Sunday, July 11, 2010

Celebrity status?

Sunday, right outside of outback steakhouse, Myself, Dan, Toshi, Alex, and a friend of Alex's, CJ, just got done eating lunch. Alex and CJ came to Osaka to go to a Hanshin Tigers baseball game, and CJ (tall white guy) was wearing a hanshin tigers jersey.

So while we're standing there waiting outside, a bus of people sitting at the stoplight start pointing at us standing there and looking at us. Then, instead of just looking for a bit and turning away, they continued to stare the ENTIRE time until the bus drove away. We waved to them and some of them waved back, but it was extremely bizarre that a bus of people would all be staring at us nonstop.

Our theory is that they probably thought CJ was one of the white guys who plays for the Hanshin Tigers and since all white people look the same to the Japanese eye, they probably thought they spotted a celebrity. No other explanation makes sense as far as I'm concerned, and if you tell me I'm wrong, you're stupid.


fr49200 said...

lol maybe they were blazblue fans and recognized their fav noel player.

Tiggy said...

You're wrong.

Hi Rob :3

Rockstar said...

hey heartnana, I would like to know if, it is too hard for someone to go and get a decent job in Japan. Im a teacher and I would like to know If is it too hard to get the job or any other job (who allows me to go to the arcade regularly)


HeartNana said...

Rockstar - If you have a bachelors degree and are from a country that speaks English as it's native language, then you're applicable for the English teaching jobs. They're not glamerous jobs, and they generally have no future, but if you want a couple years to have fun in Japan and have an easy job, then go for it. I applied through the JET program, which gives the best salary/perks, but your location is more random than more private companies which tend to be in the city.