, but I still won. I was on a 6 winstreak and then they called me to play in the tourney. I played Tall Heart Player first round. He won the first round. I perfected him the second, but he beat me the third round. Oh well. It was fun times anyways and I watched the rest of the tourney. I even played some SFIV on the “beginners” cabinet. The guy I played against was a sagat with 11,000 BP. I only have 8800 BP, and that's with my Chun. I ended up actually winning the first match somehow! I lost two in a row to his sagat after that, but they were good matches, and I probably would have won had I had my actual character to use.

This Mei Fang player who made it to SBO in Ah2 ended up getting First. The Clarice player who used to own me, who I now go even with got 2nd, Karate Kenji, the other Petra, got 3rd, and Tall Heart man got 4th. Fun tourney. After it was over, they put it on freeplay. There's this Lilica player who has a really droopy face, kinda like John Kerry. So I'm calling this guy John Kerry Lilica. He plays Rock Lilica, and everything he does is super gimmicky. He just randomly throws out 3Cs, and since it has super armor he gets the hit a lot. He also just jumps and does 5[D] from really far away and then spins the stick so lilica moves all crazy fast and stuff. He also mashes out the stone stomp move a ton. The last time I played him at Athena, he beat me 4 games in a row. I felt like this is the one dude that I just can't beat. A couple of the guys play a match before they leave, and John Kerry Lilica ends up beating them. I play him and use the Ice arcana and I end up winning. He plays again and I try using time twice in a row, but I get owned. This Kamui/Zenia player came and was doing ok too. He beat me one match with Kamui, but then I beat his Kamui. After that, I got 7 wins in a row against John Kerry Lilica and 2A Mashing Zenia before they turned the machine off of freeplay. But for some reason, I'm doing best with the Ice arcana, which is ironically the first arcana I picked for Petra when I first tried her in AH2.

After that, I went and ate some cheese curry. I then met up with Ahmed again and we went Karaoke with him and a few other ALTs. It was a lot of fun, and its always nice to meet new people. After we were done there, I had to head out because it was getting late. I ended up barely missing a couple of my trains, so I had to take the slooooooow train back to Ono. On one of the trains home, this greasy middle aged guy got on and stood next to me (even tho there were open seats). He then started to get drowsy and started to lean on me. The first couple times I just brushed it off. The third time he did it, I nudged his head off of me, and then he kinda woke up and stuff, but then started to do it again. I couldn't really move cause there was a huge crowd of guys ALSO standing there, so I was in the worst part because every other part of the train wasn't this packed. But like, if you're that tired, and you see seats behind you, why don't you sit down? I was about to get off, so I don't know why he wasn't sitting. And like, yeah, if you're a cute young Japanese girl, I don't mind if you lean your head on my extremely bony shoulder, but when you're this greasy middle aged guy, that's unacceptable in the Rob book. However, better than making a scene and getting mad, I just moved as much out of the way as I could. Anyways, the next train I got on was relaxing, and I just played Scribblenauts on the way home. I got home around 10:45, and was in bed by 11:30ish.

Sorry this is so long, but it's such a pain to write sometimes. And these are answers to the comments left last week on my blog:
Lix – Yeah, 650 for a slice of pizza and a drink is mad expensive, but going with friends and ordering a whole pizza isn't too bad. It's really good so it's completely worth it to me.

Mike – Yeah, Nazuna might be your style. Eko (the girl with the crazy drawn guy) might be good for you too. I say give her a try too, but Nazuna (or Furry McWolfback as I like to call her) is still pretty solid. AH3 is really good, and if you're gonna get into a new game, now is the right time for AH3.

So yeah thats all for now I this thursday, don't know what I'm doing, and depending on what other people are doing, I may hang out with them this weekend. We'll see.