Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Heartful Adventures of Rob! Blog writing takes a while sometimes, but not today.

Hey all, the more I put off writing, the harder it becomes to write.

Anyways, I hung out with Alex and Dan over golden week. We played Mahjong and SSFIV. Then I went to another SBO qual in Shiga. Me and my partner lost first round to the same team we lost to at Athena. Oh well. A Cathy/Heart team went onto win the qualifier, and then the area qualifier the following week.

One of the weekends, I went to Kohatsu for this big soul calibur event. They had SC1, SC2, and SC3:AE there. I went there for SC2. I ended up getting 2nd in the tourney, losing miserably to Dekka Cho. So sad. I got a buncha winstreaks and def impressed people there because they didn't think I would be THAT good at SC2. Mich, a singapore Taki player was there too and we hung out. After that, we walked around Denden town, and just hung out, ate Cheese curry, all that jazz. Then we went back home, and I just stayed home on sunday hanging out.

The weekend after, I hung out with Dan, we did our denden town thing, and just had a good time keeping it real.

This weekend, I've got another SBO qual coming up, and then Imma go to Shiga to hang out with Alex and company. That's all! Take care, and check out for articles that I actually HAVE been writing. Peace!

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