Monday, March 29, 2010

The Sadventures of Rob - Sicksicksicksicksick

Hey all. Last I left off was the really short blog post. I have a bit more time today to write, so I figure I can go into far more detail than I did in the last post. Hopefully itll at least be more interesting to read (or MORE boring depending on how you look at it).

Anyways, so I've been “sick” since the 8th. I've had various things from cough, to sore throat, cold etc. While I didn't know at the time, I THINK I know why I got the cough at least (which I actually still have, and it's March 30th today). Since it's been so cold out, not only has the weather affected my immune system, but I wasn't opening my windows enough and airing out my apartment properly, so I think the stuffiness, along with the cold weather, and this stale air probably caused me to get the cough while I'm sleeping, so instead of sleeping making me better, it was probably what caused me to get the cough in the first place. Nevertheless, I also think having the cough weakened my immune system. On Mar 11th, I went to the doctors because I was feeling worst than normal. He prescribed me some medicine. Apparantly, I got a sinus infection. Lucky me. So I had a cough and was constantly congested.

However, something good did happen that day! I got a package in the mail. It was an order I made at the “Foreign Buyers Club” website a month and a half ago. In it, I received:
6 cans of Tostido's brand Salsa con Queso, 12 bags of tortilla chips, a 3 lb box of cheez-its, and a box of 30 handy-snacks. Some of you may be going “EEEEW”, but feel free to laugh it up when I get fat. Hey, I might even hit a record high of 110 pounds! gasp

Anywho, the upcoming weekend was a 3 day weekend, so I already made plans a while ago for how to spend it. Sadly, after being sick and not really being in the right state of health to go out and do stuff, I went out anyways, cause I hate cancelling on people. Friday after work I left, and headed for Osaka. I met up with a friend there at Athena named “Archer”. He's a Japanese guy who works as an English translator. So I think he likes talking to me because he can practice his English. Anyways, we both play AH3. He uses Time Kamui, so he does a couple ground this into her 41236 move, then into time ball super, uses extend, combos for a bit, and then sets it up so he forces you to reset, but to be too far away to do anything about the arcana blaze super. So he gets like, a 35% damage combo, and then another one. Not too bad. I generally beat him when we play because he both lacks Petra experience, and lacks the patience to deal with bullets flying everywhere. We still have good sessions either way.

So I played a bunch that night, and ended up beating Kamei aka Guy-girl 5 times in a row at one point. He was pulling out a buncha different characters. After all was said and done, I won about 10 to his 3. The characters he used were Akane (his main), Catherine, Weiss, Liese, Sharl. He won one match with Cathy, Weiss, and Sharl each. A reason why I was winning was because he likes to do charge moves (charge [e]), so I just dodge it on reaction. He's also not quite used to Petra's new range and stuff either, it seems. I'm sure he'll beat me down hard the next time we play, but for now, it's nice to know I have the potential to be able to beat top players.

After that, I played on a different cab, and got 15 wins in a row vs various players. I got 4 in a row vs Tall Heart Man, which is really good because we usually go 1 for 1, so me taking 4 in a row felt nice. Archer almost beat me and ended my winstreak, but I got one lucky dodge A against him, into an air combo ending in j.236C, and ended up having enough homing to cancel down and do j.B 5A 623A+B. Had he bursted, he would have still been alive, but I dont think he was expecting to die from that. I had literally a pixel of health left. Then Guy-girl ended my streak with his Catherine after that. It was about 11PM, so I had to head out.

Because I was feeling kinda so-so, I went to Spa World (which may have been a mistake considering all the walking I had to do). It was nice to soak in the warm baths, and it felt good to sit in the steam sauna, but ultimately, I don't think it really did anything to help speed up the healing process, and overexerting myself by walking a bunch prolly cancelled it out. The real reason why I wanted to be in Osaka early was because I was meeting up with Alex and Dan in Denden town. So after my baths at spa world, I went to sleep. I woke up and just felt awful. My throat was dry, and I had a bottle of water, and even if I drank from it, my throat would get dry again within minutes. I was aching all over and moving was the last thing I wanted to do. But, I had to get out of there. I washed up and sat in some baths for a bit. I walked out of there feeling miserable and aching all over. I managed to stumble my way to Mr Donuts, got a few donuts for breakfast, and took mah meds. I walked over to Athena and hoped that playing games could make me feel less like death. It worked a bit. I practiced some combos in Melty Blood, but I definitely wasn't all there. I played a bit of Arcana, and while I was playing, Dan and Alex show up. I dunno if it was the meds, or maybe euphoria, but I started to feel better once they showed up and I started talking to them and stuff. Dan played a credit of Ah3 as Weiss (since we were still waiting for the denden stores to open up, while me and Alex watched some AH3 tourney vids and talked about pokemon cards and stuff.

After that, Alex wanted to go around to a few stores that had poke cards. Me and Dan walked around a few other stores. I picked up an Azusa plush for a friend to send him, and just walked around the other stores for a bit. Dan went back to Athena to play some BB:CS while Alex and I looked at cards and stuff. We were all done relatively quick. After that, we took the train to Umeda and went to Outback Steakhouse. Since it's Alex's birthday the next weekend, they sent him a coupon. He can either get a 2200 yen steak for free, or get 2200 yen off an entree of his choice. Pretty good deal for free. We got there, and as expected, it was delicious. The bloomin onion was the pinnacle of perfection. It was soooooooooooo good, and probably the most delicious thing I've eaten in a long time. My entree was Grilled Chicken with BBQ sauce on it, fresh veggies, and french fries. It was all amazingly good, and just as good as if I ordered it in a US outback. While I wasn't feeling the best, it was still really good, and I definitely plan on going back. At the end of our meal, they brought out this ice cream sundae which was one scoop of ice cream, and prolly 6 inches of whipped cream on top of it. They sang Happy Birthday to Alex, took a photo of the three of us, and after we finished the ice cream, they put his photo in a little paper frame and wrote “To Alex, Happy Birthday~” It was pretty cool.

After that, we took the JR back to Sannomiya. The weather was amazing, and because the JR train is mad quick, we made it to Sannomiya really quickly, with enough time to catch the bus back to Ono. Me and Alex talked the whole time and Dan was asleep for 90% of it. We got back to Ono, and got to my place, and I was extremely relieved to be home. Better to be sick at home than to be sick 4 hours away.

After we got back, we watched a bit of K-on, and then started playing Mahjong while watching K-on, and while eating tortilla chips and salso con queso. We played a game, and after that, went to the Ramen place. Alex and Dan wanted to get “bari-bari” ramen, which is extremely spicy ramen. I got Bari 2, which is like, mid level. Normally I like Bari 1, but I wanted to burn this infection out of my system. We were all in pain after eating our spicy ramen, but it was quite awesome. Alex said that he has to part ways with the Bari-bari though, and that he's never doing that again. We went back to the apartment, tried out ths Naruto game for the PS3 that I borrowed from Andrew. Laughed at how bad it was. I showed them FFXIII, and then since I was feeling not too good, and Alex was tired, we just went to bed.

We woke up, got ready, and played one last game of mahjong. We played until we had to leave to catch the bus. We took the bus to Sannomiya. Dan had work on the monday, while me and Alex had it off, so Dan headed back right away to Tsuruga, which is like, 5+ hours from Ono. Ugh. I wanted to take Alex to the Panda store that I saw when I went to Chinatown, so we started walking toward there. We stopped at the kobe rashabang, and a few stores that were selling poke cards just so alex could check them out. He ended up finding a couple he wanted, so that's cool. After that, we walked to the Panda store. We found a couple stores that looked like it, but since I forgot exactly where it was, we had to ask around. We did eventually find the place, and I got Alex's birthday present, which was a sports bag that looked like a Puma logo, but it said “Panda” on it instead. I had to head out to go to Andrews place to eat dinner and play some Street Fighter, so I let Alex hang out at the Panda store and take his time browsing, while I headed to Nishinomiya.

I decided to take JR since it's closer to where I was, and Andrew said he can direct me. I get to the station, and I end up walking kinda in the direction he said to, and follow a few things he says, but then I don't really see other stuff that matches what he told me, so I just kinda picked a direction that I felt was right and started walking. I didn't really know where I was going, but I knew I HAD to be close, and the Andrew called, asked where I was, and I was like “don't worry I'll find my way, there's just buildings and stuff I guess”. And then in middle of the phone call, I was like “oh, im somehow right in front of your building” and he was like “yo what?” So yeah, just picking a direction and walking and “feeling” the way to go ended me exactly where I needed to be.

I got there, Jeff (Azrael), John (Fireballtrap), and Eddy (Kunai) were there. I played a couple matches of SFIV, but I was sucking it up bad and only managed to play well against Eddy. We went to Nishinomiya gardens to this one buffet place that had a buncha various kinds of Japanese food and ate as much as we could. Many good times were had, and overall, even the fish wasn't too bad. Not my preferred choice of food, but not bad at all either.

We headed back to Andrews place after that, played more SF for a little and then we put on the “Earth” series movies on blue ray. It was about Caves, Deserts, and Ice Worlds. It was pretty neat, penguins are my favorite animal, so I liked the section that had them. There were some other interesting things in the vid too, but yeah. Andrew also got Tomodachi Collection for the DS, so we also spent a buncha time making avatars of each other. It was a lotta fun overall.

Me and Eddy spent the night, and since I wasn't 100%, I just wanted to head back home and relax. I was feeling fine until I got home, then I felt like I had a fever coming. I took a nap and hoped it would go away, and of course it didn't. Tuesday/Wed I went to school with a fever. Tuesday wasn't too bad, but Wed was killer. My head was killing me, etc. I was fine and acted like I was fine through the ending ceremony but after that, I just felt like crap. I ended up napping in the nurses office for a bit. Of course, evne tho its late march, it was still freezing outside, but not only was it cold, it was raining. I went too the doctors after work, and yeah, all my side effects were from the fever. I got meds, went home, and knocked myself out. I called in sick on Thursday and Friday, and just took it easy and relaxed. I slept a lot, and spent a lot of time just watching TV and going on the computer. I started to feel better around Saturday, but I still decided to take it easy and stay indoors. I stayed inside and only left once to get some food/oj.

Over that weekend, I beat Tales of Graces for the wii, thankfully. I didn't really feel like finishing FFXIII, and I have other games I would kinda rather be playing. Aside from that, I just played a lot of SFIV online. However, I was doing pretty poorly, it felt like my stuff wasn't coming out when I wanted it, and I couldn't break throws, etc. Then I tried a match of Blazblue, and instantly realized that the TV was lagging like crazy. I dragged my old CRT into the main room, and hooked up my 360 to that. Instantly, I was able to tell the difference. I went and started playing more, and I was able to actually play correctly, without the lag handicap. Kind of a dumb mistake, but oh well. My setup now is pretty neat, because I can play SFIV on the small TV, and watch TV on the big TV, or put on a movie, or whatever. There's a lot I can do, and because I use floor chairs, it's easy to move them and I don't have to rearrange any furniture.

Last night the school had a party for the teachers who are leaving in a nice hotel in Sannomiya (90 min away by bus). It was nice to see them off, but it was kind of expensive, a lot of commute time, and still mad cold. Oh well.

This weekend, Andy (Capps), Mike (Elvenshadow) and a few other guys who live in kanto are coming to Kansai for spring break, so I'm gonna take Friday off of work and meet up with them. It should be a lot of fun.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Sadventures of Rob - Shortest post covering 3 weekends ever

Wow, it's been a while since I updated. I keep forgetting to write and the less often I write, the more of a task it becomes.

Anyways, no major life changes these past few weeks. Friday Night the 26th, I went to Bills place, and then played some TvC. We played for a while, recorded some matches which are up on youtube, and then since we were getting bored of games and wanted to do something else, we went Karaoke at the place in Ono. After we were done there, we went back, and I went to sleep.

The next day, I planned to meet up with Alex kinda early, but we were both mad tired, so we decided to meet up a bit later. I got to Namba around 4ish or so? Met up with Alex and CJ, and we went around some stores in denden, and I got vol 1 of k-on on blue ray for 1800 yen! We went to Kua Aina, this burger place and got giganto burgers. It was an awesome meal. Alex and CJ headed out soon after, and I just killed some time playing at Athena until I went to the capsule hotel for the night.

Sunday night, I went to Sannomiya and met up with Andrew. There was a location test for the new JuBeat. It's a lot less lenient in letting you pass “expert”. Now you can't even pass it unless you have like, at least an S on the previous game. There was supposed to be this other game on loctest, but we didn't see it. After that, we just killed some time at Magical Space. They had a special for Ah3 where it was 2 credits for 100 yen. Normally it's 1 credit, and only 2/3 rounds, so it's totally not worth it. But at 2 credits, it became worth it. I played a bunch and generally won my matches. I caught the last bus back and headed to bed after I got back.

The next week was extremely long for some reason. Longer than normal. There wasn't anything special about it either, it just felt like it took forever to finish.

After the long week ended, it was time for the weekend. I hung out with Maria, Bill, and Sarah (ALT who lives next door) and we went to the Ramen place, and watched Usavich, and various TV channels on my giganto TV.

Saturday, I went to Kobe/Osaka, and went around a buncha stores. Sat night, I headed out to Alex's place, met up with Dan, and hung out for a bit in Maibara until Alex got there. CJ was there too and we just kinda hung out doing whatever. We went to Cocos for lunch and we ate some curry. Me and Dan headed to Osaka after that, and Dan bought a buncha new games. We walked around the Den and went to Athena for a bit.

The next week went by fast. Wed was graduation here, so there was a party afterwards with the teachers, so that was my wed night. Aside from that, since I had a cough/cold, I didn't really feel like doing anything cause being sick sucks. Saturday night, I ended up in Umeda, Osaka, so I just went to Monte 50 and played AH3/MBAA/BBCS there until 11ish, and then I headed to my usual manga kissa. I also went to the pokemon center in Osaka while I was there, and got some stickers for school, and a small Piplup/Pocchamaa plush for my counter.

Sunday I went around the Den by myself, and found the Azusa/Yui new k-on plush set for pretty cheap. I went to Athena after that and played a ton of AH3, and a bit of MB/BB.

So I've kinda been busy, but kinda not. My very monotonous lifestyle leaves little to the imagination, but I guess you guys know I'm alive so it's cool.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Can you handle this?

Can you?